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Rating: 0 out of 10 Tasks.

Pros: Well, it got you to this page and you’ll find out about legitimate alternatives.

Cons: You’ll get paid 5 cents an hour to spam the web. By the end of the week, you can buy yourself a burger from the McDonald’s dollar menu!

Our Recommendation: Don’t even think about signing up for this one. Go with a more reputable company like Swagbucks. It’s free to join, you get a $5.00 offer just for creating an account, and their tasks pay much more and won’t leave you spamming the web.

Full Review

There have been a few programs popping up lately that offer to pay people to complete small mundane tasks. For example, you might get paid to post a comment on a blog, or write an article, or get in contact with people. The most reputable program around is Amazon’s Mechanical Turk program, but there are some new programs opening up, like ShortTask.

What is ShortTask?

When I first stumbled upon the website, I thought that this was surely going to a great way for you guys to make money online. You complete a few small tasks, accumulate money, then get paid. I even sent an email over to our good friend Eddy at to cover ShortTask as well. Shortly after sending that message, everything went downhill and I quickly apologized for my email.

I started glancing through the available tasks. There were a few high-paying tasks available. For example, you could round up a few resumes and earn $5.00 or write a 300-word review for $3.00. The pay wasn’t impressive, but for someone who has time to kill and desperately needs money, working at ShortTask could make all the difference. It was around this time that I found out you needed to have accumulated $50 in order to get paid. This was warning number one. If you were completing work, why couldn’t you get paid immediately for the work you performed? It would take quite some time to earn enough money to cash out.

I started digging through the tasks a bit more and it quickly became clear that there was no way in hell I was going to give this a positive review. It seems that the best paying jobs were put up front to entice you to join ShortTask and perform work. However, dive a few pages deep and you’ll find tasks for no more than 5 cents per hour! Five measly freakin’ cents. You’re better off wandering the streets looking for loose change! I was mad when I saw the five cents per hour tasks, but I was furious to see another task offering to pay $0.02 for an hours work. TWO PENNIES. TWO MEASLY STINKING PENNIES. Are you kidding me? No one is that desperate.

Once the initial outrage subdued, I wanted to find out more information on who was running ShortTask. I stumbled upon quite possibly one of the best online smackdowns I’ve ever read at SHORTTASK.COM IS THE NEWEST SCAM WEBSITE BY ANDREW HARRISON BARNES. I found out that the person running was Andrew Harrison Barnes. A short time ago, Mr. Barnes was banned from Amazon’s mechanical turk program for life for paying people to spam the web for him. With nowhere else to go he founded ShortTask so he could continue to pay people a pathetic amount of money to post false endorsements for his various spam websites. The following is an excerpt from the post above and I highly suggest you click here and read it all the way through.

The main purpose of Barnes’ “tasks” on ShortTask is to get people to post false endorsements of his scam websites. By doing so, it causes postings on other blogs and websites to fall down in the search engine listings related to him, thereby making him and his scam sites seem legit. Therefore, when someone tries to look up relevant info on Barnes or his scam sites, the first thing that comes up is the numerous more current postings of him which are no doubt positive, since he is offering to pay individuals to post them.

Many of the names of the individuals making positive comments about Barnes are false names and aliases and in fact posted by Barnes himself. In fact, many of the names of the so-called “employees” or “representatives” of Barnes’ companies are made up. They are, in fact, Barnes himself. Andrew Harris Barnes is low class and low rent. He has created a sophisticated facade of himself on the internet by using aliases to pretend he has so many employees and properties and business locations. The truth is that Barnes uses answering services in almost every city in which he claims to do business. He owns little to no property. Even the buildings placed on his websites can be found in stock photo images of buildings or are addresses to buildings which he does not own and holds no leases. Didn’t I tell you he was prolific?

The Bottom Line

Stay far away from ShortTask. The pay is awful and the “work” you complete could potentially land you in a lot of trouble. If you are interested in making money completing tasks, then sign up for Swagbucks. The company is reputable and it’s a good way to earn a little extra side cash in your down time.

Have you had any experience with ShortTask, Barnes, or Mechanical Turk? If so, leave a comment below. We’d love to hear from you.

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  1. When I joined shorttask, I thought it was unusual that Termination was at the discretion of the company. But my trust was earned back when the policy was for me to ‘protect my identity’ and always use the credentials I signed up with (the legal name and billing address), now I fear I’ve lent my name and genuine information to the slanderer of slanderers. When I authenticated my account and logged in, there was a bullentin for “Solvers” in India who were not able to access funds. There was also an exciting development: Now you only needed to make $10 to withdraw your wages. A glance at the titles and I knew the tasks were spamming, false membership gigs. I went to account settings to attach Paypal/ Delete all money ties- and no such function exists.

    My moral: Don’t just read the fine print. Ask yourself if you are desperate. You’re probably stretching your ‘seems legit’ senses if you are desperate.

  2. I’ve worked several tasks and only got emails that my 2 of my submission tasks have been rejected.
    Even though it’s just a simple task and very little pay (especially because I’m from Indonesia), and I don’t think I did it wrong.

    too bad I didn’t google it first :( wasted time

    1. Flying Phoenix says:

      I’ve been doing this since 2014. I got my payment of USD 10 at the first time (surprisingly, Shorttask paid me).
      A year later I redeem another USD 10, but no pay to me after about 2 months.
      Already write to them tons of email but no response.
      My advice is stay away from this website.

  3. I pay 35 dollars, i post a task for a survey. The task don’t was working correctly and anyone can solve it. I am trying to contact them since a lot of days. I use the contact form around 20 times, anyone answer… Go away from these site!

  4. I’ve been doing HITS for Amazon for about a month now. I’ve earned about $40. The money isn’t that great but being able to find something to make money from home is worth it. I’m hoping to be able to make more money when my kids get back into school. The main problem that I’ve had has been transferring my funds but I think that I’ve got it worked out now. It just seems like there are too many steps. So far so good.

  5. I requested payout 1month ago but till now not received even tried to contact them but no reply

    1. I also requested for $12 but I did not received for two months

  6. Rewards You Have Earned
    Approved Tasks
    Total Earnings

    I’ll forget about this then. 😉
    Thanks much. Wasted few hours.

  7. pays you and it’s easy to acquire the money, lowest pay out is $30 I believe. I have received a check from them. It takes about a month for your first check after requesting it. But it can be very week after that. I also think you can get it through withdraw to PayPal or to a bank account. But you do get paid. I’ve been using it for years. Hope this helps.

  8. i just sign up for shorttask yesterday, after reading your comments im get redy to delete that account.

  9. Damn this shorttask website! This makes people works for slave and just pay peanuts as reward!!! I’m currently registered there and wow, the jobs completely sucks! u have reason not to work for scam…. I didn’t knew and now i no longer desire to waste my time there ever again!

  10. Wish I had seen this earlier. Definitely tried shorttask out and I keep having my work rejected even though they are simple things like, “click on 3 ads in my site and post the urls they take you to here” or “comment on my youtube video.” Waste of my time if you’re going to make me get money for your site adds and boost your ratings on Youtube if I don’t get anything.

  11. I wish I had read this before wasting time yesterday completing tasks which were all rejected. They were simply to leave a comment on certain sites. I followed the instructions exactly and still had all my tasks rejected.

    Too much aggravation for so little return.

    Unfortunately mturk rejected my application to join. Most likely because I live in New Zealand and I’ve encountered regional problems/restrictions before.

  12. Pal I m just open up my account with them and suddenly thought came in my mind to check review about it.I was concern when I saw their website.It was looking unprofessional and unattractive.Thanks for the info.

  13. Jennifer says:

    CloudCrowd is also a legitimate company. You get paid daily through paypal. This is good for people who can write good and edit work. I have been doing their research projects which only pay 1 cent per task.. I take a couple minutes out of my day literally and make about 50 cents lol. If you know how to write well though, you can make a lot of money. Mturk does always pay but it is just so low for the amount of time spent working on the tasks (for me anyways). It takes me about 10 minutes to make 2 cents! When clickworker has good jobs available, I make 2 cents every 2 seconds and average out at about $12/hr.


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