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How to Create Your Own Online Scam

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Disclaimer: The following content is posted for educational purposes only. The suggestions provided below carry serious ethical, monetary, legal and possibly even biological (i.e., life-threatening) consequences. Please DO NOT try this at home.

How I Made – and Lost – Over $13,000 in an Investment Scam

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Halina recounts the time she fell victim to a “pump-and-dump” investment scam and has advice on how to avoid being taken in by one.

A New Twist on the Old Fake Check Scams

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Old scam. New twist. Stay informed.

So You’re About To Get Assassinated…

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You probably aren’t going to get killed by an assassin with an email address.

How to Spot the Fake News Website/Scammer

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Coming up after the break: that news article you’re reading may not be a news article at all! In fact, it might even be a scam! More at 11.

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