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Google Scams are Evolving

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Scammers decide to target the immensely popular Twitter. 140 character updates to follow.

Beware of Scott Hunter, ScottsMoneyBlog.com, and Google Fast Cash.

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I wonder how many different variations of Google + money these guys can come up with? Surely, they have to be running out of ideas by now.

Be Careful About Joining MoneyFromHome.com

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You want a work at home job, right? You want to get paid for the work that you do, not spend money to get a job. You wouldn’t pay McDonald’s to hire you. Don’t let the notion of a “work at home job” trick you into something that it’s not.

Stay Away from Diana DeAngelo and Process Affiliate Rebates.

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Calm down! Take a deep breath! You didn’t time travel. Rebate Processing jobs are still popping up on the Internet today. It’s sad, but true.

Sales Pages, Fake Blogs, and Now: Fake News

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Why do salespeople disguise a sales page as a news story? Because it works. Ever heard of a “press release” by major companies? We discuss one example of a fake news story.

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