Start Blogging.

Here’s a little behind the scenes information for everyone. I’ve started working on my newest project. It’s being designed to show the average person with little or no technical knowledge how to fully develop and maintain a blog.

The main feature will be a step by step detailed guide on how to buy a domain and setup the blogging software. This can be intimidating to a lot of people, but when the guide is finished, ANYONE will be able to do it. From there, I’ll maintain the website with daily updates on how you can improve your blogs traffic and overall functionality. However, one of the key features I would like to have is how you can actually make money with a blog. It’s possible and there are plenty of people doing it. Who knows, your blogging hobby could just turn into your full time job.

Of course, this will be 100% absolutely free. What are your thoughts/opinions?

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15 Responses to “Start Blogging.”

  1. I would like to understand the purpose of a blog. Are these just pages filled with people’s opionions and ideas? Are they personal scrapbooks made public for the new millenium? What makes a blog worth reading for the general public? How do they become popular? Is your site a blog of sorts? How do you make money off of one?

  2. Blogs can be anything from personal, to informative, to commercial. They can be opinions or they can be news related. You can literally fill a blog with anything you want. The main importance is the ability to easily update the site on whatever frequency you like. Putting it simply, if you can type into a box, you can run a blog. It’s that simple.

    This site technically is a blog. It uses the WordPress blogging software. As for making money, all profits come through advertising.

  3. Can a decent one be developed without any monetary input?

  4. You can. There are free blogging alternatives, but they generally don’t become AS popular. There are a few, but the more respected blogs have their own domains. It’s surprisingly cheap to own a domain name. It will cost you a minimum of $6.95 to buy a domain for a year, and an average of $7-15/month to have the domain hosted.

  5. I think this idea rocks! I am a huge fan of your site and have not only got jobs from your listings but have found so much of the information you list on your site so informative and helpful. I am very interested in blogging, I make a little money online writing articles but would love to develop my writing skills in a more profitable manner. Learning a little bit about blogging from you would be awesome.

    Keep up the good work! I recommend your site to everyone I know that has an interest in working at home like I do.

  6. This is an absolutley awesome idea. So many of us like the idea but have no clue how to start.With so many ideas and topics to talk about there is room for everyone.

  7. Hi again Steve,

    The blogging book sound great.
    I assume it would be an e-book or series of articles on the site.

    I have to say, I totally understand you marketing.
    I appreciate your generosity in giving us insight into what you have done, for free.
    Giving free stuff away, even information, is an incredible tool.

    I come to this site everyday. I listen to what you have to say because you don’t seem to be pumping yourself up into an internet marketing guru.

    When you have something for sale, I’ll probably buy it because you’ve already sold me with all the free leads and advice!

    That’s the power of free.

  8. Hey Dan,

    Thanks for the comments. This isn’t going to be an ebook there (maybe I should make one too? it would be free of course). This is going to be an entirely new blog dedicated to providing information for new bloggers.

    Again, thanks for the comments. They’re greatly appreciated.

  9. I gotta tell ya, you couldn’t find a better teacher!

  10. Sorry for the double comment but I want to expand on my previous comment. For glory’s sake. 🙂

    I’ve been the lucky benefactor of a lot of advice from Steve and credit him with my introduction to blogging and the fact that I’m still at it today. I’ve been blogging for months, and honestly besides family, I find nothing more fulfilling than writing and hopefully helping people save money and time.

    Every bit of advice I’ve ever gotten has been useful to me and this new site will be a crucial resource for bloggers, I have no doubt!

  11. Hello Steve,

    I’m a little pessimistic on the simplicity of this all. I have three blogsites through which is now being run by google and have yet to make any money through blogging. I have a brand out there, I am indexed by the search engines but have not made any income yet.

    Now I have been at this off and on for about seven months. I started in October of last year and stopped around December of last year (2006). Picked it up again in May of this year (2007) and have been going steadily ever since. Now I noticed that you recommended paying small monthly fees for hosting and a blogsite and software. For the person who does not have the start up cost for this what do you recommend?

    Also are you going to include in your information how to market your site? My question is also what makes millions of people go to a blog site and to another site they get 100 people? What makes one person’s comments cutting edge and the other person’s not? I want the readers of this to be really savvy about this because I have found it not to be the utopia that everyone is promoting it to be. Statistics show that only 1% of the people blogging make an income from it. (Go to Statistics also show that 97% of home business owners are making less than $10.00 a week.

    I also want to add for the short time that I have used your site it has been resourceful.

  12. Hey Ariene,

    There are free alternatives such as blogger and blogspot, but I personally don’t recommend them as they generally aren’t as respected as a blog with it’s own domain name. That’s not saying they are of lesser quality; they are just not as respected. I recommend setting aside a few dollars each month in order to buy a domain and hosting. After the first month, total costs stay under $10/month. That’s less than 33 cents per day.

    This blog’s sole purpose is how to market your site. Initially, not every single detail will be available as it is brand new and I’m just one person. Given the fact that there are over 50,000,000 blogs out there, it’s understandable that less than 1% actually make money. I’d say only 1-2% of those actually have any intent on making money anyway. I make plenty of money maintaining blogs and this new blog will be me passing on my knowledge to others at a large scale.

  13. Please hurry!

  14. I just found this site and am very intrigued! I love this idea. I have heard a lot about blogging but don’t know anything about it.

  15. I just found your site, and it’s incredible. Thankfully, I haven’t spent (and lost)any of my hard-earned cash, but I’ve been tempted. I’m glad to have found this great resource and look forward to reading every past article and forum post. So how’s the blogging site coming along? I’ve been doing some research, and so far, it’s overwhelming. I don’t know where to start. I think many of us could use your help! Keep up the great work you do. It’s appreciated.

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