I’ve Been Paid by YouData.


We found a new program that will pay you without you having to pay anything, ever. All you have to do is view a few ads, collect your earnings, then wait until payout day on Friday to cashout your money. Sound familiar? It’s nothing new, but it does work.

YouData has my full approval.

There have been a few comments left by you guys regarding your apprehension with YouData. For starters, YouData needs a cell phone number in order to verify your identity. A few readers felt uncomfortable with releasing this information. Understandable, but you don’t have to worry. I have yet to receive a single unwanted text message, phone call, or email. YouData insists that they are committed to protecting your personal information.

The second biggest fear was that YouData might not pay. Well, worry no more. I received my payment from YouData last Friday. YouData did take out a few pennies claiming “PayPal fees” but the fees were hardly noticeable.

If you joined last week, don’t forget to log into YouData and check for new ads every few days. If you fill out and complete your MeFile, you’ll receive even more ads. I just spent the last two minutes viewing 10 new ads and making a few dollars.

Leave a comment below if you joined last week and let me know if you’ve received a payment as well. Voice your opinion on YouData too. I want to know what you think about this one.

Bottom Line

YouData won’t make you rich, but you can earn a few dollars in a relatively short period of time. And now to really drive my point home. What are you going to do after you finish reading this post? Well, instead of checking your email again for the 14th time this minute, or viewing the next YouTube video, you can spend those two minutes earning $5.00. Again, not life changing, but would you turn down a free five dollar bill? I didn’t think so. Click here to sign up for YouData now and start earning money.

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    1. I joined YouData after you reviewed it on this site. I looked at a few ads (they made it possible to zip by them really quickly), and was credited with about $3.16. YouData didn’t say much about achieving a minimum dollar amount, but I figured I’d need at least $10 before cashing out. Nope. I received a notice from Paypal last week that YouData had already paid out my $3.16. This site is great! Thanks so much for finding and reviewing it!

    2. Signed up for YouData last week, and made about six dollars. The money is already in my paypal account. Haven’t received any phone calls on the cell phone as a result. Super easy. Just wish there were more ads to view. I’ve only made about $1 so far this week.

    3. Valid for US residents ONLY.

    4. Theresa Knoll says:

      I signed up for YouData. It was very easy and so far so good. I liked it. Definitely not going to get rich this way, but if I can make a few dollars and keep building on it, why not. Thanks for the tip.

    5. I joined the program about a week ago and have received a few dollars worth of ads. I like the format, and some of the ads were of personal interest. I haven’t got paid yet, but assume I will based on your reports.

    6. I signed up when you reviewed it and got $3.33in my paypal last friday, which I already spent so it’s totally valid. I have gotten no unwanted texts or phone calls. Only downside is since the initial ads I’ve onlt gotten more ads once, so in the last week I’ve only made .60 cents, and that’s with my mefile filled out. but hey, free money, I’m happy. and since it’s still a new sight I hope it continues to build it’s ad base. Thanks so much for the recommendation, this time next week me and my mother and sister will be living in a single hotel room, so every penny helps.

    7. I joined last week, it was quick and easy to make a few dollars, that were deposited into my paypal account on Friday. I hope they get more ads soon!

    8. Hi. I joined and have been paid also! Very easy!! Thanks for the tip. :)

    9. I signed up last Friday morning and was surprised to see by that night I was paid the $3.06 I’d earned that morning, minus I think 6 cents for the paypal transaction fee. I didn’t get any more offers until yesterday and it only came to 30 cents. I guess that’s better than nothing!

    10. Deborah Linsley says:

      Agree with all of the above. I signed up immediately last week with YouData on Wednesday, downloaded the 5-stack, read the few adds and was paid on Friday. No, not going to get rich but a few dollars here and there does not hurt. Plus I have actually been interested in many of their shops and taken the time to register with them as well. Thanks for the tip.

    11. Hello everyone!

      Thank you for the kind review of our beloved YouData. We are still in the startup phase of the business (launched to the world October 2008). As such we have chosen to focus on the US market. There are some reasons for this that are explained by our co-founder here:


      Also, we hope to provide alternative authentication methods in the future so that cell phones won’t be required — but perhaps add an additional validation metric to the mix so that advertisers can feel even more confident about reaching one and only one person with their dollars. Some ideas are home address, bank accounts, other?

      Lastly, we has seen an explosion in our MeFile (user) growth since the first of March. Our ad sales team is feverishly attempting to keep pace and grow that side of the business to help make a true marketplace for your attention.

      Thank you for your interest and please hang in there while we prove that there is truly a place for such a new advertising model that actually include the consumers in the equation, while respecting your privacy.

      Contact us with any questions and please send any advertisers our way!

      Advertisers: http://www.youdata.com/marketers.html
      Embed the Adget in your site: http://www.youdata.com/contentProviders.html
      Support: support@youdata.com

      Team YouData

    12. Sorry for the typo’s above.

      I wanted to also mention that tomorrow is PayDay here at YouData so everyone make sure that you have a valid PayPal address on file under the Housekeeping tab.

      Follow us on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/youdata – we report basic payout statistics every Friday there.


    13. Looks like my kids will be getting some extra Christmas presents this year…. :)

    14. I signed up for YouData as well and am pleased. Same report as other posters – no spam, quick payment. I filled out all the MeFile data. Have seen about $6 in payment. Also, some of the ads were definitely of interest to me and I might find out moreabout the products in the future when I’m not on such a tight budget.

    15. Hi Steve,
      Thanks for all your reviews. I did sign up but still waiting for the text to my phone… Maybe it is because I have Metro PCS even though it is a choice in the pull down?

    16. I did join YouData and received payment of $1.60 last Friday. I didn’t even noticed they charged a Paypal fee. I completed the MeFile but haven’t gotten too many ads yet.

    17. Yes, You Data is great. I messed up last week putting my Alert acct by error, but this week got money into my PayPal! And, I have never received any unwanted cell phone calls either. So, I’m happy. I also like the little “ding” when you click on to go to the ads, LOL!

      Have a great weekend,

      Andrea (Gillwho)

    18. I got paid $3.03 to my paypal today. Just got the confirm

    19. Just signed up for youdata, made $4 in about 5 minutes. If the ads keep coming, this is definitely going to be a favorite. Thanks again! (love this blog!)

    20. I have read some people saying that they make like 11.00 a week. I am doing good to get 2.00, am I doing something wrong?

    21. I’d like to try this, but unfortunately I’m the last man on earth who doesn’t own a cell phone so I guess I don’t qualify. Is there any other way to bypass this requirement?

    22. Hey Chris, Use someone elses’ number. All that you need is the four digit code and they send it right away.

    23. I signed up and viewed $2.75 in ads. Easy to sign up. Thanks for the site. I love your blog and appreciate everything you guys are doing.

    24. Carrie Parker says:

      Things are happening on YouData!! After weeks of very little activity, things seem to be picking up. I’ve logged in 4 times in the last 2 days and to my surprise, I’ve had ads every time! OK, so I’ve made $1.05 this week, but it’s idiot proof and doesn’t get any easier than this. I get survey invitations on a regular basis that pay $1.00 or $2.00 and take, on average 20 to 30 minutes to complete. Sometimes, when I spend a half an hour to earn $1.00, I feel like a sucker. But, no one is holding a gun to my head. I’ve been doing surveys for almost 3 years, so I’m aware of the sites that are legit. I know some sites say the survey will take 15 minutes and 80% of the time, it turns in to 25 or 30. It can be frustrating, but it does add up…slowly. YouData has paid me like clockwork every Friday. If I don’t get any more ads this week, my total earnings will be $9.67 thus far. I’ll take that! I’m sure that the time I’ve spent clicking the ads hasn’t been more than 2 minutes total, and some of the sites are pretty cool. So, check your YouData account, guys. BTW, I love the new look here!! You guys are the BEST!!!

    25. I love youdata and my husband and I both use it doubling our payout. I just have one question, is there any other sites out there that actually work.

    26. YouData is really fun. I’ve discovered two websites that I really love, and I was barely even paying attention! It’s so quick and easy. I started Thursday night very late, actually probably 3am Friday morning and got paid around noon Friday! Granted it was only $1.25 and I haven’t seen any ads since, but it’s still worth referring. I hope the ads pick up soon.

    27. I’ve been paid by that site but I haven’t received any ads since the first day. It’s almost been a week! :(

    28. Youdata now appears to be the king of survey sites. I can quickly make a few dollars a month.

    29. That’s good to know that you have been paid. I got paid also. But lately, there haven’t been any ads. I am wondering if YouData is going down the tubes. Check out my experience:


    30. I am reminded of a saying my late father, a child of the Great Depression, always used to say: “Watch your pennnies and your dollars will take care of themselves”

      Youdata.com may never be a big money maker and I appreciate that, but for my purposes I enjoy learning about these exciting websites that I am referred to by YouData.

      If people signed up for youdata.com to make money and are now complaining for lack of ads the solution is simple-cancel.

      I have been shopping on line since 2000 before it was popular and I love these unique webstores that I have to admit are all new to me. My favorite has been Blush.com and I receive their daily emails.

      My only dissapointment with youdata.com is not that I do not recieve enough ads to click on for money but that I look forward to new and unique websites.

      Steve and the I’ve Tried That team provides many good sources for making money on line. Youdata.com is to me a niche that is fun.

      Enjoy it for what it is and join up for WealthyAffiliate or one of the other fine programs that we learn about by subscribing to I’ve Tried That’s newsletter!

    31. Hello again everyone! Kidgas has a good write-up (that he posted above) on his experience with YouData as of late. I followed up to his post, have a look!


      Thanks for hanging in there with us.


    32. Theresa Knoll says:

      I joined YouData back in April and I really like it. I have actually used several of the sites that I have reviewed. I just wish there were more to review. For the past couple of months I have only made less than a dollar a week. While I realized I wouldn’t get rich doing this, I was hoping for more than 21-37 cents a week.

    33. I’m very excited about YouData. They’ve paid me every week since joining and the no minimum requirement is very rare to find in the world of PTC sites. YouData is above all of the rest and I find it very easy to refer others to because of the weekly payouts.

    34. Is this legit way for making money online? Who is giving you money and whos money is that?

    35. It looks like I might just get shut out for the month of February. No ads at all so far.

    36. Kidgas,
      Sorry to hear about your slow February. Hope March brings more ads your way. I had a few ads in February and so did my 65 referrals so there was always a paypal deposit received every Friday. I have noticed though, that even if my adjet on my desktop says there are no ads, sometimes I sign into the website and find one or two on my account. No matter how small it might be, it’s still a plus to get a weekly payment from a PTC site that we were able to signup for absolutely free with no strings attached.

    37. I have been paid 2 times so far by them… Really small amounts…But nonetheless..I have aucutally Bookmarked some of thier websites..kinda interesting to be honest!

    38. So I used them for a while and it worked out pretty well, but the ads stopped coming for some reason… Any idea why?

    39. I was hoping come Christmas i might see some youdata activity. It’s been awhile since i’ve seen anything.

      Are you guys still trying to make this work?

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