A SwagBucks Update (Over $400 Cashed Out So Far!)

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I did a review of a program called SwagBucks a few months back and just wanted to give you guys a little update on my progress, show you how much I’ve actually made with the program, and give some tips on how to quickly start making some money with them.

A quick overview: the concept behind SwagBucks is that they’d pay you for using their search page to browse the web. They make money through Google’s sponsored results and then pass some of their earnings on to you in the form of SwagBucks.

All you have to do is use their search bar and every so often, you’ll be awarded SwagBucks which you can redeem for cash or prizes. The best part is the SwagBucks search bar uses Google, so you’ll get the same results you’re used to, but now you have a chance to make some extra money. It takes no extra effort on your part either. It’s a fun way to make some extra money each month.

There are a lot more ways to earn, but searching is by far the easiest and the quickest. You’ll see the other ways in just a minute, but first…

Proof SwagBucks Actually Pays

Here’s an inside look at every order that I’ve placed with SwagBucks since I’ve joined. This is a look inside my own personal account. As of May 2011, after joining for less than six months, I’ve cashed out and received $420.00 worth of gift cards.

Now, there are thousands of items you can spend your SwagBucks on or you can even redeem them for cash. I chose the giftcards because they’re a little bit cheaper than the cash redemption so you get more value for your SwagBuck, so to speak. Plus, I shop at Amazon often and this really helped cut down on costs.

I’ll save you the trouble of adding it all up. I cashed out $200 in Southwest Airline vouchers (paid for my round-trip flight to Orlando!) and an additional $220 at Amazon.com!

Oh, and did I mention this was all free?

How to Quickly Start Making Money at SwagBucks

Step 1. Click here and create your account now. It takes 30 seconds and it’s completely free to join.

Step 2. Once you confirm your account and login, you’ll see the menu at the top of the page. Click on Earn, then search and you’ll be taken to a page that looks like this:

Click on the link that says ‘Make this my homepage’

Step 3. Use SwagBucks like you would Google, Yahoo or Bing, but now, you’ll actually make money doing so. As a matter of fact, I was planning on taking a screenshot of the search results when I was rewarded with $7 in SwagBucks. Not bad at all!

Swagbucks Reward

Step 4. That’s it! Browse the site to find out more ways you can earn, but searching is by far the easiest and it’s something you probably already do a lot during the day. Now you can make some extra money while doing so.

The Bottom Line

SwagBucks is a scam free way to make extra money online. I’ve been a member for about six months now and I’ve been paid a total of $420. It’s completely free to join and will help you bring in some extra cash by doing things you already do online. What more could you want from a program?! Swagbucks is awesome and I highly recommend you click here an create an account right now.


  1. I was wondering does it matter what you are on the internet for? Would I get paid in SwagBucks if I was online searching for a job on job websites or are they only certain websites I would get paid to be on?

  2. I signed up quite awhile ago, thanks to a post you did then. I love Swag Bucks!

  3. I went on to Swagbucks yesterday, for one more attempt, and the site opened properly for me. So, I donated all the Swagbucks and then closed out my account. To me, this was just not worth the hassle to try to get a few dollars here and there and, like others have said, the search results are not the same as other search engine results. Anyway, Happy New Year every one. May 2013 treat us all kindly and there be peace around the world.

  4. Gail, I have the same problem and have for about a month. My efforts to resolve the problem with Swagbucks support ended with them saying that their website is not optimized for DSL. Well, I’ve been a member of Swagbucks for over a year and never had this problem before with DSL. I tried to fix it on my own and it appears there is a debugging error in their program. I’ve since gone to Irazoo where there is a similar program. It is a little slower to earn gift cards but so far I am within striking distance of a $5 Amazon or PayPal gift certificate.

  5. I have a real issue trying to get the Swagbucks toolbar to actually bring up results like Google. Is it just me, or is there something I am not doing right. I even tried to donate my bucks to Sandy Hurricane Relief but am unable to do that easily. All the links are down the side of the swagbucks page that I bring up. It never used to be that way. Any ideas? Thanks to anyone who can help with this.

  6. Thanks a ton Steve….if u wouldn’t have reviewed SB I wouldn’t have known about it…ur review really was of great help…now I’m also a SB user… :)

  7. One of my friends recommended inboxdollars to me over swagbucks. He says he earned money a lot faster on inboxdollars than on swagbucks. I’ve decided to use both.

  8. larry mc kenna says:

    i really think you and you buddy the salt of the earth i have been taken on a few times starting this im up peace of mind is everything sadly i have clinical depression which wrecks my confidence and the shysters out there don’t exactly help !

    when i get better i intend to start your beginner course until then, many thanks from all the ordinary 5/8 th’s that our out there !

  9. Thank you very much for recommending this site. I do a lot of online searches every day, so I will sign up for it today!

  10. Jill Ryan says:

    Unfortunately it isnt available in Australia.

  11. Ndubuisi clement says:

    Thanks steve for the tip! though this stuff is not available in my country.

  12. Hey Justine! At the top of your page – click on redeem – and then scroll down the list on the left until you get to gift cards. Click that, then you can search for paypal on the top of the list of gift cards. It should then come up with different amounts you can redeem for paypal. Hope that helps! :)

  13. Hey, I have a SwagBucks account, but can’t figure out how to redeem my points for cash or even into a paypal account. Please help???


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