Beware of Google Treasure Chest.


This is just a quick post warning you guys to stay far away from Google Treasure Chest. They are operating the same deceitful acts as Google Money Tree. Their presell page claims to send you a packet of information on how to make money online for just $3.88. The deceit lies within the terms and conditions.

If you sign up for their program, you’ll automatically be enrolled in their “membership program.” I don’t exactly know what this entails, but I do know that if you don’t call and cancel the membership you didn’t sign up for, you’ll be charged $72.21 in just seven days. You’ll continue to be charged the same amount each month until you manually call in and cancel your fake membership. Again, there is no mention of this within their sales pitch. You have to dig through their terms and conditions in order to find this lovely bit of information.

Another interesting note is that this program is in no way endorsed by Google. I’m actually astonished that Google hasn’t issued a cease and desist for attaching their name to these programs. It’s just a matter of time I suppose.

You can read more about this in our Google Money Tree post.

Are there more companies peddling these same tricks? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Thats why i am really afraid to work from home when u pay jobs they will not refund your money back,Then you cant get their number to get your money back its a mess.

  2. It is not a surprise that people is put in a situation that seems legitim at a first look. People are being ripped off when for not looking before accepting, just because the ad is in a respectiful tablid. They say in the small print that you will be ripped off. If you don’t read, you will be ripped.

    All that you hear about the most stunning technology and this and that is abosolutely and by default, bullshit!!

    Start reading the shit before accepting !

  3. Karen-

    Google is in no way affiliate with the scam. They are using Google’s popularity and name to rip people off. You aren’t talking to customer service reps at Google. It’s impossible to call Google.

  4. I have not even been on Google except for rare occasions. I had rather use a different search engine. This month I get my bank statement and there are two charges from this company 2 weeks apart. I called the first one they say (not that I believe them) that my information was removed and I would be getting a refund of the fraudulent charge they put on my card. I called the second one this one is out of the Phillipines. You can hardly understand them. They are extremely rude, they hang up on you, and this includes their so called supervisors. Gee never a manager around. They stated I spoke with someone and requested. In no way I did not. Believe me I would recognize a accent like they have. I have requested my refund on my card. I have no information on this company and have not requested any. They state they will cancel my account but they are going to keep my money. I am calling my bank and reporting them as a fraudulent service and asking for their help to get my money back. I also just wanted to let people know DO NOT USE GOOGLE. They are only into stealing from your friends, family, and even just acquaintances. I am sorry but I do not wish this on anyone. After I called the supervisor hung up on me. This is not a company I would ever deal with and I hope everyone else will join in with me. No I am not finished yet. I will take it all the way to the top. Even as a cyber crime. DO NOT USE GOOGLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. […] 01/30/2009 ( Beware of Google Treasure Chest […]


    To dailyartist

    Thanks very much for the great advice. I will definitely follow it! I can’t believe I got myself into this mess. I have learned a lesson for sure.

  7. dailyartist says:

    What you need to is go print out the pdf (detailing the lawsuit that Federal Trade Commission has against Google Treasure Chest) and take it to your bank to show that you have been scammed and have done everything in your power to try and get your money back. Have them file a dispute charge on all the debits as they were all illegal and against the law.
    You won’t be able to reach GTC to cancel anything as phones have probably been shut down.
    Your bank has some responsibility to return your money as the debits were not authorized by you and the debits were not made lawfully. If your bank does not co-operate in seeing that your money is replaced I would change banks if it were me.
    I would also suggest that you contact the Attorneys listed in that lawsuit and ask to be put on the list for consumers to be compensated for their money losses.


    I’m in Canada and I was also scammed. Back in April I ordered a DVD for $1.97 about working from home which I have never received. I was billed $72.21 the end of April, nothing in May, $72.21 in June and $68.48 in July. I contacted my credit card company (BMO-Mastercard) and they told me that all 3 charges were from the same organization and gave me the phone number I should call and cancel this “membership” (I didn’t realize I even joined!!!) Well…I can’t get through to that phone number or any of the other phoned numbers I have found on the WEB. I always get the same response. “The number you reached is not activated”. My bank is saying I have to cancel the membership before they can guarantee no more charges will go through. I have been given a new credit card with a new number but the bank says they can still put charges through unless I cancel! If anyone has any advise or phone numbers I would really appreciate any help I can get. Thanks!!!

  9. Scammed_2 says:

    Also, do file complaints to, and

  10. Scammed_2 says:

    I also fell for same scam. Called my VISA and they told me I had to cancel account ( DO NOT JUST CANCEL ACCOUNT WITH VISA, IT WILL NOT BE ENOUGH AS CHARGES WILL SHOW UP AGAIN) but also call each individual service shown on statement to cancel service and ask for confirmation numbers each time. Call bank back with confirmation numbers for service suspension and refund requests. That is the only way VISA can give protection from further charges and file dispute for chargeback if refund is not made within time stipulated by the service.

    I’ve done what they have told me, waiting to see…

    Hope this helps and Good luck!

  11. Greg,
    I use Washington Mutual, well now Chase…
    What I did is ask for the Fraud Department. Then from there I had to fax over papers showing them the proof I had against the company and the steps I had taken to show this company is a scam. Print out your records if you filed complaints to the BBB and FTC etc…
    Tell the bank that you want to file a fraud charge against the company and a charge back… because the FTC states that a charge back is the only way to get your money back. I also filed a case with my local sheriffs dept and that helped as well. Its a pain… but I did get my money back that way. Going through the bank is the only way. But you need to get the Fraud Dept… and take it from there.
    Let me know if I can help you further, Nancy

  12. @Greg
    My advice to you is go to and print this document out and take it to your bank as proof that your money was taken from you illegally. This document also shows that the bank released your money without the proper signature agreement for the transaction that would show that you agreed to have your account debited numerous times and the bank has some responsibility for releasing your money improperly. It should not matter how long the time frame since your money was in fact stolen by fraud.

  13. @Greg – 3 weeks should not be too late. It depends which country you live in but I think it’s 60 days in the US, Australia and New Zealand and 120 days in the UK.



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