Working From Home is a Beautiful Thing.

It’s true. I wouldn’t lie to you. Here’s what I did yesterday: I slept in, woke up and created a job list, went back to bed for a little while, grabbed lunch, wrote two articles, worked on this website about an hour, then had the rest of the day off. After that, I ventured outside with my camera. My phone was on silent, my iPod on loud, and I got to enjoy the great outdoors.

Yesterday, I “worked” a total of maybe three hours. How much did I make? Hah. Well, that’s not up for discussion at this point.

What IS up for discussion is how many of you are truly working from home? I just want to hear a few stories including how long you’ve worked at home, what do you do, and how did you find your job? Feel free to throw any other details in there.

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6 Responses to “Working From Home is a Beautiful Thing.”

  1. I don’t work at home, yet. Just hasn’t worked out for me to date…however, on the 13th I start a new job at a law firm doing legal transcription. A means to an end, so to speak. Once I learn all the procedures and terminology and have enough experience to land some work at home projects, I’m ramping up the campaign to work at home until I manage a full time salary at it. One way or another, it’s happening for me :D.

    This site gives me the inspiration to keep truckin’.

  2. I have worked at home in the past and am currently working on starting my freelance career back up. In June, I was laid-off from a marketing position with a homebuilder in Idaho (the housing market busted & about 1/4 of the company was “let go”). Before that job I worked as a journalist/associate editor for nearly six year at a daily newspaper. My big plan is to land a contract with that newspaper to produce (write, photograph,design) all of its publications at an hourly rate comparitive to my marketing salary. If that pulls through I will have enough work to keep me busy year round AND I will work from home 90 percent of the time. This is key for two reasons – 1) I have three children I would rather not have in day care & 2) my husband & I recently started an excavation company (he is still working his FT job) and I do all of his bookeeping and errands.

    Anyhow, if the contract doesn’t pull through I will keep visiting this awesome site to find other work.

  3. I do wish you luck Casey and I understand the day care thing.If you can avoid that is always a good thing. For the most part your working to pay them and nothings left.You definitely came to the right place when you came here Everyone is great with advice and knws what you are going through.Good luck.

  4. I did some work from home a few years ago when I was pregnant with my daughter. I was a PSO (phone sex operator) I worked for a lovely site that had my pic up as a hot blonde chick washing a car….I made a good amount of money doing that. If you can stand the few sickos you get mostly they are just frustrated men who are so nervous it’s not even funny…. I now work from home in a unique position. I work for someone in the wholesale clothing industry. I run his office, answer phones, take order, solicit orders, make appts, deal with problems, in general I’m a superhero. If you are really looking to work from home it’s a great job. I don’t really know how to tell anyone to get into it, cause it just sorta fell in my lap, but a very rewarding job. I say I work for someone, but he travels 2 weeks at a time, so I don’t really work for him…I work with him these days. Thanks

  5. I have worked from home exclusively for the past three years and then partially/on-and-off for the past six. I own an incorporated business and work for my clients’ clients doing projects such as e-letter writing, sales, program developing, training development, workshop delivery and resume writing. I currently work for about fou main clients, two of which take up most of my time.

    I have been doing this so long I doubt I could do a full-time onsite job. I could do a temporary full-time onsite job but I would only do it as a consultant. I have been able to be a hands-on parent taking my daughters to their activities (they are now 2 and 5). So, one’s off to Kindergarten and I feel like I am in the home stretch because now there is just one to juggle around during the day between part-time daycare and activities! That’s a cake walk compared to the last 2.5 years….

    The biggest advice I have for anyone wanting to work from home is to get a Treo – especially if you’re someone who needs to be available during the day. That way, you are not stuck at home all the time and can actually enjoy watching your kids’ activities or going on a walk, etc…because you can check phone/e-mail anytime. And have this be your second phone – then shut it off at night/weekends if you can. Then your other cell phone is for your personal use only. I am my own family plan!

    Network with former colleagues, even the places you like to shop or do business with – they might have some extra tasks that need to get done…that’s all I did and I make about three times as much as I did in 1998 when I got my first full-time job and now it’s all working for ME!!!!

  6. Rebecca, you are my idol. This is exactly what I want to do & it is good to hear there are other people out there pulling it off. I just purchased a new computer (iMac) and a load of software. Now I am going to dive in and see what I can make happen.

    Good luck!

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