Five Ways to Make Some Extra Side Cash (That Won’t Cost You Any Money First)


We can all use a bit of extra money every now and then. Here are just a few ways to help you earn some side cash for relatively easy work. You won’t make a ton of money, but it’s a great way to pick up some extra work in your downtime.

1. Test Websites is hiring regular Internet users, just like you, to test specific websites and record their experiences. You’ll be providing feedback to those website owners and showing them how the average person browses his or her website. You’ll use their software to record a video of what’s happening on your screen and you’ll be able to narrate your experience. The software will track your mouse movements, clicks, and keystrokes and you’ll have to add in spoken comments. It generally takes 15-20 minutes to test a website and you’ll be paid a steady $10 for doing so.

Recommended Website:

2. Write Articles

Freelance writing is a fairly easy way for anyone to make a few dollars online. There are quite a few websites that will pay you to write about pretty much anything. You’re usually paid per article you write and then paid more depending on how many times the article is viewed and how much revenue is generated from the article’s page. You also don’t have to be a professional writer in order to get started. If you have a passion for a subject and are able to write an article containing anywhere from 300-2000 words, you’re more than eligible to make money through freelance writing.

Recommended Websites: Helium, Constant Content, Textbroker

3. Take a Few Surveys

Yes, there are legitimate survey websites out there. You won’t make $25/hr or $100,000 a year, but you can pick up a few dollars here and there for voicing your opinion. You can usually expect to earn between $2-$5 per survey with a possibility of being invited to take special surveys at a much higher rate. You do have to be invited to take a survey and there’s a chance you won’t qualify, so be sure to join a few different survey sites to maximize your chances at taking a survey. Side not: NEVER pay to join a survey site. They should pay YOU.

Recommended Websites: SurveySavvy, Opinion Outpost, Instant Cash Sweepstakes

4. Become a Virtual Customer Service Agent

There are many opportunities out there for those in the customer service field for answering inbound customer calls. These large companies outsource their customer service calls to companies that hire U.S. based virtual agents. This kind of job, which pays between $8 and $15 an hour, entails setting your own hours, and picking an account that is ideally suited to your knowledge and interests. To be a customer service agent, you must have a pleasant voice and strong customer service skills, as well as high speed Internet access, a computer, a landline phone, and a quiet place to work.

Recommended Websites: WestAtHome, LiveOps

5. Join a Quick Task Site

A quick task site offers to pay you for completing relatively easy tasks like data entry, transcription, website reviews, etc. The work is generally simple, but the pay is often low. It’s great for when you’re just sitting around not doing much. You can log on, do as much or a s little work as you want, then log off with a few extra dollars in your account.

Recommended Websites: Cloud Crowd, Amazon’s Mechanical Turk Program

What have you been doing to make a little extra side cash? Share in the comments!

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  1. I have also used inbox dollars as a paid to click, surveys, and offers site. I recieved my first 30 dollar check and and halfway to the second. It’s a slow process, but the check cleared in my bank with no issues,.
    I used paid2shop and did surveys for cash only and cashed out twice for two dollars each time, sent to Paypal. However it is really really hard to qualify for the surveys which is frustrating.
    Another I use which has gotten me about 50 dollars in a month is app trailers. It’s a free app and you get paid by points for watching trailers for apps, and videos. You also get points for referring friends through Facebook, and downloading and leaving tips on apps. It is time consuming though.
    I thank you for the other info, I am a member of click sense but only earned 2 dollars so far, I will keep with it. And I can’t wait to try some of the other things you mentioned. Thank you for being honest about the sites. It is really annoying when people lie about the potential of earning just to get referrals. Maybe you can check into some of the other ones I’ve made money with. :)

  2. Camille Accardi says:

    Hi Steve,

    Thanks for the helpful article about making money. I wanted to pass along a tip that I’ve used from time to time. I have participated in several focus groups over the years. There is a website– (focus group global) that provides a platform for various companies in (mostly) large cities across the US who are looking for participants for their market research studies. You have to fit the demographics they are looking for, and you can make on average $100-$200 for a couple of hours of “work.”
    Sometimes they can pay a lot more; last year I lucked out and was chosen to participate in what they call a “Mock Trial” that paid me $600 for three 8 hour days. Woohoo!

  3. Your site is great! I have been looking for online work for three weeks and finally here on your site, jobs that make sense!!! thanks for doing this!

  4. I have just come accross this site while looking for information on scams. There seem to be too many out there. I have enrolled on many survey sites and they seem to be a waste of time; I am looking for something where I can put in 2-3 hours a day and get paid for it.

    Thanks so much for your info and keep this going, you may be saving many people heartache.


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