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Government “Money for Nothing” Grants Still Don’t Exist

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Unless you play the lottery and are insanely lucky, it’s unlikely that you’re going to receive a large sum of money for doing nothing. Always be cautious of anyone telling you otherwise.

Tales from the I’ve Tried That Inbox

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It’s a little off the type of posts I usually make, but I wanted to share with you a look inside my inbox.

Will VirtaPay.com Really Pay You $20 a Day?

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Make $20* a day doing nothing! * Note: The currency is worthless, you can’t spend it on anything, and all you can do is look at a number in your account. Enjoy!

3 Websites to Help You Earn Some Extra Cash

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Looking for some new ways to make some extra money on the side? These websites can help!

I’ve Tried That Joins Facebook and How You Can Win $25

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Become a fan and you could win $25!

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