Do Not Sign Up for the Home Income Profit System

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Rating: 0 Stars. Negative stars. A frowny face. 10 thumbs down. So incredibly low it doesn’t even register on our rating scale.

Pros: Absolutely none.

Cons: The entire system is designed to get you to hand over your credit card information so they can bill you each month for useless services that you neither need nor signed up to receive. They make vague claims about earnings, no mention of the work you’ll do, and pressure you into giving them your credit card information.

Our Recommendation: Avoid this one at all costs. It’s not a way to make money online. It’s a system designed to milk as much money from you as possible. We’ve reviewed much more legitimate companies that will show you the way. Click here to see our top recommendation. Best of all, no credit card info is required to get started.

Full Review

How would you like to make thousands of dollars in seconds by doing little to no work!? Sounds great, right! Well EVERYONE IN THE WORLD is jumping on this opportunity and you too can make ridiculous amounts of money by doing next to nothing. Just send me $2.97 and I’ll tell you how!

Now, excuse me while I go vomit.

The Home Income Profit System Scam

The landing page doesn’t say much. There are a few bullet points that tell you there are a ton of people using this system to make money from home and to get started all you have to do is give up your personal information for a free packet of information. You do have to pay $2.97 for shipping and handling, of course.

The next page has even LESS information, if that’s even possible to believe. There’s no mention at all regarding the work you’ll be doing, how you’ll get paid, what you’ll need to learn, or anything at all for that matter. There’s only a box for you to fill out your credit card information.

At the bottom of the page is this lovely block of text…

You will be receiving your road map to success in the mail.

By placing my order I agree to the Terms of Offer, which explain this order includes the above for just $2.97 shipping and handling. If you enjoy the trial and continue your path to making money, you will be billed a one-time fee of $139.95 and a monthly $4.95 maintenance fee. You may cancel anytime by calling: (877) 863-3088.

The conditions are and I quote “If you enjoy the trial and continue your path to making money, you will be billed a one-time fee of $139.95 and a monthly $4.95 maintenance fee.” What the hell does that mean? If I enjoy the trial. What if I don’t enjoy it? Will they still take the money? Of course they will.

If you dig through the terms and conditions, it says that you have three days to cancel before they start billing you. You won’t even SEE the package for two weeks, but your free trial ends after three days. The whole point of the Home Income Profit System is to hook you into a negative offer option and milk your bank account for as much money as possible.

Stay far away.

You won’t be receiving proper training on how to build a business. You’re basically paying money to get charged more money in the future.

Real training provides you with the resources and support to get started. Real training doesn’t make fake promises of thousand of dollars for no work.

How Does Home Income Profit System Compare?

I’ve Tried That has been reviewing products since 2007. In that time, there’s one program that stands above the rest. It’s free to get started, has no ridiculous hidden charges, and will help you build a sustainable income from home.

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  1. As I have always been taught, if it’s too good to be true it is!!!!! Simple math…….. :)

  2. Spencer Thomason says:

    This scam is being promoted by “Jean Bennett” through a fake Facebook page ( The profile picture is actually a photo of actress/singer Hilary Duff. I have reported the page.

  3. It is absolutely scam, rubbery, stealing money.
    Do not ever try it, just be careful, there is small written of term of service, no one will notice that.
    I did not notice that term of service, because it was so small written, and I did not pay attention to that.

    I just saw there is $ 1.95 for their services, and I even did not used their services, but they are charged my credit card for another $ 29.95, never ever trust these people, just be careful.


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