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Today’s post is by I’ve Tried That reviewer extraordinaire, Miyako. She is the Web master at, an Anime fan site. Check it out. Another reviewer, Barney, had a less favorable take on I’ll post his remarks on Wednesday.

When I started this review I thought, “There is no way someone could make $52,923 in five days by mailing postcards. That’s almost $10,600 per day! Who is this Luke Jaten guy? Does ‘Direct Marketing Group Inc.’ even exist?”

The most interesting thing I’ve discovered about this program is that it actually seems legit. The postal address on the terms and conditions page is real and DMG Inc. is actually located there (according to Google Maps). There are video testimonials. Jaten’s eBay seller account has been ID verified and his listings qualify for 100% PayPal buyer protection. His positive feedback is 100%. He has sold ten copies of his multidisc course on eBay for the same price that it’s being offered for on, but he supposedly threw in something called a project license for free. From what I understand, the license gives the purchaser permission to use one of Jaten’s “projects” that he has already developed and tested. It’s worth at least $1500, but the purchasers of the “Buy It Now” auction were so special that he wanted to give it away to them. The eBay auction information is essentially a transcription of his sales pitch from the video on the Postcard Profits website.

After signing up with your name and precious credit card information and paying $4 for shipping, you enter into a 30 day trial period. If you return the course within that time frame you pay nothing. If not, you are billed $59.99 in five (weekly? monthly? yearly?) installments. On top of this, if you try your best and don’t make at least $10,000 in 90 days, he will not only refund the money you spent on the course, but will also FedEx you a check for $500 just to say “thanks for trying it out.”

What Luke Jaten is selling is not a program where you profit simply from the act of mailing out postcards. It’s a course on how to use postcards to convince people to buy your products. And he never promises anything else. It’s true that the name of the site is as misleading as the terminology he uses to refer to postcard marketing (“postcard project”), but if you pay close attention to the video (or to the transcript) then you won’t be taken by surprise. The eBay listing isn’t clear on whether a product comes with the free license.

This DOES NOT mean that he is squeaky clean. Some of his business practices are on the shady side. He claims in the eBay auction information that you don’t need an actual product or an idea for one to get started. The last time I checked, it was illegal to sell merchandise that you didn’t have. [Note by Joe: I suppose you could use his tactics to sell products as an affiliate. That means you don’t technically “own” the product, but you still have the right to sell it.]

After Googling information from his site, I found three more websites dedicated to the Postcard Profits course. The sites are 1), 2), 3), 4), 5) Only #1 and #3 are in the Go Daddy WHOIS database as being the property of DMG Inc. #4 contains information in the footer that points to Relevant Marketing Group as the owner, but the organization doesn’t exist. Even without Googling them, it’s easy to be skeptical as there is absolutely no contact information listed on the website besides an e-mail address. Googling the organization with double quotes turns up three sites, one of which is supposedly the home page ( The entire site consists of a single page with a single link labeled “Postcard Profits” that points to website #4 above. Website #2 references two different phone numbers that connect to the same prerecorded sales pitch, four written testimonials from people who are different from the ones on site #1, and the sales pitch transcript. It is also the only site to mention a mailing list. I signed up for it.

DMG Inc.’s official Postcard Profits Web sites have secrets. If you use Google’s advanced options to search within each domain exclusively, you find longer video interviews of the people in the video on and a privacy policy that none of the pages link to. The policy was copied almost verbatim from a site called The two e-mail links in the policy still point to e-mail addresses in the HTML. Site #3 keeps you on the main page unless you use Google because the page’s only link links to the page that it’s on.

There seem to be two phone numbers that will connect you to an actual person. One number was found on the Better Business Bureau website (and, yes, there have been complaints filed against them) while the other was found on the terms and conditions page of I received the same voice mail message after dialing each number that said everyone was currently out of the office. I wonder if it’s worth trying again.

As almost a side note, Luke Jaten and Matt Trainer from seem to be friends. The video on is copyrighted to Matt Trainer and Trainer conducted a 38 minute web cam interview with Jaten that was supposed to be about Postcard Profits but instead focused almost entirely on Pay-Per-Click advertising and Google Ad Sense. The video is supposed to have a second part, but I doubt there will be one as the first part was posted to Trainer’s blog in April. There was also some sort of seminar on Postcard Profits in Phoenix, AZ in May with both Jaten and Trainer. I have yet to find commentary about it.

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  1. Robert Coates says:

    It doesn’t mean anything that Google Maps “verified” a location. It might mean there is a street with that name, but it certainly doesn’t “verify” that a particular company is located at a particular address any more than looking at a Rand McNally does.

  2. I spent over $13,000.00, yes, read that again, on that post card profit scam. 20 weeks of training, and not once was I, anything given to me, that I could sell, for what he claimed. I tried taking him, to goverment agencys that over watch these programs.I should have spent that amount on a lawyer and gotten a class action case, against him. Soon the guilt will overtake all these guys A recent TV scam artist hung himself, while waiting for his trial. DO NOT buy anything. from L. Jaden. You will never make the money he claims, I would have been happy if, I made my money back, as he promised.

  3. Hello, did you have any other problems, with Post card profits. ?

  4. Hey g-dog … you must be one of the croney’s that works with Luke. No one here has really said his program is a scam (at least I didn’t anyway), but he’s an a$$hole for continueing to take money from peoples bank accounts AFTER they’ve returned the product WITHIN THE 30 DAYS. That’s my beef with him. He also NEVER says exactly how much it’s going to cost you, the buyer, to get one of these postcard things started. He’s vague in that area … very very vague. He only picked the people in his video that had unusal success. And who can afford a personal coach! WTH.

  5. Do you know what all of you people need? A success coach (Period)
    You need to look at all of your neg statements and then sit back to figure out why your not wealthy. The programs legit, there is nothing hidden and it does work.

    It takes money to make money. What did you think? That Donald Trump wrote IOU’s for his real estate. You will never make money with all your negative remarks about yourselves. Remember if you think you can’t your right. If you think you can your right.

    So instead of investing in anymore programs, you should be investing in YOURSELF. You have to grow inside first then outside. Only then will money follow. Nothing will ever work for you when you have a poverty mindset.

    Here’s a tip: Only those willing to sacrifice their time for growth will be those that truly find success AND BE ABUNDANT IN ALL AREAS OF LIFE.
    Example: Have you gone through life wondering if your cursed, why things never work out. Well if your wondering what you’ve been asking for, take a look around at what you have. There’s your answer. You’ve all been given free will to create whatever it is you want. No Exceptions.

    Good luck, in the mean time I’m off to vacation :)


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