Angela Penbrook Update


Dozens of people have stepped forward and left more than 200 comments on our Angela Penbrook and rebate processing posts. People who got burned, people who didn’t, people who got their money back, people who almost got burned until they found I’ve Tried That and learned from the sad experiences of those before them. All of you are helping lots of people save lots of money. That’s a thing of beauty.

New Dirt on “Angela”
With the help of our readers, we’ve learned a few interesting things about “Angela” and how she does business her dirty work. This is the kind of people you’re dealing with:

  • The ebook that some victims receive after payment (and which is available in html on at least one of her sites) is a copy of an older e-book, “Get Google Ads Free.” She is reselling something she didn’t even write (unless she’s the one who wrote the original ebook).
  • Carl believes that her site planted a spybot on his computer that regularly pops up a Penbrook window. Now that’s a pleasant surprise.
  • Judy posted all of the Penbrook contact information she knows, as well as filed a report with the BBB, and tells you how to do the same.
  • Jenn asks a provocative question about why Penbrook wants to know how much credit you have available. A word to the wise: Never give more info than is necessary.
  • Perhaps most important, Loretta was successful in recovering her lost money. Not from Penbrook, which would have been sweet, but from her credit card company. That’s cool too. If enough pissed off customers call their credit card companies, the banks will come down hard on the perpetrators.
  • When you call the customer service number and ask for a refund, they tell you it’s being processed and you’ll have it in 3-7 days…even if you didn’t sign up!. As one reader put it, they’re probably operating with a pencil and paper.
  • They often give out the same confirmation number to people asking for refunds.

Of course, none of this tells us anything that we didn’t already know: this is the most blatant scam we’ve seen since we started I’ve Tried That last year.

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  1. Well, wished that I had researched futher before I got involved with Angela Penbrook/ Stevens.
    I really needed to make some type of income at home trying to raise grand kids, needless to say, I was sacmmed $174.00, when all I had was $ 200.00 in the bank, Angela Penbrook site charged me the full $ 179.00 for processing rebate at home kit.
    I was trying to get back to Angela Penbrook site and was routed to the site of Angela Stevens chargeing me 197.00 for the same program that I paid for to Angela Penbrook, with Jennifer as the custome service rep. working with Angle, Hows that for routing customer complint.
    Then this Angela Stevens character came into the picture, well e-mail, since I was new to this whole intenet industery I became quite confused ended up paying twice for the same thing, thank god the 2nd charge form Angela Stevens chracter was denied by the credit card co. At least some one was looking after my end or I would really be in worst shape.
    I never recieved any type of support form the program, no sites, no job, not even their famed claim of certificate training, this was back in March of 2008, calle them, e-mailed them for a follow up, but never recieved.
    Then thats when Angela Stevens e-mailed me with oops, I forgot message with her department director’s name Christina Kennedy of Members Suppot to inform me of all the free information kit to get the rebate progrsm working, to which I never recieve, nor heard back from, even with phone call to the 888-514-6001 then to press # 1. Pre recorded message, not even a real live peson, I tried to get my money back to no avail. I wonder if it’s too late to get my money back, it sure would be handy right about now.
    I’m still looking to work from home, However, I’m much more causcious and never pay for any job, just like going out looking for out of home employment. With every Job search engine, there should be some type of information site to review the so called work form home, job form home, may be a review board of some accredited type. It’s unforunate that there is not a structured system governing these type of programs offered on the internet.

  2. has one heard of seems like a solid legitimate site. let me know if anyone has further information about this business. THANKS!!

  3. FYI EVERYBODY just talked to Ann and Ruth from ABC 20/20 NEWS this FRIDAY ABC 20/20 NEWS 10PM PACIFIC TIME will have their piece on Angela/Angel with an interview of Michael Brooks. This should be interesting Don’t miis it.

  4. Ohhh the juices are flowing… YES this Angel Stevens is in Hell! That’s why you can’t find her.

    I was doing research on processing at home when I came across the site of Top 10 “Recommended” businesses to start at home. Well, Angel Stevens was in my email trail of sites checked out and I thought “WOW this guy is recommending it, I’ll check out what his experience was”.

    He said he was making money and he called and actually TALKED to Angel! I thought “Wow, if I can talk to her personally, that’s what I want!” Well, I planned a strategy to be diligent and make sure I made money. Well, I signed up and the first red flag I got was the fact that she had a 12 week email course to qualify to process rebates. Well, that went to the end of the trial period! Then I noticed that I had a charge from my bank for an INTERNATIONAL process for payment! I found out it was the Rebate processing payment, so I called and talked to them about it. I got the international woman that couldn’t understand me. I asked where they were located and she said Califirnia. Tried to find out why they charged it internationally and only knew “Your going to make lot’s of money, just be patient…and keep doing it, give it chance to work.”

    So I kept up with the training and watched the days pass diligently. About 10 weeks into it I called and asked about a refund. She said the same thing; “Just give it time, it is working, you’ll make lots of money with the program.” So, I asked for the supervisor. She didn’t know how to respond!!! She put me on hold and came back to say that the supervisor was not there!
    I gave it another week and called back to get help. The same lady went on to tell me that I have qualified to have companies call me to process rebates for and I can now get a free vacation for two to the carribean islands. “OKAY Now we are cooking!” I specifically asked when my trial was over. She said “2 week, you have plenty of time”.
    So, I waited a week and no calls came in. No cruise voucher in the mail. So I called back to get the refund and asked to speak to the supervisor FIRST. Funny…they have the same woman answer every time…ANYWAYS she asked why I wanted a refund. I just said I would like a refund. She said I am sorry it is the day after your 90 day trial period. She said 2 WEEKS last week!!! SHE LIED TO ME!!! I insisted politely to talk to the supeervisor, she complied. I spoke with Brian, he was supposed to be my email success coach (that never answered emails???). He spoke English at least and I politely DEMANDED a refund. I told him “I was lied to and that the system was flawed, it simply doesn’t work. Your employee LIED to me, I want a refund.”
    After bantering a few minuites without getting hostile, he said ok, I’ll give it to the upper management to review. If you get a refund it will be in the next 24 hrs.” I told him “No, I am getting a refund, because your employee lied to me.” He replied with your refund should appear in 3-4 days. AND HHUNG UP ON ME! LOL!!! I did see the refund on my statement in 3 days. What a crock job!

    Do NOT do rebate processing jobs!
    Do NOT listen to recommendations!
    Do NOT give them money!!!

    If you need affordable legal help, visit

  5. HEADS UP EVERYONE!! Angela is now MARYANNE KENNEDY!! Don’t fall for it. The company is International Data Entry.

  6. CASH1234DOTCOM.COM / WEALTHDCI.COM is another Angela Penbrook Productions website doing business as usual as Rebate Process Scam being advertised on AOL Internet search.

  7. I also, fell pray to Angel Stevens, but I actually did research it and found a site that said it WAS a good program. So I purchased it, but I thank god was in a better position than most, and just wanted to earn extra money for retirement. I emailed them 5 x, and got this babble of how you have 90 days please try it, yea right. I also called them and was told my a very non english speaking man that I would receive a refund but I had to call my bank with my invoice number which was my order number??? So I called my CC Co, I finally , before my 60 days ran out filed a dispute with my credit card co. I SAVE EVERYTHING Thank goodness. I have everything I have emailed them, and documented the phones calls. They actually called me 30 times one day trying to “help me” with the program, after I told them I was off work (3 months mind you ) due to a severe illness, and could not work due to my company could fire me for working somewhere else!!!
    I will cont to call them to help with my CC dispute though. And I am contacting my states Attorney General, Californias Attorney General, I guess the BBB ( I dont think they can help you though) and Office of Consumer Affairs.
    My heart goes out to people who used and scraped the money together. I have the time to fight with them over the money. I figured there was more to the program, not that IT WASNT THE PRGRAM AT ALL!! Dont give up , call your CC companies, keep calling them. Keep emailing them all it can do is make your cae stonger. And I believe someone had posted a classaction site also.

  8. ***FYI***Careerbuilder/HotJobs are advertising Process at Home(Angel Stevens) and Online Data entry (Maryanne Kennedy) on their site as WORK AT HOME job offers which is owned by the same person that owns Angela Penbrook Productions (listed on LABBB site). Even though they claim to be a ‘LEGITIMATE’ job offer/posting company for looks like advertising scam/fraud/misleading companies that are listed on BBB and other numerous scam/fraud websites with hunderds of complaints doesn’t seem to bother them as long as these scam artists pay them. Although it makes me wonder about them having an after the fact fraud dept. to let them know about scams/frauds companies on their site but they won’t check out a company before they advertise/let scam/fraud companies contact their customers? HMMM sounds/looks suspicious and their employees also claim they are legitimate companies in scam/fraud websites with complaints about their customers recieving 90% scam/fraud/misleading job offers and 10% true legitimate offers. This is how scam artists stay in business and keep opening up new DBA’s/websites to scam/fraud people out of their money. It’s a head scratcher but it looks like they are just as SHADY as the scam artists, you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.

  9. Michael Allen Brooks is also the owner of Angel Stevens Process at home so we were right that they are both the same company after both companies employees were telling us they weren’t connected. It’s on LABBB site looks like somebody/agency is doing some investigating and getting info posted.

  10. Check out LABBB now they have an owner named Michael Allen Brooks for Angela Penbrook Productions/Penbrook Productions company id #100063903 for the 19800 McArthur Blvd STE 300 Irvine, CA 92612 address that the Irvine ,CA police say is a false place/address. Filed a complaint with VEGASBBB also for Penbrook Productions and they have done nothing with complaint after telling me they recieve hundreds of complaints and process them according to date/time well that was back in mid July and I haven’t seen a complaint id# or contacted stating my complaint was forwarded to company and is pending at all. I guess some BBB offices are just as bad as scam/fraud artists and don’t do anything when consumers put in 3 complaints about a scam/fraud company that shows no complaints in VEGASBBB but has hundreds of complaints in every BBB office in other states about Angela Penbrook Productions Rebate Process scam.

  11. NO they are not LOI is owned by Penbrook Productions , yea it’s not a rebate processs program but an ATM card scam. Penbrook Productions is Angela Penbrook Productions if you bothered to check like we have before listing. Process at home is Angel Stevens who does the same exact thing and have the same picture as Angela Penbrook , Steve & Joe found and said where to look at that. These websites were sent to me also and it is either Angela Penbrook or Angel Stevens and are affiliated with one of these scams/frauds. Just because it shows up under search don’t automatically assume it’s not affiliated with Angela Penbrook/Angel Stevens , do you work for one of these companies? It sure sounds like it , because alot of us found these sites by getting emailed and reading them or went through agencies like the BBB and other scam/fraud websites that people complained about and their story and names match ours or was part of the scam/fraud…..??????

  12. You will find that many of the websites listed on this page as being “affiliated” with Angela Penbrook actually have nothing at all to do with them.

    The websites are simply advertising under the search term “Angela Penbrook”

    If you take a look at a few of them you will notice that they aren’t even promoting “type at home” or “rebate processor jobs”

  13. Or maybe it was sent by the LABBB, whoever sent it to California Attorney Generals Office perhaps this is a small step towards getting redemption. Although I will not prematurely celebrate yet because I know there is a long way to go before bringing these scam artist to prosecution. HOPE is a good thing right now that didn’t look to promising there for a while , but I’m sure praying may have helped too.

  14. I can’t believe it but after several emails to Criminal Justice Dept. ( they sent my complaints/info about Angela Penbrook Productions to the California Attorney Generals Office Dept. of Justice. I received a letter from a S Regalado of the Public Inquiry Unit 233292 saying they will write to Angela Penbrook Productions in an effort to get complaints resolved betweem two parties and cannot act as a representative for individual citizens in legal matters. However they can bring on a lawsuit against violations of California Law and would be on behalf of all the people of California. They are retaining the info I supplied in case of a future legal action they may take against Angela Penbrook Productions, which is better than hearing nothing about this scam. So maybe other states Attorney Generals Offices can join in together with complaints and actually do something finally about Angela Penbrook Productions. It may take longer than it seems to get any action/investigation going but write out all the info you have in an email so they can read and file it to use against owners of this scam/fraud in a court to prosecute. I have a full page of DBA’s/websites ,addresses and phone numbers after my story of what treatment and how many thousands of others are being scammed on and sent it to because the California Attorney Generals Office refers you to the LABBB for such complaints. I have been getting frustrated lately about complaining and it not getting anywhere and still seeing websites/emails from these scam artists , so I do feel a little victory and hope it turns into a lawsuit by the Attorney Generals Office for some redemption. Just thought I would let others know God does work in mysterious ways sometimes to be on the side of good and help does come from surprising places.

  15. First off AOL, YAHOO and others should be held accountable too for supplying Job Posting companies like, and on their site so law abiding people looking for legitimate jobs get scammed/frauded by companies advertising job offers/emailing job offers from them.I never recieved any legitimate job offer from any legitimate company when I posted my resume on (who claims they do not give out/email your resume information to anyone)and received nothing but scam/fraudmisleading job offers and now HiringMax Fred Omidvar is posting my resume information without approval/knowledge he had my information and emailed me claiming sent him my information but only shows my information and not an email that shows sent it to him. After entering HiringMax Fred Omidvar into websearch I found complaints on this guy unscrupulous ways by getting peoples info from other job fairs/websites places like and then emailing the person trying to get you to go to HiringMaxs’ job fairs stating that there will be plenty of companies at job fair hiring. On the contrary after reading complaints and seeing when HiringMax job fair was I decided to go and see for myself , there are more tables open than there are fortune 500 companies at job fair stated in email and on HiringMaxs’ website. I didn’t see any of the fortune 500 companies at any of the job fair tables or recognize some of the companies offering jobs and hearing alot of accents/misspelled english words from a speaker and Freds Email responses it’s hard to believe anything this guy claims.
    Someone is making money off letting scam/fraud/misleading companies advertise on their site and doesn’t care what happens to consumers trying to get legitimate work in this economy , I guess fill the spot is more important than checking out the company you are advertising. It’s too bad consumers after the fact has to find out/investigate these scam/fraud companies/programs instead of someone who should have done their Job in the first place before advertising to consumers just looking for something legitimate.

  16. I have sent so many e-mails lately I am losing count. However, when one feels “fleeced” anger is a good outlet. I sent e-mails to the Irvine, CA police department, also Provo, UT (for Tafiti Consulting which takes over from information Penbrook supplies or probably sells to them. Irvine police have been investigating dear Angela and told me that the Macarthur address is a fraud (surprise,surprise) Also during the investigation, it apprears that these people are operating outside the USA. So I e-mailed Interpol. I want these people to be wearing bright orange jumpsuits with numbers on them and I want them to be so far back in the prison that sunlight has to be piped into them.

  17. Another website emailed to me today BEWARE
    P.O.BOX 269

  18. All Angela Penbrook/Angel Stevens info:
    1) Make you Famous Consulting/Penbrook Productions
    19800 McArthur Blvd. STE 300
    Irvine, CA 92612
    2) Penbrook Productions Process
    2510 E. Sunset Rd. #5
    Las Vegas , NV 89120-3055
    P.O.BOX 35110
    Las Vegas, NV 89133-5110
    3) Angela Penbrook Rebate Processing
    1437 Denver Ave. STE 225
    Loveland , CO 80538-3226
    (866)885-8126 (866)885-8042 (800)324-9708 (800)785-8042
    4) Easy Way Service/Process at Home
    8721 Santa Monica Blvd.
    Los Angeles, CA 90069
    5) Process at Home
    8761 Santa Monica Blvd.
    San Marcos ,TX 78666
    6) Process at Home
    23679 Calabasas Rd.
    Calabasas, CA 91302
    7) International Data Entry/Process at Home
    1240 Lincoln Way E
    Massillon, OH 44646
    (866)876-5177 (800)699-4829 (800)381-7820 (213)514-5323,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    BEWARE these are one in the same companies Scam/Fraud Rebate Process at Home. There is no such Angela Penbrook/Angel Stevens it is owned by 2 caucasian guys in their 20’s who own and are making tons of money running Rebate Process Scam/Fraud since 2007. They also give your information to Image Incentive(aka Smart Advertising Solutions), Tafiti Consulting Co. and Ken Hayashi Co. who are website designer companies that are willing to show you how to build your own Website to advertise small business products. Which are giving kickbacks to or are affiliated with Penbrook Productions, Hope this helps anybody else from getting ripped off from these guys/companies.

  19. Received another email from Angel Stevens DBA’s to scam/fraud other people with 8721 Santa Monica Blvd. Los Angeles ,CA address as Process at Home

  20. Found new DBA so BEWARE of of another website for Angel Stevens/Angela Penbrook they are trying to stay ahead of our scam/fraud reports.

  21. I am SO glad that I did a Google search and found your site before I paid my $197 to this crook! Thanks for being out there guys – I too now know NOT to trust ads on what I thought was a reputable website. It is horrible that people play on others who have hit hard times and are trying to find a way to supplement their income to take care of their families. It is down right shameful. Thanks for having this site guys! You saved me $197 and (what sounds to be) a lot of heartache!

  22. I also notified and let know about Penbrook Productions companies that were advertising on their site and their fraud department person contacted me and wanted more information about Penbrook Productions so anybody interested in shutting them down email michael too and let him know your problems with them too. I also told Michael to take my information off site because of the problems with Penbrook Productions and the spam emails I am getting now from out of country companies looking for a representative , Image Incentive John Strummer (480)588-0703 Tempe,AR(who is actually Smart Advertising Solutions in Arizona and has paid $250,000 to Arizona State Attorney General office for a post card saying people could make 10,000 in a month scam check Arizona BBB site)who called my house claiming I filled out a form to get information from Image Incentive when I did not do any such thing. When I checked with City Hall of Tempe, AR City employees checked on Image Incentive in business tax and license department and found nothing on Image Incentive or John Strummer. I actually entered Image Incentive Arizona and only them found a Ripoff Report complaint about a company called Smart Advertising Solutions with Image Incentive program and read a senior executive rebuttal about a complaint persons story.Drummer is the guys suppossed name that claims they do not do cold calling and the complaint person said in his story that when he was questioning salesman about sales tactics salesman just laughed loudly at him, Drummer said at least he didn’t get mad at you, which is when I rebuttled to Drummer then why did I get a cold call from John Strummer? and why are your salesman laughing at a potential customer when he is asking about certain company tactics and policies? No answer as of yet from Drummer and phone calls stopped coming after 2 days and 4 calls not answered. So complain to and other sites as much as possible , the only process rebates at home now on is Angel Stevens ones only I don’t see any of Angela Penbrook DBA’s anymore.I also filed a complaint to LABBB about Wealthdci, Iwealth , ITop, amd other DBA names Penbrook Productions are using so when other people check for scams/frauds on these DBA names they can find out it’s a scam before they sign up. Thats what happened to me I checked one of their DBAs that Penbrook Productions just started and had no scam/fraud reports yet, after I signed up then I found out Penbrook Productions was a scam/fraud by then it was too late. So file any name you find with Ripoff Report and BBB so others won’t be in the same place we are, by the way I filled a dispute payment form with my credit card company (Joseph , Angela or Angel) to get my refund back it was not Penrbrook Productions who refunded my money I even emailed customer care/Angela Penbrook about filing complaints with fraud company authorities, Criminal Justice Deaprtment and BBB but that was no help just kept getting generic emails back sorry for inconvienence we will do another standard refund process and a department manager will call back in 24-48 hours (yea right) So send in complaint to any agency you can find even Attorney State Generals office Don’t let these scam artists do it to anymore people.


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