Online Scam Review Blitz: Round V


Round five is more than likely going to conclude our series of mini-reviews on various scam programs. The quick mini-reviews have been fun, but we need to focus back on actual in-depth reviews. However, of all the comments received, one request for review popped up time and time again and it was no surprise really. So, tomorrow we will conclude the mini-review series with programs we’ve found to actually work in making money online. Stay tuned. For now, keep reading for the next round of scams.

You might think to yourself, “C’mon, how good could your review be if you’re throwing it up after a short look at the website and by not signing up?” Well it’s like this: we have swum in scam sewage for a year now and it doesn’t take us long to spot a bogus claim. We’ve seen them all before. In fact, the day some scammer comes up with a truly original way to take your money, I’ll be truly excited. So even though these blitz reviews are short and fast, we’re right!

  1. Hollywood Profiles at
    What they claim: For a $96 one-time setup fee, they guarantee an acting or extra job within 30 days.
    What they are: Thieves, apparently. There are hundreds of complaints out there on unauthorized charges to credit cards and a refusal to grant a refund. Scary. I wouldn’t touch this website with a ten-foot pole, let alone give them any personal information.
    What you should do: Stick to Craigslist ads for acting jobs or casting calls. It’s free, and they won’t steal money from your bank account.
  2. Easy $20 Now at
    What they claim: For just a $20 investment, you can receive thousands of $20 payments for the rest of your life. Not too shabby.
    What they are: Well, they aren’t liars that’s for sure. They tell you exactly what you’ll be doing in their presell page. You’ll be creating a website EXACTLY like that one in order to sucker people in to buying websites that sell websites exactly like that one. Confused?
    What you should do: You should never be confused when it comes to giving away your money. If you don’t know what the hell is going on and someone is offering to give you thousands of dollars after giving them $20, you should get the hell out of there.
  3. Data Entry Bucks at
    What they claim: It amazes me that people are still sending in emails asking if these type of data entry websites are legitimate.
    What they are: People, listen to what you’re asking about! These websites are claiming that you can make the equivalent to some of the highest-paid individuals in the world, for simply FILLING TEXT INTO BOXES.
    What you should do: If this was even remotely true, poverty wouldn’t exist. Everyone in the world would be multi-millionaires because it doesn’t take much to move your fingers to type letters into a box. IT’S A SCAM!

This concludes the fifth and final round of our online scam review blitz. I hope you enjoyed the mini-reviews. We will be moving back to regular full sized reviews on Friday. Stick around though. Tomorrow we’ll be mini-reviewing sites that actually work.

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    1. so if u were to fall for the scam and it says that you have thirty days to cancel, yet there is no way to contact them

    2. how can i get a legitimate data entry program that’s open to me in nigeria>?

    3. hey not all data entry jobs are scams guys i have joined webcolleauges and my data team they pay but there is a training period before which takes u a bit of time bit meaning a week to me but now i make like 100 dollars a day doing data entry global data entry ya they tell u u have to put effort into it and u should or it will not work,i hope someone will do someresearch on all those data entry to keep the legal ones working
      okkkk tc now all

    4. @ mclourd: So what is the website of Webcolleagues? or did you write it correctly… webcolleauges? I would really be interested in making money online doing anything to build up money for my online business…

      Thanks a ton!


    5. Raul Matas Sanchez says:

      What is your opinion about National Data Entry? The name to look for would be Alisha Carter. Please let me know if you have info. on this-

    6. @ Raul Matas Sanchez…

      Why Would “The name to look for be Alisha Carter”?

      I checked it out and got this, “Results 1 – 10 of about 507,000 for Alisha Carter. (0.22 seconds)”

      and what does the name have to do with “National Data Entry”?

    7. Hi

      I know what you are referring to. Alisha Carter is the person who runs/founder of the NationalDataEntry website. I have recently joined this and I am kicking myself. Ive been off work, sick with an injury, for ages and was getting a bit desperate.And I stupidly paid up for this, I immediately realised I had made a mistake but could’nt cancel the payment as it had already gone through on my card.
      It is a scam I am sure. It just gives you links to other sites and you have to give money to them if you want to become an affiliate. It looks really difficult to earn any money and I don’t really understand it.
      This is the first and last time I would do anything like this – I guess there is no easy way to earn money!!!!! The referrals, for NationalDataentry, on other websites have been cut and pasted from the original site – so its a big con, i think. I guess i just have to get out there and work for a living.
      I wonder if anyone else has had this experience, with this site?

    8. grettel g. says:

      Hi I like your reports and I think that I would probably will like to try The Online Business System by Tanya Louise, but what I don’t like is the idea that I have to send money for something that I do not know what I will be doing, or selling they do not tell you exactly what they do and even you paid for the s&h 9.99 why do you want to pay for something that you do not know what it is???? I know that sometimes is the catch you go to a presentation or something like that but this one does not even tell you that. too sad. can I have more information about it???

    9. Grettel, we have never recommended Online Business System. And you’re right, you shouldn’t pay for anything that you don’t completely understand. Are you asking us for more information? We’re not Tanya Louse and we don’t know anything about it.

    10. Grettel G, I would advise you to stay away from Tanya Louise and Online Business Systems unless you are interested in selling Herballife Products. I have been there and found out the hard way after spending the postage. They actually con you into spending more postage for another presentation and this is where you get to find out about selling the Herbal Life products. Even if you are interested, the amount of money they ask you to invest is way higher that other Herbal life Wholesalers.

    11. Thanks – I got on some email list that was selling Easy Too Oh Now and the only things I could find on a Google Search were more affilliate sites, or blog reviews praising it. I’ll unsubscribe immediately!

    12. Thanks, I start finding online job, freelance. And then I found this website When I sign up, I need to buy this program so, to make sure this web site is good or not, I search in google “Data Entry Bucks scam”. Thanks god! I found you.

      Thank you so much.

    13. HI:

      THANK YOU.

    14. DATAENTRYBUCKS/SCAM-NOSCAM? I just received an e-mail from myself (you read right, FROM MYSELF). I told me that I can make $500 to $1500 a day.. At the bottom of the e-mail was, you have it “DATAENTRYBUCKS” and it was only a one time fee.

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