I’ve Tried That Investigates: Partner with Paul


We’ve receive a couple of requests to review Partner with Paul and find out exactly what happens when you partner up with Paul. It shouldn’t surprise you when I say the results are less than thrilling.

The Claims

The following quotes have been pulled directly from Paul’s website.

What I’m offering is a realistic plan that can help you make an extra $500 to $5,000 a month, right now, and then we’ll go from there depending on what you want to do.

What I’m hoping though is that once you get a little taste of making money online you’ll want to take things to the next level, and maybe even work from home full-time.

If you do I’ll personally work with you one-on-one, coach you, and share with you the custom tools I use to make 5- and even 6-figures a MONTH from just a single online business.

But don’t worry, making money online is easy when you know how …

  • You DON’T need to be an Internet expert or “computer geek”
  • You DON’T need to have any prior marketing or business experience
  • You DON’T need a lot of free time – even a few hours a week is enough to start
  • You DON’T need to mess with the hassles of a “real” business – this is EASY

Even if you get “weeded out”, you’ll still make $500+ a month

P.S. My friend Mike made $862.50 in his first month, $1298.32 in his second month, and is on track to make about $1,500 a month from here on out working just 3-4 hours a week. This has literally changed his life, and he’s really excited about making even more money online.

Disclaimer: This is not a “get rich quick” scheme. You will have to work to make money. While the average person can easily make $500 to $5,000 a month online, making any amount of money requires specialized knowledge and the appropriate effort.

Let’s review our scam checklist, shall we?

  • Anonymous online figure claiming to make millions of dollars online… check.
  • Screenshots that “prove” these earnings… check.
  • Claims that ANYONE can make an upper-class income in their spare time… check.
  • Absolutely no mention of what you’ll be doing to make money… check.
  • A countdown timer claiming entrance to the program is going to expire… check.

Once again we have a website from an anonymous figure claiming he makes more money than you do online and you’re a sucker for waiting this long to not send him money.

The Truth

Remember that company that was widely popular in the late 90’s that sold pills that may or may not have caused you to lose weight and either get hepatitis or die? Yes, Herbalife. Well, now for only $39.95 you too can receive a useless pack of marketing materials that show you how to become a multi-level marketer and waste more time and money than you can afford.

Click here to learn more about online scams and how to protect yourself.

The Proof

I got an email from him (Paul) and it he seems to be upfront and honest.

Seems to be yes!
BUT if he were TRULY ‘upfront and honest’ he would tell you right off the bat that this is HERBALIFE!!

Herbalife may be a good company, but it has definitely suffered from typical MLM associated problems, at least as far as IMAGE is concerned!
That’s why most MLM’s won’t even tell you their name until they feel they have your complete attention.

I got involved though, as far as getting the ‘work at home starter kit’ because, he offered to pay for the shipping. AND, he promised I’d be earning money within TWO WEEKS of receiving the ‘the work at home starter kit’.

Apparently he did pay for shipping.
I got the $9.95 shipping cost refunded to my PAYPAL account.

I see no way in hell that one can make a DIME with that ‘work at home starter kit’ though!
He also offers some free memberships in online opps that are supposed to make money for you.
Since you won’t make any money doing surveys or working an online dollar store either, you will have to pay to ship that ‘work at home starter kit’ BACK to where it came from – and where it BELONGS!

That’s the whole of the story basically but for details:

The $9.95 ‘work at home starter kit’ is no more than an advertisement package:
A 12 page booklet with one CD and one DVD in the inner folds.
The ENTIRE DVD is a presentation on the value of a home based business v. working for someone else.
(Does anyone already looking to do a home business really need this kind of reminder?
Seems like a waste of a DVD to me!)

The CD is an audio collection of success statements of those who got involved with OBS (online business systems – but really HERBALIFE).

The 12 page booklet partially describes this ‘opportunity’ in every way, except to tell you that it’s HERBALIFE!
And, you won’t find the word HERBALIFE mentioned in the DVD, CD, or booklet!

This 12 page booklet and CD/DVD will ‘cost’ you $39.95 if you don’t return it in a ‘resaleable condition’.

But I fail to see where a 12 page document (hardly even a booklet) and two discs are worth $39.95 in the first place!
I also fail to see where this is a ANY kind of ‘work at home starter kit’ either.
I know I can’t start work at home using this kit!

‘Paul’ said that within 2 weeks they will ask you for $39.95 but ‘you will have earned way more by that time’.
I guess this is supposed to refer to the programs he offers in conjunction with the ‘partner with paul’ package:
And some other program so equally useless, I am not even going to go through the trouble of trying to re-locate the name of.

You will finally find out you are previewing HERBALIFE when your ‘coach’ gives you the call.
My coach was polite and informative and also mentioned that ‘they’ weren’t taking a hard line on the return of the $39.95 ‘package’ as to deadline or condition – just be reasonable.
That’s good.

Doing HERBALIFE requires scheduling phone calls so I would reject their offer on that basis alone – which could have saved EVERYONE involved in this both time AND money, if they had simply told me that beforehand (I will have to pay to mail this package-thing back after all!).

I believe my coach was making money with HERBALIFE but, once I heard the name HERBALIFE associated with OBS – after doing some ‘googling’, I was turned off and hoping that I would discover something different when I received my package.

Mr. ‘Upfront and Honest’ says that the offer expires on ‘midnight or sooner’ of whatever day you click on to partnerwithpaul.com.

And apparently, this ‘offer’ hasn’t ‘expired’ yet!

I followed a link in a ‘Manifestation Meditation’ newsletter from Justin Blake at newsletter@jbvirtualnews.com promoting a home-business via Partnerwithpaul.com. This website showed a video of ‘Paul’ w/ a ‘fuzzed-out’ face, (red-flag #1) and blacked out last name (red-flag #2). He was promoting a home-business that he ‘developed’ and wanted to share it with those interested in having a business also. He talked about ‘trust’…ha, ha! You were asked to fill out a form and he would send you a DVD explaining his business. I rec’d a DVD/booklet w/ a letter from someone claiming to be my Personal Coach, Kristy Borrowe. I was charged $9.95 for S&H (which I agreed to & paid w/a cc). Got it yesterday. I wasted almost 1.5 hrs. of my time reading/viewing a DVD that was all about HERBALIFE and was hosted by an Herbalife distributor(s) called Emiko and Doran Andry, trying to recruit. This Andry guy was convincing at first, but I became very suspicious when he would reveal the name of the business or company & claims to have made $1million in one month during his career. I didn’t want a DVD about an MLM..that is NOT what I believed I was going to be receiving.

If I had known that, I NEVER, EVER would have followed-through. This absolutely constitutes deceitful, and unlawful business practices on the behalf of everyone involved in this transaction: Justin Blake, Paul (whatever his last name is), Kristy Borrowe, the Herbalife Corporation and its distributors, Doran and Emiko Andry.

For any of these individuals to admits to being innocent of this knowledge is flat-out WRONG. If you have to stoop this low to get people to ‘buy into’ the business, your trust & your MLM goes out the door. Shame on you!

Daly city, California

There it is.

Don’t partner with Paul.

How Does Partner with Paul Compare?

I’ve Tried That has been reviewing products since 2007. In that time, there’s one program that stands above the rest. It’s free to get started, has no ridiculous hidden charges, and will help you build a sustainable income from home.

Let’s see how Partner With Paul compares…


  1. Yes, The Scam monster of the late 90’s and early 2000’s was called,”Newest way to Wealth”. I called it,” The Newest Way to Ruin”,which sold Herbalife. Anthony Powell was one of the ring leaders back then. I fell under their charm and lost Thousands of dollars. Most of it was in home stocked inventory which you couldn’t sell.I couldn’t even sell it at half price to other members.All I ask for is to let me get started on a free trial period ,and if I see that I’m making money, then I’ll decide if I want to continue.

  2. This was a great article. Something that has always bothered me about this biz is how these campaigns love to claim that people fail 97% of the time – but the truth is they are programed to fail, since as this article mentions, people are forced to join prior to being given vital information about the program. Owners are afraid if you are armed with the facts, that you might decide to turn it down. TOO BAD. I would urge people NOT to òpt into these forms on `lead capture` pages and only join programs where owners allow you do proper due diligence.

  3. It always saddens me that companies will do unto others BEFORE they do unto them.

    I’ve been in network marketing for over 6 years and I commend this article for the points they’ve brought up. One I’d like to ad is that if one is searching for a home business, one should not have to pay for the information, it should be provided free of charge!

    When I joined the company I’m with, I got to see everything first at no cost, pressure or risk to me so that after evaluating everything I could decide if this was for me or not. Doesn’t that make more sense?

    Also, I have learned that having a turn key system is really important, something you can teach others to do. If there is no system, guidance or training, how do you expect to succeed without paying for more help?

    Always do your research first before committing to anything, even if it is only $10.00…..and if it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it!

    Cheers all, hope you find something that works for you :)

  4. auchomage says:

    Thank you everyone for posting their experiences. This has saved me some unwanted hassle, not to mention a potential loss of money and time. Miguel’s message, struck very close to home with me. Thanks again.

  5. Thank you so much! Thank God I googled this partners with Paul thing before I too any further action. Sigh of relieve!
    I found it very fishy how no website I was directed to and how it didn’t matter how much I looked it would not tell me what I would be doing. It was too good to be true, which also set a red flag for me.
    I am very sorry to those who have lost money to this scam :( I hope these people pay one day, and I hope you one day gain back what you have lost in one way or another.
    God bless.

  6. Problem here is not that Paul doesn’t make money and not that Herbalife doesn’t work. The problem is that people going to this site are usually looking for how to make money online… on the Internet (which there are ways) and so they feel lied to or scammed because Hearbalife is more of a legwork, grind type of business. Not all people who want to work online are lazy but I’d bet they are tired after working a long hard days work at there J.O.B. (Just Over Broke) and want a break with a business that doesn’t require breaking your back after breaking your back for 8hrs a day at your first job. Partner With Paul is misleading and people don’t like that. It doesn’t matter if Amway was on the other side or Body by Vi. people weren’t looking for a business model in the MLM realm.

  7. I must say that I was shocked to find the negative about Herbalife. Paul okay. I am an Herbalife member and can say that it is work but you do make money from it. My husband used to work in construction and I was a Job Coach for a state funded agency. In 2009 I started my Herbalife business and in 2010 I was laid off from the state funded agency. My husband has not done anything but the Herbalife business since 2010 and I have not either. We make enough to pay for everything that we need. No it is not going to work for the lazy person that wants cash to fill their bank accounts. You have to work for it. The work I do is fun and helps others. I have seen so many great things happen to people because of the product.

  8. I just received an email from a familiar name that I remembered from around the beginning of 2012. Checked out his email and even though it sounded better than his crap from over a year ago, I knew it was the same guy. Googled and it was Herbalife–one of the biggest scams around.
    As mentioned by several others,they do not tell you who they are–till you waste your money-$9.99–for their “great info package”. What a crock–it is nothing but an ad for the company. I was so mad, I wanted to send it back, but it would cost almost what I already paid. It belongs in the trash/recycle bin.
    ANYTHING from Paul seems to lead to Herbalife–tell everyone you know–it is a deceiving rip-off.
    Also–and this was more maddening than the package–when someone finally called{it took several changes in time} when they said who the company is, and I just wanted to hang up,their attitude just changed to rude!!
    Like others have said–why don’t they just tell us who they are!!! They would not make money, that’s why!!


  9. I did not do partner with paul but I did get roped into Vemma through Global pro systems with the SAME sales tactics. They make you buy the 9.95 “business starter kit” that is worthless and you also get charged 39.95 for if you don’t send it back, if you get into the business there is A LOT more to pay for. Vemma is similar to Herbalife they are in the “health and wellness” industry. They also have Anthony Powell in Vemma who came from Herbalife go figure. Anyways, don’t do it.

  10. This offer hit my inbox today. I google everything these days. I have investigated literally dozens of methods of working from home using the Internet. I looked at everything from Affiliate Marketing to taking Surveys at Home. I have invested hours of my time and even some money. The only income I have made is from being a Mystery Shopper. There are numerous companies who hire mystery shoppers, product demonstrators and field auditors. Each one has a different system and you will need to invest some time learning what the company wants from you. But once you have done one assignment for a particular company, the next one is much easier. I have received checks in the mail paying me for doing things that I would have mostly done anyway (oil change, eating out, etc). I will be ramping up these activities in the months to come in order to generate the $300 a month that stands between my current income and a comfortable income. You do NOT need to pay for a site to send you opportunities. All those sites do is give you the company name of the folks who actually will be contracting with you and tell you to go register directly with them. You can find these companies yourself by searching for them on the Internet and get started for no money. I will be writing an article about this opportunity when I have more experience under my belt. So far, I have earned $85 for completing 2 assignments.

  11. I started to ‘bite’ at first, but something kept nagging at me about this website. I am glad that I have read these reviews and decided not to purchase this Partner With Paul gimmick. LOL!!! Even Reverend Ike ran a better scam than that and he made millions before he went to do his time!! I am glad that I read these articles from the people who really know the truth. I don’t have $9.99 the throw away for nobody with gas being as high as it is!!

  12. William Tyler says:

    I have been scammed a couple of times and I have learnt a lot from all these BS work at home sites. None of them works if they ask you for money. So my friends, there is nothing in this world as easy money. Go and find yourself a job. And this guy Paul, omg,don’t get conned by him.

  13. Julia Andrews says:

    Can you believe this guy has another campaign! Paul Myers. Nothing
    about the product name. It’s the same ad he’s used over and over.

    How can we stop him?

  14. The only way to make money at home is to find a reputable company that does not CHARGE anything to work for them. I find ads that have that much information on it and all those claims are all a farce. If it so good why keep deluding folks with more info that is the same crap over and over again. Too much talk. it is all bunk.

    Thank for the info about Herbalife. YEEGADS i almost asked for the kit.

  15. I am just finding out now. Paul sent me this video from a guy by the name of Aaron Ward. Aaron seems very real guy who claims to be an ex teacher. He is asking you to join his cash machine 2.0 at a low $49. Apparently you can make 50 thousand in a month. You know what they say if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. It is only today that I decided to check out to see if this was a scam and boy am I glad that I did. Paul got me before when I was searching on a job network I decided to check out the work at home opportunities and there was Paul. I spent the $9.95 for the booklet and DVD. This company was called Vemma and GPS Office was the so called training company that helped you to make money. Pretty soon I realized that this GPS co. was out to rook me. I told them I signed up to make money not to spend it. These guys wanted so much money from me to get up and running that I finally had to opt out. I thought that maybe there was something wrong with me however I see that I am not alone. Shame on you Paul or whatever your name is.

  16. Whoa, this scam cat’s been at it for a long time. I’ve just started in Paid Surveys (feeling scammed) and that’s how I came across this Paul Myers. At the bottom of his scam page is a picture of him with his wife and two kids. Is it him? Who knows.

    I agree with you Bhooshan, the people should take him out because it doesn’t look like any federallies are shutting him down.

    I’m glad I googled his name.

  17. This sounds like ‘Paul Birdsall’ of ZibZoom infamy and a MLM line-raider who signs up in several new MLM’s every week and then gets his followers who upgrade in his first MLM to join under him along with other mutineers fixing it so they take tuns being first uder him and he makes a lot of money, and a few of his Leaders’ do too. They’ve been doing this for a dozen years and that’s why he won’t give his Last name. Everybody knows an Infamous name will only take you so far.


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