Beware of Loral Langemeier and the Millionaire Maker Books


Today’s post comes from I’ve Tried That reader Lori who sent in her complaint via our complaint form. If you’ve been scammed out of money or duped online, we’d love to share your story on our blog to help prevent others from falling for the same scam. If you’ve got a story to share, click here and fill out our complaint form now.

Beware of Loral Langemeier’s Hidden Fees

Today’s post is about Loral Langemeier’s series of books titled the Millionaire Maker. Lori writes…

Our experience with the Loral Langemeier organization has not been good.

Listening the radio ad one day, I decided to take a chance on the book, for which a fee was charged. I got the book and my husband read it through quickly.

We were soon contacted by a person from this organization, attempting to upsell us on a mentoring program. Neither of us recalls what the price for this mentoring was going to be but we do remember that it was large enough to give us a warning signal to clearly rethink the whole process.

We discussed it and decided against it. However, we were contacted again by their organization and this time it was a bit harder selling process. It moved on to an insulting phase which included a rather snide remark on the order of “Well, you’re this old and you haven’t reached the wealth you want. What makes you think you can get there without this program?”

Needless to say, that kind of remark really wasn’t a good selling technique and we were very clear about our “No, Thanks” reply.

But it’s not over yet! We were both under the belief that this would cancel all future obligations to the Loral Langemeier organization. Wrong, so wrong.

I discovered a charge on my account for $67.00, made a few days ago by this organization. I called to get that reversed and was told that it could not be done. I was told this was for an online service that was free for the first 30 days but subsequently, a monthly charge would be incurred if not cancelled in advance. I told the story of the contact we’d had and that we believed everything had been cancelled as a result of that conversation. Oh, no, that’s a completely different department.

We decided to call back and speak to a supervisor, which we did. His name was Lance. Lance advised us that it was company policy to never reverse this charge for any reason. Well, I suggested that I was only 10 days into the new 30 day period and therefore, it appeared that some resolution could be reached. He assured me that it could not be done. I then asked him to confirm that the first individual we spoke to this morning had in fact, cancelled the service. He advised me that it had not been cancelled. Apparently, I just never used the magic phrase “cancel this forever”.

Is the mentoring and the program any good? I can’t say, I never got into it far enough except to learn their one key thing is to find things you are already doing for free and then start charging people for it. The motto is — don’t be afraid to ask for the money–.

Well, I can assure they are not afraid to get the money and they don’t do refunds. Poor business practice for the long term, we believe.

Their sales technique is irritating and their refund policy is poor.

I responded to this initial emailing telling Lori to fight for her money! I suggested she talked to her bank or credit card company to see if they could reverse the transaction via a chargeback. I also told her to call back and threaten to get the state Attorney General involved as usually the threat alone is enough to make companies cave into refunds. Lori was nice enough to respond with this email.

Thanks so much for the feedback Steve! Yes, that’s the first thing I did is talk to my bank. I filled out the paperwork and sent it to them this afternoon.

I have spent the past hour or so finding similar complaints all over the internet AND posting them on Twitter; next up is Facebook; after that, every other social media site I belong to. I found one guy who posted his complaint on January 9, 2010 and it is almost identical to mine (except they charged him LESS!) and includes his opinion that when he said no to the consulting work that he was cancelled from all obligations, just like us.

I hadn’t thought about the State’s attorney general – Great Idea!!! How about both states – theirs AND mine!

Also, a very interesting thing I noted was many of the pages I searched for and followed, stated they had a page about Loral Langemeier but when I got to their site, the specific page was there but NO WORDS! Almost as though they were threatened or muzzled to take down the page…..?

Thanks for posting my experience for all to see! For some reason I can’t into this afternoon to even read what others have said, much less post my own report. But I did go to and post it there.

Here’s my list of complaints I found and posted on Twitter: (this is especially rich with complaints about Loral Langemeier!!)

I have trouble understanding how companies like these are still allowed to operate. What kind of policy is “no refunds allowed, ever?” It just doesn’t make sense especially considering the fees are not listed upfront.

I’ve asked Lori to keep us up to date as she fights to get her money back. I’ll be sure to fill you guys in as soon as I hear from her. Until then, have you had a run in with Loral Langemeier or the Millionaire Maker books? Were you able to get a refund? Let me know!

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  1. So happy to read this. I got scammed by a similar company in Novemeber. Gave them my credit card number for an $85 fee. They used my credit card for fraudulent purchases, maxing out my card. I quickly discovered/reported it and changed my credit card number. At least I only got burned for a small amount, a good lesson.

  2. Well here am update…. Scheduled call not received, emails not received. I had told them I no longer use credit cards and that all my properties were tired up in divorce, which they are. Needless to say I’m not what they’re interested in. Sad that someone could be so evil and take the last savings or someone’s retirement and leave them without anything.

  3. I was duped into buying her program back in 2008, and I spent $3200 on two useless seminars that didn’t do anything for me at all. I think these seminars are simply to help the direct marketing/ pyramid scheme companies out there to prey on the weaknesses of those who are lost and who honestly want to learn about building wealth. The sales pitch over the phone was NOTHING like what the seminars were about. Each seminar is designed to simply sell you more. None of the promised results were delivered, and I left each seminar more confused than before, without any information that I could apply to the real world. This was the biggest financial mistake ever, and I wish there was a way to get my money back. It’s probably unlikely, since it was so many years ago. I tried to get part of my money back before the second seminar, but they wouldn’t let me. I think we should start a class action lawsuit against this fraud.

  4. I have had contact with them, this morning actually. With all of the crazy that my ex had turned my life into I think I actually scared them. There was a call scheduled for tomorrow, was supposed to get an email but have yet to receive it. I think I may be their pariah…lol.

  5. We attended the 3 days to cash workshop which was very valuable and I even won at that event. We went on to make arrangements to go onto the “Big Table” this is where they want you to divulge all of your financial status so they know how much they can bilk you out of.

    We had put down $6000.00 to go onto the “Big Table” but in the interim of waiting for the event we had a family emergency. I called and requested 50% of our funds back and wanted to cancel the “Big Table” as we were having a family medical emergency. I was told by Loral’s staff, “there are no refunds after 72 hours and that if I truly loved my family member I would pay the rest and go on to “Big Table” so I could afford for someone else to care for my loved one.”

    I tried multiple times to resolve this, but did not get any sort of refund. Nor do I have a credit for any services (not that I would align my values with such a predator)

    We had gained clients from the 3 Day event as well as had friends that had signed up for her workshops. Many lost a lot of money and I personally witnessed them sell business development programs to people who had no business acumen nor the emotional intelligence to build a leadership team that would assist them with a sustainable business model.

    It has been 4 years now since I attended her workshop, I still use many of the tools I learned there, but work in an ethical manner. I am grateful for the experience, there is a great deal of knowledge to shared and it would be great if those of us who were bilked out of funds came together to create an ethical model that would honorably assist those seeking to branch out and build business.

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience, Braden. My partner and I were at a seminar just yesterday, and Loral was one of the keynote speakers. Must confess, we drank the Koolaid and signed up for a 3 Days to Cash workshop coming up in our city next month. Just looked at our receipt, and we can still get out of it within the next couple of days. So, we’ll either do that, or attend the workshop, armed with valuable knowledge and a resolve to say no to Koolaid from here on in! :-)

  6. Loral Langemeier’s courses, with a joke of a so-called mentor, ruined my life. All that passion and ambition I had, which was immense, was completely slaughtered. We lost $11,000 (a drop in the bucket compared to higher amounts others lost – but a HUGE deal to us) and we had no recourse but to file bankruptcy. Wow. I can’t believe this is still allowed to continue, even with others warning everybody online. Wonder if Loral herself even has any clue about how many people’s lives she (via her program) has devastated? WHY CAN’T THIS WOMAN AND THIS SCAM BE STOPPED? ARE THE POWERS THAT BE IN AMERICA STUPID?? It’s STILL going on, after YEARS?? Unbelievable.

  7. Now in the UK and being promoted by Emma Sargent & Tim Fearon of The Extraordinary Coaching Company.

    I received an email from them ‘gushing’ about how they ‘have signed a partner agreement with Loral Langemeier, CEO of Live Out Loud, making us her only UK partners.’

    Having never heard of Loral I did some research and found this site, based on the comments here I think I have had a lucky escape, sorry to hear how people have lost so much.

    Thank you for the warnings.

  8. Wow, thank you for your replies. I am looking for a mentor to help me establish passive income systems. I filled out an application for Laurel Langmeyer’s 100K institute and was told I would be contacted to see if I “qualify” for this program. So, after a couple of days of phone tag, we spoke today. The guy asked all of these personal questions about my finances including how much money I have on my credit card. I thought that was completely odd based on how they advertised the 100K program. I explained that I do not use credit much but if they have a matermind program and using credit to build wealth is needed, I can get credit. He then asked my credit score and all kind of stuff. He kept saying “we are selective about who we work with and there are only a few spots. We only take 30 people in this program and we need action takers. If you qualify are you ready to start working towards your goals today? If you got your questions answered will you join the program today?” I explained that I know nothing about “the program” I simply filled out an application online. Was “the program” meetings, phone calls, online classes, in person classes where I travel, or what? He never even mentioned real estate or any kind of investing, I just saw that online. I explained that it is October and I am looking for a mastermind group to begin in January. He said ‘oh, you’re not serious.’ I said ‘it is clear you are a salesperson and can only offer sales jargon, I get it. But, is there a way that I can find out about what the 100K club is and what I need to commit to. He said: well, but you said you’re not ready to get started even if we tell you so maybe we’ll call you back in 6 months to see if you’re ready to take action. Hmmmm….totally weird. Then I found THIS SITE. It confirms the vibe I got. “The Club” doesn’t exist and is not limited to 30 people. It is just a sales gimmick to sell do it yourself at home products designed to fail while they collect money from you and blame you. I am not out of any money, but they would not even tell me how much money it was until after I committed to “take action.” Then they would tell me about the club I committed to and “start tomorrow.” Although they did not directly insult me, I could see the set up questions that would lead to insults if you did have bumb in the road. They totally seemed to have no ethics.

  9. Scammed Big Time says:

    Please read and hear what the others before me have said. It is all true and I have lost thousands at a time in my life when it is time to retire. Up sells! Self stroking! Pay more and more, for nothing. No delivery…they just take money, more and more of it. Ashamed I’ve been duped into this scam. Have so much debt because of this. Just want to cry…but that won’t help much. RUN! Loral Langemeier, Premier Mentoring and all the rest of the folks she has business alliances with will take your money and you will feel like a worthless piece of crap. I can only blame MYSELF for being so STUPID to buy into this thinking my life can be different, better, as I was sold. The reality is I have never been so stressed out in all of my life after getting into this charade. This may be okay for some people but they really haven’t done much for me except create an enormous amount of debt. I only hope I can find a way out of all of this and find some relief. Don’t like to think that I have to work my ass off for the rest of my life to get out of the debt I incurred with this company and it’s affiliates. Don’t like to recognize my stupidity of buying the smooth, sleek, sales pitches I bought. Was at a weak point in my life when I got into this 2 years ago and always hoping it will get better. If it does, I will write and let you know. But it hasn’t. Just more despair on top of major debt causing more despair. Hopefully if there is a next life for me, I will never make this kind of mistake again. Fool I am. Don’t be a fool. Run! And if you don’t run, get the fine print on what you are buying and recognize that you are not getting what you paid for so protect yourself as they do and have a way out. Sorry Loral. I had hoped for so much more than the pile of crap I now find myself in. I’m in for the class action! But the depression I have rules all and I don’t really much care anymore. Just take 50k out of the bank, if you have it, and burn it in the fireplace. Warm your hands and enjoy the fire. That’s pretty much the result I’ve had. And while she sits as a millionaire with my money, I get to either work extra jobs for the rest of my life or declare bankruptcy to leave this life debt free and not create a burden for my family. :-(( Very sad indeed.

  10. I agree, where are the honest mentors that we used to have? People like Loral deserve to be behind bars. My friend did the Big Table program which had personal coaching by Loral, but she never actually picked up the phone and intentionally missed meetings. In the world of internet marketing, we call this a ‘blackhat’ approach, where you not completely honest. Shocking!

  11. Steve Garcia says:

    Went to the Austin Shark Made Millionaires event today. Total scam. High pressure sales, never divulging what you actually get on the course and preying on weak individuals. This should be illegal.

  12. I purchased the $10,000 Loral’s Big Table, which is her “elite” mentoring program. It turned out to be a total “upsell” scam, where she gets people and organizations that she is “in bed with” to sell you their services (which she gets a cut of). Not only that, every investment I made through the people who pitched their goods went belly up, one turned out to be a “ponzy” scheme (I know dozens of people who got scammed from that scheme) Just look up “Lupe Valencia Ponzy” and you’ll see the story behind that. You don’t see mention of Loral Langmeyer in that story, but Lupe used Loral’s Big Table to find her victims. I lost over $50,000 and I know others who lost all of their savings. I don’t get a sense that Loral is out to intentionally scam anyone, I get a sense that she just doesn’t care about the people who sign up for her mentoring programs. She hides behind the phrase “Do your own due diligence”, but does little to teach you how to do that. She just doesn’t care about the people who entrust their money to her mentorship, the result is no different than if she intentionally scammed them out of their money. Run from this organization, where are the good mentors?

  13. I was just listening to a free webinar on the 7 steps to be a millionaire, and I had to shut it off, I couldn’t stand it anymore. she is simply reading from a book, and not even very well I might add! I had to wait for a countdown to sit in on the webinar at a specific time, just to hear someone read??!!

  14. I’m embarrassed to admit that I bought into Loral’s program. I do have a business but have not made money from it and as I encountered each step I payed more and then more and then more and will have to claim bankruptcy at age 70!!! I had an excellent credit score all my life until I bought into their deceptive program in February of 2011. Something needs to be done. How about a class action lawsuit?

  15. I actually went to her seminar in Johannesburg yesterday night just to check out as I normally do not believe in people who want you to pay them for making you rich. Initially in the seminar she sounded impressive but the minute she spoke of the 3 days programme and the amounts you have to pay – most of us in the room lost interest. The figure was too high anyway for most people and raised eyebrows. I also did not hear anything so unique except reinforcing what I know since I already have a business. there are a few points that I noted are worth it that I can apply myself. The majority of people left immediately after her presentation but a few signed up for the 3 day workshop in Nov. After reading this, I know my instincts were correct as I felt she is just one those people who make money out of others. Thanks everyone for the reviews/comments

  16. Loral has also moved her focus to South Africa. I heard her on one of the local stations when I was driving back from work this afternoon. She has also created a local website which is blank when you go into it except for a line where thy ask you for your name and email address. Thanks for the info on this scam.

  17. Sam Pittsburgh says:

    Just read the ‘Millionaire Maker’ bought for a dime at the library used Book sale….I thought her approach to her clients was unique…..

    But I NEVER thought I would see the way it really works from all of these comments…

    I never commit my credit card to enterprises like this… I did once to Sirius radio and tried to cancel and got stuck for $60 on my Discover card.. The fee was in the fine print and Discover would not let me slide…

    A good tip here was the fellow who said CANCEL the credit card… Ill remover that… I am active on calling the State’s Attorney General & reviewing all charges monthly to my credit card…

    I just never commit thousands to a program or commit monthly fees unless I have money to lose…

  18. About a two years ago, I ran into problems getting them to cancel, but thought I finally had done it. Then came the credit card bill. American Express immediately reversed the charge when I sent them the info, maybe they have dealt with this group before. Then I get the Dec e-mail saying I have been named a scholarship winner. I have the same other names as above, but mine was in the third position. I wonder how many workers answer to the name of Chad when people call in. I was tempted to call just to mess with them.


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