My #1 Rated Work-From-Home Program Since 2009…
Bottom-Line: This Remarkable Little Program Really Does Let Beginners Make Money From Their Computer, iPad or Laptop
No Program Is Perfect. However, Wealthy Affiliate Continues To Receive My All-Time Highest Rating Of 97 Out Of 100. Plus, It’s Recently Become Absolutely FREE To Join.

Program Review by Steve Razinski:

I get asked all the time…

“Steve, can I really make money online… or is everything just one big giant scam?”

As the long-time owner and operator of I’ve Tried That… I’m usually the bearer of bad news.

Almost every program I actively review does NOT live up to the hype.

Most, as you quite rightly suspect, are based on half-truths, even outright lies.

That’s why I started this website way back in 2007… to protect people like you and I from all the online scam artists.

For over 7 years now, I’ve thoroughly researched and actively enrolled in countless online programs.

You name it, I’ve joined it!

My findings?

Most programs are rotten apples that can’t help you work from home.


BUT… it’s not all bad news.

I have stumbled on the odd “saving-grace” program that actually works as advertised.

Imagine that.

A program that really does hand you a reliable step-by-step map to making money from home via your computer, iPad or laptop!

That’s why I’d urge you to stop whatever else you’re doing and give the next five minutes of your life to this review. Because when you stumble on a program that actually comes thru on its promises, it’s time to sit up and pay attention.

So… what’s the program that’s fought off all challengers and reigned supreme as my #1 pick since 2009?

Well, let’s get into all the details. The program I would strongly encourage you to consider test-driving risk-free today is called…

The Wealthy Affiliate University

Here’s the lowdown on this rare gem of a work-from-home program and how you can get started today absolutely for free:

I first joined Wealthy Affiliate with the intention of just giving it a quick yet thorough review.

Much to the surprise of my skeptical friends and family, my “quick review” became so much more.

I started making consistent income via this program. And I continue to this day to be a proud member of the supportive Wealthy Affiliate community.

And today, if you choose, you can join me today and see for yourself why I rate this program so highly, absolutely for free.

In a few moments, I’ll share some of the exact ways I continue to make money thru this program, but first let me share what you’ll find inside.

How Does Wealthy Affiliate Help Me Work From Home?

Here’s how:

A ton of programs I review require you to try to market boring “yawn-inducing” products or services. And if you’ve tried that before, you know like I do that’s no fun at all. Just a long, hard, slog.

Maybe you’re the same… but I’ve always wanted to find a way to turn my passions into profits.

After all, they do say… “Love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life!”

I have to say, I really doubted that was possible until I stumbled on Wealthy Affiliate.

But thru clear and extensive step-by-step trainings (and their fun and informative weekly live webinar training…) this program taught me I really could make money online doing the things I loved.

I’ll share more about how that works in just a second, and give you a real-life example from my “parrot-mad” friend Peter…

But if you take just one critical nugget of actionable info from this review, make sure it’s this:

You can now give Wealthy Affiliate a try totally risk-free.

You see… it used to cost $47/month just to get into try out this program.

But today, Kyle and Carson, the two guys who created Wealthy Affiliate have removed the initial signup fee and are letting people in absolutely free to try out their proven program.

How do they make their money?

Well, Wealthy Affiliate does offer a premium paid members area. But that’s something you can comfortably consider later on, after claiming your no-obligation free starter membership today.

If you think it's a good fit and you want to pursue Internet Marketing, then the training, tools, and support at the Premium level are a must.

You get an absolute ton in value and Kyle & Carson even offer a huge discount on your first month too, again, make sure WA fits your needs.

Put your credit card away. Click this link to create your absolutely free starter membership with Wealthy Affiliate.

All you need to get started is a name and email address. Create your account now and start checking out all the top-notch step-by-step work-from-home training, support, and tools for $0.

How Wealthy Affiliate helps you turn your passions and interests into income

The easy-to-follow video trainings and support inside Wealthy Affiliate are geared to help you do one thing: Make money from home doing the things you love.

Learn how to do all of this with your free Starter membership at Wealthy Affiliate!

Let me share an example from my own life.

I’m always scouring and other sites for the best bargains. And Wealthy Affiliate taught me a way to turn that passion into money.

After I joined the program, I saw a few members talking about how to make money from Amazon's affiliate program. (This means you get paid a commission when someone buys something you recommend.)

Music to the ears of a shop-a-holic like me! :-)

So I used the step-by-step trainings inside Wealthy Affiliate to create a tiny “deal website” where I point people to discounted items on

Each morning I update my simple little website for 5 to 10 minutes.

Then I get paid every time someone clicks on one of the deals I post, or when they buy ANYTHING at all at Amazon.

It feels good to help other people save so much money.

I like being able to make money simply by connecting people with the information they are looking for.

No selling or pushy sales tactics. I hate that stuff!

Earn Profits from Anything!?

Whatever your personal passions are… you can find a way to turn them into profit inside Wealthy Affiliate.

Take for example Peter. Peter wrote to me not so long ago...

"Finding suitable employment hasn't been easy, I'm 52 years of age. Although I've worked for years with computers, I'm far from being a technical genius. I just have basic Windows knowledge."

Peter and I talked back and forth for a few days and I helped him narrow down an idea for a way to make money from his biggest passion…


This is the site Peter proudly created after joining Wealthy Affiliate on my recommendation…

I’ve circled above how Peter makes money from this website.

When people click on those ads from Google Adsense… or buy from those Amazon affiliate links… Peter gets paid! He is earning money promoting parrot products through affiliate programs and advertising on his site.

Peter is simply sharing information on his parrots and how to care for them.

In other words… there’s no selling involved at all.

He's simply being helpful. Connecting people with the answers they’re searching for. Then getting paid for it.

That’s what you will learn to do at Wealthy Affiliate if you choose to create your free starter membership today.

The Pros of Wealthy Affiliate

In other words… you’re not alone. Thousands of Wealthy Affiliate members are all working towards the same goal of working from home.

Start to chat in the forums, make friends, send messages, and just enjoy connecting with other people who are working towards the same goals as you.

Here’s a quick sampling of the many posts that have been written on my Wealthy Affiliate profile wall over the years.

These people joined this program for free after reading this page too…

Wealthy Affiliate: Final Score


Overall, Wealthy Affiliate clocks in at a handsome 97% approval rating. By far our highest rating EVER at I've Tried That. You get so much for FREE and even more as a premium member.

If you want a clear map to working from home, then create your free starter membership. It could be the best decision you'll ever make.

Our Verdict: An Absolute MUST Join.

3 SIMPLE Steps to Getting Started today
(totally risk-free)

Step 1: Click the button below and enter your name and email address.
Step 2: Pick your username and password on the next page.
Step 3: Jump into the Getting Started training (create your free account first!)

Nothing stands between you and working from home

Lot of programs I review ask for money upfront. And naturally, that makes them risky propositions.

But now Wealthy Affiliate is totally free to test-drive.

That's why this review is generally so positive. Because being free to get started puts Wealthy Affiliate head and shoulders above anything else I've ever reviewed.

That's the genius of this remarkable little program.

Stop by and say Hi!

My username within the community is "IveTriedThat"... and if you ever need anything, feel free to contact me via my personal profile, I'd love to meet you!

I'll also pop by and say "Hi" when I see that you joined.

(...and keep an eye out for a super cool little gift I've got to help you celebrate taking this step towards working from home.)

See you inside the member's area!


P.S. I'm sick and tired of watching good people get screwed over by all the scam artists out there. Heck, it's why I started this independent review site back in 2007. And it's why I strongly urge you to check out Wealthy Affiliate right now, absolutely for free.

You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain by giving this proven program a test-drive. You'll quickly see the many reasons why it's my all-time highest rated program.

If you'd LOVE to work from home but never knew how to do it... this could be the answer you've been searching for. All you have to do is enter your info below and I'll see you on the inside!