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Now tracking 18 legitimate data entry and transcription companies.

Data Entry Background Information

No two words make me cringe more than ‘data entry.’ When I hear the words data entry, I instantly think scam. That is because there are a lot of data entry jobs that are mislabeled in order to deceive you of money. This is nothing new. In fact, we blog about it on a weekly basis. However. Amidst the muck and grime lay a few legitimate companies offering online data entry jobs.

Now, before you think you’ve struck gold with this post, realize you haven’t. These jobs are highly competitive. More often than not, you’ll be put on a waiting list for 6-12 months just to be told you don’t meet the job requirements. Even if you do get hired, you’ll be working for minimal wage, if not less. Listen to me, data entry jobs ARE NOT going to make you rich. This may sound harsh, but it is the truth.

If you’re still interested in doing data entry work, the following list would be a good place to start. I’ve included transcription jobs in the list as well.

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Recommended Data Entry Programs

  1. SwagBucks – Use code IVETRIEDTHAT3 when signing up for a free cash bonus!
  2. Axion Data
  3. Driver Guide
  4. Virtual Bee
  5. Palm Coast Data
  6. Reed Technology
  7. TDEC
  8. Verbal Ink

Recommended Transcription Programs

  1. Absolute Docs
  2. Accutran Global
  3. Amphion Medical
  4. Caption Colorado
  5. Clark Fork Communications
  6. Dict8 – UK Based
  7. eTranscription Solutions
  8. MedQuist
  9. Morningside Partners
  10. Mulberry Studio
  11. Oracle Transcription
  12. Quicktate
  13. Tiger Fish

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  1. I applied for a Data Entry job from the local newspaper. I got three emails telling me that I would be interviewed via messenger. I spent 3 hours online answering questions. They even sent me to the website bliss gvs pharma ltd. When I searched for scam or reviews nothing came up. At the end of the interview I was hired by this company saying I would be getting $30 an hour, but that I needed to purchase software to do the job. When I searched for each product, then the data entry scam showed up in the search. I read my entire interview on the scam warning site. Pissed I spent so much time into it. Once they asked me for a bank, I just said I did not have one. That it was closed. I was not too dumb. And in the end, I am glad that I was made aware of the scam before I really got caught up in the net of deceit.

  2. Hi I was browsing data entry jobs and Craigslist led me to…I was wondering if you knew this to be a legit data entry says I can make 40 cents per form with unlimited forms and can get paid by check or PayPal once I’ve earned $40

  3. Hello, I was checking this website and got interested in the ‘work from home jobs’ being offered. How genuine is the site?

  4. what’s up with this site? it says you get paid to take surveys and you get paid on a monthly billing cycle? it says registering is free at possible scam?

  5. Hi Sarah: I can’t speak for anyone else, but I didn’t answer your question because it didn’t make any sense. The ads on this site are automatically generated by Google and sometimes some junk sneaks through. A program’s appearance here does not mean we endorse it. You have to use the same BS detectors when checking them out as you would use on sites that are known scams.

  6. Still no response, mmmmmm, makes me wonder if this site is legit

  7. So there is a website entry on this website for a 6 figure income under the 12hour work income, is tis one legit or is it a scam!! please advise i would loive to know.

  8. I read your comment about these jobs paying minimum wage or less and I’m wondering how are people working for them at those rates?

    I have real clerical and customer service call center skills and am not going to work for that. My lowest pay in California doing data entry for a Pharmaceutical company was $11.00 and that was years ago. lol.

    Are there no online jobs that pay the standard market rate?

    I’m only looking online because I live in a rural area right now.

  9. Hi! I’ve been looking at this site for quite awhile now, and it seems some what legit. Unfortunately every site is promising lot of money that can be earned but with an advance registration fee as well. Does anywon know about this site at all (
    If so please, respond back to me and let me know if this site is true or not?

    Thank you!

  10. Susan James says:

    Why do you have a link (Axion) to a work from home company that says on the site they are not hiring, they do not advertize (sic), and if you saw an ad for them it is not authorized? Whazzz up, fellas?

  11. hello I live in mauritius tiny island in the indian ocean. Just browsing the internet about data entry job. I would just like to know if and are scams? And if they are why are their website still operating freely and the usa government is doing nothing . thanks

  12. I just got an email to work at tiger direct. It’s an at home job offer for data entry. Is it real are a scam:

    It looks like this:

    will like to inform you that the Hiring
    Department of the company Tiger Direct has review your resume and you have the right to an
    interview with the hiring manager on which you will have to mail back to this mail box in other to get a response to you mail
    for the job details and( for the
    commencement of the online interview briefing okay.
    This is what the company does, Shipping over
    10,000 computers and electronics on time every

    Hiring company:
    Company name:Tiger
    Company address: 7795 West Flagler St., Suite
    Miami, FL. 33144

    Position Details

    Job Title: Data Entry Operator
    Primary Skills: Data Entry
    Job Industry: Finance
    Job Location: Online/Home
    Salary: $50/HOURLY – $60/HOURLY
    Hours per Week: 10-25
    Start Date: After one week trainning
    Degree Type: HS
    Degree Area: NA

    We cater to a wide variety of clients from
    partnerships to
    corporations..” Our staff specializes in
    establishing full and automated
    accounting departments essential to our clients
    running emerging
    businesses. Our focus is on practical
    administrative and accounting support
    services.This department (department Hiring
    you),We are a Bookkeeping
    and payment unit. we handle accounts checks
    and balances of companies
    and clients that hire our services.
    Working hours are between 8am to 2pm cst.and
    the hours are flexible.
    Part time is 2HRS – 5HRS A DAY
    This is an online job so all your assignments
    would be forwarded to you
    and submitted back by either fax, regular mail and
    All activities and corresponding time are to be
    recorded in excel
    spreadsheet. That is how we access your work
    and process your pay
    There is no
    payment required for getting started.
    All expenses are
    handled by the company.
    You are to take out taxes. The company pay’s
    you and it’s on you
    whether or not you want to claim.
    Let me know if you are satisfied with the above
    working conditions.
    Hope to hear from you ASAP .

    Regards Mr John Kelvin

    1. It’s not real. Nobody anywhere makes $50-60 per hour for data entry. And it’s spam. And it’s full of errors.

  13. Syed Hammad Hasan says:

    Hi! I am looking for online jobs that I can do from my home by spending 5-8 hours per day. Unfortunately every site is promising lot of money that can be earned but with an advance registration fee. I am not sure if I pay them and in return I will get what they are promising. Is there any directory which gives me a direct contact with the companies offering jobs.

  14. hi
    I have paid $67 USD via wire transfer for data entry portal where they have promised to pay for the easy work of data entry but in there portal area there were no such filling of form opertunities they scammed me. please come and join me to start fight against them.


  15. Hi, I’m just if a website called, “” is a scam. I would say so! You are suppose to make $10 to $20 per survey, however you have to pay them $68 to sign up for their list of potential companies. Their is a coupon for 1/2 off of the original price which makes it $34 to sign up. Could you check this place out and let me know your opinion?
    Thank you
    My email:

  16. For those considering the “Working Solutions” company, they basically work with phone sales. They said there are some positions available for non-phone/typing jobs, but the majority of their work is done through phone sales.

    Also, please note… If you have an XP operating system, then you’re fine. If you have Visa, as I have, then their software won’t work with your OS. Below, taken from their site:

    Additionally, our client systems are not yet Windows Vista compatible, so agents will need to have access to a computer with Windows XP, or be willing to install XP on any computer currently running Vista.

    This is not a good thing since the Microsoft site has already said that come April of next year it will no longer send out Security Updates for XP operating systems. I’ve personally checked with several computer experts who have said that installing Vista on a XP system will fry it. The driver’s for each OS are different. This will only leave most people with two options: purchase a Vista tower or wait for the new operating system, Windows 7, to come out. That’s expected in early 2009, though I suggest waiting at least six months for Microsoft to “get out the bugs” first. At least wait for the first SP1 to become available for download.

    It seems that “Working Solutions” will need to update their software programs for their clients, or they may be running into a security mess within the next seven months or so.

    Just FYI for anyone looking into “Working Solutions.” Otherwise, it looked very reputable.

    Laura Shinn

  17. please tell me about this site
    is it a real opportunityor it just a scam

  18. […] Data Entry Work Data entry positions are incredibly rare. Even if you do happen to land a data entry job, the pay will be so little it will be worthless. Combine that with the incalculable number of data entry scams out there, and you have quite possibly the worst thing to ever happen to working at home. Still interested? You can’t say I didn’t warn you. View 12 available data entry positions. […]

  19. Thanks for the information about Data Entry Portal. I was about to get scammed.

    However, can you let me know if really there is a genuine work at home website/ideas that we people in Africa would benefit from. It seems most of the genuine websites and ideas are for those who live either in USA or Canada and not Africa.

    Keep up the good work.

  20. Michael Candia says:

    Thanks so much for spreading the word about these legitimate data entry positions. I have worked very hard at providing a directory of these jobs and other tools such as a forum and chat room and discussion boards for work at home professionals to find legitimate job leads.


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