The Niche Blitzkrieg Review


I’ll be honest. I rarely come across a program that I’m excited to try. It’s true. Most of the time, I dread reviewing new programs, seeing as a lot of requests we receive are the same program just masked as something else. But this time it’s different. I found myself excited to try the Niche Blitzkrieg program. I think we may have finally found something that will work for everybody.

What is the Niche Blitzkrieg System?

The Niche Blitzkrieg system was developed by Michael Brown, a veteran on teaching others how to make money online. The focal point behind Niche Blitzkrieg is that you will be researching popular trends and niches in the world today and then building a website to cater to this trend or niche. In doing so, you will attract visitors from search engines and then make money through advertisements placed on your website.

Does the idea of creating websites scare you? I know a lot of you are probably thinking that there’s no way in hell you could ever setup your very own website. Well, knock it off. The truth is that creating a website these days is very, very easy. In fact, with the Niche Blitzkrieg system, all of the hard work will automatically be generated for you. If you can manage to type on a keyboard, you’re more than capable of running your own website. Honest.

This program is somewhat newbie friendly. Just “somewhat?” Well, the process of doing keyword research and setting up your sites is explained in layman’s terms, and Michael uses pictures and videos to show you, step-by-step, what you need to do.

It’s only “somewhat” newbie friendly because there are some gaps in the instruction. Someone who is brand new to WordPress and plug-ins will struggle a bit. That’s not to say newbies can’t do it. They most certainly can. But you’ll need to have some stubbornness and persistence to get yourself through the gaps. The Forum looks like a good source of help, though, and Michael is quick to answer questions.

The best part of the program is that positive results are easily duplicated. Once you create your first profitable website, you’ll be able to take the techniques used and repeat them as many times as you possibly can. You’ll find yourself with multiple streams of income that continue to earn money for you long after they’ve been created.

My personal involvement with the program has been great thus far. I’ve been conducting my own niche research these past few days and do have quite a few ideas on where to take them. Sorry, I can’t share them as they are my personal ideas and I don’t want you guys to take the credit for my hard work. I should have a few websites up and running fairly soon though. I suspect my investment into the program and money spent ordering domain names will be made back within less than a month.

We use a lot of similar techniques outlined in Niche Blitzkrieg to make money each month with I’ve Tried That. Seeing as these techniques are proven to work and I’ve seen it happen with my own two eyes on a daily basis, I feel confident in highly recommending the Niche Blitzkrieg program.

Niche Research Commando

The Niche Research Commando is a tool that you can add on to the program at an extra cost. I’ve been using the tool myself over these past couple of days and it has already saved me from spending countless hours on niche research.

The program allows you to view the top ten results in Google for the niche keyword of your choice. These results provide you with valuable information like how the top ten sites use their keywords, how many backlinks a website has, the pagerank of the website and the overall competition you would face if you choose to build a website in this niche. This tool is extremely beneficial to beginners and is very easy to use. Of course, you don’t need to buy the program, but you will end up spending 20 to 30 minutes on a task that takes this program 20 to 30 seconds.

What I Didn’t Like

[Updated on March 23rd, 2009] When I first reviewed Niche Blitzkrieg, I felt that the system was starting to become outdated and skipped over a few essential parts to running a domain. I expressed my concerns to owner Michael Brown and he assured me that an update was coming. Now, we’ve reviewed a lot of programs in the past, and generally the program owners have been cold and unresponsive. Not only did Michael respond to my concerns, but he promised action and boy did he pull through.

My biggest concern was that the system didn’t go in-depth on how to actually get a site up and running. This alone could be enough to scare off any new members as the thought of setting up a domain can be particularly scare your first time around. Well, Michael Brown not only updated the guide used in the system, but has provided full screencasts on how to setup your websites. His teaching is flawless and you will not encounter any issues when following along with his video guides.

Aside from that issue, the rest of the system has been fully updated as well. At this point, I actually can’t find a single thing to complain about, which is a first here at I’ve Tried That.

Special Discount for I’ve Tried That Readers ONLY! Save $20!

I worked with Michael Brown on setting up a special pricing discount for I’ve Tried That readers. For a limited time only, you can join Niche Blitzkrieg for $57 (instead of the usual $77 price tag) and save yourself $20. You will not see another offer like this on the web. This is exclusive to!

Watch this Special Presentation BEFORE Joining

I’ve actually invited Michael Brown to do a quick video presentation outlining both his life and the Niche Blitzkrieg program in more detail. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you watch this presentation. It will help clairify a lot of questions you may have and you can get a few cool bonuses just for watching.

Click here and watch the presentation now!

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    1. Great info! Thank you, if I am successful at this, I will be sure to thank you!

    2. Is BANS or this Niche Blitzkrieg better in terms of work vs. money earned? What is more worthy of my time?

    3. Will-

      To be honest, Niche Blitzkrieg will be a better investment. It’s more geared towards beginner’s and you’ll start seeing income quicker than you would with BANS.

    4. Well I am glad that this is something that you highly recommend. I have an open mind and am willing to try new things (think outside the box) I now just have to convince the wife. lol Any suggestions?

      So what do you see yourself earning in a month or so? even if it is 50-100 bucks that is great just shows that it works right?


    5. It seems as you do research on Blitzkrieg and learn about affiliate marketing, one review leads to another affiliate marketer that was on their website and so on. It seems that there is no way to actually tell if these systems work or not. It seems like a vicious circle of support with the same 10-15 people coming up on google searches. They support it and give a good review which leads to their link to have you buy that product on their website. A lot of the people that are “supposedly” reveiwing this product are selling that product and also support similar e-books that you do too. How do you know what is real. Is any money being made here or do all of you just refer eachother to the others website to hopefully have someone buy something from InyourPJ’s, Blitzkrieg, Kevin Riley, John Mann,, etc, etc

    6. That’s a great question, Frank. Let me try to answer it.

      You’re absolutely right that anytime you search for reviews of something, you get a lot of results that turn out to be affiliate marketers. Often, they don’t do real reviews at all. They look for products that sell well and that have a high commission attached and promote them with fake reviews. See our Watchdog series for more discussion of this problem.

      When we check out a product or program that we like, we sign up for its affiliate program. That way, yes, we make a commission on each sale. The difference is that we won’t promote a product or program in which we don’t believe and haven’t had a close look at. We have turned down countless opportunities to promote products and make a lot of money because they did not meet our standards. You have no way of knowing that’s true, of course, unless you stick around long enough to let us earn your trust.

      Thanks for your comment.

    7. I have had the same problem Frank. I noticed that same thing about good reviews leading to other reviews and programs leading to other programs to rid you of your hard earned cash.

      Since I have been scammed once ( I was skeptical about trying this Niche Blitzkrieg system, but so far the system makes sense to me since I used to make money this way on a fan Web site many years ago. I just started the program, but I hope to be successful in it.

    8. Something I’m not able to see in this blog or in Niche Blitzkrieg site: is this a “set and forget” type of program or will require you to create and add content periodically in order to maintain your Google position?

    9. […] I’m the manager for Michael Brown’s affiliate program and I wrote Niche Research Commando, a piece of software to automate some manual research tasks he had in his Niche Blitzkrieg program. Read Steve’s review of Niche Blitzkrieg here. […]

    10. […] we’re looking for feedback on the following programs: In Your PJs, Niche Blitzkrieg, and Build a Niche Store as they are programs we’ve been heavily promoting. But, we will […]

    11. Billy,

      What I’d say about Niche Blitzkrieg is that there will be long gaps of time in which you won’t have to update your website or do additional work to maintain position – but that won’t be true for every NB website – it depends on the niche.

      If you are looking for a true set-and-forget system you are going to be looking for a long, long time…because “set and forget” is a myth…the best you can hope for is to set and “forget for some period of time”.

      My business partner and I have systems where use automated tools where we can set up 20 blogs in 20 minutes, can upload REAL content to all of them and build a lot of backlinks automatically – we spent over a year working it all out, but even THAT isn’t set and forget FOREVER.

    12. It seems that thanks to your review, Michael Brown is updating his lessons. The lessons are getting even better.

    13. Steve,

      I purchased Niche Blitzkrieg about a month ago and worked very hard to get my first site up. This site is positioned highly in Google searches for my keyword but performs poorly when it comes to earnings. In communicating back and forth with both Michael Brown and Paul from workathometruth I came to learn that only a percentage of these sites turn out to be money makers. Paul told me to plan on 1-in-10 being a success. I’m curious to know if you have seen similar results.

    14. Jared,

      That is sad to read. I have put much time, money and effort and plan to put even more time into it. If this is not successful, then I give up with Work At Home jobs that I find on the Internet and I am going to go to my plan B. Develop software and then sell it on the Internet the old fashioned way.

    15. Will,

      I didn’t post that comment to discourage anyone but rather to try to help set realistic expectations. Michael and Paul have a lot of success with the Niche Blitzkrieg method. Michael’s successful sites make from $30-$1,000 per month. If you stick with it long enough to get a good group of successful sites then you could have a tidy cash flow each month.

    16. Will,

      I would say a 1-10 ratio would be highly incorrect. You might not see a lot in the beginning but once you have a few small sites under your belt you will. As for my sites everyone of them has produced a lot more than I’ve put in. But, I agree with you 100% on telling someone to just stick at it and they’ll see a steady cash flow.


      I don’t think Will was telling anyone that they are doomed to fail…lol The fact is that with all these B.S. scams and false advertisements out there people have this “unreal” belief that millionaires start with $0 and in 2 weeks are loaded by working on the Internet.

      It takes time and practice. When you don’t have a lot of experience yet making fast, big money isn’t going to happen just like that. The more knowledge you gain and the more practice you put in, the more you’ll earn.

      Hope that helps anyone looking to really make money online. Niche Blitzkrieg is a highly recommended program for a reason – it’s realistic and not some made up fairy tale that some companies want you to believe that there product is.

    17. Okay, I’m a little confused with this system. Do you have to have a certain product to create websites for or do you pick random subjects and hope it works out? I don’t want to buy the system and realize then that I can’t use it.

    18. Allex-

      You do have software that creates websites for you, yes. You don’t have to learn how to code HTML or anything, but you do have to pick a subject and write content about it. That part is all you.

    19. Can you tell me how much the Niche Research Commando software costs? Do you think that it really is a good investment vs not having it? Does it come with a money back guarantee like the program itself ?

      Also, how long does it take timewise to learn the lessons/view the video before you start setting up your website?

    20. Lisa, I have been working with this program and I must say that Research Commando is a great piece of software. It eliminates hours of your time (if new to this sort of thing)well worth the investment The going price is $37.00 at the following web site.


      P.S. If I broke any rules by posting a link I apologize ahead of time.

    21. @ Lisa I forgot to answer your question about the lessons. It really depends on how much time you invest into watching the videos. You could sit down and watch them all or watch several everyday until finished really, it is up to you.


    22. has any one tried the Mathew S. Robar
      Endless Wealth Solutions? i just ordered it yesterday i am hoping it is not a scam.

    23. My question is do you already have to have a product you are trying to market. I keep hearing that it is a marketing system but they are not talking about a product or leads to products. If you do not have a product to market, how can you make money from the information.

    24. @monique, No you do not need a product to promote or sell. The system shows you how to promote things that are already available to the consumer. For example, someone has a product that they are selling (something on amazon) well, you promote that something and when an interested buyer purchases that something, amazon pays you a commission. So the information in this program guides you through these steps. check out the sales page again most if not all of your questions should be answered if not post again and I will respond if someone else doesn’t respond first.

    25. My question is.. do I need to alrealy have a website with Niche Blitzkrieg? How long should I expect to make money from this program?

    26. sahmomof3 says:

      Steve, It sounds like Niche Blitzkrieg teaches a person to do, with having multiple blogs, what does automatically with Adsense and marketing products, etc… Am I close on this one? Or way off? I am somewhat internet savvy. Except for Squidoo users having an impersonal URL address, I wonder if people are doing just as well income-wise using that venue? Do you know? I really want to earn an income online from home, and yet I’m not out to find my fortune, you know? What sets Niche Blitzkrieg apart from the likes of Squidoo? Thanks!

    27. I ordered in your PJ’S about a week ago but now I have asked for my money back. The information in that e book was great information if what you are looking for is ideas on how to work from home. If you’re looking for resources and a guide to a real work at home job well that is not what the program offers so do not waste her time. well the fault might be with me the page does say a work at home job but the misunderstanding accord when I assumed it was going to give me actually lead. All the book has is ideas of jobs and ways to go about etting them.

    28. so i am about to take part of the niche journey and hope it works out, i am fully interested in making extra money and dont believe in the get rich quick jobs…they never work for the buyer just for the already rich who are selling it. I will re-respond after i have tried the program. I love finding out the information on whats a scam and whats not even though i usually just end up wasting hard to come by money atleast i mite be able to help someone els not waste theirs.

    29. Is there anyone who actually has a solid ‘success’ story with this program who can talk about how long it took them, what the obstacles were, how they overcame them, and how satisfied they are at this point (by success I simply mean making more money than they invested…doesn’t have to be thousands of extra dollars…)

    30. I’m considering getting into affiliate marketing and I’ve read good reviews about Niche Blitzkrieg, both on here and other websites. But, honestly, is it easy for a complete novice to pick up and use quickly? I am internet savvy but I just completely understood what affiliate marketing even is just a few minutes ago. I have the time, desire, and brain-power to put into it, but I wouldn’t want to fork over a large chunk of change for the program when I’m already having a hard time making ends meet, just to find out that it’s too difficult to understand. The no-questions refund policy is reassuring, but I’m still skeptical.

    31. Brad, I guess it depends on what you mean by “quickly.” Like any new skill, it will take some time to put into practice the strategies you’ll learn. You’ll also need to be able to invest a little more (to purchase a domain and hosting). The system can really run on autopilot, but getting it to that point will require time and effort (including brain power expended to learn new things, like how to run your WordPress blog).

      However, there is some good news. Steve is offering to set up your blog for you. See this post. His offer is a good way to minimize the difficulties a novice would face.

    32. Thanks for your quick reply Joe.

      By “quickly” I didn’t mean “make $400 the first day,” but as far as putting the instructions into action, would I have to do further research on my own, or is it a straightforward “go-here-and-do-this” process?

      I might be mistaken, but I thought I read a post here implying that blogs weren’t really the way to go? I will consider the offer though.

    33. Steve Miller says:

      Do programs such as Niche Blitzkrieg all require a web site host for about $100.00 per year?

    34. Steve: the short answer is Yes. The NB method teaches you to register your own unique domain name where you’ll run a WordPress blog, and then pay for hosting. You could theoretically use the NB method with free Blogger blogs, which wouldn’t charge you for hosting. But search engine results are not as good.

    35. Steve, I should also add that I don’t know if “all” programs like it require this or encourage this method. Wealthy Affiliate University, for example, also teaches about free ways to make money online without owning your own hosted Web site. Read one of our posts about it here.

    36. Hi, I’m very interested in the Niche Blitzkrieg system, but have also read about another of his programs called Affiliate Money Revolution. Could you give me a brief rundown on the difference between the two? Is it wise to start with the Niche Blitzkrieg then move on to the next, or are they two totally different systems? Thanks heaps

    37. @jo

      Hey I am a proud owner of AMR (affiliate money revolution) and these are the main differences between the two. 1) Do you enjoy reading step-by-step instruction, or a direct to the point step-by-step video tutorial all the way through? NB you are going to be reading a lot, AMR all video (it is great). 2) although what is taught is the same, there is further detail into the realm of e-mail marketing in AMR than there is in NB. Both amazing products by an amazing person hope that answered your question!

      Jason Goode

    38. Thanks for your reply Jason. I definitely like the idea of videos as opposed to alot of reading… very much the visual learner. I’ve been on this ‘learn to earn an income online’ train for nearly a year now and can honestly say I have purchased many a system that really hasn’t suited me or hasn’t performed – one way or another, I’m still no closer to earning that income than I was then. Fortunately I put it all down to a learning curve and slowly but surely I’m narrowing down what I feel comfortable and confident with. I honestly think that has alot to do with how successful someone will be – finding a system to follow that suits their strengths. This is definitely one of two products that I am looking at with interest: the other is WordPress Goldmine. Any experience with this system? It would be great to hear opinions from anyone who has used both…? Cheers

    39. Hey jo,
      I have not used wordpress goldmine but I must say that AMR is wrapped around wordpress. Michael goes through the wordpress system in detail and if more detail is needed all you have to do is ask in the forum and he or John Mann (his program manager) will answer your questions directly.

      Have a great monday!


    40. Hi I have been on the look out for ways to make money on line a long time.Ii would def say affiliate money revolution is fantastic. but equally so is wordpressgoldmine is great as well. the difference here is that he gives you step by step in more detail on things each month feb wordpress march articlemarketing including how to do cpa marketing. its excellent. Another person to check out is potpiegirl she gives a lot of step by step on everything to do with affiliate marketing for a new person that does not understand. she takes you by the hand and it all free. she has products you can buy too later as you make money that are excellent. This is where i started then affiliatemoneyrevolution then wordpress goldmine. that is all you would need really. hope that help anyone new.

    41. Does NB rely only on Google Adsense to make money or are there other sources of income too?

    42. I forgot to ask if anyone had experience of the Build a Niche Store (BANS) programme?

    43. Hi Heather in answer to your question it depends on how you want to monetize your wordpress blog. yes you can put adsense on . but if you go to this makes the process of building wordpress blogs much easier and you can get up to three free sites you can do this initially until you get the idea of wordpress. I think personally this is easier for a beginner. you might want to sign up for the 30 day challenge at which teaches new folk to internet marketing how to do it and its free. It starts in 2 days time. just register and you will be notifed in your email. this helped me a lot when i signed up a couple of years ago. hope that helps

    44. Hello to everyone on this blog and thank you to all for your valuable comments!
      I am searching for a week’s home base business to start it and have no experience with it whatsoever…

      My question is… if I’ll try ‘AMR’ or ‘Niche Blitzkrieg System’ say tomorrow as a full time job, so how long does it take to set system works and to earn first $1.00? Is it one hour, a week or any tricks I need to know? How long does it take to get experience of full time job working online to make $3 to $5g/monthly? Do I need have special talent, skills?

      Your response will be greatly appreciated.


    45. Hi Alex , In answer to your question their is no guarantees that you will make any money . You really need to learn some skills first to help you understand what your doing . I f you don,t learn those skills you will fail. in my experience some sites have made nothing and some have. If i was you i would sign up for the this is in preseason you will learn a lot form them and it will give you the skills to move forward to use Afiiliate money revolution which I think is better by the way as it shows you in video as well as the written side. Here is the link you can sign up for free to get the first two modules to see if its for you. Another one to learn from is kevin riley as everything he sells makes it so easy for a beginner as he gives you step by step in all that he sells. Just DO A GOOGLE SEARCH and sign up for his newsletter. Also here is a link to Micheal s browns blog their is a lot of free videos etc in his archives that you will find great. he is the guy that made Afilliatemoneyrevolution. here is the link. Hope that helps.

    46. Hi Fiona,

      I appreciated for your comments and suggestions and will try to follow it. At any case, you mentioned that you have business online for years; are you satisfied with your living or just good enough? Why I am trying to get to the point is because I have never talked to people who are already there and I have to change my career. In other words I do have a risk so sorry for my interest…

    47. Hi Alex I learnt form chris farrell you can sign up for his newsletter from here he is a great guy and so genuine he also has a membership site you can try for 1 dollar thats where i started to learn everything i needed. here is the link. Yes it is profitable to make money on line but not made enough yet to give up my job but i,m getting their. i try to help put people in the right direction. i was about to give up until i found this site and kevin riley they are good to learn from. im not saying the others are not any good its just they were too advanced for me to begin with. hope that helps.

    48. Hey Fiona,

      Good enough and thanks a lot for all your experience you share with me and other people and I think if we have more people like you life would be much brighter.

      keep in touch…oh, by the way, what are you doing? your job you don’t want to give up yet?

      see ya.

    49. So… are there any people besides Joe and Michael that have used the program and have found success, and how much work and hours they put into it and how much experiencegoing into it. I think most people are looking for a way to gauge exactly how good the program is and having someone who just signed up give feedback isn’t good enough. If there is anyone that has feedback on it from using it and would like to share some useful details that aren’t giving away too much secrets from the program i think that would be the best for everyone. Thanks

    50. Ed Bishop says:

      Was reading the comments on Niche Blitzkrieg and wonder if any one had a book(s) to recommend to us Newbies to fill in the gaps?

    51. Judy Nicolaisen says:

      I am very interested in Niche Blitzkrieg, but I have no experience with Anthing like it. I have my username and password registered, but don’t know what to do next. I am nervous and don’t know what I do now. If you could walk me through the steps to get to the end, I would greatlully appreciate it.
      Could you walk me through the steps to continue?
      My phone is 605-879-2416
      Thank you ever so much!

    52. Ed,

      The gaps are filled. If you read through their review they simply mention at first there seemed like their were gaps in the learning. They go on to say that the gaps have been filled and corrected.


      I think we’ve traded emails a few times now. Glad to have you into the program :) I would take your phone number out of your post though so you don’t get a bunch of unwanted calls. :)

    53. Hi, I am a freelance web developer and so already have my own dedicated server space. Can I use my own server for thi Niche Blitzkrieg program or do I have to pay for hosting provided by you or somebody else?

    54. John, you can use your own hosting.

    55. […] to setup a basic website, populate it with content, and make money from it. We’ve done a full Niche Blitzkrieg review in the past and about two months ago, I decided to revisit the program, setup a few sites of my […]

    56. Hi, I just stumbled on to the whole concept of making money online tonight and I ran into this Blitz system which is getting worthy praise(it appears). But I had a few questions for whoever wishes to answer.

      I am quite business savvy-pursuing my MBA-this all sounds like a zero-sum game. If someone gets a commission, someone else is not. If this is so and I have discovered a secret for getting commissions over you, then why would I tell you my secret? You would just compete the profits away. So if Mr. Brown or whoever else knows secrets, is it not more lucrative to keep implementing them secretly instead of selling his secrets for XX amount of dollars? It’s the same like in the futures or Forex markets. If someone has a system they aren’t going to tell you, why would they?

      I believe it’s possible to make money off of this stuff, but I have to raise a flag and wonder why someone truly would give secrets out to a lucrative live at home comfortably live your dream life type of zero-sum business.

      Sorry this is long, just curious. Thank you in advance.

    57. @Victor: A zero-sum game only applies to a closed system. In other words, if there were three products to be sold online, true, it would not make sense for Niche Blitzkrieg to teach people how to sell them. But there are limitless products and near-limitless customers.

    58. Hi. I am a 22 year old fresh out of college with a solid sales job. I am looking to learn about making money online in order to establish some form of supplemental income. I would be devoting one to two hours a day to the project as well as a few (3-5) hours every weekend. Given my situation, would you more strongly recommend niche blitzkrieg or WAU? Thanks

    59. Due to some stupid decisions in my youth, I was blocked from receiving payments of any sort by Amazon (in other words, my Amazon seller account was shut down). We all make mistakes….

      Anyways, I am wondering if this severely impedes my ability to participate in any of these programs. Can you run your websites just as well relying solely on Google Adsense and some of the other affiliate partners?

    60. This is Will again, I have not made any money using this system after starting many months ago. I simply do not have enough visitors to my Web sites.

    61. Will,

      This is Michael Brown here creator of Niche Blitzkrieg. I just saw your post and thought I would respond. You’ve narrowed down the problem – you’re not getting enough visitors to your website.

      So, what have you been doing to get visitors? Have you tried? Have you worked on the additional ways to get traffic as suggested in the course? Have you asked anyone for help in the forum?

      Basically what I am getting at is that the reason you haven’t made money or harbored traffic isn’t the fault of the system. Get back in the forum with us and ASK! That’s what we’re here for. We are here to help other people succeed but if we don’t know that you need help – we can’t help you.

      I have never had a time where I had a website that I haven’t been able to generate traffic or sales to and from a site using the Niche Blitzkrieg methods. Use the step by step methods in the course and you should be getting traffic. If you’re not chances are you’re not using the methods described or you’re doing very little and expecting a miracle to happen.

      So come into our forum and simply ask, show us your site and we will help you. Again, that’s what we’re here for.

    62. Zak,

      No, not having access to Amazon will not affect you. We show you dozens of ways to get sales on the inside.


    63. Just being curious, if someone does not want their consumers “jumping the gun” and assuming this is another “scam”, wouldn’t it be highly recommended to file themselves and become “Better Business Bureau Accredited”? I’d love to try this product out but unfortunately I’m still skeptical considering it seems a good amount of money needs to be invested first.

    64. Krista, you’re right to be skeptical about anything offered online. However, I don’t think the BBB is the answer. It does some good work, but to be BBB accredited merely means that a business has paid a licensing fee to BBB.

      As for Niche Blitzkrieg, you can now try it out for 7 days for $4.95. If you cancel before the seventh day, you’ll may nothing more. If you like it and want to keep your membership active, your card will be billed the full $77. Click here to check it out.

    65. I’m curious about the cost. $4.95 for 7 days and then $77 after that. I think I saw something about $100 for hosting. Is that right? Are there any more charges?

    66. No there are no other fees or charges throughout the course there will be suggestions given or recomendations given for product or services that can make things easier but they are just that suggestions or recomendations. Now hosting is very important and it will cost around 9-10 bucks a month. But if at the beginning that is to much do not worry michael talked about ways to do what he is teaching without hosting. Just so you know domain names are what you are hosting and those can cost 1-10 bucks a year. Domain names are the website names. But again Michael shows you ways to work around that making it completely free. Hope that helps if you have any more questions click on my name and leave me a comment on my website. (this site is one that I have been recently putting together using niche blitzkreig)


    67. Ok clicking on my name does not take you to my site so here is the URL check it out and be sure to check out the free stuff why not it is free right!


    68. Ok, I been reading this thread a lot. I have not bought the NB system yet but if you go check out the AMR website, you can sign up for free and watch some videos for free. It shows you how to create a website from scratch. Domain name is about 10$ per year and hosting about 10$ a month, so its not such a costly investment. The also suggest using the niche commando program.

      I’ve not tried any of these programs yet, but from what I seen, I will certainly purchase one in the near future.

      I am skeptical about programs like such but I’ve not seen many bad reviews and Michael is very involved with discussions such as this one.

    69. I myself have been doing a lot of research on this and trying everything to find one legit bad review, like something they are not telling you until you find out the hard way. I havent found nothing, mostly all great reviews from people who use this product and then start using a different product once they get the foundation down. I’m really looking hard at getting this, I know that this isnt some quit your day job in a month kinda thing but i think if i put enough work into it, i can get good results.. My question is if you follow the step by step instructions micheal lays out, how soon could you start seeing some decent results like around $1000 per month? I’ve read and reread the review homegrownmommy had to stay about if you do all the steps micheal lays out it will cost roughly $400. I love doing research and have some good ideas for niches but been scammed too many times that it makes me question everything.

    70. If this is not a scam, then why does BBB of Ohio not have any information from Niche Blitzkrieg. They say:

      “The BBB has requested basic information from this company but has not received a response. As a result, the BBB may not have current information about the company”

      Thank you

    71. Joni,

      The BBB is not a perfect fit. Many people mistaken believe the BBB will protect them, they won’t.

      Is the BBB bad? No. But, many people go under the illusion that everyone should be with the BBB.

      The company itself is not Niche Blitzkrieg it’s under Michael S Brown LLC. and honestly we just have not signed up with the BBB because they really do not do anything for us. They don’t help us in anyway shape or form that is useful to us.

      We feel that real people commenting all over the internet about how good the program with should have more weight than simply getting listed on the BBB.

      The BBB basically is a paid service. So a business files with them, pays them and get’s listed. It doesn’t mean that things listed there can’t be scams or aren’t or that a product with a bad grade, or good grade with the BBB is good or bad.

      Does that make sense?

      As far as not being a scam… well we’re not. LOL I don’t know how to make you feel better about that except that we always take care of our clients and if someone joins the program and finds it simply is not for them they get 100% of the money back.

    72. I’d like to step in and clarify what Michael is saying.

      The BBB can be useful for some things like gauging complaints, but what happened here has to do with their practice of writing to companies and suggesting they join the BBB and then telling the company that if they don’t pay the BBB that they will have to list the company as “not on file” or that “they didn’t respond”.

      Many people have been critical of the BBB for demanding fees in this way.

      In fact you are in many cases WORSE off with favorable reports about companies that ARE members of the BBB as SmartMoney alluded to in this article:

      Investigating The Better Business Bureau

      I personally have helped provide documentation to federal law enforcement on TWO cases, one of which involved a company they shut down in their operation shortchange operation and another which is one of the biggest scams going on right now.

      I RECOMMEND Niche Blitzkrieg and it’s sad to think that consumers don’t fully understand the nature and true value of the BBB.

      The BIGGEST value of the BBB is in:

      1) Researching companies that are NOT members that have NO or FEW complaints (i.e. there isn’t a potential conflict of interest that the BBB would have in evaluating a member company).

      2) Working with the FTC to provide consumer complaint information which the FTC often needs as corrobating evidence in their cases.

      The site your on – IveTriedThat – has a history of warning people about scams WELL before the BBB or the FTC get seriously involved.

      Penbrook Productions is a great example.

      IveTriedThat warned about Penbrook Productions on 3/13/2008:

      Angela Penbrook And The Rebate Processing Scam

      They also helped provide information to ABC’s 20/20 here:
      We Want to Hear Your I Was Scammed Story

      But ABC didn’t air the report until nearly a YEAR after IveTriedThat had already reported it:

      Unmasking Angel Stevens

      And the FTC didn’t shut down the operation until July 1st – close to 15 MONTHS after IveTriedThat had reported it:

      Make You Famous Consulting, Inc. dba A Penbrook Productions

      Needless to say, I’m pretty sure Steve & Joe know how to do their due diligence.

    73. You guys make my job too easy.

    74. LOL.

      Well, you provided easy access to relevant material. :-)

    75. Thanks guys for your comments regarding BBB. Your response makes a lot of sense to me.


    76. You’re welcome, Joni.

    77. Joni,

      No problem. :) I’d love to have you over in Niche Blitzkrieg and give you a tour and let you see if it’s something you’re interested in.

      Give our help desk a shout if we can do anything else for you.

    78. I tried the “Niche Blitzkrieg” system and I have a huge complaint about it. I still yet to get my sight up and running. You have to really be good at Word Press in my opinion. I think he should incorporate a easier way to build a site. Even if you pick a template, it is hard to get the site to look decent. I think he needs to point people to a site that already has template websites and it just a point and a click to customize it and word press doesn’t do that. I’m not saying his system doesn’t work but I am saying using Word Press to build the site is no easy task and definitely is terrible and intimidating for a newbie.

    79. Horatio2, wordpress is a point and click atmosphere. The only reason it would ever get technical is if you started changing CSS files or the HTML coding for certain aspects of the site. Niche blitzkrieg does not require any of that in order to be successful. I do not want to come across as rude but, using your keyboard to type your website content is really the most difficult thing about wordpress. And that ability just comes with practice. Now if it really does seem to you, to be as challeging as you have said it is I know for a fact there are over 1000 people in the NBK forum that are more than willing to support you as you are learning. Have you utilized this very powerful tool? I would recommend. I will see you there!


    80. @horatio: I know of one wordpress system that does what you’re talking about but it costs $97.00/month.

      If I find one that’s more reasonably priced I’ll let you know. I’ve actually heard that same complaint about every sitebuilder I can think of – so if someone can figure it out and actually still make a site that looks good I think they’d have a goldmine on their hands.

    81. Horatio,

      Honestly this is the first complaint we’ve ever had about it not being friendly to setup a wordpress site.

      Did you watch the step by step videos? Also we have a guide inside the course that walks you through the entire set up step-by-step with pictures and then you can watch the videos that walk you through the entire process.

      Also for future reference I like your idea on being able to point and click and select a theme. If you don’t mind stop by my support desk and tell me more about what you’d like to see and maybe we can incorporate it.

      Also if you need help all you have to do is simply ask us in the forum or send us a help desk ticket and we’ll help you get your site up and running better.

      Make sure you using the visual walk through as they will help you greatly.

    82. Horatio,

      I think WordPress Direct will do what you want, but it’s quite a bit more expensive than learning how to do it yourself through Niche Blitzkrieg

      WordPress goes for $19.00/month to $97.00/month which equates to anywhere from $228.00/year to $1,164.00/year to get the amount of blogs you’d probably want with Niche Blitzkrieg.

      I would guess that a lot of people aren’t ready to pay $1,164.00 per year.

    83. Jjgoode, I have actually been in the niche blitzkrieg system and noticed you around the forums.

      I have found wordpress is one of the easiest ways to create a website without any knowledge. If you want proof, my girlfriend, Jocelyn, just started working with Niche Blitzkrieg and has gotten her to create her first website within as little as 24 hours. She has never created a website before in her entire life and she finished creating her website within that short amount of time.

      I understand you did not think it was so easy. But she is a complete n00b. And she still go the idea down. Remember, Michael Brown has a help forum for you to ask questions. This system works.

    84. I’m in Atlantic Canada, does this system work outside the USA?
      I have just come across this and honestly have never heard of it.
      I’m very interested in building websites and the thought of making part time or full time income at it excites me.
      Any info would be appreciated.
      Thank you!

    85. Tony,

      Yes, it can be done outside the U.S. You’ll be fine with this system.

    86. In regard to the point and click system as per Horatio described, and Michael who wants ideas, I came across I find the system easy, maybe something like would help.. By the way, I am newbie.. Looking forward to join the NBK soon..

    87. Melvin,

      I am looking forward to seeing you inside the Niche Blitzkrieg course. Make sure you say hi while you’re in the forum.

      As far as weebly goes I believe they give you a site on a subdomain? I may be mistaken but most sites on subdomains outside of hubpages and blogger do not do well.

      Plus, on someone else’s network you have to strictly follow their rules or your site is toast.

      With Niche Blitzkrieg you learn to build something for yourself and you really make the rules. So whatever you decide to write about or build is what you can make money with & no man or company can take that away.

    88. Hey there everybody,

      I’ve got a couple questions regarding Niche Blitzkrieg; and I’m hoping Michael or whoever else may be able to provide some answers.

      To start, I’m already very tech-savvy, and was building websites on my own with HTML when I was a young teenager.
      Since then I’ve progressed to running my own T-Shirt Design Company ( in which all of the shirts are made by
      Would I be able to incorporate these types of things on my website?
      [I give the link so you can see for yourself, not for the means of advertising the website]
      The website attracts a decent amount of attention, and I achieve anywhere from $10-$75 a month in profit. I’ve even got a bumper sticker on my car advertising it. I’ve got a twitter page for it, a facebook page; I even make a very long Squidoo Lens about what T-Shirt Fulfillment Company is the best to go with. The Squidoo Lens didn’t gain me much traffic at all, and I only get some visits from other places.
      So as you can see, I’ve tried everything to try and increase traffic.
      I am very capable at editing the HTML and CSS of sites, as I’ve done it many times already.

      I am also not a beginner when it comes to registering domain names and hosting websites. I have used FTP transfers and everything you could imagine multiple times over.

      In addition, I sometimes make youtube videos online about certain Video Games that have yet to release. These videos have gotten moderate attention.
      Initially, I created these videos in an attempt to increase traffic to my T-Shirt Company; which is largely based around the audience that plays video games primarily. (The teen-college-younger adults age.)
      I work at a GameStop as my real-life job part-time, so I am constantly being updated in what’s new and what’s sought-after.

      However, I’ve always assumed that blog-based websites are weak in terms of attracting attention.

      My main questions are more the need of reassurance.
      How would Niche Blitzkrieg help me?
      Obviously, I have a lot of ideas I could go with, but I don’t understand WHAT Niche Blitzkrieg is going to do for me that I don’t already know.
      (This is not meant to be rude, but inquisitive)

      Do I have to use AdWords? I initially used it with a $50 credit I received when I purchased my domain, ChestArmor, and I have to say, AdWords did not help me one bit. And that $50 credit flew by very quickly.

      Is the “website” we create actually a website, or is it simply WordPress hosted on our own domain?

      What kind of advertisements am I going to learn about?
      I’ve tried many things, such as the Google advertisements, but nobody ever clicks on them.
      Is it similar to what somebody mentioned earlier in this post, that you can post links to products on Amazon and hope to earn commissions?
      ( Like ITriedThat does. =] )
      If so, how would we go about setting up the account to get commissions? Does THAT cost money?

      What is the effectiveness of advertising these products, because as I said before, my Squidoo Lens did the exact same thing and never got one bite. I made…maybe about $0.50 since the 9 months that I’ve had it up.

      I’ve tried a million and one ideas to make money online, and some of them have worked, some of them haven’t.
      I’m more than willing to try something new like this, but I really want to know the specific details (not the methods themselves, because obviously that costs money) of how the process is meant to work before I sign up and potentially waste money.

      Given all of what I already know, all of my experiences, my current projects, and knowledgebase, and will I be gaining for Niche Blitzkrieg? Are there examples as to what your product (the website, I mean) is supposed to look? (I’m not talking different templates, but a general format. IE: Is it a blog? Is it a fully-interactive website like my T-Shirt Site?)

      Also, what exactly do you have to do. Let’s say for the sake of an example that I want to pursue this Video Game passion further and make a video game blog to support my videos on youtube, making reviews and such. Then passing on links to cheap discounts on amazon for certain video games and related products.
      Is that the general idea that I’m supposed to be aiming for?

      A big thanks to whoever can answer all of this for me!

    89. Richard Adams says:

      Here’s a plug for NB from an aged newbie in England, and I mean newbie! I bought the progarmme because it came highly recommended awhile back yet lazy bastard that I am I’ve done nothing with it – at all. Does not mean I am a tyre kicker though because I shall be starting on it soon. Seriously I have had some big issues to deal with that have distracted me. However unlike all the other garbage being punted around these days, NB keeps in touch with me re updates etc so there is no doubt in my mind that it is a good programme. I’d better pull my finger out and get started!

    90. Julian,

      I saw this pop up and figured I’d came answer it. First off, you have a lot more knowledge than a typical student who comes into Niche Blitzkrieg. Which is helpful as you have prior experience.

      I’ll give you a run down of what we do in Niche Blitzkrieg and you see if it’s helpful for you.

      In Niche Blitzkrieg you learn how to build profitable (WELL OPTIMIZED) websites, get them ranked in the top of the search engines and make money through affiliate marketing or placing ads on your site.

      We use blogs as the foundation for the site since blogs get a nice benefit in the search engines.

      We have quite a few techniques that teach people to get their sites found easily in the search engines.

      Now to answer your question about can you incorporate you current site from a new site. Yes. You could actually make a site the way we show that would promote your current t-shirt site. BTW, I like the layout of the t-shirt site and with a little more work I think you could make a lot more money with that.

      The other aspect of Niche Blitzkrieg that even I often over look is the community that comes with it. We have an amazing group of people inside the forums, including my staff. They all not only help each other but spark new ideas.

      I think when learning the community aspect is HUGE and often one of the most overlooked things.

      As for the advertising of your site. I teach seo optimization for the sites and ranking in the search engines. I also teach various other elements like press release and article marketing for additional traffic and link building to your sites.

      In general I’ve had many vets in the on line world come in and were actually surprised with what they learned while going through the course.

      The other thing is if you do come on board with us and find that you simply know everything in there – and it’s not helpful. We do offer the no questions asked refund and even start you off on a 7 day trial for $4.95 before you get billed the complete cost of the course.

      So this is a good way to judge if it will help you more than you already know.

      Anyway, I hope this helps you out and if you need anything else just ask.

    91. Thanks a million for the quick and helpful response Michael!
      I wasn’t even expecting to hear back from anybody today, let alone yourself.

      That helped me clarify a lot of things, however I do have a few more questions:

      1) Is part of this program going to require me to sign up for any other specific programs that cost even more money?
      (Excluding domain names and hosting)
      2) Exactly how do these affiliate marketing and advertising methods work?
      I just signed up for the affiliate system and I don’t really see myself making much at a 4% rate. (Yes it increases…but still)
      Are there other methods that I’ll learn which will make me a higher percentage base?
      3) This is more of a pressing concern than a question: I don’t really feel like too many people will “bite”, so to speak. I mean, I get a lot of visitors to my T-Shirt website, yet, only every so often do I make a sale. I get 10-20% of the price depending on what it is, so I make much more a lot faster. Are the methods similar in this fashion, and how reliable is it?
      4) Do you believe my idea in my previous post holds any worth? About the game blog essentially, where I can carry on with my reviews and shove out deals.
      5) I feel like there are so many people utilizing blogs nowadays, isn’t the competition fierce at this point?

    92. I thought of another question in addition to the ones above:

      I’ve always been hesitant to try affiliate marketing, mainly due to my belief that most people are not impulse buyers. The only way anybody makes any commission is by having somebody purchase something directly through their link; how often do people actually pursue a purchase after seeing it vaguely listed on a website they barely know?
      They can most times get the same product on a more trusted retail website or a store down the street.
      I can imagine a lot of sales being lost also due to the fact that somebody may think about the product before buying it, then come back later to the link of the actual product, therefore not using the referral link.

      Do that many people really buy at impulse?

    93. I am currently under the 7 day trial on NBK and I am liking it. The forum is great and the lessons are really good!

    94. Mr. Brown is constantly praising the virtues of his student forum for the Niche Blitzkrieg system. So far I like the course, but what is obvious is that he does not monitor the forum with any regularity. I posted (2) questions on February 26th and they have yet to be responded to. Also, I am not alone. Two other students posted questions and have not been answered.

      The jury is still out with regard to his forums. Just pointing out the truth.



    95. Bekitts,

      Which forum post are you referring to? I am going to the forum right now and it looks like everything has been answered.

      Also if for some reason you ask a question in the forum and you do not get an answer simply contact our help desk and we’ll get someone to answer you.

      At this time I do not see any posts that have gone unanswered. So if you need additional help contact our support desk and someone will answer your question if you question is somehow missed.

      The help desk as posted for niche Blitzkrieg is



    96. See he’s right there to answer questions.
      I Really can’t say enough about how impressed I am with the quality and service of the NBK Program I purchased just over a week ago.
      This is the real deal, what he says is what he does!
      I have put in 2 questions to and had answers within the hour.
      There is some work involved, but you do tell people that don’t you.
      Well worth my investment even if all I do is learn from it and not put it to work for me!
      Thank you Michael for reaffirming I made the right choice!

    97. I personally am answering questions and helping those within the forum and I can honestly say that this forum is moderated by some of the best in the biz answers to questions and personal help with any question that may arise is abundantly given.


    98. Well, it might be my fault. In the lesson program ther are two forums in the (My forums) section. In those two forums I see that students have been asking questions and that they only get answered part of the time. It occured to me today that those two forums are not the MAIN forum you use.
      So ,I signed up today for the main forum. Please accept my apology. Although I think my original concern was valid, are you monitoring those two smaller forums?

    99. Just in case you guys were unaware, I’ve Tried That is running a special promotion and our readers can now save $20 when they sign up for Niche Blitzkrieg. If you’re interested in taking advantage of this special pricing, you can read more at


    100. Bekitts,

      Ahh. I see where you posted now. It should be taken care of. This question just got overlooked. My apologies and it won’t happen again. The staff just missed that particular section. Sorry for the confusion.

    101. No problem, again please accept my apology. I am going to start using the main forum for my questions. I am new to this…..I feel like I am in college again.



    102. So far I’m pretty happy with the course. The one thing I have noticed in the forums is that, for the most part, it seems like the students help each other. I think it would be better in some instances to have Mike or John answer more questions directly. I’ve seen posts in which students are trying to work through an issue together but Mike or John probably could have answered the question much more quickly.

      Also, there are some holes in the course still, particularly as it relates to the actual mechanical process of inserting affiliate links and creating widget sidebars.

      Other than that, so far so good.



    103. Hi Bekitts!

      How are you doing so far on the program? I am new in the NBK as well, and I am still going over the things I don’t understand much. I haven’t earned anything yet, and my website is not done yet, I am having trouble with the posting part. I am thinking I chose a keyword that I can’t sustain or build. But anyway, I like the program, I like the community, they are really helping newbies like me, if I continue to commit myself to this project, I know I will go somewhere.

      I would want to agree on you on the last part though: “Also, there are some holes in the course still, particularly as it relates to the actual mechanical process of inserting affiliate links and creating widget sidebars.” It’s interesting that I would prefer the step by step reading than videos. Hope sir Michael can detail on those a little bit more (sorry, we are really newbies).

      So if you have more talents than I do, you should go ahead and join NBK, people there are really great, and the lessons too!


    104. I have been reading everything that I could possibly get to determine whether or not to purchase NB or WA. My question is, what other tools/utilities are needed or a should have with NB? So far, the system is around 60-70 ish dollars depending on which site you find it on. Then the Niche Research Commando is another 30-50 ish dollars. I have also read that along the way there are other tools that can be purchased to make the task easier. I am trying to compare the cost benefit of purchasing NB over WA. With WA, from what I have read, all you will need are domains. Can anyone that is still with NB or WA shed any light on this matter???? Also, can a complete noob make money with just the training NB offers with the research commando and none of the other tools?

      Thank you,


    105. Bruce,

      Glad you’re having a good time in the course. As far as John and I answering questions… we still do. I have been deeply focused on the nbk-u area inside the course right now among other things.

      Keep in mind it’s not always students answering the questions we have Jason and Justin in there who are excellent moderators answering and helping people. Those guys are top notch just like John and I.

      John has been working deeply with all of our new members coming in and really manning the support desk.. we’ve been busy so Jason and Justin have been doing a great job in taking care of the forum alot more recently so we can focus on making the course even better.

      Hope this helps.

    106. Melvin,

      Have you asked for help on that in the forum? Or contacted our support desk? We’re happy to help you through any issues you have – that’s what the help desk and forum is there for.

    107. Bill,

      A special price for I’ve Tried That member is $57 for the course. As far as buying other tools, well you don’t need them. They do help and are optional.

      But, since the course is laid out in a way where you learn how to do everything without tools – they aren’t needed. We don’t want people to buy anything they don’t want.

      Also to join Niche Blitzkrieg it’s only a one time fee and you still get all the top notch support.

      Other courses and similar style courses are $37-$97 per month for their training.

      Also to answer your last question… YES – you can make money with Niche Blitzkrieg by just getting into the regular course without buying any extra tools.

      Hope this helps!

    108. Mr. Brown,

      Thank you for your quick response!


    109. To all,

      You don;t have to worry about Niche Blitzkrieg being a scam. I can tell you that Michael Brown has put together a quality product. I’m currently a student and I am working my way through. I already have one site up and running.

      That said, there is something else you need to be concerned about. As you make your way through the system and get more serious about making money you are going to come across the guys that want to charge you monthly recurring fees for their support software. These software programs are sold by guys that are not part of the Niche Blitzkrieg program. They are third parties that offer their support software for things like building back links and submitting to social networks.

      The additional software they are selling are good tools and can help you, but charging someone $564.00 a year for ONE program is absurd.

      It is not necessary that you buy these extra programs and Michael Brown does not do any hard selling. But beware, it all starts to add up.

      Buy the Niche Blitzkrieg program and get a running start. Once you start to become successful you might want to take a look at some of these other tools one at a time.

      See you in the forum.


    110. I’ve heard about this and read alot about NB too. The only thing I am concerned about is every comment on this site seems fake because everyone knows all about it and half the people haven’t even tried it. So if you prove me wrong I will be more than willing to try this product out just due to the reviews and stuff I’ve read. So please prove me wrong and tell me this is no scam.

    111. Kory-

      This post was written over a year ago and there have been 100+ comments since it was written. I’m not sure what other proof you need. I can’t breach privacy by giving out all of their email addresses.


    112. Niche Blitz and AMR? I’m ready to start but i want to choose the best program to start. Any pro and con of the two?

    113. Antonio,

      Niche Blitzkrieg. AMR is no longer opened to the public so go with Niche Blitzkrieg as it’s combined the best of both worlds and we have thousands of members in there.

      Pro: Make money, low budget, easy to understand, text and video training, help and community support forum…

      Cons: You won’t get rich in 2 weeks or like some of those hypey sales letters suggest. It takes some work but will pay off.

    114. What all would I need to make NB work expenses wise like buying domain name and web hosting? Are these one time only expenses or are there more?

      I’ve seen NB and WA compared on here, so which way should I go?

    115. I am just 3 days into the NB program and I find it very fascinating. I do have a question for all those who have been in the program now for 12-18 months. 1) Are you still happy with the program, and 2) Are you making sufficient money to continue the program? Thanks for your honesty.

    116. Hello to all?…
      I have read a good amount of posts, questions & awnsers in this forum.
      there has been very little negativity & a positive majority but as yet I have been unable to read any comments with relation to success??
      Perhaps a couple of successful members could leave a brief comment, to inspire and tempt the unpersuaded among us??

    117. Steve, I was wondering if ivetriedthat will post an update on using NB. Did you end up making any money by setting up your sites?

      Also, Michael stresses the importance of showing real life examples. Are there any sites that we can look at? For instance, the coffee/toy one?

      It would just help me bolster my confidence in the system.


    118. I was thinking of getting this course, is all the software Mac compatible?

    119. After searching forever for a “work from home” idea that will enable me to earn some cash I have not read anything negative about this course. However, my issue is even folks who have tried the program have not said if they are making money, losing money etc. We need some input here from someone who has started NB and who has actually made money with it. As a disabled vet, my income is very limited so shelling out even $200 for websites with little to no return is not an option. I am willing to devote as much time as necessary but where are the “success stories” or real folk who have started and made money with NB? Where are their posts?

    120. Hey Jon. I just saw your message and wanted to tell you that I joined the Niche Blitzkrieg program back at the beginning of this year and ever since I have actually been taking action and follow the guidelines, I have built myself my own empire of websites that are bringing me in over $2,000 – $5,000 a month. I have quit my job working for UPS and am really working from home living the dream.

      This program isn’t fake, it’s real. You just have to follow what it says and you’ll be successful, especially if you test things on your own and have fun with it. To be honest, I am having more fun than I have ever had in my life now that I am working online. Heck, I just bought a new laptop, new iTouch, and I’m getting ready to buy a car thanks to this program. I really think you’ll enjoy it. Once you get in, go ahead and look for the username MyRawLaughter and thats me :)

    121. I decided to come back to this site and leave my review. I joined Niche Blitz over a year ago now and I actually found the write up on this site. So I wanted to come back and first give Kudos to Steve for reviewing this program and 2nd to Michael.

      Michael Brown is light years above the rest when it comes to his customer care and service. When I first joined this program I was a complete newcommer. I had never even thought of using the Internet to make money. Michael and staff I believe.. John is one of them have been amazing. Every problem I have had they have helped with fast and John even helped me install my headers at no cost to make my website stand out…

      I honestly believe Michael doesn’t charge enough for his program. Recently, I’ve watched other programs kick their prices up and the funny thing is Michael hasn’t done that. That shows me this is a real man who cares about our success rather than lining his own pockets. He is someone who truly deserves to be rich and is one of the few people I’d ever trust online.

      The reason I am writing this review is to not only answer some of the questions I see come onto this site. But, I believe in Karma. I believe in giving credit where credit is due and giving back to those who have helped me. I make money from all of my sites Michael taught me how to build and I really respect anyone who shows me an honest way to make money and does it without robbing me blind.

      Steve and Michael thank you! This site and Niche Blitz are the real deal. Thanks!

    122. I am wondering how soon you all that have tried NB have seen a profit. My hubby and I are on a very, very tight budget and don’t have any extra money to invest in something that takes awhile to pay off. I am a newbie at this so all of this is very foreign to me.

    123. Would like to second Bethany’s comment about being on a budget and I’m interested. I understand that for anything to work you need to put the EFFORT in. keen & skeptical also…

    124. I have read and looked up to see what this is about. I am an Desktop Support Tech and am out of work right now still looking for work. I do want to make some money to help out my family members I know nothing about website but am willing to learn. I hate being on unemployment. Would this be something I would like? I am a hard worker and like getting my hands dirty. I am 55 yrs old. And to tell you the truth I’m scared!. I read the one about Paul Johnson and saw that it is a scam. Does this really work.
      Thank You

      Peter H. Regan

    125. Bethany and Charlotte,

      Just stopped by the site and saw the questions you both had as far as how much you’ll need to spend once you join.

      You’ll need 2 things a domain (about $10/Year) and webhosting ($10/Month for unlimited websites).

      A domain is like — that’s called a domain. I show you how to get one and get one cheap as well as how to choose a domain.

      Webhosting is a place where you host your domain so you can make you website that you’ll create visible to the world. I show you how to do this too step-by-step. It’s very easy and really only takes a few minutes to setup.

      So in your first month you’ll need about $20. Plus, you’ll need about $10/month for the webhosting.

      If you follow the program and put forth some effort you’ll see that money back fast. If you apply yourself, ask questions in the forum if you get stuck and go after this – it’s not that hard.

      The people who succeed are the ones that go after it and apply themselves.

      The ones that fail are the ones who come in and expect me to build their business for them.

      The right mindset will set you apart right out of the gates. :)

    126. I just purchested the NB trial for 4.95 and i am un able to log on I never got a username or password. also after i purchesed the NB the click bank invoice said that i was being billed 57.00 one time and then 57.00 montly after that i am just confused and frusturated afte how save you have made tis program feel and i only feel ripped off P.S. also to phone number at the bottom of the NB page does not work whats going on ???

    127. Zack-

      Open a support ticket at and they’ll get everything sorted out.

    128. Zack,

      Thanks for your concerns.

      The phone # at the bottom of the page is working just fine. I just tested it and was able to get through to my support desk just fine.

      Also the payment is $4.95/7 days and then you get billed 1 time for $57.00.

      For some reason Clickbank’s wording seems odd. But, you only get billed 1 time after the 7 day trial is up.

      Also as Steve mentioned above make sure to contact us at and we’ll get your access fixed asap.


      Michael Brown

    129. Aleksandra Nath says:

      If I buy your product today, when I am going to get it and when my 7 days trail will start to tick?

    130. I have read many postings today on this website and I like what I have read,most of my questions have been answered today thank you.

      I have tried other internet businesses and have been scammed for more money than I want to disclose. I am considering giving Niche Blitzkrieg a try since it seems to work for anybody that can read and use a computer.I am not very computer savvy and hope I could do this. I still have a few questions.I saw a posting from Gretchen on ( 7-24-10 ) and her question was never answered.

      1) I have an apple computer. Is this system compatible with Macintosh format?

      2)Do I need to install or buy any other programs on my mac to make the Niche Blitzkrieg system work and generate a part-time income?

      3) What can you expect to achieve in setting up a website and generating an income in the 7 day trial by working 1-2 hours a day into the program? Is it realistic or do I need to spend more time ?

      4) If after I sign up will I need to purchase any more additional products from Michael to be successful in Niche Blitzkrieg?

    131. If anyone can help answer my questions it would be greatly appreciated as I
      can’t afford to lose anymore for online business.

      Thank you !!

    132. Danigirl,

      I’ll answer the questions for you.

      #1. Works fine with Mac. We have several Mac users.
      #2. No. You’ll be fine.
      #3. 7 Days will give you ample time to see what you think of the system. You most likely won’t start earning an income in 7 days. Some have, most won’t that soon. The 7 day trial let’s you determine if this type of system is right for you. I.E. is it enjoyable for you.
      #4. You won’t need anything extra outside of a domain name ($10/Year) and Hosting ($10/Month unlimited websites). – I show you how to get these and it takes just a few minutes.

      I do mention some optional things in the program that will help you reduce time and manual work…. However, you donot need anything outside of what I mentioned above. Some people just like to save time and have some extra $$ so they like the tools but if you don’t have it or want to spend it, you don’t need it.


    133. Michael, Hi, I too, have been scammed by other unscrupulous affiliate marketing “gurus”. I am impressed almost to being in a stage of shock, that you not only make your business address accessible, but that you also appear on these forums to answer concerns and questions! Amazing, it is, actually.
      Am I correct in assuming that much of the challenge here, is in identifying and anticipating the hot niche trends??
      If so, does your course cover the actual problem associated with these challenges? Does it at the least, give one tips on anticipating and therefore using the hot trends?
      If so, then I will send for your program without the trial period, as I feel that this is an unnecessary step, that would add complexity to the purchase. Please at your convenience, answer my questions. Thanks ahead of time, Rick

    134. Oh by the way, the other optional programs seem to me worthwhile, as we all know, TIME IS MONEY. I wait for your reply!

    135. on Michael Brown – very commendable for him to jump in and answer so many of the questions.

      So many of the promoters grab your money and then their surf boards or golf clubs – and leave you hanging!

      Most of their support systems are a joke – and you’re lucky to even get a reply!

      I don’t have the NB course yet, but I have to say – I’m impressed!

    136. I am very impressed with what I see about this business and am sincerely considering joining up. But I also have a question:

      I will be 80 in Feb, am I too old for it? I am in very good health, no problems and am on no drugs, legal or illegal. (Frankly I thing the legal is bigger than the illegal) My only problem is my hearing. I don’t get some consonants and that makes it very hard to understand speech even if it’s loud enough. So videos ar not easy for me. Can I get the same in reading materials? It is easier to read than to hear.

      Also, I was looking at Blitz Blueprint, is that the same kind of thing? However, it’s more money than I can afford at this time. Just curious.

      Thanks for all your help.


    137. Ricke,

      Thanks for the compliment and the questions.

      You won’t have to identify hot trends. You can make money in virtually any niche market. I show you how to fully investigate a niche and find out if it’s worthwhile to go after. Then you’ll learn to check your strength of competition so you can see how easy it is to get involved in that market.

      Go ahead and go through the trial as that’s the only way to go through the ordering system. We originally had the price up a bit more and reduced the over all price and added the trial so it comes out the same. So you’re not paying any extra by taking the trial. After the 7 day trial the rebill is automatic so there is not extra work on your part. :)

      I look forward to seeing you on the inside with us.

    138. Con M,

      Thank you for the compliments! :) Support is something we pride our system on and it’s the main reason why people have continued success while learning.

    139. Jim,

      Glad to hear you’re in good health! The course is laid out step by step and the videos are more of a compliment to the reading than the other way around. So you can go through the course by just reading the text and skipping the videos.

      We have some non native English speakers in the course who have trouble understanding spoken English, but can read it perfectly fine. So we do have quite a few people who do not use the videos. Not sure about the other product you’re talking about. I know ours works and would be careful getting into anything else. I am, of course, biased – but for good reason.

    140. I am a new one, since yesterday. I find the study very interesting and I plan to give it my best shot. ‘

      The RSS feed aggregates is new terminology for me. Can someone explain that for me? Is that what connects one up with the sellers?

    141. Another question: Does the program work on Firefox? My son is my comp tech and he put me on Linex. That wouldn’t work for some things so he partitioned it and gave me Windows Vista. But he favors Firefox as browser. For some reason I’m having trouble taking a web address from Google to Yahoo to link it. When I put the link in it doesn’t find it. Any input on this?

      thanks, Jim

    142. You can disregard the second question, got it fixed.

    143. I just got niche blitzkreig and filled out the info to login, but when I tried I cannot login. I called and contacted support and nothing yet. I hope to God that this program is for real and not a scam. i looked up to make sure that it is not a scam,but now I am not so sure. I there anyone out there who can help me. I really want to learn about this program and start but it’s hard when you cannot login.

      Peter Regan

    144. Peter,

      If you called us in the middle of the night, no we wouldn’t answer the phone. I don’t have staff on duty 24/7. However, they are in from around 10 am EDT – 4 PM EDT. If you call between those times you will get an answer and if they are busy you’ll get a message system.

      Try calling back after those hours. Leave a message if there is no answer and someone will return your call on the same day (unless it’s after 4 pm).

      Also at – my support desk. Just send in a ticket and when they get in they will get you taken care of.

      Make sure to include the email address you signed up with and order number if possible. As this will help us find your order so we can fix your login issue.

      Send that in ASAP and they will get your issue resolved.



    145. Michael,
      I will do that.
      Thank You I am really gun ho to try out this product.

      Peter Regan

    146. Hello, I have been looking for something like this for a while.. And to be honest.. I think that I’m more impressed to see that Michael Brown still is posting here on a regular bases.. And the others here as well since 2009.. To me, that is a little of reading between the lines in a since.. A feeling that this is something that is real.. Meaning potential of actual working.. I will be the first to say that I have not done anything yet other than read reviews.. And about like one fella had posted earlier about the reviews seeming somewhat like an advertisement where I was looking for an unbiased review with a professional who post mostly blow outs of bad results of most findings, and for this to be a breathe of fresh air for them, the reviewer.. Yeah, that was a big sentence.. : 0) The point is I’m assuming, Nothing is being promised.. But the people that do the work, are they USUALLY rewarded? And if money does start to flow in.. Do they have to have a tax number set up? Just a thought that I was wondering about that I hadn’t yet seen asked.. I have a restaurant that I manage, and in the near future will become the owner of.. For the good and the bad I guess.. : 0) But I also have a little boy that is three that spends most of the time with me.. I have cut my hours back a little to spend more time with him and to be there with him growing up.. I haven’t taken one second for granted.. But I believe that if one dollar could be made then it is all true.. Just a matter of work to be involved and to understand the realistic viewpoint of effort to be involved for the amount of results that are hoped to be reached.. Is this MOSTLY for the commission of the product being sold that most people are making money? Or the sending of traffic from ones site to theirs? Ok, I’ve typed enough.. Again, impressed to see this to be a live messaging board with you fellas still commenting and coming around.. I’ll keep researching on this hopefully until I see enough to push me over the edge.. Just wish to hear some results from a few senior people in here.. Not asking for big dollar results nec. as much as hearing a truthful amounts and expectations..Those figures would be moreso, in my opinion, for hope in this to work..That’s really what people are looking for when they stumble across to this site insearch for a review…( Example..” I have 36 sites set up with for the most part 12 of them showing a steady stream of income.. These are the results for those 12 the last 12 months..$32 a month from site one average with peaks of $46, bla blab bla and so on..) : 0) Thanks, And sorry for messaging so long…

    147. Hey Shawn, I myself, have been researching many of these so-called Gurus, and affiliate marketing websites. It seems as though this program is not a scam. I’ve wasted my $$ on several others, and I think this one is the real deal. I HAVE noticed that it seems as though a person has to put in a lot of work, time, and effort in order to make any substantial amount of $$.

      I’m going to California for 2 weeks, and when I return home, I’m most definitely sending for the program! I’m going to give it my all and see what happens. I have a feeling that it may take awhile to show a good income stream, but who knows?

    148. Hello, I want to get into the program but I am confused about the cost, is this a one time fee of $57 ? …. or is it $57 “monthly”. Is there a monthly payment? if yes, what is the monthy cost?

      Thanks and hoping for any reply.

    149. Mike,
      Can I have an paypal account instead of an bank account in able to have money deposited. Can someone let me know.
      Thank You


    150. Ricke,

      I was just reading your comment and first of all, thank you for posting! Secondly, you mention as though it seems you’ll need to put in time and effort to make great money.

      This is true – as with anything. The problem is many so called “gurus” claim it takes no work or effort.

      In order to make anything it takes effort. Even with the blueprint I have laid out requires the buyer to have the desire to make money and to also take action/ stay with it. Those things are requirements even in the online world.

      Don’t let anyone fool you out there – it will take work but it’s fun work. You can build a simple website about a hobby of yours and make if fun and make money doing so.

      Thanks again for posting, I just wanted to touch on that part to help dispel any of those myths out there.

    151. Riz,

      It’s a 1-time fee.

    152. Peter,

      Many of the affiliate networks will pay you via paypal or even check if you’d like. A lot of people like the direct deposit option. But, most programs allow all of the above.

    153. Peter H. Regan says:

      Well I did it got my first domain and host for it. Very exciting very scary! Now I wait till tomorrow and continue. Wow WHAT a PRODUCT!!!

      MB I have to hand it to you your great!

      Your schould go down in the history books as one of the greats!

      THANK YOU!


    154. Micheal,
      Can you tell me if Link Cloaker and Article Beast is compatible with Windows XP Professional? I know the disclaimer says it’ll work with Windows XP, but just wanted to check in regards to XP Professional also. One more question… Since I know nothing about the two programs or how they can help, will they be available for the same price after I purchase NBK for $57?

      Thanks in advance!


    155. Levi,

      Yes, the work with XP Professional. You can buy them at a later time but they are $10 more to do that. That’s why we set up the special deal where you buy the advanced version in the beginning with the extra tools and they are still refundable if you find that this program isn’t for you.

      We made it easy to do that since, as you mentioned, you have no clue what all is in the program at first. But, they are very helpful to own.

      Let me know if you need anything else.

    156. Peter,

      Thanks for that! Glad you like the program and thank you for being part of it with us. :)

    157. What if I find out the NBK program is for me but the two supplemental programs are not?

      I am trying to spend my money wisely and am obviously interested in time saving programs. However, if I purchase your program with both Link Cloaker and Article Beast up front and decide this is what I want to do and don’t plan to get a refund, but kind of wish I spent the extra money on Research Commando rather than Cloaker and Beast because it’s more valuable to me. I’m assuming there’s nothing I can do at that point since the programs have been purchased previously at the discount rate, yes?

      Another question to you and anyone else in the program…

      What do YOU think is the most valuable supplemental program offered with NBK? Is it Research Commando? Link Cloaker? Article Beast? Others?

    158. This sound like a great program based on all of the reviews on all of the sites I have researched. I am certain that I would enjoy this product and have already made attempts to purchase. The show stopper is how do I only get charged for the $57 without doing the $4.95 one week trial? It seems that my only option is signing up for the one week trial for $4.95 and a week later I get a one time charge of $57 totalling $61.95. I know it’s not much to gripe about, but I thought I would ask. Am I stuck paying $61.95?

    159. Bearded,

      The originally price was $197 and we also have it at $77. So the price you get it at here is a big discount. The trial is just an added bonus so you don’t have to pony up $61.95 right away. You can test it at $4.95 and then only have to pay the additional $57 if you like it and want to stay with us.

    160. Tom Meachum says:

      All can say to this is, WOW! I am impressed! I have just read every post on this page dating back to 2-27-09. What impresses me is that not only the staff off Michael Brown, but he himself is also answering the questions concerns of the people here.I’m looking forward to getting started. I’m currently working overseas and am going to use this time to really hunker down and give it everything I’ve got. I’v got about 6 more months here until I go back home to the states and my goal is to be making money by that time.

      I want to thank you in advance, Michael.

      P.S. Michael, Do you ever do any outside speaking engagements? or Have you ever considered doing one?

      Thanks Again,

    161. Hi,
      Got the website started but I have a few questions I need to ask about what I want to do. I have gone over again lesson2 but I am having some problems. Is there anyone I can get to let me explain what I need and see what I am doing wrong.


    162. Tom,

      Thanks for the compliment! I’m glad you’re in the course with us.

      I have spoken at local (non-marketing) events only. To be honest I like to dedicate myself to helping my students rather than speaking at events. In the future I may do some of my own privately hosted and funded speaking events but outside of that it’s doubtful :)

      I appreciate you being in the course with us and thanks again!


    163. Peter,

      Absolutely, just log into your account and sign into the forum and we have thousands of people inside answering questions and talking daily.

      Use the community forum at the Niche Blitzkrieg site anytime you have questions — answers will not usually take more than 24 hours and often it’s faster than that.


      Michael Brown

    164. Hi, I have been reading all the posts with interest. I must say I don’t have the feeling that NB is a scam, and the comments do not seem false to me, as somebody suggested. However, I do find it a bit odd that nobody seems to respond when somebody asks about the rate of success with the program – any questions about earning money seem to be ignored (except once, when the person from UPS said they were earning enough to give up their job). I am not looking for a get-rich-quick scheme, and I am prepared to work hard. But I would like to know what the possiblities are for me to earn a decent living, and in what sort of time-frame? I am very computer savvy and already know a little about internet marketing. I only have about 15-20 hours a week to devote to the programme as I already work full-time. Keep up the good work I think Michael Brown is impressive! Goodbye from Ireland

    165. Miriam makes a good point! It would not only be very relevant, but extremely helpful and inspiring to hear from the folks that are successful at this venture. Can more folks please tell the good and the bad about their success? It would be greatly appreciated, Thanks!

    166. Hi, I have just been reading all the reviews and am liking what Ive been reading.
      Hoping to join in near future.
      Just have one question: Is paypal an option to pay with. Thanks

    167. Miriam and Ricke,

      Most people won’t come back and post when they’ve had success. Even in our forum area for Niche Blitzkrieg we have a success thread and many people have posted. The funny thing you’ll find is many people who are doing extremely well with the program do not come back and give praise.

      I’ve been in customer service for years before Online and it works that way offline/online.

      People are more likely to complain than give praise even if they are having a great deal of success.

      I actually met with 3 people over the weekend 1 has been a student for about a year and is doing extremely well with the program. It had been the first time I’d met him. I asked him why he hasn’t given me positive feedback and he said – he just hadn’t thought about it …lol

      However, if someone were to be upset they’d be the first ones posting something negative. While I can’t imagine that we’ll never see someone give a bad review (anything can happen to cause someone to feel negative – including misunderstandings) it should speak volumes that the overwhelming majority is content and we have an over 90% retention rate for those who stay in the program….

      I hope this makes sense.

    168. Sarah,

      Yes you can pay with paypal. It’s one of the option on the checkout screen.

    169. Thanks (the other) Steve.
      I’m researching some options to registering domain name(s) and hosting services.
      Bandwidth and storage!!

      thanks for this link.

    170. Hi, I’m actually still going through the trial phase of NB right now. One of my concerns is, I’m aware that this is not an overnight success scheme but I don’t have enough money to purchase multiple domains and hosting that charge at a monthly rate.

      I first put in a support ticket because I was confused about the different domain sites they had (the video shows one and the book shows another). I gotta response but they made me feel real bad as if I was stupid when I was just trying to make sure I was doing it right and also getting the best deal. So I don’t really feel comfortable putting in support tickets anymore.

      Plus I’m new to all of this and it took me about 2 to 3 hours setting up my own blog (plus I ended up with a terrible headache lol). I think what messed me up is when I read the first time blog book, I followed those instructions but then afterwards I read the remaining instructions of the lesson and it threw me off because there were key points that were different. I got threw off the most with the plugins section. Also I never used google Adsense so I had trouble putting that on my blog too.

      I’m going to continue to stick with it but after setting up just that one yesterday, I had to take a break due to severe system overload! Deep down I know this program has potential and I feel that if I work hard enough I can be successful with it. It’ll probably be a while before I can make a success story, but that’s something I intend to do just to give those that are in my position and feel like earning online is hopeless a light at the end of the tunnel.

    171. Tiffany,

      A couple things. You only need one hosting account and that will cost you $9.95/month. You can put unlimited domains (websites) on that account.

      Keep in mind that you’ll get faster and much better at doing this stuff soon. As with anything (even with instructions) it takes practice to do better. I won’t even tell you all the mistakes I made when I first started and I had no one to walk me through the process…lol

      One thing that is extremely helpful is to use the community forum. We have a ton of questions each week and everything gets answered rather quickly.

      Also, can you send me a copy of the support ticket that made you feel stupid? I do not believe anyone on my staff would purposely try to make you feel that way. But, if they did, I will discuss this with them to prevent that type of emotion in the future. Even is treated with the highest respect at Niche Blitzkrieg.

    172. To Michael Brown – thank you for that response. Yes, I can believe that in the main people are more likely to complain than to praise! That makes a lot of sense – you only have to look at the way people complain to everybody they meet when they have a bad meal in a restaurant, or purchase something in a particular store that they don’t like. So it must be the same with NB. However, its a pity as it might give encouragement to people. But apart from all that, I feel instinctively that NB is a good program and that you are a sincere person who is not in the scamming game….you clearly read all the posts and take the time and trouble to respond to queries – if that is a reflection of NB then it must be good! Take care.

    173. Miriam,

      I hope you weren’t directing that towards me!! I honestly like the program. If anything I’m frustrated with is how long it took me to get through some of the lessons. Like Mike said, practice makes perfect and one day I’ll be making niches within a blink of an eye!

      I think it’s a very good program and I actually saw a review of it a year ago or so. I wanted to get in then but my finances didn’t allow it.

      I know that I need to get back into the groove of things so I can be successful because I know I can do this. Anything I really put my time, heart, an effort into I can succeed.

    174. Hi Tiffany,

      I certainly didn’t mean you Tiffany, and please accept my apologies if it seemed like that! I didn’t think you were a “complainer” at all – you were just saying that you found certain things difficult, and I could really sympathise with you…..I thought 2-3 hours to set up your first blog sounded not bad, by the way! I haven’t even started the course yet, and I have been really scared to try it. But this website has done a lot to convince me that it will be possible to learn a living online if I put in some effort. I hope you will too.

    175. Hi, Just a little curious about the NB program. I am recently retired from the U.S. Armed Forces and to be frank, I personally do not want to jump right back into the main stream of a busy demanding life right now. I have been looking at numerous on-line sites that make outrageous claims. In fact some of the claims are so rediculous that it makes me skeptical of many opportunities. So far the NB program seems attractive to me. I do not plan to get rich, but extra income is always welcome. I am very new to this and looking for feedback on the viability of making this work with novice (at best) PC/internet skills. Thanks in advance for your comments or advice.

    176. Hello, I have also read all the comments about your program Mr. Brown and most seem to be positive. I am in a predicament and need to find a way to make a reliable income from home. My fiance has cystic fibrosis and is on a list to receive a lung transplant in the near future. It has been hard to keep a steady job, because her health has went downhill over the past couple of months. I have had to miss a lot of work to take her to the hospital and now she just needs me home everyday. I am very interested in the NB and will have time on my hands while staying home with her. Is it possible to earn any income in the first couple of months if i put in the time? I am sure the whole set up process will take some time, but when should one start to see the financial gain of the program? Like I said, I will put in the time, because working from home is my only chance at making any income right now. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing back from you!


    177. Miriam,

      Thanks for the response. Yes I’m going to do the best I can with this program. Are you going to the webinar later on this week? I have to get myself motivated again to start working on some niche websites. I’ve been occupying myself with taking surveys and so forth. I really hope that you are successful with this program too.

      To Scott,

      I was in the Armed Forces too. I felt the same exact way that you did as soon as I got out. First off you have a good starting point by finding this website. It’s actually something that I found when I first started looking for work online. The NB at the time was more expensive than it is now and I couldn’t afford to join then. Yes it is true that there are more programs out there that are scams than anything.

      Some programs are legit but in order to make a good income you will need to have allot of referrals under you. The power of referrals is one thing that will make you successful in MLM programs.

      Paid to Click and GPT sites are fair but some of them are scams too. The money you make is pretty much chump change but it adds up.

      I’m no where near being a marketing expert and have bragging rights, but I’m just telling you somethings from my experiences. It will take time and there is no such thing as getting rich overnight.

      You might run into some people that come off as genuine but they refer you through all of these programs and while they’re making money off of you (along with other referrals) you may or may not be earning.

      I honestly think that Niche Blitzkrieg will be something that will be beneficial to anyone that puts effort into the program.

      If it was this price back when I first started I probably would have a success story by now!!!

      Just make sure with every program you see, do your research. Don’t jump in head first. Sometimes you have to do a real detailed research because if you look on for instance google and type in the business, majority of the time the top few websites are affiliates praising the program and saying you should join.

      Take it one step at a time. I’m still in the learning process. I wish you good luck on your future endeavors.

    178. First I would like to say THANK YOU Michael and Staff for the great presentation at last nights webinar. I needed that to jump kick me again in the butt as since I went back to work I stopped working on my website to improve it and make it work.

      I have learned alot with what I have done so far but need to go farther. It is alot of hard work but I know in the end it will be worth it.
      Thank You All again

      Peter H. Regan

    179. I live in Australia.
      Will this program be relevant to my location outside the U.S ?
      Can location increase or decrease success ?
      Lemme me know..

    180. I can honestly say that I’ve not found any negative reviews about this program. Trust me, I’ve spent the last three hours reading and searching for any kind of negative feedback. I don’t think this is a scam, but I’m still skeptical about joining. Like many people have pointed out, there haven’t been any real numbers about success thrown out there. I know it’s not a get rich scheme, but I want to know before I front the money that I will at least earn the fee back plus the domain and web hosting costs. The only answer that seems to come back is a generic “it depends on how much work you put into it.” Yes, it’s understood that you can’t sit there with your thumb up your bum and expect to make anything. I know that most people will most likely only post reviews about the product if they’ve had bad experiences. Is there anywhere that has a real description of typical results? For example if someone has 5 websites what could they expect to make if they put forth a legit amount of effort and follow the guidelines provided? I just want SOME idea before I give away my hard earned cash.

    181. Hi I have been reading all the pro’s and cons.
      As far as expense goes.
      I know of a web hosting site/domain company that is offering the following:
      2 web domains with 100 subdomains.
      Does this mean with your program I can create just 2 websites or can I create 102 websites for niches marketin purposes?
      I am just trying to get my ducks in a row from a financial standpoint.

    182. @Tiffany – to be honest with you Tiffany I hadn’t even thought about the webinar – you seem so much more motivated than I am right now. I am working very hard in my job and am finding it so hard to set aside some time, particularly as I am tired. But I can’t give up the job or reduce my hours as I need the money! I’m sure a lot of us are in this “chicken and egg” situation – how many hours a week do you think you can set aside to set up some websites and really get going?

    183. Could someone respond/ know the answer to Jason Holt question? I’m very interested to try this program. But, would like to know if this program also work well for international i.e outside USA. I’m particularly from South East Asia region. Will be greatly appreciated.

    184. Hello everyone.

      First, thanks for the great comments which made my life and probably many others’ very easy.

      I am ready to join NB but had one last question. I just moved to a new country (South Korea) and was wondering if it was possible for me to do it from here. Please let me know if it is possible and also any extra information I may need. Thanks everyone ! ^^

    185. Just writing in here to make sure this is a legitimate comment section, and there’s no “awaiting moderation” message after my comment.

    186. It is :)

      I’ll be trying out the program in the following weeks, after exams, I’ll keep you posted how it goes.

    187. To all asking the question of can this work outside of the USA. The answer is Yes. It works in nearly any country that has Internet access.

    188. I live in Europe and I don’t have a company. I am just an “ordinary person”. Can I register a website and make Niche Blitzkrieg work like this or do i have to make a “company” first?
      Thanks in advance.

    189. I have a similar question. But most of all I’m worried not about it working outside USA (that too to be honest), but how much will it cost to deliver it to Lithuania (I’m living here)?

      Oh, and one more thing:
      my english isn’t flawless (as you may see). I understand it very well, but my writing isn’t that great. And I was reading about “Blog writing” and stuff like that. How important is fluent english?

      Thanks for your answers,

    190. To everyone asking if you have to live in the USA or need a company. The answer to both is no. You do not need a company and you can do this from nearly any country. Basically anywhere. There are very few exception and none that I can think of right off hand.

    191. And what about delivery?

    192. Kreiz,

      Sorry I missed your question there. It’s all done online so you don’t need anything (including the course as it’s online too) shipped. Once you join Niche Blitzkrieg you create a username and password and then will be able to log in.

      As far as English you don’t have to be fluent or have great English to make this work.

    193. I just wanted to start a trial now, NKB forwarded me to a site named Clickbank. The trial is not $4.95, it wants $6.19 and says that the future payment will be $77+$16.25=$96.25. NBK site said: “Only $77.00 will be charged once when you stay past the trial.”. The amount is just the first surprise to increase my distrust.
      Future payment? What does that mean? What if i am not satisfied and want to cancel my trial? It’s not than a hundred dollars, i just want some kind of assurance.

    194. My other question: I will get paid via Paypal, ok. Don’t i have to pay taxes? How is that working?

    195. Curious,

      I am not sure what you are looking at. If you order through this site you actually get it at $4.95 for the trial plus $57.00 one time if you stay past the trial.

      This isn’t a recurring product. Future payment means… 1 future payment of $57.00. I.E. you decide to stay in you are charged 4.95 and then 7 days later $57.00

      As far as why yours is showing a different price for the trial i.e. $6.19 …. are you in a country outside the U.S.? If so that would be why you see a trial price variation as the prices are listed in U.S. dollar prices.

      And yes, if you earn more than $600 you will need to pay taxes. The affiliate networks will send you a 1099 during tax season each year with earnings totals. You simply take that to your account when you pay your taxes or you if you’re doing your taxes yourself, simply enter it in.

      Let me know if you need anything else.

    196. Michael,

      Thanks for the answer!
      Yes, i am in Europe, and now i see that it costs more because of taxes.
      Because i am not in the US, I have never seen a 1099 before, but i t must be a sheet with all the numbers. Maybe the accountant will know what to do with it.

    197. page says $77 instead of $57.
      Please let me know where to click for the $57 offer.

      Here’s a screenshot of what i was writing about above:

    198. Michael Brown says:


      Yea your accountant will know what to do with the form they send out :)

      Here is the link to get it at $57.00

      Let me know if I can do anything else for you.

    199. Michael,

      Thanks very much for the link but i was too impatient and “curious” so i started the trial already. Is there a way i cancel it and start a new trial again with this link above? Sorry if I am getting a little bit confusing.

    200. Michael Brown says:


      Just contact my helpdesk at and ask them to refund you or log into your account, click on support and follow the refund instructions – it will take about 20-30 seconds that way.

      Then just repurchase through that link :)

    201. Michael,

      Did you mean this on instructions?
      It says 2-3 days.

    202. Michael Brown says:


      Yes. That’s it.

    203. Michael Brown says:


      Yes it says 2-3 days for them to process it. However, it takes about 20 seconds to fill out.

    204. Dirtdriver says:


      Is your program updated? Every program I see out there is living in 2008, 2009. Yours at least has screenshots I think in 2010. Does any of this matter or not?

      P.S. On a personal note, I was wondering if you have any hair left, bacause I
      have pulled all mine out reading Curious, I was just curious. lol ☺

    205. Dirtdriver,

      The program is updated anytime a new update occurs or something changes in the search engines and site building world.

      I do have 2010 shots on there as well as some from 2008-2009. the ones from 2008-2009 will never go away because those are images from my first couple sites which is what I a showing people they can do with the system even with their first site…

      Unlike a lot of programs out there that are just falsely promising you’ll make 5 million buck will you eat or sleep, I keep it realistic.

    206. I had a question as to whether or not the program Niche Blitzkrieg has a component within it that will build you a blog and/or web site. If not, what would any reader of the post suggest as a beneficial program to do these things? I have been reviewing the Socrates WP Theme. This program seems to be very well constructed and efficient. Thanks.


    207. Michael Brown says:


      You will learn inside NBK that you will build a blog based on wordpress which is free. I wouldn’t use any auto build stuff at this point – learn the skills that will be useful for years to come. You can use any theme you want with this by the way.


    208. I was reading a few of the comments posted, and I too have been burned several times by get rich quick schemes. I’m tired of wasting time and money. I need someting that will give me hope again….any suggestions

    209. Hi,

      After reading about NBK for about a week, checking out a bunch of free training video’s, I just want to say: I’m in.

      I have had some experience with this affiliate stuff in the past and I already learned some of the wrong stuff the hard way. Like having a site in the dutch language with SEO mistakes and stuff. And even THAT made me money. Not quite enough though. ;-)

      I have worked with wordpress for over 5 years so that is gonna help. I run a news site with 5000 to 10000 views per day on it. Also with google ads, but my visitors are talkers, not buyers. But still I know I can make money from the internet coz I already do it.

      I am very eager to start many micro niche sites. And then see which ones work and which ones don’t. I am eager to jump on board and create one of these sites every week, so I will have 50 of them in a year.

      My current hosting provider sells COM domain registrations for €1,95 for
      the first year. If I hook those domains up to the provider that Michael recommends it’s almost for free. :D

      I don’t own a credit card so I will have to wait for paypal to identify my couple of dollars and I am gonna sign up.

      For my own blog I already write everyday (together with a great team of people) about politics and stuff so it will be quite easy to write a bunch of articles about gardening tools, pots and pans, shoes, toys etc.

      Nice to write about something else for a change.

      I have a lot of freedom in my current dayjob, also with working at home and stuff. So I can easily find the time to do this extra stuff.

      I know how hard it can be to get things to work. I have been writing my politics site on my own, for more than a year, with almost no visitors. Everyday I worked on it. And now, two years later we are with 15 writers. A couple of days ago we had 13000 page views. This is quite a lot for a hobby site in the dutch language.

      This would have never happened if I had quit after a couple of months.

      So I am ready to invest my €1,95 every week, together with a couple of hours. And see where that brings me in one year.

      I have already seen quite some stuff that I like a lot. I like the idea of finding a small niche, in a clever “scientific” way, and creating a site around it, following the exact instructions from the training to make it in the google top 10, only for the keywords that real potential customers are using.

      I already was browsing Amazone and looking for my own niche. Together with the google keyword tool. Just as an experiment. I found a nice little niche. Then I saw in the google top 10 already a small niche site, just like the NBK people are talking about.

      I looked at it and thougt; hey I can do that better. At first I thought okay maybe not that niche. But then I thought if I can do better than him it just means some healthy competition.

      Sorry for this extremely long story but I am just looking forward to getting started and learn more of this stuff and check out the community.

      And I agree with the previous reactions about Michael, that he seems to be a believable guy with some great practical knowledge that can help you to get things done. All the stuff I have seen sofar, even without not yet being in the actual NBK training, has already opened my eyes about quite some things. Just an example; the one mouseclick wordpress installation from Michaels hosting provider. Of course it can be that easy. Once you know it is easy.

      Just a small little thing but when you want a new site every week stuff like this helps.

      Sorry for this extremely long reaction about me. ;-)

      Just wanted to let the world know I am jumping on board.

    210. Alix Lazarre says:

      Hey Michael, I bought your program a week ago, and I have started with the training videos. Although, the training is great and everything but I have to say that you don’t finish up on some topics. You just gave some example how to do this and that but in some of the training you never finish up.

      When i first started, I thought really I have found something that was going to work for me, for now I am having doubts simply because some of your training videos and contents are only half way done, in some videos you said you would come back for more but you never did.

      Please let me know if there is another way of getting through all of the training.

    211. Alix,

      Come visit our help and support center and let me know what videos you are unable to find.

      My help desk is at

      We’ll help you out. If there is something tat is truly missing I will add it to the course.

      We’ve had a few people in the past think I didn’t follow up on something but it was actually there and they just missed it.

      Not saying that, that is the case… but we’ll help you get whatever you need. Contact the support desk and let us know and we’ll get you taken care of.


    212. Do you have a program that runs on Mac?

    213. I am not from the US. I am in ASIA. will this work for me too??

      Really interested … just needed a little more push :)

    214. Josh and Erika,

      NBK is an online course. It works anywhere, at any time, on any operating system.

      Josh, there is certain optional recommended software that only runs of Windows but, again, it’s optional and not required for success.

      Erika, there are certain limitations with various countries.
      Example – being paid through PayPal:
      Feel free to submit a support ticket if you want more info about your specific case:

      As for building websites and traffic – location doesn’t really matter. People around the world are successful with internet marketing.
      What’s more important is to be persistent and consistent.

    215. I’ve read all your reviews, which tend to favour your programme. Are there any serious down side to it at all?

    216. Nosa, the main downside will probably be the fact that you have to put time and effort into it in order to make money.
      But this can become an enjoyable experience for you.

    217. need to know says:

      I’ve been a hard working person all of my life for well over 30 years and was on my way to early retirement until i found myself at the wrong place at the wrong time and had to plea guilty to a felony. I have lost everything and can’t even get a fast food job and all i want to know,will this program help me make at least 1k per month just to survive??

    218. need to know says:


      mike&Max any advice???????

    219. Hey,

      Really sorry about your situation.

      Here’s the way I think about it all:
      Imagine that you’re in the best university taking a class with the best professor ever. You’re given all the material and support you need to succeed. However, it’s up to you if you succeed or fail. Do homework or go hangout with friends or watch some TV.
      Even if you have the best professor in the world – it’s up to you to do homework, prepare for tests, and put your time and effort into it all in order to pass the class. Just like in college or university – no one is there to watch your progress (spy on you) and force you to study. This is not middle or high school anymore. No Mom or Dad. You’re your own boss.

      You’ll be given great step-by-step (and very up-to-date too btw) instructions and great support but it’s up to you to apply this knowledge and make this work for you (pass the class).

      This might sound abstract but it’s not. This is how your-own-business operates.

      Back to your question – can you make 1K/month with it?
      Again, it’s all up to you but yes – this is very realistic. It will take at least a couple of months. More than 1K – very realistic when you slowly start growing your business and productivity. It will take months and months when starting out from scratch.
      You can say the same thing about any other business – online or offline.
      And, once again, you’re given everything you need and the rest is up to you.

      Don’t expect much in the first month or so. There is no fast money online. I’ve been online for 2+ years now. I explored online money-making and such (just out of curiosity and to know my surroundings). There’s no such thing as fast money online. If someone is telling you that you can make thousands in days/weeks (some people even say hours haha) – they are lying straight in your face and scamming you. That’s the reality and many scammers use online disinformation to their advantage. There’s no fast/easy money online. Everything requires time and a lot of effort.

    220. Hello!

      I have done some research on NBK, and really like what I have seen and read! I just came across this website and found the $57 start-up deal. I’ve also noticed some of the comments are from 09. My question…is the $57 start-up cost still active today? I’m really interested in this system, and ready to take the first step toward supplementing my current income or better yet…replacing it if I’m good at this one day!!


    221. Yep the $57 price is still active here on this site. You’ll find the special link in the write-up about the program above.

      I’m looking forward to you joining up with us and make sure you come introduce yourself in the forum area so we can get to know you.

    222. Hi Michael,

      Ok great! Thanks for your response! November and December are very busy months for me. I want to devote as much time to this as I possibly can. Therefore my plan is to begin your system training in mid January. I will absolutely re-visit this site for the $57 start up deal. (Hopefully it will still be available).

      I will visit the forum…I’m looking forward to starting NBK, and working with a fellow Ohioan!

    223. Thanks Dominic! Looking forward to it. Make sure to say hi in the forums as soon as you join as I mentioned above. :)

    224. Hi Michael or anyone else,
      I am seriously considering your application for the purpose of on-line marketing.
      I am from Australia – not Austria (Down Under) and I am a Mac user. I realise this is a Global business but I believe you may have some problems or issues with PayPal with some countries. Is this the case for Australia and also what are the recommended software options that I would not be able to use if its a MAC or is it better to run this on a PC.
      Thank you in advance!

    225. Sorry, one more thing, do you have any members from Australia?

    226. Kerin,

      Thanks for the questions. You can use a MAC or PC just find with the program. I have both types of users in the course.

      Most every bit of software I recommend now is MAC compatible. A few years ago MAC software wasn’t as prominent as it is now – so it’s all good.

      Yep, we have Australians in the group :) I actually put on a webinar a few weeks ago and many members in the audience lived down under.

      If you need anything else just let me know!

    227. Steve,
      Do you still recommend NB? Is it up to date? Wealthy affiliate seems good but the monthly fee is too much to take on right now. Will NB get me up and running or do you have another training program you would recommend for residual income? I am brand new to all of this and don’t have time to waste, need to start the process to make future money now.
      Thanks! I enjoy your reviews.

    228. Lexi,

      Just wanted to answer this question for you. Yes, NBK is up-to-date. I give the course a yearly update and more if needed.

      It’s all you need to get started with making money online.

      Let me know if you need anything else and I look forward to seeing you in our community if you decide to join us.

    229. I’ve read a good majority of the comments on this page and I have a decent grasp on the ideas. But, something still eludes me. Are you just writing reviews on your website to promote the product, and placing ads that take the potential customer to the actual website to purchase it? I’m very interested in this program.

    230. Laura,

      Thanks for the question.

      You can certainly write reviews on your site and make money that way. But, it’s flexible enough that you can also make money by writing brief tutorials, simple articles or even just pure educational topics.

      You not only place ads on your site but you can easily recommend programs and services in individual posts that can convert sales as well.

      Through the ads and/or recommended products you make money when someone buys.

      Let me know if this helps!


    231. This all sounds good, but still Leary. I clicked on the link to get access, the 4.95 7 day free trial, however, it also says billed today 47.00, what will i be charged for today if i was to try this program.

    232. I have been attempting to actually do this since this morning, and still, I keep post-ponging it, I have this un-canny ability for getting the raw end of the deal so to say, just for instance, I already paid a across the street to cut my grass, and he only cut part of it, get the idea…

    233. what is the difference between the standard and premium other then the price… opps to the post above, I paid a KID across the street to cut the grass, sorry

    234. Hello, I am brand new to the Niche Blitzkrieg system. Can someone tell me about the Google Keyword Planner. It has replaced the free Google Tool Bar. I understand you need an account with Adwords to get this. Wondering if there will be charges in relation to what we need from this. Any advice appreciated so much. Thank you.

    235. Pam,

      In the course the keyword tool was updated to Google Keyword Planner over a month ago with explanations and a video on exactly how to use it.


    236. Michael,

      I have absolutely NO reason to doubt your efforts and
      apparent sincerity. I can imagine you yourself are spending a great deal of time simply answering questions and challenges and maybe losing money doing so. I respect that.
      With that in mind, I’m sure you will want to know that I HAVE committed to your system, sent in my “membership fee,” but to date have received NOTHING in the way of books or materials. Did I miss or interpret something incorrectly? I have hesitated numerous times to share this information and do NOT want to hurt your efforts or your program, but I’m READY! I WANT to get started! I’m at home without a job and am going crazy! IF you want or need to talk directly to me, shoot me an e-mail and I’ll give you my phone number. BY the way, I HAVE heard through e-mails (2) and suspect that it’s getting worked out, but in the meantime, I’m losing TIME and am only on a one-month plan. Thanks if you yourself have actually read this. It gives me more incentive to believe!

    237. Hey Michael or Representative,

      Are you still there? I haven’t received any response since I sent the above..

    238. Am I losing TIME?

    239. John - Michael Brown Support says:

      Hello John,

      Sorry that we have neglected your message. I will look into the problem (I’m the support person) but I need your email address. Please give it to me by filling out a Help Desk ticket at Please remind me in the ticket what the problem is.

      Thank you so much, and again, I’m sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner.

      Michael Brown Support

    240. Tonya Teague says:

      Hello I am interested in this program, and wanted to know if this is legit and if you can send me some kind of true proof. Thank you.

    241. Hey Michael,

      I’ve been doing some research on Niche Blitzkrieg and finally have decided to buy the program.
      I’m a member of Wealthy Affiliate but not a premium as I’m 18 year old who can’t afford to pay monthly subscription. I’ve been searching a One-time-pay program which would teach me everything !!
      I would just like to reconfirm the money back guarantee (since i live in a low-cost labor country and the program is gonna take 60% of my months full-time job salary), It doesn’t matter whether i have watched the videos or not right? i can go through all the program and if i fail to earn.. can i ask for a refund ??
      Thanks Michael :)

    242. Danial,

      Yes we offer a 60 MBG. However, I really think you need to change your mind set. In my opinion to only worry about a money back guarantee means you’re already setting yourself for failure.

      I realize the price of the program is a lot in your country but I really think that the last thing on your mind should be the MBG. Instead, go through the course, utilize the course as taught and if you get stuck ask questions in the community for help :)

      If you need anything let me know!


    243. Hello again Michael,

      First of all, I can’t respect you more for the reply. I posted that question (above this one) a few days earlier when I was new and skeptical about spending money on anything. I did confirm the MBG with some other programs aswell and their reply’s were somewhat offensive. Hence my respect towards you Michael.
      I’ve decided to buy NBK as you’re a person I feel I can trust. Though it’ll take me a few weeks as I need to save some money. I do have a final set of questions Michael

      Q. Is NBK updated for 2014 ?
      Q. You never mention the training for E-mail list building and squeeze page training etc.. are they in the training?
      Q. What is the price of NBK with all it’s upsells as I do plan to buy them ? (e.g NBK Commando)
      Q. You mentioned the 1 page Ugly sites being indexed on 1st page of SE .. Don’t they get slapped by Google updates?
      Q. Can we still index these sites on 1st page after the latest updates?

      Finally I’m deciding to save some more and get the premium package but being a stupid, I can’t seem to tell their Importance. So can you please explain the uses of the extra premium products.

      Lastly I’d like to thank Ivetriedthat & Michael for this discounted offer. Otherwise I couldn’t have hoped to buy the Premium Package or NBK !

      Thanks !

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