The Niche Blitzkrieg Review


I’ll be honest. I rarely come across a program that I’m excited to try. It’s true. Most of the time, I dread reviewing new programs, seeing as a lot of requests we receive are the same program just masked as something else. But this time it’s different. I found myself excited to try the Niche Blitzkrieg program. I think we may have finally found something that will work for everybody.

What is the Niche Blitzkrieg System?

The Niche Blitzkrieg system was developed by Michael Brown, a veteran on teaching others how to make money online. The focal point behind Niche Blitzkrieg is that you will be researching popular trends and niches in the world today and then building a website to cater to this trend or niche. In doing so, you will attract visitors from search engines and then make money through advertisements placed on your website.

Does the idea of creating websites scare you? I know a lot of you are probably thinking that there’s no way in hell you could ever setup your very own website. Well, knock it off. The truth is that creating a website these days is very, very easy. In fact, with the Niche Blitzkrieg system, all of the hard work will automatically be generated for you. If you can manage to type on a keyboard, you’re more than capable of running your own website. Honest.

This program is somewhat newbie friendly. Just “somewhat?” Well, the process of doing keyword research and setting up your sites is explained in layman’s terms, and Michael uses pictures and videos to show you, step-by-step, what you need to do.

It’s only “somewhat” newbie friendly because there are some gaps in the instruction. Someone who is brand new to WordPress and plug-ins will struggle a bit. That’s not to say newbies can’t do it. They most certainly can. But you’ll need to have some stubbornness and persistence to get yourself through the gaps. The Forum looks like a good source of help, though, and Michael is quick to answer questions.

The best part of the program is that positive results are easily duplicated. Once you create your first profitable website, you’ll be able to take the techniques used and repeat them as many times as you possibly can. You’ll find yourself with multiple streams of income that continue to earn money for you long after they’ve been created.

My personal involvement with the program has been great thus far. I’ve been conducting my own niche research these past few days and do have quite a few ideas on where to take them. Sorry, I can’t share them as they are my personal ideas and I don’t want you guys to take the credit for my hard work. I should have a few websites up and running fairly soon though. I suspect my investment into the program and money spent ordering domain names will be made back within less than a month.

We use a lot of similar techniques outlined in Niche Blitzkrieg to make money each month with I’ve Tried That. Seeing as these techniques are proven to work and I’ve seen it happen with my own two eyes on a daily basis, I feel confident in highly recommending the Niche Blitzkrieg program.

Niche Research Commando

The Niche Research Commando is a tool that you can add on to the program at an extra cost. I’ve been using the tool myself over these past couple of days and it has already saved me from spending countless hours on niche research.

The program allows you to view the top ten results in Google for the niche keyword of your choice. These results provide you with valuable information like how the top ten sites use their keywords, how many backlinks a website has, the pagerank of the website and the overall competition you would face if you choose to build a website in this niche. This tool is extremely beneficial to beginners and is very easy to use. Of course, you don’t need to buy the program, but you will end up spending 20 to 30 minutes on a task that takes this program 20 to 30 seconds.

What I Didn’t Like

[Updated on March 23rd, 2009] When I first reviewed Niche Blitzkrieg, I felt that the system was starting to become outdated and skipped over a few essential parts to running a domain. I expressed my concerns to owner Michael Brown and he assured me that an update was coming. Now, we’ve reviewed a lot of programs in the past, and generally the program owners have been cold and unresponsive. Not only did Michael respond to my concerns, but he promised action and boy did he pull through.

My biggest concern was that the system didn’t go in-depth on how to actually get a site up and running. This alone could be enough to scare off any new members as the thought of setting up a domain can be particularly scare your first time around. Well, Michael Brown not only updated the guide used in the system, but has provided full screencasts on how to setup your websites. His teaching is flawless and you will not encounter any issues when following along with his video guides.

Aside from that issue, the rest of the system has been fully updated as well. At this point, I actually can’t find a single thing to complain about, which is a first here at I’ve Tried That.

Special Discount for I’ve Tried That Readers ONLY! Save $20!

I worked with Michael Brown on setting up a special pricing discount for I’ve Tried That readers. For a limited time only, you can join Niche Blitzkrieg for $57 (instead of the usual $77 price tag) and save yourself $20. You will not see another offer like this on the web. This is exclusive to!

Watch this Special Presentation BEFORE Joining

I’ve actually invited Michael Brown to do a quick video presentation outlining both his life and the Niche Blitzkrieg program in more detail. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you watch this presentation. It will help clairify a lot of questions you may have and you can get a few cool bonuses just for watching.

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  1. Hello again Michael,

    First of all, I can’t respect you more for the reply. I posted that question (above this one) a few days earlier when I was new and skeptical about spending money on anything. I did confirm the MBG with some other programs aswell and their reply’s were somewhat offensive. Hence my respect towards you Michael.
    I’ve decided to buy NBK as you’re a person I feel I can trust. Though it’ll take me a few weeks as I need to save some money. I do have a final set of questions Michael

    Q. Is NBK updated for 2014 ?
    Q. You never mention the training for E-mail list building and squeeze page training etc.. are they in the training?
    Q. What is the price of NBK with all it’s upsells as I do plan to buy them ? (e.g NBK Commando)
    Q. You mentioned the 1 page Ugly sites being indexed on 1st page of SE .. Don’t they get slapped by Google updates?
    Q. Can we still index these sites on 1st page after the latest updates?

    Finally I’m deciding to save some more and get the premium package but being a stupid, I can’t seem to tell their Importance. So can you please explain the uses of the extra premium products.

    Lastly I’d like to thank Ivetriedthat & Michael for this discounted offer. Otherwise I couldn’t have hoped to buy the Premium Package or NBK !

    Thanks !

  2. Danial,

    Yes we offer a 60 MBG. However, I really think you need to change your mind set. In my opinion to only worry about a money back guarantee means you’re already setting yourself for failure.

    I realize the price of the program is a lot in your country but I really think that the last thing on your mind should be the MBG. Instead, go through the course, utilize the course as taught and if you get stuck ask questions in the community for help 🙂

    If you need anything let me know!



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