Recover Money Lost to Scams with a Refund.


So, you accidentally sent a lot of money out for that “job” that was going to make you a millionaire in just a few weeks time only to immediately regret it. The “job” you bought into most likely consisted of a website or book that insists that you spend money to do some form of affiliate marketing. Unfortunately, you were ripped off. There is hope however. Follow this information to find out the best ways to get your money back. Feel free to contribute your story in the comments section. It isn’t limited to just the programs outlined here. If you were able to get your money back from any scam, we want to hear about it and include it in the list.

Rebate Processing Refunds

Angela Penbrook and Refunds

A number of our readers have successfully received refunds from one of the worst scams we’ve ever seen. Angela Penbrook is running a rebate processing scam that costs $197. One hundred and ninety seven dollars! For complete crap! If you’ve fallen victim to this scam, follow these stories below in order to get your money back.

Numbers to Call

1-800-875-8042 (Warning: possible sex chat line at times!)

Success Stories

From April:

First I called every one of her 1-800 numbers (and if someone needs one just shout out to me. ) I think the Bimbo has 3 numbers. I called all different times of the day and always got that annoying voice then that annoying music, then I just constantly pressed the “0” until I was connected. Then i spoke to 3 different people who were not nice at all and i composed myself very will because they had the upper hand, all of the 3 people took my name, e-mail address, and last four digits of my card that i put it on and my zip code. They all gave me the same confirmation number. A little funny to me so I kept calling and calling back 3 or 4 times until i got them disgusted. For the first few days i would get funny e-mails like we need your info again and i would keep calling back and keep getting the same confirmation number. Then i finally got a confirmation that i would get my refund in 5 to 7 days and i waited 6 and checked my account and my refund went through. I also recieved a confirmation e-mail from her that i was refunded.

From Patricia:

Today i called 1-866-885-8126 or 1-800-875-8042 and pressed “0″ as soon as I heard the Angela Penbrook greeting and in seconds I got a live person. His name was David Peterson. I told him I wanted a complete refund of my $197 and he asked me my E-mail address and name and what zip code I was from. He then told me that i was going to get a complete refund and gave me a autorization code number for it. Then I called back 2 minutes later and spoke to a woman named Rachel who did the same thing and also gave me the same authorization refund code as the previous Mr. David Peterson. I asked for their address and he told me that he couldn’t give me that information but he was in Urban California. I tried calling the Better Business Bureau and they dont do much but throw you on hold forever. I called my credit card company and I was told that the charge is pending and sometimes they know that you caught on to them and the charge gets dropped off as if you didn’t even make the transaction.

From David:

I called the 866 # just like Patricia did.I don’t remember the girl’s name I spoke with,but she was foreign and spoke english,albeit not clearly.She asked for my name,ph#,and zipcode.I complied and she said that the refund should show up in 4-7 business days on my CC.Unlike Patricia,I wasn’t issued a confirmation #,nor did they ask for the last 4 digits of my CC.I have already spoken with my CC company and forewarned them that I will be asking for a dispute or backcharge on this if they fail to issue my refund as promised.If you dial 800-785-8042,it takes you to the same place as the 866# that Patricia gave out.I’ll be checking my CC online starting this evening.

From Joyce:

Hi again to all, Joyce here again with a big smile because after jumping through many hoops, my credit card company notified me today they are giving me what they call a “conditional refund” of my money. Let me fill you in if it will help others. I sent all the info from the purchase of Angela Penbrook’s program to my credit card co. along with filling out an online dispute of the $197 charge. They emailed me about two weeks later, and asked for a complete and detailed letter about the situation, and also any proof from emails, correspondence, etc. and I was to forward all that to another address, different then the one on their website.
So I typed out a two page letter, along with copies of the email, a copy of the portion of her webpage which shows the 90 day guarantee, explained what the work was supposed to be in detail, etc. I never said “scam”. Kept everything very business like and explained that I could not do this work due to other obligations to my family, and since I have a 90 day guarantee, I should be entitled to my funds back. Mailed it off about 10 days ago, and today got the letter from my credit card company, with another page consisting of 3 questions to answer. 1. Exact date of cancellation of the order. 2. Why was order cancelled? 3. What was the merchant’s response when you attempted to resolve your dispute? (easy one, huh) Must sign and return within 10 days and they are “continuing to investigate this matter on my behalf”. So,to all out there please stick to your guns with the credit card companies, do whatever they want you to do,and whatever info you send, make sure you sign it, your own handwritten signature makes it legal. I checked my account on line just before coming here and I can tell you that the minus in front of the – 197.00 looks pretty good!!!!! Hopefully nothing will change. Must get the paper in the mail tomorrow with the info that the credit card company wants.
Hope everyone that has written to this webpage gets their reimbursement too. Thanks so much for all the honest hearted people who are out their pulling for everyone else.!!!

Getting a refund through eSellerate

Several scammers are running their operations through eSellerate. Including, Cindy Dalton at and Angel Stevens at I’ve heard that they can be difficult in refunding money, but be persistent! The rebate processing scam we bought into was through eSellerate and we still haven’t received our refund yet. But don’t lose hope and try the following advice:

I fell into the same trap and have been writing twice a day to the support site trying to get a refund. So today I thought i’d write an email to their payment gateway provider esellerate. They process the crdit card payments. I just described what had happened and within 3 hours I received an email stating that a refund had been made. Their details are:

Phone: (402) 323-6600

Update: I was able to successfully receive my money back from eSellerate after following the above advice!

Data Entry Refunds Refunds

From Claudette:

I have finally gotten a refund of my $49.95. from Dataentrybusiness. Actually it took some doing: I found this website called which is what was printed on my c/card account as having been creditted to from my accout and i checked it out online and found that all i had to do was punch in my emailaddress that i used to register with dataentrybusness and Essellerate would email me the account no. and the item no, of the registration transaction that i paid for. I immediately used that info i got from Essellerate and emailed dataentry business requesting my refund, and they immediately refunded my 49.95.

From Mitch:

If you havent already set up a paypal account – do so. That is how I paid for the DEB scammers membership (as Paypal is secure and you are insured)- but it doesnt matter how you paid.

You send a REQUEST FOR PAYMENT to : (as that was DEB paypal email account) the amount you want refunded and what I did was put in the ‘note’ box – THIRD AND FINAL WARNING. Failure to refund amount immediately will result a formal complaint to Consumer Affairs and Paypal.

Obviously Paypal knows these scammers – because I couldnt believe how fast my refund came through (I lodged it late last night and had it in my paypal account this morning) To those who dont have Paypal – you then transfer the money from your paypal account to your bank account.

Mich (Australia)

Clickbank and ClickandBuy Refunds

I haven’t found any specific scams operating through Clickbank or ClickandBuy, but use the following forms in order to request a refund from either website.

Clickbank: Customer Service Form
ClickandBuy: Complaint Department Information

Community Project

The list is small as of now, but I plan to update it as frequently as new refund stories come in. If you have a story to contribute, please leave a comment below. We’re always looking for new stories.

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    1. I have experienced the same thing that David and Patricia have. I just emailed esellerate and asked for a refund. We will see what happens. Thanks for the information!!

    2. I received my refund from eSellerate within 2 hours of emailing support. Good luck.

    3. I signed up for the processing rebates and paid my 197.00 and they took me to another page where I have to purchases some other kinds of products, I kindly called to request me refund and found out that they don’t work on Sunday, I forgot the even the devil takes a day off also. I will be calling tommorrow morning and they will give me my money back, I’m a single mother of five children on a fixed income. They really messed with the wrong one. I will let you know what happens… Thank you for the addtional numbers. with your help your opening alot of people eyes to these scams, and juse let me say this I should of done my research..

    4. Steve and Joe, I have been following your articles about this horrible scam and I just wanted to let you know that I have pasted your link on every comment section I can find on people losing their money with this scam! Thank you so much for all of your hard work in trying to put a stop to these thieves!!! I will continue to spread the word!!!

    5. Esellerate is the way to go. Worked for me! processathome was the culprit in my case.

    6. I to was taken by Angel. I am now trying to get my money refunded. I have been calling the 800 numbers and emailing. No luck so far. I will try emailing Esellerate. Wish me luck.

    7. happy refund results - thanks says:

      Definetly don’t mess with Angel Stevens – I did what the above said to do – GO THROUGH ESSELLERATE – I emailed at 8:50am and got a reply by 11:11am – checked my paypal account and my refund was there!!! I didn’t even try calling or emailing Angel Stevens because of what the above said. I gave them my order # in the email – just explained that it wasn’t what it said it was, etc. and that I was unhappy with the product and wanted my 100% guaranteed refund. Done

      Thanks to the people who posted their comments!!

    8. I have been trying to get money back from internetprofithouse. I had my bank find a 1-866 number from the charge on my bill. They keep telling me i have to e-mail them. well i have sent them more than 20 e-mails in the last couple of weeks. They are saying that they are not receiving them. This is a total lie because i sent one to their address(the same one) for support wheni first signed up for this.My next step is to have my credit card company go after them but that costs money and i dont have alot of that. If anyone has had any luck with this could you let me know? And stay away from EZrebates andd internetprofithouse and the name Brenda Meyyers they are baaad people!

    9. I ordered online this morning and immediately after ordering had doubt. I sent and e-mail to to cancel the order. I then called my bank to see if I could stop the payment and they said it had gone thru the system and the funds were being held by eSellerate but were not posted to my account as of yet. The only way to get them to release the funds was to contact eSellerate at 402-323-6600. I called the number and the message said that they were unavailable and to leave a message…I did. I then sent them a message to two different e-mail addresses… and I also forwarded a copy of those e-mails to Joseph Ashton at ccm@penbrook I have contacted everyone I could find to stop the payment from going thru. I will keep you posted as to if I could stop the payment or not.

    10. Update to the above comment:

      Well, after 4 hours, eSellerate has informed me that a refund has been processed and should appear in my account with in 3 to 5 days.

      I was not able to stop the payment but this will work…

      I think going thru eSellerate is the better way to go…Joseph Ashton has yet to respond to my e-mail.

    11. Sweet! Hooray for persistence!

    12. June 3 2008
      Yes I was also taken for 197.00.
      know way Penbrook aka Stevens or what ever you have name your self to-day.
      I kept at then,,I even told them in 24 hour I visit
      Attoney General Office,
      I sent E-mail to at 11.33A.M to-day guess what at1.52 P.M I had e-mail back, by refund was sent to bank
      with this female Angel? esellrate the way to go


    13. Hi there, am impressed bout the kind of work that you guys are doing for unsuspecting clients. I was intrigued when i read ur stuff but at the tail end u said there legit data entry jobs out there. If u say they are fake why do u advertise for them at you website?
      I have done alot of research, gave a review of “genuine” data entry site.
      I am still skeptical though, what intrigues me the most is you saying there are genuine sites. check these sites and give me a feed back asap cos am know confused.
      This site has an address where u can send questions to and they reply u. Help me out

    14. I got sacamed by “” by $197.00

    15. I too was a “Stupid Idiot” for paying the $197.00 to Angel Steven and her “Process At Home” crap…
      I sent her many e-mails for directions or “TRYING” to get a little help…hahaha….What a fool I was…..All I received back if any was the answers of….and i quote… “Just use the system as we laid it out for you.”….huh?????…..What system?….Is it the “TRUCK–LOAD” of printed garbage I have that is not worth the powder to blow to hell?….Most probably….But NOT!….SO, I got a “BRAIN–STORM” and read that )(&*^)(&^….NOW complete confusion sets in……And I decide to send yet another e-mail. But this time, no answer….So I wait…and wait…and wait…Now getting “REALLY MIFFED” about the whole situation I was in…And wrote one more, this time asking for my money back…HA!…The joke is now on me….I am as of 2 months now, waiting for the $197.00 refund….I REALLY DOUBT I WILL SEE ANY OF IT….Unless she gets nailed by the Feds or someone like that…But then again, that has the odds of “ALL” the Volcanoes in the world popping their cork at the same time.

    16. “Angel Stevens”!! RUN!!!! Ah man, she got me too. I went through with the process and I’m now waiting on a response. TTYL…

    17. HI, my name is Lekeisha and I was robbed of my money from INTERNATIONAL DATA ENTRY AT HOME INSTITUTE Microsoft sent me an email of this offer from this Company and I read everything throughly and i was interested I filled out the form and my VISA information and next thing u know It took my money really quick off of my VISA Because i called after I did it and my money was GONE I pressed the CONTINUE on the page and it did nonthin else It did’nt let me know anything else Ive email this company NUMEROUS times noone email me back recent but last time i email a lady said “I WORK WITH MARYANNE KENNEDY” she emailed me back but didn’t give me further information about a contact number or sumbody i could speak with about this PUBLISHED OFFER and anytime when it’ll take your money quick and leave u in the dark ITS A SCAM but… I’m going to take LEGAL RIGHTS OUT ON THIS COMPANY FOR SURE because this is UBSURBED I was robbed of my money and this is not a joke and won’t be joke but that’s what happen and I’m not pleased with it

    18. I’ve been working at home now for over 10 years for myself. I cannot believe that people do not realize that “You do not have to pay money to work at home!” Look, get rich quick scenerios are a dime a dozen. Please, always go and research these scams when you are reading their emails. I came across this website while researching an email that I received on (and get the date)January 18, 2036 from the infamous MARYANN KENNEDY-International Data Entry Institute. The first alarm was that the email was-Can You Work Tomorrow?**

      Paying $225 a day… you must be able to work from your home.

      **Receive your first check in 15-days.
      The second alarm was the date, “Excuse me, we are in the year 2008″ and the final straw, “The payment of $197!”

      People, PLEASE, PLEASE research, research and research!!! I have to tell you, “If it sounds too good to be true, it is!!!”

      I have clients that I work for and it took marketing, leg work and phone work to do what I do today.

      Good Luck with all your endeavors! Guys, I have to say, “Keep up the good work!!!”

    19. here a new scam, and you dont need to click there web site
      just looking at pay loans and next thing you know
      theres 149.95 taken out of your bank account
      and you dont want the things or item, in this case
      a credit card to shop at they web site.
      now i am haveing a battle with them to refund 149.95,i have been laid off of work and can not afford this money
      anyone else like me watch for them

    20. I can’t believe I put my self in this situatuion but I believe I have fallen vitim to as well for $197. ALso I tried to join her team yesterday for an initial investment of 4900 dollars (credit),Two hours ago I asked for a refund. I researched it and both and her team Bright Builder are scams. I’m a poor college student and I guess hope got the best of me, if anyone can help me get my money back, that would be great.thanks

    21. so far so good. thank god for this web site. i just did what all of the rest of you did and called the numbers above. after some tries i got a new number (800-381-7820) and call it. after talking to several indian speaking people who kept trying to
      re-inrole me i stuck to my guns of “i want a refund” and got the supervisor to give me a conformation # and assure me that the $197 would be deposited into my account in 3 to 5 days. we will see. i’ll let you know. it actually only took about 10 minutes.

    22. I e-mailed a request to have my $197.00 refunded on July 27, 2008. I have not heard from anyone yet. Please send my refund to me at: 5501 County Road 462, Henderson, TX 75654 ASAP. I found this a very tedious study that did not clearly explain how to get my quick income of processing rebates for $15.00 per rebate, and was not able to get it started and working in over two weeks of reading and trying to get thriugh the system. I never received a phone call from a coach or representative to help ( I was supposed to get a call within the first week) until in August, 2008. I ordered and paid for this training module on June 7, 2008. My order # is ST82338958, and my enrollment receipt # is 4597.

    23. Praise God thank you Jesus, I checked my account this morning, (day 5) and the $197 had been refunded. The # (1-800-381-78200) did it. It took all 5 days but they actually did what they said they would THIS TIME. It was easier than I thought. P.S. my first try is doucumented 2 letters above.

    24. I too fell victim to this scam and I have been calling for 30 days and no results. They tell me the same thing over and over ” Just be patient” well I am tired of being patient and want my money back. So I found this web sight and going to try the things suggested we will see what happeneds next.thanks

    25. I have been calling 1-800-381-7820 for almost 30 days now and being told the same thing over and over. That does not work for me and I have been pretty presistant with it and have not recieved any results HELP ME some one.

    26. Fell for the onlinedatainstitute for $197. Joined on Friday. Changed my mind the following Monday. Went to the eseller-rate website and went to the refund section. The reply is following:

      Thank you for your email. Your refund request has been received. You will receive an email confirming the refund for your order when the request has been processed.

      Please keep in mind that once we have processed your refund the issuing bank for your credit card may take several days to post the refund to your account. Please DO NOT contact the issuing bank or any other party as it will duplicate efforts and potentially cause unnecessary delays.

      If you have sent an email to this address for anything other than a refund request, or you have not provided enough information for a refund to be processed, you will not receive a response to your email.

      All refund requests must have all of the following:

      · email address,

      · customer name,

      · order number (the number will start with ST) that was used to place the order.

      To retrieve your order number, access:

      Thank you,
      The eSellerate Team

      The $197 refund was in my credit card account Friday. I didn’t call anybody, just used the eseller website. Hope this helps. And……..thanks for this website.


    28. I recently applied for this job working from home, but with problems beyond my control I can not continue with this project. So will you please refund me my $197.00 dollars. You said you have a 100% guarantee money back. I paid with my credit card please put itback on my account.

    29. I was scammed in a different way.
      While checking my charge card statements for the past
      quarter, there were some smaller amounts I had not noticed
      before, from LibertyFunPas and another company. These
      were charges for less than $20, but between both of them,
      and repeated charges to my account, totaled around $200.
      Repeated calls and emails to the companies were and are not
      answered or responded to.
      I was able limit the damage only by canceling that account
      and getting another one issued for a nominal fee,
      which I also had to pay.
      What I recommend now is to write down exactly what company
      was charged, the date and time you authorized it,
      and you absolutely MUST check your monthly statements.
      I made a similar post on another page.
      Maybe someone can learn from my mistakes.

    30. HERS how toget a refund faster than a NY MINUTE !

      takes time but once you find the hosting of the scammer and some conatct info to originator of website !

      CALL your Local FBI office SQUAD 8 div I got my money refunded from one data entry scammer that has cahnged web domains 3 times !

      NAME is GAVIN Stone BOMDIGITTY LLC in Florida is corp name that does all his scams for data entry !

      WEELL after HE got word about THE FBI the two e mails sent tome had this guy shaking his boots !

      ALL money is refunded YOU will not be cahrged the monthly fee again plaese stop your calls to govt agency etc..

      LOL what a dream come true for me that was well over a year ago i got scammed for $35 then found out i was being charged $49 to acess the info of nothing the site crashed on me after joining never got the info and daed ends from support and phone was not active either !

      LATER on i found if i cliked away a pop up chat came up and i could have gotten it for $1 well still only a $1 lost but that onging fee would kill me !

    31. Angel Stevens or Penbrook, who every she may be. I joined this

      rebate processing at home program. After I joined I find out

      the whole thing is nothing but lies, this is call fraud, and it

      is against the law. I spend $197.00 on Saturday, November 8,08

      at 2:18am. I need you to refund my account back to my credit

      card. I talk to someone this after noon and he said with this

      email I would receive my credit back within 3 days. That would

      be Thurday. I have already called my credit card company and

      told them about this scam and they will be checking into it.

      If I don’t receive my credit back by Thurday or Friday of 11-13

      or 11-14, then all the paper work that I make copies of will

      be turned over to my attorney. You will be sued for Fraud.

      Mary I. Logan 886181

    32. martin fratangelo says:


    33. i wish i had located this site before Angel Stevens conned me out of 197 bucks. once i realised there wasnt even an affiliate rebate program i was in the run around. when i finally got thru to “AFFILIATE ASSISTANCE” the rep barely spoke english an informed me i was wrong.. i did read where id be required to join a promotion program and be required to open a web site…MORE MONEY…to sell other peoples crap. oh an the kicker? she had NEVER received a call such as mine claiming id been scammed. Gonna try esellerate. wish me luck

    34. just heard back from sales. oh boy.. they no longer are affilliated with pah.. too bad Randy. but they hope i get my money back anyway.. signed JAMIE BROWN…james is dead an i guess so is my money. guys and gals…dont leave your hopes on the doorsteps of esellerate… ANY OTHER SUGGESTIONS?

    35. Thought I would let others know about Lost about $28.00. They did email my training package. Consist of three steps. 1) How to set-up your own free web page. 2) How to get free advertising over the web. 3) Now here’s the best part, they give you a ‘letter” which you can copy or add your own words to put in the advertising pages that you have. The letter tells others that for (amount that you want to charge)they can get data entry jobs at home, for the training package just send the money to, you guessed it, ME. I am supposed to give my name and email for their responses.

    36. Anybody who knows about I think i have been scammed. I sent them money through wire transfer on Tuesday (30th Dec 08) and their site is now not online. Who can help me recover this money. I used wire transfer six days ago. Thank you/.

    37. Hello: I have the same situation as Wanda /
      See above Wanda December 22nd ,2008 . Around this time I found the site but not having money I waited and 01/06/2009
      sent the payment $27.00–which is alot ot me–I am in a shelter
      situation . If I can be helped in getting a refund I would
      appreciate it.

      My emails were not replied to at first for a week or so as well.

      Thanks . GEJ

    38. travis noble says:

      I received a yellow card in the mail one day saying i could receive a grant. I filled it out they sent me a package back to fill out I mailed it and $350.00 for a processing fee the mother fuckers kept my money and i never received anything and shortly after the phone number was shut off. if you have any info on this please email me


    39. Norman Howard says:

      I also paid $197.00 to Angela Penbrook rebate processing, and received nothing. I called that 1-800 #, I was unable to speak to any one live. I can not afford to give money away like that. Please help. I can afford a lawyer!!! Thank you for your information.

    40. Norman Howard says:

      I made a mistake where I said I can afford a lawyer, I meant to say I CAN NOT AFFORD A LAWYER !!!

    41. Can anyone tell me how to get a refund from this site. Paid for nothing and have no way to contact them except for email address which never gets a reponse.

    42. Sorry site I was referring to is six figure cash machine

    43. I also got scammed with that idot Angel Stevens, her story on her website actually made me feel sorry for her…But I eventually got my money refunded to my bank account. The emailing was going back and forth for awhile until I sent my last email which said I was going to have my lawyer contact them to get my money back. Once I wrote that within 2-3 days I got my refund $197.00 yeah!!!

    44. Has anyone heard of Capital Marketing. They charge you $89.00 to process HUD Refunds. Or is this a scam too?

    45. Great BLOG! My situation is a little different. The biggest scammer I personally got taken by is”NICK MARKS” so called entrepreneur of the year in 2003. I paid over $200.00 for my website and when I discovered I had no control over the content of the site I started phoning(numbers didn’t work)Sent countless e-mails (NOT one response)Always an e-mail back that this persons box is FULL! I have no idea how to get my money back;any IDEAS?

    46. Carlie,

      My mom has an $89 charge on her cc for this same company. She is 72 years old and would not order such a program, especially two weeks before her knee replacement surgery. She hasn’t not received anything from them in the mail as they claim they would have sent her. I get her mail so I am sure of that. They couldn’t find her last name in their data base but still refuse to issue a credit to the credit card.

      She has no mortgage and hasn’t had one for years—and never through HUD anyway.

      I am done messing with them. I am disputing it with the credit card. The Attorney General would be the next call after that.

      Stay away from these people.

      She has

    47. Please tell me the best onlne job that do not charge a penny or they charge a penny but its true and not scam.

    48. Has anyone else been scammed by Jennifer Baxter’s Six Figure Cash Machine. I was ripped off for $49.00 and received absolutly nothing. Tryng to get a refund without a clue as to where to go.

    49. I, like many of you, receive hundreds of these unsolicited e-mails. I always research them and I have never ever found even one legitimate offer.I wish everyone would realize that these slick websites with these incredible offers are in and of themselves the business and they only generate money for the owners. Any Job offer that you have to pay for is a scam, pure and simple, no legitimate company will ever ask you for any money in order to work. The formula is always the same, they tell you everything you want to hear,things like more time with your family,set your own hours, show you pictures of their bank statements, flashy cars, exotic vacation locations, etc..etc as soon as you see that type of approach you know it is without a doubt a scam. Beware and best of luck.

    50. Hey guys,

      It would really help if when you post a success story could you put the date on it. I am one who has been taken by the process rebates at home. I am in the process with the emails back and forth. I got one today stating that they couldn’t do it by email and to call 800-818-7155. I have not called it yet but I will later today and post back to you to tell what happened.

    51. Carol, I’m not sure what you mean. All the posts and comments have dates on them.

    52. Joe, sorry I was not clear as to what I mean. At the top of this page you have posted success stories from people who gat thier money back. Those are the ones that I can not find a date for. I am new to this site so maybe I do not know where to look.

    53. I have several e-mail accounts and Jennifer Baxter has found them all. STAY AWAY from anything with the word JENNIFER in it. DELETE DELETE and report as SPAM!!!

    54. Gene Smith says:

      I signed up with the IMC Entourage early in April, 2009. they charged my bank account $95,oo April 5, sent me a package which was supposed to have all the information to set up my business. The trouble is, the CDs have information on the that is so faint and blurred, it can’t be read. So far, I haven’t had any luck getting a refund from Jim Walters. Any suggestions ?

    55. If anyone has any suggestions on how to get a refund from Data direct That would be great! The webpage doesn’t work and the download doesn’t work. when I made the purchase the order confirmation through SWREG digital river. I had sent 4 emails no answers to any of them and now I cannot sign in my user name and password doesn’t work! I know it was only for $37.00 but do you know how much money they make doing this when none of there sites work or have been deleted!! What a rip off! Thanks for your time everyone!

    56. Your Comments Ipaid 200.00 to Jimbo walters (IMCENTOURAGE) for them to make me a website. supposedly nothing else to buy .Then I find out he wants 97.00 amonth to be a member. when I didnt have another 97.00 for him to charge on my card, I get an email saying they gave my spot to Bob in Florida. I just want my money back or my money making website. Can anyone suggest anything. thanks.

    57. You’d think Ihad learned from NGC SCam, but I tried IMC Entourage I’ve called their number and they don’t answer Ikeep emailing but I don’t recweive an answer.

    58. Lol 20/20 did a review of proccessing rebates at home! They couldn’t make it work at all or get a refund. It’s too bad that these companies are allowed to continue opporating and scamming people out of their money. I finally found something that is working for me. I’m not making a fortune, but it is fun and I am almost about to be able to quit my job. That’ll be nice!

    59. I have fallen victim to the IMC Entourage too. Sent back all my products – even though the guarantee said all I had to do is call and no questions asked, I’d be refunded my money on the spot by Lisa. I received an email that says I can’t get a refund for that reason. Does anyone have their phone number? I can’t locate a number on any of the documents I have. (Not that I’d expect anyone to really answer it – but I need to try). My next step is to contact my cc company and then the FBI if I don’t get results.

    60. Dear MP the number is 1-800-216-7461

    61. I just found out that this site was a scam, I to will be reporting to a refund from,
      but being a retired federal officer it my duty to take it a step further and report this to the FBI for further investigation. I have also recieved a few new e-mails with simuliar claims as IMC and I’ll be including them in my report as well for them to check out.
      These kind of scams fall under consumer fraud and being that its over the internet its also wire fraud. a Crimminal offience. Will keep you posted.

    62. Just wanted to give an update… Anyway, after getting the run-around with people for several days. I checked my bank account again and found the main # for IMC’s parent company, which was listed in my bank account where they show the date the $ was taken, the amount, etc. I called the main number, got transferred a couple times, then finally got the parent company’s customer service who said they were going to issue my refund. The next day I received an email confirming that they would be issuing a refund for the $197.00 along with the $97.02 for the most recent pkg they charged my account for. I waited for 4-5 days and finally there it was… a refund was made into my account. Keep in mind that IMC (not the parent company) continued to send me emails stating that I needed to do certain things in order to request my refund (fill out forms, answer questions, etc)- trying to discourage me from trying to get it. I guess the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing in this large company – – all good for me though, because I ignored the emails from IMC and still got my refund.

    63. Customer service is our number one priority here at Six Figure Cash Machine, and we try to respond to every inquiry we get promptly. If you are unsatisfied with our product please contact us via e-mail at or by phone at 1 (888) 383-2370. We look forward to working with you to resolve this issue.

      Six Figure Cash Machine

    64. I don’t know why six figure cash machine bothered to post here saying they want to take care of thier customers. I have emailed and phoned several time with no response.

    65. For Steve Wood:
      You mentioned you had found something that was working. Would you mind sharing what it is and if there is a website ?
      Thanks and have a great day !





    69. Sorry on the above request: has anyone been able to get a refund from the US Online America Group (Stobel Marketing Group) after being scammed?

    70. Gerald Goodwin says:

      I’m having a problem with IMC Entourage, too. Sorry I can’t help you guys.
      My main problem is with Mr. Paul Darby, Unimax services. Anybody else have any problems with him?…or is he as ‘wonderful’ as he says he is?

    71. Be weary of Electronic Cigarette ads. They tell you to just pay shipping for trial pack and take $99.10 from your account. Had to notify my bank and State Troopers, will get reimbursed from my back about sixty days.

    72. John Hogue says:

      I just heard of a new one to me, possibly you have heard of it. It’s called the Residual Income Club. You report 10 license plate numbers a month and they pay you fifty dollars! Then you join the program which is $100 unless you join now – it’s $75, plus something like $20/month. Ofcourse you recruit people to do the same and bdfore you know it you are receiving something like $3,000/month. So all you have to do is keep reporting 10 license plate numbers/month and recruit more suckers and you will be set for life. The name of the company they claim is Data Vehicle Management Recovery out of Dallas, TX. They say they have been in business for 4 years. I could not find a web site for them and the BBB has no record of them.

    73. Report license plate numbers? What for? Just write down random numbers? Sounds totally bogus to me–that’s just to distract people from the pyramid and make it look like there’s a legitimate product or service going on.

    74. I was sent this e-mail this weekend. I do work at home but I never use the email address this was sent to to do it-
      Date: 31 – January – 2010

      Dear Cathy Quigley,

      We are happy to invite you to participate in our current survey in Robbinsdale.
      International Money Transfer Company – Western Union International Inc. and
      moneygram, are sponsoring and conducting a study of the quality of services
      provided to its current and future clients. The objective is to improve the quality
      of the services provided to customers in over 250,000 locations worldwide.

      These two companies are company that have been providing value-oriented services
      to their consumers, employees and the communities.

      They are in the business of electronically sending money from one fixed location to another
      business location, and most transactions are instant. This service is highly competitive, and
      certain principles have to be maintained and improved to be among the best.

      All prospective participants were randomly selected and your participation is not compulsory.
      Your survey site will be at any MoneyGram and Western Union International outlets,
      located at most WAL-Mart stores.

      Your task is to act as a potential customer, conducting a transaction to a friend or family
      member (details will be provided). During this process you will be observing the efficiency
      of the service being offered at that location. We would like to hear your experience, and
      your suggestions on how to improve services, if necessary.

      This is a breakdown of the task and funds that will be sent to you, should you wish to

      – Western Union Survey Amount: $1,490:00,
      – Transfer Service Fee/Commissions: $75:00,
      – Participants Survey paid Expense (For You) $200.59, Total: $1,765.59

      Cathy, your entitled pay for each survey ranges from $199.01 – $210.89, and
      there is no cost on your part.

      You have a choice of carrying out 2 or 3 surveys weekly. Customer service evaluation forms
      will be enclosed in your first assignment, we will expect you to fill the forms to the best of
      your knowledge, which will depend and be determined by the service offered to you at any
      of the survey locations.

      To participate in this paid survey, kindly indicate interest by providing us with your full names
      and a postal mailing address. Please send your details to the following email address:

      Any information you provide will be kept strictly conf’idential, and will never be disclosed
      to anyone.


      John Leviton,
      For: Lightspeed Consumer Services

      P.S – Survey is only open to US, UK and Canadian residents.

      Company Branches

      180 Mount Airy Road
      Suite 100, Basking Ridge, NJ. 07920

      94 New Bond Street, 3rd Floor,
      London W1S 1SJ, UK

      1000 Main Street,
      N, Oakville , ON.

      This communication and any files or attachments transmitted with it may contain information
      that is conf’idential, privileged and exempt from disclosure under applicable law. It is intended
      solely for the use of the individual or the entity to which it is addressed. If you are not the
      intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any use, dissemination, or copying of this
      communication is prohibited by federal law. If you have received this communication in error,
      please do away with it and notify the sender.

      Thanks to sights like yours me thinks this is a scam!

    75. Sharon McCabe says:

      I fell for a scam stupidly! The company is called Fastnet Learning. It was £2.05 to start up an online business and I was charged that, plus they took out an additional £55.33, which I have no idea what for. It turns out what I was paying for was a website where they claim they I have created a slimming advice book. It’s weird they put my name on the book, as soon as I saw that I knew it was bad news, but it was too late.

      I have no idea how to get the website taken down, get refunded and stop them from taking money from me! Bah! Help!

    76. It was a total scam. But figured I tried anyway since it has a 60 days 100% money back gurantee. Big mistake. I requested my refund in about a week. I sent email and also called with voice messages. No response from anyone other than an automatic email response that said my request has been received, will be getting a confirmation of the refund via email. After 2 weeks, nothing. But this is how they get you, time makes you forget!!! But I didn’t, so finally tried the PayPal Dispute and got my refund right away. They all scam on human weaknesses, TIME AND MEMORY. So, being human, we won’t listen till we try ourselves, but please only try on the ones that will say 100% satisfaction or money back.

    77. accurise is a scam alright! This is nothing but a telemarketing scam. The owner of accurise is just a thief and a scam artist who is taking advantage of people who need help. I can tell you from personal experience that accurise is a scam. I worked there. We were instructed by the owner to tell them that we were approved by the Department of Justice and that we were calling from a mortgage company called Cobalt. Accurise doesn’t even tell the people that they are signing up for credit repair. The clients are told that they are getting approved for a home loan. The owner of accurise is the worst kind of thief. He tells his employees to call people who have applied for loans with Lending Tree and tell them that accurise is an FHA program. It is a terrible place to work. I was only there for 3 weeks but it was enough. The owner of the company was like a scam artist crook from the movies. They treat the employees like slaves and pay them next to nothing and then threaten them all day long. We were told to lie. We were instructed to tell clients that the first step to getting them approved for a loan was “a free consultation,” but first they had to pay $59.95 for their credit report. Credit reports don’t cost anywhere near that and most people know that so we had to tell them that it was some kind of “special” credit report that only we could get. We were also instructed to tell them that there was some kind of guarantee to their services but, there really isn’t. The clients are told they are getting a “free consultation” worth $300. This is a joke. There is no consultation. The so called credit experts are just more telemarketers who know nothing about credit or anything else and whose only purpose is to trick the people into signing up for something they can do themselves. We were told to tell them that credit repair would only cost about $300-$500 and that was only if they needed it. They all needed it according to the so-called “credit specialists” (salesmen) and were charged much more. Clients are told that we have a 2 for 1 special but accurise just charges them twice as much. They are always changing the lies almost every day to stay ahead of the California Attorney General and the have meetings where the owner laughs about the Assistant CA Atty General and how they keep her happy with a bunch of lies and scams. They have sales meetings all the time which are really just sessions about changing the lies that the telemarketers can tell this week. I think most of the telemarketers who work there really think they are helping people. They are told that one day they will make decent money if they just keep selling more and more of these phony credit reports. They are victims also. They are abused intimidated and underpaid. Even the best salesmen are paid hardly enough to live while the owners are rich beyond imagination. They drive very expensive cars, wear Rolex watches and live in houses that look like castles but they are nothing more than common criminals preying on their employees and suckers.

    78. Last Feb(2011) I fell for a scam called More Mileage Now. Isent in $97. , got a package of information, which included a telephone number, when I called the company I was connected with a person, who was to be my coach. He talked me intoputting up $3400, foe a TV ad, w2hich he assured me of getting more than enough orders to pay for the aid and make me a lot of money, They stalled more than a month, finally sent me a 20 second ad, which they claimed they ran in Floridia. Never got any response, have been trying to get some kind of refund, ever sinse. They are calling themselves More milage now I have had a lawer4 write a letter, complained to my credit card company, the Arizona governer, and the Better Business Breau, still no refund. Gene Smith, 810 Oak St. Scott, La. 70583

    79. Still no response from More Milage Now. Gene Smith

    80. I was scammed for $4895 by the coaching department. They were supposed to help me set up an online business. I signed up online, the very next day I sent my written cancellation via certified mail. The address is an abandoned building, I can’t get ahold of anyone. My bank was trying to dispute for me, but I signed an online contract so they say they cannot do anything more. I have not received products or services, has anyone heard of these guys? What can I do?

    81. For people that have been scammed by illegitimate business’ before.. You’ll get a call one day. They’ll ask if you’ve been scammed before and you’ll be asked some generic questions like for how much? What happened? How long ago was it? Different crap like that. Then they’ll give you a ‘security code.’ Basically they’ll want to know the last 4 of your social to set you up long term. With the last 4 of your social, they can verify the amount in your bank account when they get your card #. Then they’ll say that a consultant, or advocate.. or whatever will give you a call back and tell you how to get your money back. They’ll call you back and spout some information and the Federal Truth in Lending Act.. They always like to use laws that don’t even necessarily pertain to the issue at hand to give their schemes some legitimacy. They’ll say there’s 100% chance of you getting your money back as long as you follow the instructions. It’s false of course. They’ll force you to give them your credit card numbers ahead of time so that they can “search for the records of the transactions.” That’s false, of course. Even if the transactions only happened on one card, they’ll say that all the cards and all the banks are connected. They just want to know how much you have in your bank accounts before they hit you for the price. They say they’ll send something and have yet another person give you a call back.. “Todd Collins.” Then they’ll have you sign something by email. It says something like ‘a price deemed appropriate for services rendered.’ So if you don’t pay, they’ll threaten to have criminal charges filed… ‘theft of services.’ By law, it’s illegal to check funds in a customers account unless a transaction is taking place. Then Todd will give you a call and try to pry the money from you. If “Todd” is unsuccessful, then it’s the owners of the company that you’ll be talking to next.. It’s also illegal for them to ask for any money up front.. in fact, it’s illegal for them to ask for any money until 7 days after your money has been recovered. There’s a 0% chance you’ll recover anything at all if you follow their instructions. And with the false addresses, false names, false numbers… you’ll never hear from them again. Anyways.. if you’re someone who’s been scammed by this, here’s some people you might be interested in talking to.


      Richard Dean (goes by Mark Wright) (480) 371-4276
      Deborah Kohlruson (Goes by Ann Scott) (480) 297-8490
      Their maid Troi(female) (480) 628-0568
      Receptionist (602) 663-0612

      Personal Address: 14619 E. Desert Vista Trail, Scottsdale, AZ 85262
      Business Address: 501 S. 48th St. Ste. 415, Tempe, AZ 85281

      Consumer Recovery Associates(CRA) is a business that has gone by many other names before. Consumer Justice, Business Justice Advocates.. different names like that. CRA is headed by a husband and wife team that met a while ago online and got married the first week they met. One is Richard. Richard has worked in the sales industry for quite some time with an impressive record he likes to boast about. The company Bank Card Empire will probably ring a bell. His best friend who got scammed by him for over $5,000 to start CRA will tell you about the time they got $80,000 out of an old lady.
      Deborah was a teacher that took care of mentally disabled children. For some reason that she would never disclose to anyone, she was forced to retire permanently and never allowed to return to any school district.
      Richard regularly partakes in the services of low class escorts.
      They’re both morbidly obese.
      They have a very nice but obese young boy they drag along everywhere. Poor kid doesn’t have any friends at all besides the 14 dogs they have in their disgusting house. He’s home schooled and every single day you can find him moping around their filthy office. They don’t ever clean, ever.. The poor kid regularly has candy for dinner. He hasn’t had anything to drink besides soda for years. Doesn’t wash his clothes. Doesn’t brush his hair.
      They semi-regularly attend Phoenix First Assembly of God, and often pray with their victims. One of Deborahs regular lines is, “You have to walk in faith, one step at a time. When you sit in a chair, you have to have faith that it’ll hold you.”
      They scam their own employees and intimidate them into getting a power of attorney so that they can hide what they’re doing. They use several different LLC’s and business accounts under the employees name just in case the bank at the time catches on and closes the account. They often write bad checks in the employees name and they ‘float’ payroll checks through check cashing locations and run up debt for the employee.
      They use what’s called a voip(voice over internet protocol) service. It’s a internet phone service. Their numbers will show up from places like San Francisco, Hawaii, Nebraska, Carolina, but they’re all in the same building, based in Tempe, Arizona. They often give false business addresses like the county clerks office or the municipal court building. All employees are forced to give false names as well, under the guise that the banks don’t like them for helping people recover their money.
      They hide under the front of a gaming design business and will say they do “business consulting and software design.”
      They won’t answer your phone calls, but feel free to leave a message or to stop by ;)

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