Got Paid for Surveys? Your Input Needed!

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One of the most common questions we get is about online surveys. Is this one legit? Is that one a scam? The problem is that we just can't keep up. If you have earned money with online surveys, we want to hear about it. Keep Reading →

The Scam

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The most successful scams are the ones that appeal to your emotions. Success, fame and fortune is just a click away. is no different and exists only to steal your money. Keep Reading →

Tips from Readers

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Our readers are a fount of information about online programs, good and bad. Here are just a few samples. Keep Reading →

The Free E-book Promotion Is Over

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Thanks to everyone who commented and then dropped me an e-mail in hopes of getting a free copy of our Guide to Telecommuting. I didn't have the heart to stop at five free books, so I gave away seven. Shh! Don't tell Steve! Keep Reading →

A Deeper Look into Project Payday

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As per your request, we've decided to look into Project Payday once more. This time, we sent in Secret Agent Cheryl to do our dirty work. Keep Reading →

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