We Want to Hear Your ‘I Was Scammed’ Story


Have you been a victim of a work at home scam? I know a few of you have been taken by Angela Penbrook and the rebate processing scam she has been running. Please share your story so we can work together to ensure that no one else becomes a victim of this scam.

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  1. i was scamed by something called yellow rose.com of about 3500 dollars. I e=mailed them and they claimed that they would reinburse me but you know that didn’t happen. my husband is a disabled vet and we are about to get 8 chidren in the house. our grandchildren are coming to live with us. I want to pay my own way. I have an associate degree and I am a certified nursing assisistant and our state of virginia does not pay enough I was working for min. wage. now I am working in a quickie mart as a cook. I do not want to go down like this. how can I get better. don’t say school because by the time thaty you finish that course will be outdated and the job is not in demand. cute as you know what is’nt it?

  2. Because there are many who have not posted an entry here
    that should have, allow me to add this one:
    While checking my charge card statements for the past
    quarter, there were some smaller amounts I had not noticed
    before, from LibertyFunPas and another company. These
    were charges for less than $20, but between both of them,
    and repeated charges to my account, totaled around $200.
    Repeated calls and emails to the companies were and are not
    answered or responded to.
    I was able limit the damage only by canceling that account
    and getting another one issued for a nominal fee, which I also had to pay.
    What I recommend now is to write down exactly what company
    was charged, the date and time you authorized it,
    and you absolutely MUST check your monthly statements.
    Maybe someone can learn from my mistakes.

  3. I just wanted to let everyone know that I’ve been emailing back and forth with Anne Varney at ABC and they haven’t forgotten about this aspect of their story. In fact they have someone doing extensive research on it, so please keep posting away with your stories.

  4. Looks like there maybe another one to watch out for, Cathy Banks,Process Auctions on Ebay.I haven’t contacted Ebay , yet, to see what they have to say about it.

  5. Marion Monica says:

    In April, I received an e-mail that sounded too good to be true and it was. It said that I could make money from my home computer processing rebates from well-known companies. The name of the company that sent the e-mail was Penbrook Productions/Angela Penbrook. I sent my payment of $197 by credit card. The way the ad read I was supposed to be able to download an instruction manual and start working and earning right away. Well——the download did not work. I tried calling the “customer care line” and it was either busy or no answer. When I finally was able to talk to someone, the girl’s accent was so pronounced that I had to have her spell what she was trying to say and it was WealthDIC which turned out to be just another worthless website. While I was still reeling from this mess, I received a phone call at work telling me that these people could have me up and running an Internet business in 30 days. Believing that this was still Penbrook, I had them call me back at home that evening. This company was Tafiti Consulting from Provo, UT. I kept telling them that I just wanted to process rebates. I was pressured into letting them charge me $3500. to get this business started. It turned out to be some kind of drop shipping. The password to the instruction videos did not work and soon I received an e-mail telling me how terrific I was doing with all the instructions. I had called repeatedly to get another password and no one seemed to want to help. I told this Brian Pier that I was no longer interested in the program and I wanted my money refunded. He said he was sorry I felt that way, and someone would call me. No one did. I did receive a refund from my credit card company for Penbrook. With Tafiti, I had to cancel my card and get a new one issued. That got their attention because they were charging me $39.95 monthly for what I still do not know. So far they have not been able to charge anything more to me. Never did I contact Tafiti-Penbrook Productions must have sold my information to them. I hope I never hear from either of them again. I walk away a much wiser person, but I feel very naive and abused. I hope that stories can be printed to help others. Thank you.

  6. Well sheesh on, you are right about some people with degrees who don’t get a job right away or not at all, but when you plan to do schooling you have to pick and go for a job that is in demand. However like I said before you need to look into the schooling & what’s right for you before you sign up for it. Just check out what jobs are in demand right now and see what fits you best. Yes I know people with degrees do work their little butts off, my husband is one of them and he has a bachelors degree in what he does and he works really hard. Both with and w/o degree people do work hard. Even if you’re a mom you work hard and you don’t even get paid for it. :) Everyone just has to remember life is not easy & not fair, it takes hard work to get where you want to be.


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