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I Was Scammed by Dataentrybusiness.com

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A true hall of shame honoree, dataentrybusiness.com continues to rack up the victims. In the comments section of that post, Claudette writes: i tried dataentry business for my son who wanted to make some money while he was studying in London. the thing is a scam and we found this ou the hard way when […]

The Greatest Hits at I’ve Tried That

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If you’re coming from my guest post at E Moms at Home, welcome. Here’s what we’re all about at I’ve Tried That. We sign up and try out online programs and products targeted to at-home workers, then post our results. We’re pretty proud of what we do! See the bragging block on the right, “I […]

Dataentrybusiness.com rejects Richard’s Offer

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And it was such a generous offer, too. Waaay more than their scam fee. See their reply, then Richard’s counter offer below it. Dear Richard, We thank you for your interest shown in our program Dataentrybusiness. We accept onetime joining fee of $49.95 upfront. This fee ensures that we maintain the quality of our workforce […]

I’m in ur scam, messin’ with ur heads

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Dear Dataentrybusiness.com, I was so excited to find your website! Thankyou thankyou thankyou! It’s a beautiful thing your doing, showing pipple how to make money so they can live our dreams. I can’t wait to get started but I don’t got $50. Would you take $15 plus 20 percent of what I earn my first […]

Data entry jobs: Stay Away from Dataentrybusiness.com

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Want to get regular scambusting updates? Sign up for e-mail or RSS updates. Another one bites the dust. I keep hoping for a legitimate data entry job, but this one is not it. Dataentrybusiness.com cannot possibly fulfill its promises. It’s heavily promoted by top-paying-online-jobs.com, which should be ashamed of itself. It won’t, of course, because […]

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