I’ve Tried Following Lost

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Two hours had passed. Never have I been so frustrated and captivated at the same time. I sat on the couch confused. The room was full, but I felt alone. I wanted to scream. I NEED ANSWERS. Stop toying with my heart Lost! Keep Reading →

Can You Get Free Government Grants?

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Normal people like you and me won't get grants for daily living. There is no such thing as free money. And above all, stay away from the "Grant Every Day" CD. Keep Reading →

An Insider’s View of TextBroker.com

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We received a tip about TextBroker.com on our freelance writing jobs directory page. Halina, who had signed up for TextBroker after reading the comment, has offered to share her experiences since joining the program. Keep Reading →

Coming Up: Free Government Grants

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Are free government grants legitimate? Probably not. The US federal government does give away free money in some circumstances. But if you're being asked to pay for information or "member access" or to claim your award, you're being misled. Keep Reading →

God I Love My Heated Mattress Cover

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Freaking cold out is how I would describe the weather when it hits about 0°F outside. I just checked the weather about 15 minutes ago and it read -22°F. Negative twenty-two degrees! I have no words to describe it. I do, however, have a heated mattress cover and that is all I need. Keep Reading →

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