I’ve Tried That Investigates: West At Home


Much of my day is spent browsing the web in search of new information. I usually dedicate an hour or so to trying to catch up on the latest scams in order to better educate myself to pass the knowledge on to you, my lovely readers. Usually when you come across a blog post or forum thread giving astounding praise to a program, they’re almost always promoting a scam. Even though it’s deceitful, it’s just smart business.

I came across my first ‘West at Home’ discussion in a forum a few days ago and I didn’t think much of it. The original poster had asked if it was a scam, and the follow-up response denied that claim. There wasn’t any substance there so I carried on about my business. A few days later, I discovered an entire subsection of WAHM.com dedicated to West at Home and that’s when I realized that maybe this is something we should be looking at.

The Program

West at Home hires people as customer service representatives to take inbound calls from home. Those working for West at Home are considered independent contractors and are thus not technically employed by the company, but rather you pick up outsourced work. Essentially, you will be running a customer support call center from your home. There are no start-up fees associated with West at Home other than the required equipment. West at Home requires either a VoIP or landline phone and a broadband internet connection in order to work for them. You probably already have both of these items.

West at Home employs people to do a variety of tasks from their home. These tasks range from customer care, live chat and email, and incoming sales calls. You’ll be assisting a number of companies by handling their customer support. An average day could include assisting an individual with resolving a billing inquiry, helping another customer purchase an accessory for their new wireless phone, or providing assistance/troubleshooting on a non-working product. West at Home offers paid training and claims that if you are qualified, you could be assisting your first customer within days of applying.

If you choose to work with West at Home here are some companies you may be dealing with. Technically, you aren’t supposed to talk about West at Home clients, but this is IveTriedThat.com not FollowTheRules.com.

  • HSN
  • H&R Block
  • Office Depot
  • ProFlowers
  • Sears Home Repair
  • ShopNBC
  • Toys “R” Us
  • Virgin Mobile
  • Walgreens
  • Whirlpool
  • And more…

Getting Paid

In terms of payment, there doesn’t appear to be a set $/hour number anywhere. I’m assuming you’ll be paid more on the quality and quantity of work that you do. After browsing around for a little I’ve seen some people saying they were receiving anywhere between $0.12 and $0.30 per minute. That sounds incredibly low in terms of cents per minute, but that works out to be anywhere between $7.20 and $18.00 an hour. Again, these are just ballpark figures.

There you have it. West at Home is another legitimate way to make money at home in your spare time. Now I know some of you reading this are currently West at Home contractors. I want to hear your comments below. Let us know, first-hand, what it’s like working for West at Home.


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    1. West At Home is a pretty good gig. I do it part time, about 5 to 10 hours per week. Some of the client companies pay by the minute and some pay a set wage by the hour. Training is paid and at your own pace. I have a dedicated phone line for WAH (recommended) so that there are no interruptions when I’m providing customer service. The only upfront costs for me were the phone line (optional, because you could technically disable the call waiting, etc., on your main line), a good headset, and a decent phone with a headphone jack. Many folks may already have these things, so the cost is minimal. WAH has a pretty good support system for any questions you have along the way – you get to speak to actual humans. They pay promptly every two weeks by direct deposit.
      However, because it is a pretty good company to work for, the positions are pretty competitive. It’s possible that you might wait several weeks before you are contacted for an interview. Don’t let that discourage you, though. It’s worth taking the time to apply.

    2. I have applied to west at home and am leary about sending my personal information, ss number etc. I assume it is okay?

    3. I use to work for the West call center in Baton Rouge. They closed the Baton Rouge location. Many of the former employees are now doing the West at Home. It is a good company to work for. I am in the process of trying to get on as a home agent. I am not sure about the pay. As a agent at their call center my base pay was 7.45 but could pick up hours making 12.00. You also set your own schedule which is a plus.

    4. Elizabeth Simmons says:

      I applied to WAH back in April 2008 and have yet to hear anything from them. I keep emailing them but never get a response. I don’t what the hold up is, but they a least let me know something.

    5. Elizabeth Simmons im like you they took all my info and i never heard back from them except they wanted to know if i spoke spanish and game me a spanish interview after that i heard nothing

    6. Sandra Watts says:

      I also applied with WAH back in November 2008 and send all my information to them. Just like you Elizabeth I keep emailing them but I have not heard anything back from them either.

    7. I work there currently and have liked it. I was worried to a first about sending my information in but it is legit and they need that information to finalize the hiring process. I work about 10-15 hours a week and it is nice to have some extra money coming in during these hard times. I also work a full time job for another work at home program so I already had the items needed and plus I do not have anything but taxes come out of this so it is like I am getting my gross rather than insurance and other things coming out of it. If you are god at customer service and can read verbatim it is a good job. I really like it.

    8. Samantha Williams says:

      I applied for west they e-mailed me back and i just now finished the “paper”work the sent me a link to.soo i guess if i was signing stuff and my ss number and tax stuff i got the job..idk how the hiring process actually works..iam soo glad i found this site because i was a lil worried bout this..i already got scammed 4 times by work at home jobs. i hope i can do this full time

    9. I have been working for West for a few months now. Love the job and its worth the wait for them gettong back to you, all i had to do was buy some phone equipment and the extra money is great !!! I have 2 small kids at home and I am able to work around my schedule !! very happy with West !!

    10. I work for WAH and I love it!!! I’m not going to get rich doing it but for a SAHM it is exra spending money for my family that is super easy to earn :)

    11. The only inaccuracy in your report is that West hires EMPLOYEES not independent contractors! You are guaranteed minimum wage for hours chosen to work if the calls don’t come in. Flexible 24/7 shifts.

    12. I was hired in December and completed my training the end of January. I was told I would receive my passwords to begin taking calls within a few days and I am still waiting. It is now March 16th. I have phoned them at least 6 times and e-mailed them over this problem and it has still not been resolved. Over the phone, I’m told that there is a problem with the company I trained with releasing the passwords. West does not allow you to switch to another company until you have proved yourself with the company you trained on. No one has responded to my e-mail. It’s extremely frustrating when I went out and bought a phone with a head set jack, a headset, a second phone line, and faster internet service. West at Home did say the second line is optional but the phone company said I couldn’t cancel call waiting and put it back on each time I worked. I like the call waiting feature so I got the second line. So far I spent more money than I have made. They did pay me every other week as scheduled with direct deposit. No problems there. If I could actually begin working, I think it might be a good source of income for a SAHM. Friends told me they think West is waiting for hours from the company and keeping employees “on deck” so they are ready. If that is the case it would have been nice to know instead of employees thinking that as soon as they are trained, work is waiting for us!

    13. Stephanie says:

      I work for west at home also. I agree the work is easy the only things that is diffcult is getting hours. The hours disappear faster then most computers because they have too many reps or some have some program that picks the hours for them. So for some it is really hard to even get 10 hours a week.

    14. i work for w*st and its well worth it i payed fot the equipment i had to have A 1OOO TIMES OVER i been with them sense january. and i agree someone is using a bot program to grab hrs but i have also been told when caught using s bot u will no longer be employed by w*st. so maybe theyll be caught soon cause it sure does mess up the spec causeing denial of services to the rest of us. udp flood is what u need to watch for on the spec when ur hitting the hrs just monitor ur firewall ull see the same.

    15. Jennikate says:

      I applied in Dec 08. I got no reply to my first 2 emails got a auto reply to yesterdays email. Than things started looking up called 877 # left a message got a call back within 1/2 hr got info I needed to resend to them. I will be faxing tomorrow. Hope this works out need a little extra grocery money.

    16. I also applied with WAH over a month ago,recieved the email about if I speak Spanish also.. I have emailed several times have yet to hear anything else from them either.

    17. I started working at west from home over a year ago then damage to my home from hurricane ike let me no choice but to resign since you can’t use wireless that isn’t dsl. I hear they currently have a waiting list but if you have applied you can return to the same apply link and click I’m returning which gives you the status of your application if it is your first time working for them. I’ve been trying to get back in since march and have been unsuccessful. which is crazy because the first time I got my hire e-mail within two days. But I never had problems getting hours it just depends on what company you pick virgin mobile always has hours. They pay 7.50 for activations and if you do good for 3 months or even if not they will offer you a 9.00 AYS position. So keep trying just have to catch them when they need people for all questions on applications call Randy at Human Resources 402-571-3200

    18. Charlotte says:

      Ok, I just read everyones post, my question is I applied online, then they sent me an email link to a certification module, where I had to do 7 units and pass with 80% or higher and only had two chances to pass. I passed all of these modules and I recieved a certificate, and in the email it said “Please wait for further communication from West at Home as to the next steps in the application process.” Is this the process you guys got? Is this when it takes a while for them to send something form of communication?

      I’m excited to start working for them, but how do I know if I will beable to?

    19. armycat23 says:

      West is a legit company. I know this bc I worked in one of their call centers for over half a year. I was making 11.50 an hour. I’m confident that anything West hires for is not a scam.

      I haven’t worked at home but from what I’ve heard is that the pay will vary greatly. If there was a fixed pay of 10 per hour or more than that would interest me considering that working in call centers usually suck.

      Regular in-building csrs-

      The shifts are very manageable even for a regular employee. There is a website where you can offer to give your time away to other CSRS if something comes up or you can even pick up extra time.

      (I’m not sure if WAH employees are granted the same thing.)

      Training is paid for around 9 bucks an hour and lasts a few weeks or so.

    20. Coffeecake says:

      The hiring process with WAH is very long, especially nowadays. They are very backlogged with so many people out of work and the economy a lot of people looking to pick up extra money. I applied in Nov. 08 and didn’t get hired until Jun 09. I have a question for current and prior WAH agents…..

      I am just about to finish up training. I saw someone else post here that she got to select which company she wanted to work for? She suggested Verizon? Well, WAH didn’t give me a choice, they selected a company for me. The company I’m working for requires the minimum # of hours as 25. I only wanted to work 20 hours/week, but opted to go along with because I need the money. WAH also put me with a mortgage company and the training is very tedious. Loads of mortgage terms, I’m very nervous about going live as there is so much to remember and know. Anyway, my question is; Do I have to stay with with this a client once we’re trained? After I’ve been a WAH agent for a while can I train and switch to another client?

      When I asked my WAH moderator she indicated “no” as this client needs very proficient agents. Honestly, I am a bit disappointed as once we start working live, the pay is only $8.00/hr. Seems awfully low considering everything we need to know. I take it other clients pay more. I’d feel more comfortable with a catalog sales company I think.

    21. West is great I have been working for West for almost 10 months now and I have yet to have any problems. The upsells suck because you might feel like you are suckering a customer into buying extra crap but if the customer doesn’t want it then they should say no. Pay is minimal… but if you are a say at home mom it is great shopping money. I have had checks as high as $350 for just sitting there during the holiday season because agents are not working and customers are not calling.


    23. Hello I received an email stating that West wanted to talk with me about a “touchpoint interview” Could someone advise me on what to look for?

    24. I worked for West and thought it was a big waste of my time. They pay for “talk minutes” not for the time you are logged on and ready to take calls. While I was able to secure as many hours as I wanted – about 25 hours per week, they always had to round up my pay to the level of minimum wage. I typically saw about $40 on a pay check and I still believe that was not adequate compensation for the time that I sat at my computer waiting for or actually taking a call.

    25. I have been working for west for a year now and love it !!! I get paid by the hour weather im on a call or not so its great for a stay at home mom like me.

    26. Is there anyone out there working for Citibank CLG thru West?

    27. I worked for West at Home Citi Cardmember Services. And that line group was awfully hard. I worked in a bank for 2 years, but it is different being on the phone. It was frustrating with the calls because even though I passed all training, it is still hard helping the customers. So I just got fed up and quit scheduling hours. But I wish I hadn’t of done that and just stuck with it. Because the paid very well… Some nights you would work and get $16.25/ hr…. That was great… I didn’t receive another skill for a few months, but I kept bugging then saying I would like another one, and now I am training for Toy R Us, so I am sticking with this one…. Just take my advice, and don’t give up on a skill even if it’s hard. Because they never really bugged me about my performance, it was just frustrating, not being able to help a customer, like i know they deserved to be helped….

    28. Thanks Sam!! How did you make 16 an hour? They told me 8???

    29. Certain lines in West@Home are bad some are good. Some pay by the hour (like a normal job) and others pay by the minute (determined by the amount of time you are actually on the phone. The by the hour lines are, of course, a bit higher in demand and harder to get onto. When you start out you’ll be placed onto a basic line that pays by the minute, but you are able to begin applying for newer, more challenging, higher paying, and more satisfying jobs almost immediately. There are lines that are customer service driven such as verizon wireless, whirlpool, and other but there are also lines where you will sell items such as Shop NBC and ProFlowers. Some of the higher paying jobs are also the most challenging and the harder to be accepted to such as H.A.L.O. H.A.L.O agents work through a company called Intercall assisting with corporate conference calls. You’ll take calls where you will have to ask the person for various pieces of information and be expected to maintain a nearly perfect level of professionalism and quality. All lines have a set of PALs that assist you. PAL stands for Performance Assessment Liaison and they do just that. They help you out with any questions you may have but they also evaluate you as you grow as West At Home agent.

    30. Yes, $8 is the standard pay, but on certain nights, they are busier than others, and not a lot of people pick up hours. So they’ll send out a urgent message saying hours may range from $12-16/hr. But it wouldn’t be a everyday thing. Mainly on nights and weekends, It really is a good line group, just wish, I hadn’t of gave up and stuck with it. Because that money could suelr come in handy. Also, ask about a recurring schedule. Those our usually set hours that you pick, and they usually bump your pay up to $10/hr standard.

    31. I have been employed by West at Home for a few years and I have never had any issues with them. Currently you can only work on projects they invite you on. If you are reliable and dependable and work the hours you sign up for and work really hard, your chances of being picked for a project are really high. As long as the company maintains the relationship with West and offer hours you will be guranteed work. However, keep in mind that sometimes companys pull their contract and often with very little notice so you may be left with periods of time when there is no work to do until you are invited again for the next project. They usually an hourly wage that is at least equal to your state’s minimum wage, but often it’s more and there are always incentives like bonus for signing up hours and for meeting certain service level stats. If you are considering West at Home, you will not regret working there.

    32. West is the best! I have been working for them for a few weeks. They have already sent us information about when we will receive our W2s and they offer bonuses and incentives. I started as a DR. But over time, you get the ability to train for other skills. PALS are very helpful and the work is fun! This is a REAL, WAH position and I am very pleased.

    33. I love working for West….just need to get more hours

    34. I’ve just trained for the Direct Response, was running out of time and rushed through the last module=FAILED. I hope that I get reconsidered and offered another skill soon. I was so looking forward to coming on board with West; and is now so down and dissappointed. I scored VERY HIGH on most of the training.

      Has anyone had this “failed training” experierence, and how long before West sends another skill to train for, other than the six months wait??

    35. I have been hired by WAH for over a month now but have been unable to set up their software in my comp. I have the baisc setup as stated in their , tech requirements but I keep having difficulty w/ the WAH Assistant- it says I need certain apps that I already have. I keep contacting Tech support but they keep giving me the same advice that doesn’t work. I’m really frustrated about this. Any similar experiences or advice out there?

    36. I have been working at west for a few years off and on, I am doing dr right now and I can’t get any hours to work. I wish they would offer another skill like they used to. I love working for them. they are a great company but I am starting to wonder if maybe they’re being outsourced too. I am searching for more work at home opportunities. Anyone have any other options besides West?

    37. I have been employed with West for the last 3 months. Other than finding it difficult to secure hours sometimes (yes, they do suspect that bots are being used, and have assured me that when they discover one, the employee is automatically terminated, no questions asked) I have had no problems with either the work, or getting paid on time. While some may consider working for their state minimum wage as an insult, I feel as tho the ability for me to work from home, schedule my own hours, and wear my pajamas to work, among other perks, to make my state minimum wage more than acceptable.
      West at Home is indeed a legitimate work at home opportunity. The only issues I saw with your original post were,
      1.) You are most certainly an employee and furnishing personal information is necessary in order for them to pay you, just like any other company you would work for.
      2.) Base pay is what ever your state’s minimum wage is. There are chances to add to that amount through various incentives offered by the client company
      3.) Using a VioP is HIGHLY discouraged, as is using any type of wireless connection, as these have to potential to allow the information you gather during the course of a call to be hijacked and compromise the security of said information.

    38. I know West says not to use VoIP and wireless interenet but is there any penalty if you do? I know for me VoIP and wireless are all I have available at this time.

    39. MightyMan says:

      Does anyone know whether WestAtHome will let you use the High-Speed Internet that the cable company provides? My wireless internet is the same speed as DSL.

    40. You can use cable high-speed connection, it is actually the most preferred as satellite can have major issues during episodes of bad weather. Voip is highly discouraged because of its compatibility with West software and various connection issues. You don’t want to be disconnected randomly from both your West connection and phone at the same time or it will look as if you have hung up on the customer – big no no! If you lose your west connect & still have phone line you can instruct them to call back or assist them another way if possible.

    41. rubyrose54 says:

      I started working for West@home in November 2009, This company was a ” JOKE ” from day one. But I needed some income, so I stuck with it, Until I received a call on 07/13/2010, telling me that I was terminated because I didn’t handle a call in a professional manner. More on that later !, As a home agent, you are required to answer incoming calls for products ( i.e. Ab Doers, Rosetta Stone, Redi, Set, Go food Processor, Ninja Food Items, H2O & Shark Mops..UGlue, LipOzene, Time Life CD collections, etc..etc ) and services ( AARP, Health & Life Insurance Companies, Medical Supplies, etc..etc ) most of these are as advertised on TV….for the products, so in other words YOU MUST be a SALES Person, after getting all the pertinent information form the caller, you are then ” required ” to sell UPSELLS ( items to add to the original product that caller called in for. ” This is REQUIRED to be read to caller VERBATIUM to the script, If caller says NO, then there is the “REBUTTALS “..ok after all that, then there are the APO ( Additional Product Offers ), these range from Monthly Entertainment Programs starting @ 24.95 PER Month, Insurance, and Magazines, these ” MUST BE READ VERBATIUM or you will get DINGED and receive a written warning OR a PIN. ( not sure what PIN stands for ) Keep in mind these are ALL added at the end of the call and sometimes there are as many as 5-6 UPSELLS and then 3-5 APO’s. These are all long written and long winded SCRIPTS that must be READ VERBATIUM, by this time the caller is frustrated and confused, But I believe that is what the companies are counting on. If the caller accepts any of these APO’s then there is the additional “LEAGAL ” scripts that must be READ Verbatium..or Once again You will get written up. As far as Hours, this is the BIGGEST JOKE, Good luck IF you can grab any hours to work, They use a Program called SPECTRUM, the company post the available hours when ever, NO set day or time, So you never know when a schedule will be available, Most of the hours I got was from ” TRADE ” other agents posting the hours they decided they did not want or could not work, Apparently there were some agents that had a ” BOT ” working for them to get the hours when posted. Anyways the work time slots are in 30 minute increments. SO IF you get any hours, you may work only 30 mins at a time. I ended up working sporadically through out a day, anywhere from 1 – 7 hours a day. Also, you are paid MINIUM WAGE for your state, If you do get lucky to get a call that might be paying a commission, this is taken into consideration with your weekly quota and is counted as part of your minimum wage rate. In the 9 months I worked I got 2 calls where I received a commission, what a ” joke ” Then there are the DAILY STATS that IF you don’t keep Up with, you again will receive a DING and PIN or be DE-Graded. I was fortunate enough to keep my status as a # 1, and then they keep stats on everything, time, conversations, sells, calls..etc and OH yea, ALL the calls are “Monitored and Listened “. If a PAL listens to a call and doesn’t like the way you handled it or didn’t read a script Verbatim, you get dinged ! Speaking of PALS, another ” Joke ” if you have ” any issues and need help, you are suppose to call a PAL, ” Good Luck ” with that, most don’t know their ass from their elbow and blow you off anyway they can, so you are pretty much left on your own and to figure it out.As a home agent, there are NO BENEIFITS..health, 401k..vacation..etc.Ok, back to my ” TERMANATION ” some “old lady” called in to get information on BCBS Health Insurance, we are required to follow the script and to get, name, address, telephone numbers, email addresses, date of birth, what kind of insurance they are interested in and then ” Transfer the call to a BCBS agent and required to wait for them to pick up the call, so you can sit on hold for up to 5 mins, once they answer, you are then required to give the BCBS agent all the caller’s information. Well, this ” lady ” did not want to furnish any information at all, no first name, no telephone #, no DOB…I was following the scripts and she started ” Screaming and Yelling ” at me, that she didn’t want to give all this personal information and she didn’t want to talk to anyone, just wanted the information to be sent to her in the mail.. as I was trying to explain to her that the information is required, she states to me to ” SHOVE IT UP MY ASS ” this woman was extremely abusive and loud. I had it with her and Yelled back at her, then hung up. Next day I received a call from a PAL and was terminated because I didn’t handle the call in a professional manner. …..G’ grief ” after NINE months on this job and ALL the GOOD CALLS, and GREAT STATS , after One bad call, I was Terminated, I could go on with other trails and trivia about this JOB. But My only advise would be, Unless you are THICK SKINNED, A GOOD SALES PERSON, NEED TO WORK FROM HOME, OR JUST NEED THE $$, PASS ON THIS COMPANY

    42. would like to talk to a current or former westathome person in regard to PAL or training issue.e-mail me back asap please…..carolynj16@yahoo.com

    43. I would like to know if west take taxes out on their employees and how do I request to change to another work group such as HALO.

    44. I just recently found out about WAH. I did the application today and did the assessments. I then had to follow a link from my e-mail to install an ActiveX or ActiveControlX or something like that. Then I had to click a button for it to check my system. I installed the ActiveX and then clicked the check button. It didnt do anything but said I could close the window. Now what? Does that mean it checked it or not? Anyone recently applied that can tell me what I do from here? E-mail me a whatawaist at yahoo dot com. Thanks so much!

    45. I agree with rubyrose54 she said it all perfect down to a t. I worked for them for 2 years, and they just got more picky about how i did my job. I would ask them of I could train in something differant, and then I would get all kinds of pins. and the only people that say yes to the APO’s is little old people that live on SSI and don’t know what they are saying yes to.Yes if you have thick skin, or born with out a heart. This job is perfect for you.

    46. hi, I just received a offer letter from west at home they are asking me to pay 29.95 for a background check is this normal or is this a scam comapny trying to be west at home someone please help Im a stay home mom so I dont want to get scam because that money can go to diapers

    47. Legit company. worked for them for a month. I moved to NY – they dont hire here. no problems and training is paid.

    48. They are ok with some jobs you do for them…I did HSN and the ppl are mostly elderly which I loved because they are so sweet. but the pay sucked and the applications they had me download were always messing my computer up. Then they have an expectation of how long it should take you to talk on a call, and then wrap it up. they can be extremely picky with how you do on schedule adherance and with HSN there was never enough hours everyone was scrambling for hours and some installed bots to automatically get their hours.

      I worked Toys R US as well and I was so tired of the middle aged women who called in being rude about their issues and then I was sad at the fact that Toy’s R Us’s customer service , return policies and overall reality of how much they showed they cared for customers sucked…. THE ONLY THING I LIKED IS THAT THEY PAID PER HOUR. but you constantly had tech issues.

      Im glad I dont work there any more…
      I went to find something different.

    49. Hello Everyone-
      I applied for West at Home in Sept. 2010. They sent me an email on Nov. 2010 with an offer letter. I accepted the offered and filled out all of my new hire info. & I got my I-9 forms notorized & I faxed them back. I haven’t received the info. on paying the $29.95 for the background check yet. Do anyone know how long it normally takes to complete the process for new hire & to receive a start date?

    50. jstcurious says:

      If you work from your home, and you get paid by the phone call not hourly, then why the drug test. I am in my house, not driving, and not smoking pot while working. Can anyone tell me why any company can tell you what to do in your own home? I can understand if your on there property. Just curious

    51. Ife Miller says:

      I used to work for WestAtHome and I can say they are a legitimate work at home company. I am in Houston and my payroll checks came out of Dallas. I have a friend right now who I recommended with their company and she is working with Serius through them. She likes the flexibility and the particular project she is working under. WestAtHome, just like any other place of business needs to collect your information for pre-empolyment and hiring purposes. If you don’t hear from then that means you’re not hired, if you do hear from them then of course you are. If you feel they may do something with your information, pull your credit score and check it out. I have never had an issue with them at all and since i am between jobs, I am about to apply with them again.

    52. bad west says:

      West At Home is a sorry mess. The Sprint cell phone campaign training is totally disorganized and then they wonder why your not learning anything. And I’ve heard of several people that were not paid on time so keep that iin mind when you consider doing business with these people.

    53. I have worked for West At Home for years. I have always had my money deposited on the correct date or a day before. I have done many differant lines. I have made anywhere from 7.40 an hour to 15.35 an hour. It is a nice flexiable job if your schedule is irregular.

    54. WAH is a great company to work with. It is hard to get support from them when you have a tech issue. Sometimes you get one answer from someone and a different version from somebody else. I guess there is a lot of info involved on a skill. I worked for siriuxm but I could barely work because the system was always down. But I have to say if you do your job right and the way they tell you to do, you will have job with them forever and many other opportunities. My paychek was always deposit on time. There are a little disorganized sometimes. I’m assuming because they are always busy with agents and multiple things at the same time. That is why is better to work with no problem to be succesful with them.

    55. Elizabeth Hooper says:

      Hey Im about to start working for WAH. But can somebody est. How much your bi-weekly checks going to be working DR Full time or Part Time. Email me ehooper2714@yahoo.com? Also how long does it take to move up. I want to do what Samantha that work for Citi Cardmember Services and making that get pay rate.

    56. Tanisha Byer says:

      I just finish the skill training for GE home delivery, am just waiting on them to schdule me for the webnair.

    57. Celeste Peters says:

      I have worked at West at Home since 11/2008. You do have to pay for the background check and credit check. I have a dedicated phone line with no features on it. You can’t have background noise so no kids in background or dogs barking etc. I love making the extra money. It’s not a lot but it’s something. You can either get paid by the min but if it comes out to be less than your states min wage they have to pay you that. I live in NJ and the min wage is 7.25/ hr so I know anytime I work I will at least get that. It is sometimes hard to get hrs. Sometime I just sit and keep hitting the refresh button and wait for people to trade their hrs in and pick up hrs like that. I wish I could do it full time but it is not consistant enough to get hrs so I have a fulltime job and do this after work or on weekend only. I work Direct Response and I am surprised since I’ve been with the company for so long that they have not offered me other lines to work. My money is always direct deposited in my bank account on time every two weeks and I’ve never had any problems. This is the best part-time job..I don’t have to get dressed or commute so it is worth it for me.

    58. i just applied and the email said they do do business in wisconsin, does anyone know any other at home companies.

    59. I have been working for West at Home for over 6 years; I am not an independant contractor, I work for the company. I get paid every two weeks and state and federal taxes are deducted from my check. You schedule your own hours at your leisure. The only requirement is to work fours a month to stay on the payroll.

      I think it is a very good company to work for , the requirements are minimal. I have an extensive customer service background and was hired quickly. Some of the information in this article is not correct, that is why I am submitting this!

    60. I applied to West to work as an at-home agent. Two weeks ago they sent me an email that said “In addition, we are excited to extend you an offer of employment with West At Home! Please click on the below link to view your offer letter AND accept. ” I clicked the link and accepted, and then received another email from them stating “We are excited you have accepted our offer of employment with West At Home!”. The next email detailed how to send them my W-4, I-9, copies of my id, etc. I supplied everything as requested. Two days later I got an email saying “Prior to employment with West, you are required to fill out the forms provided within the link below:”

      PRIOR? Wait, I thought they gave me the job already? Now I was confused, but ok I went to the provided link and filled out all the forms.

      The next email? “Thank you for your interest in employment with West At Home. We appreciate the time and effort you spent on our behalf. However, we have determined that there are other candidates whose experience more closely match the position.
      We wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.”

      WHAT? So they offered me employment, thanked me for accepting the offer, asked for my W-4 and I-9 (which is what you give employers after you’re hired, not before), and then tell me thanks but no thanks? Fortunately I was able to cancel my order to have a phone line installed at the house, and that email came about 5 minutes before I ordered a headset.

      I’m really confused.

    61. Anonymous Me says:

      I have worked for West for over 2.5 yrs. I work 20 -24 hrs/ weekly, make $8.50 an hour. Not getting rich, but it helps and I get to be at home without having to buy work clothes, gas, wear and tear on car.

      It is a legitimate company.

    62. Getting hired with West is a very lengthy process. Lots of waiting. But I’ve finally finished my training (and YES, I got paid minimum wage for it). I am scheduled to start work tomorrow. Hopefully all goes well. But, YES WEST AT HOME is a legitimate work from home position!

    63. Tiff,
      You have the most recent post so I figure it’s probably best to ask you. When did you first apply with WAH? I applied on 11/24/12 and I got an email yesterday 11/26 to accept offer. I did so now I am waiting on email to complete paperwork. I was wondering how long the process took for you.

      Also Krista, have you heard anything else from WAh? I think that’s really weird. Like what’s the point of sending in your personal info for a job when you really don’t have the job? I’m confused too

    64. I am also hopefully, a new contractor for West At Home, my mom has a friend that does it and she loves the extra income!! I have a full-time job but looking to go part-time there as well.

      I received the offer letter and the link to complete the paperwork on yesterday so I am on the way as we speak to get my I-9 notarized and sent in and do my background check.

      Will keep everyone posted on how it goes, and Good Luck to everyone!

    65. Will bad credit be a negative in getting hired?… and what will be bad on a background check?

    66. Sherry, idk about the credit thing but gosh, I sure hope not! Lol

    67. @Kendra, I have never heard anything back from them since they told me I was hired and then apparently changed their mind. I tried to contact HR through the online form that’s on their website because none of the email addresses I have will accept incoming email, but it wouldn’t work either. Server glitch on it.

      I just don’t understand why they would tell me I was hired and ask for my I-9 and W-4 and all if I wasn’t hired. The worst part is we don’t have a landline here because we use cell phones, so the minute I got that email saying they were hiring me, we had a landline installed. SO, in addition to the huge letdown, I also got to pay to have a phone that I apparently don’t need installed. Fortunately there wasn’t a contract so I’m only out the installation fee but I would have preferred to buy groceries with that money. :(

    68. Same thing over here. I sent them my I-9 and other information on Thursday, did get an email stating that it was a lengthy process, but other than that nothing as of yet.

      I was thinking that the next process would be the background check so was ready to do that but the consent that I electronically signed did not take me to where I needed to pay or anything, so not sure what that means.

    69. Krista, Evette – I sent then my documentation on This past Thursday, and today I got an email saying it wasn’t filled out correctly, so I’m about to resend it today. The email came from someone in HR … Here’s the email address
      CDHipnar@west.com. Maybe you could contact her for status. Her name is Carla. Someone also called me telling me to send the papers ASAP! I hope everything works out for all of us. I too got a phone line installed and it’s ready to go. I hope I didn’t waste money for nothing!

    70. Well, I got a call on yesterday from Kelly from HR wanting to verify some information in order to be processed. Got the message this morning so I just left her a message. We will see what happens.

    71. Well I got a congratulations email today saying that my paperwork had been successfully processed and that I would get an email in the next 24-42 hours with the next step in the process.

    72. Evette, that’s great!
      I got an email saying my document was illegible, so I resent it again! Hopefully, this time it will get processed.

    73. Kendra,

      Got email today saying congratulations I was hired. I also had to resend info and it didn’t take long to hear back, so hopefully you will hear soon. The email gave detail info about setting up on the website, sending in call in number and checking comptuter.

      Have you heard anyone say that this is more of a telemarketing job? Just curious.

      I hope this works out for us all


    74. Officially started my training with West At Home on last night. Background check came back very quickly.

    75. Evette,
      Hi,how long after you applied did wait for a response?

    76. Janet,

      It wasn’t long at all. I originally applied on Nov. 20 and I started getting emails from them on the 26th of Nov. They sent me email with next steps and they responded usually within 24 hours after I had completed each step.


    77. Hi everyone. I just started working for WestatHome a couple of weeks ago for the Xmas season. I applied sometime during the summer. In fact, I didn’t think I’d ever be contacted but one day, surprise, there was an email offering employment. I was offered 2 different jobs-one I accepted. I did get paid minimum wage for training (even for the training that I did not pass final exam!) and make a little more for my shifts. I work a full time job so this is just extra income for me to pay off student loans. I love that I can pick my own hours. The first shift was hard but I really like it now that I’m used to the system. One thing that I had terrible trouble with was that some of the correspondence came to my inbox, others into my junk mail box. Even if you add westathome as a “safe sender” I really advise you to check your spam mail regularly. Hope this is helpful.

    78. @ Evette…my line doesn’t involve telemarketing. Simply answering call, look up information, provide that info to callers. No selling. I guess it depends on the job that you accept.

    79. I got the congratulations email today, but when I try to login with the username given, I get an error message! I’m going to keep trying. I have also emailed technical support. They say I only have 7 days to submit that info so I hope it works ASAP

    80. Did you click on the register new user link and make sure you’re using Internet Explorer?

    81. Chris,

      How are the hours…are there enough and all hours of the day..and are the jobs seasonal or permanent? Thank you

    82. Some jobs are seasonal while others are permanent. I think it depends on what positions are available at the time. I personally am on an assignment that is seasonal. There are usually hours available from around 8am-midnight in my job. You can also work in half hour intervals. I think it is easy to get at least 8 hrs a day but it may or may not be a continuous 8 hr shift. For example, you can sign up for a 3 hr shift in the morning, a 2 hr shift in afternoon, and 3 hr shift in the evening. I really like this flexibility. I have seen some posts where people say there is not enough hours, but I don’t see this in the system. People are always giving up their shifts which you can easily accept.

    83. Chris,

      Great!! Do they seem like they are hiring…I’ve been waiting to hear something from them I just got an email that says I’ve finished everything and it may take awhile..that was acouple of mths ago some people get hired so quick..I guess I’ll keep waiting..

    84. Maybe I should put in another application?

    85. Not sure but I believe there is open recruitment. Maybe they just pull from pools of applicants and offer employment. It is a pretty lengthy process so patience is a must. I hope you hear back from them soon. I put in my application about 6 months ago and was contacted for employment around Halloween.

    86. Chris

      Thank you, fingers crossed!!!

    87. Does anyone out there know what exactly Direct Reponce agents do for West & how many hours & pay are once in production? Thanks you kindly in advance!

    88. Can anyone tell me how the pay works? I’m curious about the by the minute pay setup. Do they pay you for the time you are clocked in to work, each minute you are clocked in, or just the time you spend talking to customers on the phone?

    89. I just applied online and there was something about paying for my own background check. Has anyone else had to do that?

    90. One of the worse work at home jobs I have ever had. I only make minimum wage and I can’t leave the house due to a disable parent. This company is horrible and should be shut down for all the illegal crap they pull on customers.

    91. What are they looking for on background because I have a pending simple assault charge. Would that prevent me from getting hired? And does you’re computer have to be working on a specific system. I’m using windows 8

    92. I have worked for west when it was in Louisiana at the call center and I currently do west at home (2 years). I have never had problems with my pay and i’ve worked different line groups. Your pay depends on what type of hours you choose because it could be by the minute or hr and if your weekly pay doesn’t add up to at least min wage they will add on min wage adjustment when time goes in. For ex if its 0.15/min and you are on the phone with custs for 20min and schedule is for an hour then initially your pay will be $3 and before time goes in they will adjust that hr you worked to whatever your min wage is. You do have to pay for the background check and notary to have your identification notarized and also have a landline phone and internet with a hard line. Its convenient and I have another job so its extra money. Hours haven’t been that great lately but if you continue to check the spectrum website for hours you’ll find some. Good luck

    93. Does anyone know what jobs or companies they are offering work for? I heard that hsn is one them? And how long can I wait before picking one, can I take my time? Thank you?

    94. I have worked for West at Home since 2008. It a great job with lots of opportunity for advancement. The most I have ever made hourly is $12. I have never heard of the pay per minute rate. I did not have to pay for a background check but maybe that part has changed. I have worked for several different companies within West. The great part about them is that they never fire you. You may get removed from a skill for not meeting the minimum weekly hour requirements but you are still employed by the company and they always find you a new skill within a month or two and will email you to begin training. I have worked for other legitimate online agents and I liked West because you make you own schedule in 30 minute instruments. Absolutely love them

    95. KebbyAnne says:

      I worked thru West for Comcast for 3 yrs. They did get pickier about call handling as time past but I wonder if some of the folks were being rude to customers and we all had to suffer for it … They paid on time, direct deposit. I really had no bad issues with them. Some differences of opinion, but that could happen anywhere. And I have to say, I got sick in Jan of 2012 ~ very sick and wasn’t able to work for over a month. I didn’t get ANY crap about it. I talked to my PAL weekly to let her know what was going on and when I able to start back I did with no issues. No place I know would let that happen.
      I am still with them but on a different line group as the Comcast line was done.
      I do agree that you have to have a thick skin, folks will yell and cuss and call you names. After one of those I may have to put my in call line on “make busy” and take a small break to get it together.
      The new line group I am on has barely any hours and that is the only reason I would ever look in to working out of my home again. I need to make some extra $$, just like a lot of people.
      Good luck to you all.
      They are currently hiring for a couple of line groups.

    96. tamara penner says:

      Wondering if most people hired with West at Home had all the needed equipment (land line phone etc) prior to being hired or got that all together AFTER being hired.
      Thanks so much!

    97. I also applied recently after reading extensive reviews of various companies. Last week I sent in all of my forms, proof of I.D., tax forms, etc.
      So, nothing to report further at this point, but they DO seem to be reputable and will certainly fit into my schedule.
      Extra $$$ are always nice.

    98. @Tamara, I bought the multiline phone (around $30) from Rite Aid and ordered the Plantronics headset on Amazon for about $20 after I was hired.

    99. My husband is working for west at home right now and so far they seem like a horrible company.he keeps looking for hours but there is none. They tell him check all day and he does but there’s nothing!! Isn’t that illegal? I hope it is because this is getting ridiculous. Can someone please tell me the exact time they post up hours or if he’s never really gonna be able to work any hours. Please email me jessyd.b52@gmail.com

    100. Jessica, it appears that’s just how it goes as far as getting hours. If you read further up in the comments, some people have resorted to creating/buying and using bots to take hours. Sure West may threaten, if ever discussed, to fire those who use them but apparently, that’s the only way to get hours. Going even further, I’m certain that those with the best/newest bots have got something stealthy enough to grab hours without getting caught. Sorry.

    101. Has anyone serviced WAH using Comcast phone service?

    102. Dee Dee, I used Verizon phone service. You should have no problem using Comcast phone service…just like with Verizon, you will need to deactivate most of the features such as call waiting, digital voicemail, etc. You just need a featureless land line (like back in the days).

    103. WAH is like most companies, they are in love with you when the need is great and when it’s not they could care less about you. I worked on various projects for them and the best one was Direct TV which they lost to another company in 2009 or 2010 I think. Since then getting hours on any project they’ve placed me is like finding a needle in a haystack. They tell you to sit in front of your computers and play wait for available hours to appear on spectrum. Well I find it quite stupid to spend 3-4 hours checking spectrum to only end up with .30 to 1 hour for the entire day or the entire week. Although I’m still an active with them and haven’t had any hours since April or May of this year, I’ve moved on to Lionbridge where the pay is great and the hours are also great and the project I’m on requires no customer interaction. Final comment on west, if you make $8.25 per hour and you are only able to find .5 hours available would you waste your time working that shift???? I wouldn’t

    104. When I worked for West, they did not consider homeworkers to be employees. They told us that we were independent contractors.

      They later told us they were converting to employment. So we had to apply and complete the typical tax forms in order to continue our work.

    105. I just applied for WAH on 10/16/13 and received my offer letter today (10/20/13). The process seems to be going pretty quick for me. Maybe because of the “holiday season.”

      I just started with another work at home company about a month ago (on the Sprint program). The training took place in a virtual classroom with 20 other students. It was a bit chaotic at times, because you really don’t speak…your trainer does all of the talking and you post your comments, questions or concerns in the chat room. Friday was our first day on the phones taking inbound calls, and it was horrible! I along with my other 20 classmates feel that we were not prepared for the phones. We hardly received any support from the “support room.” Most of the day, you questions went unanswered from the support room, causing customers to hang up on you or threatened to close their account with Sprint. I am going to hang in there for a little while longer, but if it doesn’t get any better, I’m out of there.

      I am excited about working for West. Hopefully, it will be a much more pleasant experience than the WAH Company that I’m with now. I’ll post here again soon to let you know about my progress with West.

    106. I’ve been doing my 4 hour minimum steadily for about a month. Some times, if I have extra time I’ll sign on for more. ( Last week was 7 hours). The flexibility to work when I want to or can is the main positive for me. Working for less than I made 30 years ago is humbling ,but my business has been slow lately so the extra $$ are welcomed. I’ve really not had too much trouble getting hours.

    107. Hi there, I have been moved through the hiring process pretty quickly. I am not on the background check phase. I submitted on Friday. The website says it could take 4-7 business days. Can anyone give me feedback on how long their background check took? I saw a comment that it “moved quickly,” but was looking for more of a time frame. I am not concerned about the check, simply eager to begin my skill training.

    108. I applied about a year ago and did everything hey asked, except I wasn’t sure why they needed my real birth certificate. So I never mailed it. Does anyone else get that too?

    109. i applied about 7 months ago and missed the first job offer but now they have sent me another one and im filling out my w2 as we speak seems like a legitimate working company unlike the survey sites ive been using …. perfect if your pregnant and on bed rest decided to stay even after i have the baby if things go well …. WML

    110. I actually just got hired at West and am in my training now. It took a while, I applied seems like a year ago, but it may have just been quite a few months. But anyway, they just wrote me an email last week, and I began the hiring process. I haven’t really started yet but I am grateful because I have been out of work for a while. I’m hoping I can pick up quite a few hours until I can find a full time job. As for the birth certificate, I just scanned and emailed a copy of mine. They have to have two forms of ID, its normal procedure, my Dad used to manage a department for a Credit Union and he did I9 forms all the time, and had to see two forms of ID from that list that they send.

    111. The hiring process is kind of long, I got hired six months after I applied. But, once you’re hired- you’re in for good unless you mess it up. The training is easy, the hours are flexible and the pay is decent for part time income. I have enjoyed the opportunity so far and see myself doing this until I no longer have a need for extra income. I tell anyone applying, to just expect to wait awhile. And, once they send you the employment invite, respond promptly or call.

      Good luck!

    112. Yes, the company has a different vision. I worked for them back in 2009, I believe, and I felt so bad for those people that would call and I would offer, and offer and offer upsells. Some people just say yes to everything and with them providing you with their credit card number, WAH has all their info. and for all that they said yes to, WAH or the company (that WAH contracted with) will charge their credit card left and right for all those upsells. I just could not do it!! I felt like I was ripping people off and I certainly would not want someone to do me that way. I tried telling them I wanted to work a different skill but I was too new and they would not move to a different type of work. I was harassing people left and right trying to sells them stuff. Some people would get mad, cuss you out, call you names and hang up on you. I quit!! I could not take it anymore. I really did not have any trouble getting hours nor getting hired. For me, it was pretty fast. I did work a project and they promised to pay a certain amount. Then, I got connected and I was kicked out of the system like 30 times and every time I got connected, I would get disconnected. Every time, I called the 1800 number or a number they gave me. Well, to make a long story short, I was told the system was not equipped to handle that many associates working at once. Like I mentioned, I was also promised a certain amount an hour and I ended up getting minimum wage. And, since I was using my home line, I racked up my cell phone bill from making about 30 phone call trying to solve the connecting problem I was having. Yes, WAH does want you to harass people and they are sharks and they want you to become one too!! All they care is for you to make them some money at whatever cost just so the employee can make $7.30 per hour (Texas minimum wage). The best thing you need to do is as soon as you get the email invite to work for them, choose the company you want to work for. If not, they will chose for you. That is what happened to me!! The man that called me told me to wait and not respond to any email because they still had not received all my information even though I had already sent it. If you do not choose a company, they will put you wherever they need you. I was some comments where it says you can have a VOIP phone. No, you can’t!! I just reviewed their site and it clearly states not VOIP phones and no cell phones can be used for doing the job.

    113. Oh, and one more thing!! Their Spanish translations are horrible!!! Yes, horrible!! I often read passages where there were run-on sentences. The sentences also lacked sometimes the subject and sometimes the predicate. There was no correct subject/verb agreement. After I would finish reading the passage, I would ask myself, what did I read?” And, it was not because it was lack of comprehension because Spanish is my strong language. The translations were all wrong and had a ton of bad errors. I even suggested for them to hire me as a translator or a trainer to help those people translate properly.

    114. Hi. I’m newly hired. Just submitted my background check. Question: I am having a problem locating a reasonable priced phone (corded, with headset input jack). Any help, please.

      I keep hearing cordless, with jack but I thought it was corded.

    115. I’m with Ruby Rose on this one..

      West is a great company HOWEVER…that really depends on the skill you get. I started in 2007 and there was some really great skills ones that were consistent and you can have a 40 hour week if you wanted too. However over the years skills have been dropped and most skills now are skills that have high peaks so you can make soem ncie money but after that peak is over.. you are blessed if you get 30 minutes a week…and this can last for months.
      As far as the quality of help.. there have been soem skills that give you job aids and a whole website dedicated to everything you need on a call, team meetings, one on ones – .. to absolutely nothing and PALS that tell you we dont have that info..so you are left like bumbbling idiot with the customer.
      As far as your performance..again all skill related.. there are skills where a PAL reaches out to you lets you know you need to improve on certain things other skills you get pinned for EVERY LITTLE THING After so many you get terminated which is what occured with me. I had a customer on hold for an extended time wiating for a PAL to assist during one of our busiest times and well I do take responsibilty for that b/c I should ahve checkd back however she was extremely upset and I had no new info to give her as I was waitingfor soem kind of assistance from a PAL..and when they did get back to me.. it was we dont have that..just transfer her to cust serv…oh but wait there closed for the next two days…

      I’d say it’s a gamble working for them.. yes there are some great skills, and PALS willing to assist and you can make some great money… but you have no control over what skill you get placed on. If you do work ith this company mind you Ps and Qs. b/c one wrong move can send you out the door regardless of how long or how great your stats are.

    116. I received an email yesterday for phone/computer interview. I haven’t read of anyone else having to go through this process. If anyone has, how long did it take to hear back from them after interview completion?

    117. Kandi Brown says:

      H Becky, it sounds like this is new tothe process. I have been through this process in 2008 and didn’t have to do a phone interview. I decided to reapply last week and also had to do the phone interview. They say it takes 30 mins but it probably took me more like 10-15 mins. It’s pretty straightforward and the software they use is pretty impressive because it’s not a real person you interview with.

    118. I applied last night to WAH and received an email at 2 am for a phone / computer interview. I to am wondering how long after the interview does it take for them to get back to you and actually start working

    119. Hi….I did phone interview bout 2 weeks ago. I receive email within 72 hours saying I did fine..Today I receive email to do phone interview wit one of their companies…starting pay is hourly and require min 30 hrs a week…don’t want to give up my other job but they must have changed a lot cos it seems like I have hours but idk kind of scared to try it now

    120. I worked for WAH for a very short time. I had a horrible time with Windows 8 being compatible with “their system”. I also took notes during training for the position hired for and did not finish training in the allotted time. I had to wait for “approval” and when I did get that, I had to see the email and get the training completed within 24 hours. I was actually out of town and missed that time frame so another “approval” had to be extended. I have a college degree and have had my own business and felt totally incompetent. There were no examples of what the job would actually consist of, only training. Numerous complaints by first-time CSRs for not enough training. I kept the current position I was in as I only wanted something else to occupy my time at home. Found something else. Good luck to everyone.

    121. WAH Employee, GA says:

      I was recently hired with WAH. My skill was picked for me which was Direct Response. I had 15 hours to complete 29 modules of training with a test at the end of all of them. I passed all of my test at the end but did not finish all 29 of them. I don’t understand how they can expect you to take in and learn all of this information in such a short amount of time. I am a 4.0 college graduate student and I have never felt so incompetent of anything in my whole life! I really want to work for WAH, but not sure what will happen next since I was terminated from that particular skill for not completing it in the time allotted. Has anyone else had this experience and if so, what happened? Did they give you another skill or did you have to wait 6 months to retrain for the original skill that they assigned you to? Thank goodness this is not my only job but was really looking forward to the extra income. Any advice or information would be greatly appreciated.

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    123. I Applied On June 12th and then did the phone interview on the 14th. I haven’t heard anything since then. For those hired recently how long was it before you were asked to do the next step?

    124. I have alot of questions and I hope someine can help me! Does West at home discount backgrounds checks?
      Do they charge for training?
      Do they pay for training?
      How long does training last?
      Is there a chance of taking training and still not getting hired?
      Thank you for reading, hope sommeone can help!!!

    125. Lacey, they don’t have discount background check. I think is around $40 or $50. They do not charge for training, they will pay you and you will get pay the minimum wage in your state. Training could last a week or two depends on the skill they offer you. If you have the chance of getting the training that means you got the job. Unless you cannot finish it up for any reason.

    126. I almost applied for west at home but they are not available in Nevada. I am looking for a flexible job while I am finishing college. I have work for a job like this before but I am looking for customer service experience.

    127. sherry bontempo says:

      I was thinking about taking a position with West at Home and wondering about the 31.00 they ask for a background check. Is this check really done or is it a way for the company to collect money from potential employees. Is this really a legitimate work from company. Is it possible to work 20-40 hours per week. Is it a big problem to get acceptable hours to work.

    128. In answer to Sandyp I applied on 6/30 and received an employment offer on 7/7. Sent money for background check on 7/18 in the late afternoon received an email that I had passed the background check on the morning of 7/19. Seemed awfully fast for a background check. I then was told to go into the skill training site. When I did there were no skills training available at this time. I was assured that there would be in 1-2 weeks. I hope this is a realistic time frame as I am disabled and need the work.

    129. Let me reassure everyone here with questions about West. I have worked for them since 2008. They are a legitimate company. Paying for the background check was not required when I started but I guess after losing money paying for so many unqualified absences they begin require applicants to pay for it themselves. I love working for West. Make your own schedule in 30 minute intervals and you NEVER get fired (unless you commit and act of fraud or something). If you fail at one skill they simply remove you from that one and in about a month or so later they are emailing you with a new offer. SWEET! Pay varies depending on skill. I have been certified on like 8-10 skills. Some seasonal and some permanent. Great company to work for. Training is paid at minimum wage and you train at you own pace at home with a minimum hour allowance and time limit to complete so as not to spend weeks training just for an easy pay check

    130. VERY concerned with the legitimacy of this company. Sent all of my personal information and final step is for I-9 verification. Sent email asking them for the third party they use to do this (in my research they should have a vendor set up already this since all of their “reps” work from home.) No response and now they have all of my info. BIGGEST SCAM to get your personal data.

    131. I was hired. Went through everything and now when I go to choose a skill all I see is a message that says “There are no skills open for recruitment at this time. Please check back again tomorrow!”

      I’m hoping it won’t always be there cause if so that’s a horrid waste of my $31

    132. Has anyone had a problem with it not allowing you to run a system check

    133. I agree with “WAH Employee, GA says: April 19th comment 121) I to am a very intelligent person and have always been in the to 5% of any training classes I was required to take by previous employers. Some of them were quite difficult, especially when I worked for Ford Motor Credit Co., we had to learn all retail and lease laws for 20 states and of course the laws were different in each state. I did the training at a pace where I was able to absorb all the information and felt I would be able to do a good job for West at Home. I too did not finish all of the training in 15 hours but, I did pass in all the segments that I completed. I don’t see how anyone can actually finish and retain all the information in 15 hours. I think they are setting people up for failure. If they truly want representatives who do a professional and knowledgeable job for them they should allot more training time.

    134. Hey, I recently got my offer letter and completed my 1-9 the weird thing about is that after doing my background check it didn’t ask me to pay. I’m aware that I have a small charge for drinking (probation) so will that prevent me from working with west! And is anybody else going through this problem

    135. I have finished my DR training. Now they are telling me to do a “webinar’, anyone know what all it consist of? I was told I have to do a “live” call. What all are they looking for in it and how difficult of a call will it be? (surely its a set up call)
      Just wondering because I have not had a chance to look at a screen and play around to learn it. Only reading through self paced modules…

    136. I did not pass one of the modules and was not able to complete the training. Does anyone know how long it takes for them to offer you another position?

    137. I have just started at WAH and I do wish I had better training. I will say that the PAL’s are wonderful and very helpful. I did not want this skill that was offered to me but decided to accept it in order to be hired. Although it is not something I would like to do for a long time I do want to do it well and wish I felt better prepared to help the customers. If we would like to learn new skills how long do we have to stay with the first one? Can we work more than 1 skill at the same time in order to work more hours?

    138. I have finished all training & downloaded their programs that are to be used for taking calls. I fee that WAH should test your phone to make sure the line is ready and your clairity is good. I have a corded phone with a head set,,, and when talk to someone to test it myself, I can hear that person very clearly, BUT they can’t hear me talking. I don’t understand how their call taking system works. In the training modules it showed a program where you clik on the “talk” button. Is that how the calls come thru-thru your computer? I really think they should help you thru the phone call taking first, before you actually take 2 test training calls. Any advice on the headset and corded phone and how the program actually works?

    139. I went thru all the module training and passed. I have till next Sunday to take a total of 4 incoming calls…but I am having trouble with their programs pulling up . I have windows xp and ie. but I read somewhere that XP will not work and I need ie 10. Is that true? Also I don’t understand how the phone call process works,, I have a headset and just to test it, i was talking to a family member and i took the handset off the phone, cliked the headset button –and I could hear family loud and clear, but they could not hear me speaking. Any help, & answers to my questions & suggestions asap would be appreciated.
      Thank you

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