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Data entry jobs: Stay Away from Dataentrybusiness.com


Want to get regular scambusting updates? Sign up for e-mail or RSS updates. Another one bites the dust. I keep hoping for a legitimate data entry job, but this one is not it. Dataentrybusiness.com cannot possibly fulfill its promises. It’s heavily promoted by top-paying-online-jobs.com, which should be ashamed of itself. It won’t, of course, because […]

A Money-saving No-brainer: Entertainment Books


Here’s a really hard question: Say a guy is giving away cash on the corner by Walgreens. You walk up and he says, “Hello, would you like $50 or $100?” What’s your answer? [tick, tick, tick, ding!] No thought required, right? Some things are just no-brainers! Finally! A money-saving claim that’s not a scam or […]

Data Entry Jobs: Fusion Cash Review


Want to get regular scambusting updates? Sign up for e-mail or RSS updates. Hmm…a philosophical question: do I review the program itself, or the website that promotes (and presumably profits from) the program? I’ll go for a minimalist approach and let you draw your own conclusions, except when I draw them for you with such […]

Data Entry Jobs Exposed


Google “data entry jobs” and you get more than 42,000,000 hits. In January 2007, 12,347 people searched for that exact phrase, and Google Trends shows that the search term peaked in popularity in about July of 2006. (I’m thinking it’s because that’s when 1 billion Chinese signed up for DSL and suddenly decided they wanted […]

How To: Find Work-at-Home Jobs


This post is the next in a series of “How To” posts to help you find and keep legitimate work-at-home jobs. Unlike other sites, we’re not going to sell you an outdated employer list or an e-book about working at home. You’ll find no Satisfaction Guaranteed! links or pitches here. Just tried and true advice […]

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