I've Tried That's Best of 2015 Presents...

Wealthy Affiliate wins our #1 recommendation for SIX years in a row

For the following reasons...

#1 It can show you how to make actual money online

Every tool, training, and video you need to start building an online business and making money online is included with your membership.

#2 It has an active community

Wealthy Affiliate has the most active community of any program I've ever seen. I'm on it every single day and you can talk to the owners of the program directly.

#3 It's free to get started

They've recently opened their doors to allow everyone to try the program for a limited time at absolutely no cost. All you need is an email address to get into the member's area.

Wealthy Affiliate Continues To Receive My All-Time Highest Rating and Has Helped Me Build a Full Time Business Online

Program Review by Steve Razinski:

I get asked all the time…

“Steve, can I really make money online… or is everything just one big giant scam?”

As the long-time owner and operator of I’ve Tried That… I’m usually the bearer of bad news.

Almost every program I actively review does NOT live up to the hype.

Most, as you quite rightly suspect, are based on half-truths, even outright lies.

That’s why I started this website way back in 2007… to protect people like you and me from all the online scam artists.

I lost $50 to someone promising me the world and they delivered crap in return and I wanted to make sure no one else had to experience what I went through.

For over 8 years now, I’ve thoroughly researched and actively enrolled in countless online programs.

There's one common theme I've found when it comes to online training.

They pitch you absolute bullshit to get you feeling like you've won the lottery in order to steal as much money from you as possible.

Don't believe me? Here are some headlines being used right now by actual scams...

Be honest, did your heart start racing at just the thought of making that kind of money?

I've reviewed hundreds of these and the thought of "well what if this one is real..." still enters my mind when I see some of these headlines.

And that's the point of those headlines. They want you to make a decision based on emotion rather than reason.

Starting an online business takes time and effort.

And that's why I started this site and why I wrote this review.

I want you to be educated on what it really takes to start an online business and more importantly, how you can get started today, and work alongside me to build something real.

This is where Wealthy Affiliate comes into play...

So What Exactly Does Wealthy Affiliate Teach?

Ah, finally!

This is what you came here for!

Information on how to legitimately start making money online.

Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to become an Internet Marketer.

And since I've joined Wealthy Affiliate, I've been able to make Internet Marketing my full-time job.

I hate using the term marketing. It conjures up scary thoughts of sales people, cold calling advertisements, just negative things overall.

Well hang on. Keep this page open.

What I do has nothing to do with any of that.

I create websites (Don't get scared! Keep reading! Trust me!) People find my sites through Google or Yahoo, read what I write and if they click on one of the ads on my website, I make money.

Here's a look at the process...

It can be very lucrative or it can simply be used to earn a part-time income depending on how much time and effort you are willing to put into it.

You could make $10 a day or $1000 a day or anywhere in between with Internet Marketing. There aren't any limits (but do remember that this is hard work and will take time to build to that level.)

It’s really up to you.

There are tens of thousands of companies out there that are BEGGING for people like you to come work alongside of them. Companies you know of and are familiar with. Companies like Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy. They offer programs called affiliate programs and when you join them you become their affiliate.

Your goal as an affiliate is to send visitors to their website. (Some companies pay just for the click!)

If one of your readers buys something, you get a commission.

It really is as simple as that!

The Best Part Is That I Don't Sell Anything.

I help people find the information they're searching for online.

I deliver quality information that helps people make decisions and then send them over to a store like Amazon who handles the rest.

Think of how many trillions of searches that are done at Google or Bing or Yahoo and how many billions of dollars are spent online.

Starting to see the value of Internet Marketing?

This is very powerful stuff!

There are affiliate programs in almost every imaginable niche.

Nearly every major company out there has an affiliate program. You can partner with companies like Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, Target, Nike, eBay, Apple, Microsoft, HP, Dell, Nikon, Canon, Sony, Samsung, and many more!

The list is really endless.

Your goal is to find your own little niche on the web, partner with a company, and incorporate their ads on your site.

Maybe you are reading this and think it’s a great idea but don’t know where to start. Maybe you’ve never built a website before. Don’t be intimidated! This is exactly what Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to do and I'll be there every step of the way.

You get unlimited help from me personally.

I stand 100% by my recommendations.

I'm not going to give you a recommendation that I don't use myself.

I am on Wealthy Affiliate every single day of my life helping members develop their ideas, create their websites, and get traffic to their content.

To prove this, here's a screenshot of my current Wealthy Affiliate profile...

You can see when I joined and my current rank within Wealthy Affiliate. The better the rank, the more active you are. To achieve a rank in the Top 50, you need to be on there every single day.

Just below that is a list of messages people have written to me. Here is a small sample of just a few of the messages I've received from people who have taken my advice and created their own free accounts at Wealthy Affiliate.

If you're thinking you don't have any ideas to develop into a business, Peter is here to prove you wrong…

Earn Profits from Anything!

Peter wrote to me not so long ago...

"Finding suitable employment hasn't been easy, I'm 52 years of age. Although I've worked for years with computers, I'm far from being a technical genius. I just have basic Windows knowledge."

Peter and I sent messages back and forth and I helped him narrow down an idea for a way to make money from his biggest passion…


This is the site Peter proudly created after joining Wealthy Affiliate on my recommendation…

I’ve circled above how Peter makes money from this website.

When people click on those ads from Google Adsense… or buy from those Amazon affiliate links… Peter gets paid! He is earning money promoting parrot products through affiliate programs and advertising on his site.

Peter is simply sharing information on his parrots and how to care for them.

In other words… there’s no product reviews or selling involved at all.

He's simply being helpful. Connecting people with the answers they’re searching for. Then getting paid for it.

That’s what you will learn to do at Wealthy Affiliate if you choose to create your free starter membership today.

Let's figure out your passions in life and how you too can profit from them.

Already pretty internet savy? Ready to start internet marketing but not sure that you need to join a community like Wealthy Affiliate? Here is what I believe is truly special about Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is Doing Something Very Different

Wealthy Affiliate was started back in 2005 by two guys by the names of Kyle & Carson who were already running their own successful businesses online. They felt they could give back which is why they created Wealthy Affiliate.

Since then (10 years later!), it has evolved into the highest reviewed and acclaimed platform for creating and growing a business online.

Why? Because of the vast amount of useful training included in your membership and the incredibly active community of successful internet marketers!

You aren’t on your own at Wealthy Affiliate. Don’t waste time making mistakes that others before you have already made. Learn from them!

Something that says a lot about a company is how long they have been in business.

Wealthy Affiliate has been in business since 2005 and continues to grow.

I can honestly say that I owe a good deal of my success to the Wealthy Affiliate community and I have been a part of this amazingly helpful and supportive community for close to 6 years now.

There are other Internet Marketing Communities out there. What Makes Wealthy Affiliate Different?

  1. All inclusive. Everything you need is all in one place…finally. No upsells, no buying crappy ebooks and PDFs. This is an education platform with all the tools you need to run your business, all the websites/hosting, all the support/mentoring, the training, and community you need to create and grow a business. No more buying “part” of the puzzle.
  2. They care about YOUR success. These dudes care, but not just that, this is probably the most helpful “pay it forward” community I have ever been apart of. It is evident that this sort of passion for helping others starts at the “top” and it will be evident the second you step foot into Wealthy Affiliate.
  3. The community is second to none. You ask for help, you can expect it. There are MANY different ways that you can get help within Wealthy Affiliate, from the instant live chat, to the question and answer platform, to leaving your questions right within the training lessons. Expert help is there when you need it.
  4. They continually improve their service, for no extra charge and ZERO upsells. Wealthy Affiliate is getting better with each update they make (there have been many major updates this year). I know they have big plans in the year ahead, they are constantly letting the community know about upcoming innovations and improvements that help folks like myself (and you) improve business.
  5. It is very ACTIVE. In fact, on any given day there are thousands of people in the community that are getting help, offering help, and connecting within the members area. This energy is nice to see and makes every day an exciting one!
  6. They make things S-I-M-P-L-E. As soon as you join Wealthy Affiliate, you are put through their world class training. They have spent years refining their training so that it is easy to understand, even for a newbie…but it covers concepts that are complex in a way that absolutely anyone can accomplish them. That is why ANYONE can create a business online, with the simple and easy to understand training.
  7. The Website platform is brilliantly simple, yet very powerful. When I built my very first website, it was an absolute nightmare…but that was before Wealthy Affiliate’s SiteRubix website platform. It is easy peasy to get a professional looking website up and running in minutes, not hours or days. Fully hosted as well which is a huge plus.

How much is this going to cost me?

You don’t have to part ways with a single penny to get access to this program. Wealthy Affiliate believes in their product/service so much that they are willing to give you access to a significant amount of it for NOTHING.

The FREE "Starter membership" is great because it gets you in the door at absolutely no cost to you.

You'll be able to access most of the training, meet the community, introduce yourself, and start building your business with the Starter membership.

This is exactly why Wealthy Affiliate has earned my top recommendation since 2009.

That's SIX years as the number one program.

By getting in the door for free with the Starter membership, you can see if Internet Marketing is right for you. Make a 100% educated decision without having to spend a dime! This really is the only program that I've found that lets you try out everything first.

If (and ONLY IF) you think it's a good fit, you can purchase the “Premium Level” membership at Wealthy Affiliate. Premium level is the one and only paid level of membership (remember, no upsells!). Unlock everything Wealthy Affiliate has to offer for $19 for your first month and $47 per month after. This includes...

My Final Opinion & Recommendations

I never push people to do something they don’t want to do.

I sure as hell am not going to suggest paying money before you try something out first.

It goes against my ethics.

That is why I want you to join the completely free Starter membership, it’s $0.

You don’t even have to give any credit card details, just fill out your name, email, and username. Then presto, you have access to the most elite platform of affiliate marketers and internet marketers in the world. You will sense the unbelievable value and the helpful nature of Wealthy Affiliate as soon as you enter the community.

There is a Defined “Recipe” to Creating Success Online

The reality of it is…if you can follow directions, you can build a successful business with any Interest/Passion you may have.

No different than cooking a recipe online, you take the ingredients and you put them together in a specific way and you create yourself a beautiful meal.

Well, Wealthy Affiliate does the exact same thing but with online business. You will have access to all the tools to succeed… not to mention you have access to some of the most successful folks in the online world within the Wealthy Affiliate community (that you can ask directly for help). Myself included!

You can take absolutely ANY interest that you may have and turn that into a business. You don’t even need to have that idea in your head before signing up.

At Wealthy Affiliate you will be given help on how to come up with your own unique business idea.

So, today, I want to give YOU a personal recipe to success:

1. Join & Get Your Free Starter Account (again, it’s FREE)

2. Click the Get Started Here training button. This walks you through everything you need to know.

3. Set-up Your Account Profile (image/description). This naturally leads to 4x more help with the community.

4. Take action on the tasks.

5. Ask ME for help if you EVER feel stuck.

That’s it.

Do these 5 tasks and right before your eyes you are going to be building a business.

It’s exciting, it’s fun, and you can build a business to any level of success that you are willing to “work” for. Yes it will take work. It took me work, but I have no doubts that within just the first few days at Wealthy Affiliate you will achieve more than you ever thought you were capable of in the online world.

See you inside the member's area!

P.S. I'm sick and tired of watching good people get screwed over by all the scam artists out there. That's why I started this independent review site back in 2007. And it's why I strongly urge you to check out Wealthy Affiliate right now, absolutely for free.

You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain by giving this proven program a test-drive. You'll quickly see the many reasons why it's my all-time highest rated program.