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So, you accidentally sent a lot of money out for that “job” that was going to make you a millionaire in just a few weeks time only to immediately regret it. The “job” you bought into most likely consisted of a website or book that insists that you spend money to do some form of affiliate marketing. Unfortunately, you were ripped off. There is hope however. Follow this information to find out the best ways to get your money back. Feel free to contribute your story in the comments section. It isn’t limited to just the programs outlined here. If you were able to get your money back from any scam, we want to hear about it and include it in the list.

Rebate Processing Refunds

Angela Penbrook and Refunds

A number of our readers have successfully received refunds from one of the worst scams we’ve ever seen. Angela Penbrook is running a rebate processing scam that costs $197. One hundred and ninety seven dollars! For complete crap! If you’ve fallen victim to this scam, follow these stories below in order to get your money back.

Numbers to Call

1-800-875-8042 (Warning: possible sex chat line at times!)

Success Stories

From April:

First I called every one of her 1-800 numbers (and if someone needs one just shout out to me. ) I think the Bimbo has 3 numbers. I called all different times of the day and always got that annoying voice then that annoying music, then I just constantly pressed the “0” until I was connected. Then i spoke to 3 different people who were not nice at all and i composed myself very will because they had the upper hand, all of the 3 people took my name, e-mail address, and last four digits of my card that i put it on and my zip code. They all gave me the same confirmation number. A little funny to me so I kept calling and calling back 3 or 4 times until i got them disgusted. For the first few days i would get funny e-mails like we need your info again and i would keep calling back and keep getting the same confirmation number. Then i finally got a confirmation that i would get my refund in 5 to 7 days and i waited 6 and checked my account and my refund went through. I also recieved a confirmation e-mail from her that i was refunded.

From Patricia:

Today i called 1-866-885-8126 or 1-800-875-8042 and pressed “0″ as soon as I heard the Angela Penbrook greeting and in seconds I got a live person. His name was David Peterson. I told him I wanted a complete refund of my $197 and he asked me my E-mail address and name and what zip code I was from. He then told me that i was going to get a complete refund and gave me a autorization code number for it. Then I called back 2 minutes later and spoke to a woman named Rachel who did the same thing and also gave me the same authorization refund code as the previous Mr. David Peterson. I asked for their address and he told me that he couldn’t give me that information but he was in Urban California. I tried calling the Better Business Bureau and they dont do much but throw you on hold forever. I called my credit card company and I was told that the charge is pending and sometimes they know that you caught on to them and the charge gets dropped off as if you didn’t even make the transaction.

From David:

I called the 866 # just like Patricia did.I don’t remember the girl’s name I spoke with,but she was foreign and spoke english,albeit not clearly.She asked for my name,ph#,and zipcode.I complied and she said that the refund should show up in 4-7 business days on my CC.Unlike Patricia,I wasn’t issued a confirmation #,nor did they ask for the last 4 digits of my CC.I have already spoken with my CC company and forewarned them that I will be asking for a dispute or backcharge on this if they fail to issue my refund as promised.If you dial 800-785-8042,it takes you to the same place as the 866# that Patricia gave out.I’ll be checking my CC online starting this evening.

From Joyce:

Hi again to all, Joyce here again with a big smile because after jumping through many hoops, my credit card company notified me today they are giving me what they call a “conditional refund” of my money. Let me fill you in if it will help others. I sent all the info from the purchase of Angela Penbrook’s program to my credit card co. along with filling out an online dispute of the $197 charge. They emailed me about two weeks later, and asked for a complete and detailed letter about the situation, and also any proof from emails, correspondence, etc. and I was to forward all that to another address, different then the one on their website.
So I typed out a two page letter, along with copies of the email, a copy of the portion of her webpage which shows the 90 day guarantee, explained what the work was supposed to be in detail, etc. I never said “scam”. Kept everything very business like and explained that I could not do this work due to other obligations to my family, and since I have a 90 day guarantee, I should be entitled to my funds back. Mailed it off about 10 days ago, and today got the letter from my credit card company, with another page consisting of 3 questions to answer. 1. Exact date of cancellation of the order. 2. Why was order cancelled? 3. What was the merchant’s response when you attempted to resolve your dispute? (easy one, huh) Must sign and return within 10 days and they are “continuing to investigate this matter on my behalf”. So,to all out there please stick to your guns with the credit card companies, do whatever they want you to do,and whatever info you send, make sure you sign it, your own handwritten signature makes it legal. I checked my account on line just before coming here and I can tell you that the minus in front of the – 197.00 looks pretty good!!!!! Hopefully nothing will change. Must get the paper in the mail tomorrow with the info that the credit card company wants.
Hope everyone that has written to this webpage gets their reimbursement too. Thanks so much for all the honest hearted people who are out their pulling for everyone else.!!!

Getting a refund through eSellerate

Several scammers are running their operations through eSellerate. Including, Cindy Dalton at and Angel Stevens at I’ve heard that they can be difficult in refunding money, but be persistent! The rebate processing scam we bought into was through eSellerate and we still haven’t received our refund yet. But don’t lose hope and try the following advice:

I fell into the same trap and have been writing twice a day to the support site trying to get a refund. So today I thought i’d write an email to their payment gateway provider esellerate. They process the crdit card payments. I just described what had happened and within 3 hours I received an email stating that a refund had been made. Their details are:
Phone: (402) 323-6600

Update: I was able to successfully receive my money back from eSellerate after following the above advice!

Data Entry Refunds Refunds

From Claudette:

I have finally gotten a refund of my $49.95. from Dataentrybusiness. Actually it took some doing: I found this website called which is what was printed on my c/card account as having been creditted to from my accout and i checked it out online and found that all i had to do was punch in my emailaddress that i used to register with dataentrybusness and Essellerate would email me the account no. and the item no, of the registration transaction that i paid for. I immediately used that info i got from Essellerate and emailed dataentry business requesting my refund, and they immediately refunded my 49.95.

From Mitch:

If you havent already set up a paypal account – do so. That is how I paid for the DEB scammers membership (as Paypal is secure and you are insured)- but it doesnt matter how you paid.

You send a REQUEST FOR PAYMENT to : (as that was DEB paypal email account) the amount you want refunded and what I did was put in the ‘note’ box – THIRD AND FINAL WARNING. Failure to refund amount immediately will result a formal complaint to Consumer Affairs and Paypal.

Obviously Paypal knows these scammers – because I couldnt believe how fast my refund came through (I lodged it late last night and had it in my paypal account this morning) To those who dont have Paypal – you then transfer the money from your paypal account to your bank account.

Mich (Australia)

Clickbank and ClickandBuy Refunds

I haven’t found any specific scams operating through Clickbank or ClickandBuy, but use the following forms in order to request a refund from either website.

Clickbank: Customer Service Form
ClickandBuy: Complaint Department Information

Community Project

The list is small as of now, but I plan to update it as frequently as new refund stories come in. If you have a story to contribute, please leave a comment below. We’re always looking for new stories.

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  1. For people that have been scammed by illegitimate business’ before.. You’ll get a call one day. They’ll ask if you’ve been scammed before and you’ll be asked some generic questions like for how much? What happened? How long ago was it? Different crap like that. Then they’ll give you a ‘security code.’ Basically they’ll want to know the last 4 of your social to set you up long term. With the last 4 of your social, they can verify the amount in your bank account when they get your card #. Then they’ll say that a consultant, or advocate.. or whatever will give you a call back and tell you how to get your money back. They’ll call you back and spout some information and the Federal Truth in Lending Act.. They always like to use laws that don’t even necessarily pertain to the issue at hand to give their schemes some legitimacy. They’ll say there’s 100% chance of you getting your money back as long as you follow the instructions. It’s false of course. They’ll force you to give them your credit card numbers ahead of time so that they can “search for the records of the transactions.” That’s false, of course. Even if the transactions only happened on one card, they’ll say that all the cards and all the banks are connected. They just want to know how much you have in your bank accounts before they hit you for the price. They say they’ll send something and have yet another person give you a call back.. “Todd Collins.” Then they’ll have you sign something by email. It says something like ‘a price deemed appropriate for services rendered.’ So if you don’t pay, they’ll threaten to have criminal charges filed… ‘theft of services.’ By law, it’s illegal to check funds in a customers account unless a transaction is taking place. Then Todd will give you a call and try to pry the money from you. If “Todd” is unsuccessful, then it’s the owners of the company that you’ll be talking to next.. It’s also illegal for them to ask for any money up front.. in fact, it’s illegal for them to ask for any money until 7 days after your money has been recovered. There’s a 0% chance you’ll recover anything at all if you follow their instructions. And with the false addresses, false names, false numbers… you’ll never hear from them again. Anyways.. if you’re someone who’s been scammed by this, here’s some people you might be interested in talking to.


    Richard Dean (goes by Mark Wright) (480) 371-4276
    Deborah Kohlruson (Goes by Ann Scott) (480) 297-8490
    Their maid Troi(female) (480) 628-0568
    Receptionist (602) 663-0612

    Personal Address: 14619 E. Desert Vista Trail, Scottsdale, AZ 85262
    Business Address: 501 S. 48th St. Ste. 415, Tempe, AZ 85281

    Consumer Recovery Associates(CRA) is a business that has gone by many other names before. Consumer Justice, Business Justice Advocates.. different names like that. CRA is headed by a husband and wife team that met a while ago online and got married the first week they met. One is Richard. Richard has worked in the sales industry for quite some time with an impressive record he likes to boast about. The company Bank Card Empire will probably ring a bell. His best friend who got scammed by him for over $5,000 to start CRA will tell you about the time they got $80,000 out of an old lady.
    Deborah was a teacher that took care of mentally disabled children. For some reason that she would never disclose to anyone, she was forced to retire permanently and never allowed to return to any school district.
    Richard regularly partakes in the services of low class escorts.
    They’re both morbidly obese.
    They have a very nice but obese young boy they drag along everywhere. Poor kid doesn’t have any friends at all besides the 14 dogs they have in their disgusting house. He’s home schooled and every single day you can find him moping around their filthy office. They don’t ever clean, ever.. The poor kid regularly has candy for dinner. He hasn’t had anything to drink besides soda for years. Doesn’t wash his clothes. Doesn’t brush his hair.
    They semi-regularly attend Phoenix First Assembly of God, and often pray with their victims. One of Deborahs regular lines is, “You have to walk in faith, one step at a time. When you sit in a chair, you have to have faith that it’ll hold you.”
    They scam their own employees and intimidate them into getting a power of attorney so that they can hide what they’re doing. They use several different LLC’s and business accounts under the employees name just in case the bank at the time catches on and closes the account. They often write bad checks in the employees name and they ‘float’ payroll checks through check cashing locations and run up debt for the employee.
    They use what’s called a voip(voice over internet protocol) service. It’s a internet phone service. Their numbers will show up from places like San Francisco, Hawaii, Nebraska, Carolina, but they’re all in the same building, based in Tempe, Arizona. They often give false business addresses like the county clerks office or the municipal court building. All employees are forced to give false names as well, under the guise that the banks don’t like them for helping people recover their money.
    They hide under the front of a gaming design business and will say they do “business consulting and software design.”
    They won’t answer your phone calls, but feel free to leave a message or to stop by 😉

  2. I was scammed for $4895 by the coaching department. They were supposed to help me set up an online business. I signed up online, the very next day I sent my written cancellation via certified mail. The address is an abandoned building, I can’t get ahold of anyone. My bank was trying to dispute for me, but I signed an online contract so they say they cannot do anything more. I have not received products or services, has anyone heard of these guys? What can I do?

  3. Still no response from More Milage Now. Gene Smith

  4. Last Feb(2011) I fell for a scam called More Mileage Now. Isent in $97. , got a package of information, which included a telephone number, when I called the company I was connected with a person, who was to be my coach. He talked me intoputting up $3400, foe a TV ad, w2hich he assured me of getting more than enough orders to pay for the aid and make me a lot of money, They stalled more than a month, finally sent me a 20 second ad, which they claimed they ran in Floridia. Never got any response, have been trying to get some kind of refund, ever sinse. They are calling themselves More milage now I have had a lawer4 write a letter, complained to my credit card company, the Arizona governer, and the Better Business Breau, still no refund. Gene Smith, 810 Oak St. Scott, La. 70583


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