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Over the course of the past week, I’ve received five emails regarding ‘Project Payday.’ Two were from I’ve Tried That readers, two were spam emails, and one was from someone named Patrick who claimed to have worked for Project Payday. I’ve figured I’ve put this review off long enough and it was time to bite the bullet and just do it already.

[Update 3/14/09: Click here to read our newer, more complete review of Project Payday.]

You Don’t Have What it Takes.

After submitting my email address and my name (Franklin McNugget!), I was taken to another page that told me I don’t have what it takes to make money online like he does. First off, who is he? There is stock photo of a guy with his pockets turned out next to the paragraph. Is he my competition? If so, I make more than pocket lint per day online.

I skimmed further down the page and saw beautiful yellow backgrounded text and plenty of PayPal screen shots. Frankly, I don’t get it. The previous page said there was no investment involved and I created an account, why am I looking at another presell page? Oh, that’s because…

Complete One (1) of the Free Sponsor Offers

In order to actually access the Project Payday member section, you need to complete a sponsor offer and we all know what that means. The creators of Project Payday are getting paid a ridiculous amount of money just so you can access their program. Not to mention, you WILL need to invest money to join. This means you will have to give out credit card information and potentially ruin your credit. I’m stopping my review right now because I’m not contributing a dime to these scam artists.

I’ve researched a few online forums and found that the way to make money is to rip companies off. You essentially ‘hire’ another user to complete an offer so that you make commission on whatever action needs to be taken. From there, you pay the person you hired with a part of the affiliate commission you make. This definitely breaks the rules of almost every affiliate program and you will be kicked out of whatever program you are in without a shadow of a doubt. Yes, this means that your “earned” commissions will be taken away. I also would not be surprised to hear that companies have pressed charges against Project Payday members. You are stealing money. That is illegal.

The Only Text Worth Reading on the Entire Site

“If you aren’t thrilled with Project Payday, let us know within 60 days for a ‘no questions asked’ refund.”

If you paid to join this program in the last 60 days, I highly suggest you do what the quote says and get your money back.

Project Payday is a Scam.

Stay away from this website. Far far away. This is easily the most diabolical program we’ve reviewed so far and there is nothing but trouble in it for it’s members. To quote Dave Ramsey, “Honest hard work is the best money-making scheme. The best place to go when you’re broke is to work.”

Always remember, there is no get rich quick scheme.

Update: We’ve decided to take another look at Project Payday. Click here for our latest review.

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  1. Thanks everyone, so much.

  2. I joined them at the end of August 2014. I am only doing the referral program. I have seen over 2 doaen youtube videos with people claiming they only do the referral program and are making 100.00’s of dollars per day. That, is a bit far-fetched in my opinion. I have been doing the posting, blogging and usisng forums and many many classified ad sites as told and in 4 weeks, I have made a whopping 1.50

    I find that the people bragging on youtube are being secretive and liars. I saw one video of a guy who claimed (using only the referral program) he made 65,000.00 in two days. Again, thats a lie.

  3. I definitely appreciate the honest review before I joined and made a mistake. I am desperately looking for legitimate work from home jobs but I am coming up with nothing but schemes. Any REAL LEGITIMATE companies anyone knows of that I can look into? I would seriously appreciate it. Thanks for any help in advance!

  4. I looked at PPD earlier today and after just getting started found it wasnt worth it at all. You have to complete offers in order for them to possibly pay you. None of the offers are truly free if you read more of the fine print. For them to truly accept the offers you complete you have to pay for them. no start a free trail and then cancel before its done whether you like the product or not. So yes they may pay you for completing the offers provide but you will end up paying more money over time than they might pay you in return. so all in all its not worth the time unless you want to use the products offered then maybe.

  5. I am curious if this is still a current website with current comments. I am researching Project Payday. I am curious. I have questions. I’d like to try it, but want to see comments from today, not 3 years ago. PPD showed up in my local Craigslist, job listings.
    Thanks, Julie

  6. I wish you luck wityour PPD. I did “freebie trading” for about three years. I joined at a time when you didn’t have to the “fast fifty” with PPD. Then I went on to Free Lunchroom, which is no longer an then to Net Income Solutions. I have always been a supporter of this way to make some $$ online, even though there have been alot of naysayers. You don’t get rich doing this, but you can make some money. I agree with everything you say, new trader. There is also alot more competition for the referrals. And it does take time, you have to be ready for that. After getting all my greens I went on to do quite good. At one time I had over $5,000 in my Paypal. I don’t do freebie trading any longer because it seems as though there arore folks who are qualified to receive referrals of their own and they are just spread out too thin. It is hard to make any meaningful money now… least that is my thoughts.

  7. I joined PPD on Tuesday. I will tell you to skip the fast fifty. It exhausts too many offers before you get into the real greening process on the prime networks. As it is I am having troubles finding offers I have not already done,still working or don’t have some sort of. Glitch. I am sweating bullets over a few of them getting here in time so I can cancel them. I cannot afford $$$ beauty creams to come out of my already tight bank account. My greening will be on hold for a few weeks until the sites get some new offers. I made $100 plus on 5 trades and they were relatively easy. I spent $50 on products,several were clubs I can cancel but book and movie clubs you usually cannot. You will go red. So plan them accordingly as well. Keeping meticulous records is a must! If you add in my club obligations I probably didn’t make much but with any business you have to spend some to make some. Realistically,the offers could be better for greening but I have hope this will eventually get me making money on many things I can use anyway.

  8. Hi,

    I’m a disabled survivor and it’s extremely hard for me to find or even work a full-time regular job. I’m very curious if PP is a 100% legit system that allows me to make some extra income to get by?

  9. Hi Ri,
    Yes, I am a real person. It has been awhile since I have done anything with Project Payday. I am not sure what types of things they are offering right now. I am still a member of Net Income Solutions, which Project Payday promotes on their site. But I am not active on Net Income Solutions right now. As far as joining Project Payday, I can’t tell you one way or the other, that is up to you. You probably need to read up on it some more. Did someone send you their referral link for it? If so, ask them if they can send you some more information about what programs are contained within Project Payday, what exactly do they offer for the money? Also ask if there is a money-back guarantee. I would sure check it out alot before I did join. I am sure there are some ok programs they offer, but as I said, I haven’t been in contact with them for awhile. I will go to my area on PP and see what I can find out. Let me know what you decide. Just be careful.

  10. I have herd about it by reading it from some outher website and it seems to be ok base on the reviews I read thus far .

    Carol you seem to be a real person not a paid worker wich is great for me becaus I have some questions on if I should join peoject payday.

  11. I didn’t know you could list your personal website links in this forum. But you worked it in there very nicely, Mr. Yafari.

  12. After reading all these reviews it seems this will only go back and forth. It is a constant fight of the good and the bad. I feel if its not at least 90% positive, the company isn’t worth the hassle. People want to make money all the time & they are quick to throw there money at an opportunity.

    I own my own business and it is something I truly believe in. You actually get a product as well that is beneficial to you. I shared these products with others and now my business is starting to boom. I am living a healthier life and taking supplements that will save me TONS of money from medical bills presently and in the future. Also my business is the only one to have exclusive rights to the strongest antioxidant on the market. My products are all 100% healthy and support your body in so many ways. The energy shot alone provides mental concentration, alertness, fights depression, promotes weight loss, and so much more. If your losing your hair, fighting allergies, diabetes, have a weird growth, need energy, overweight, pain in the body, arthritis you name it, we have products for you.

    The amazing thing is this. I help others lives and have a healthy lifestyle like myself. I see older people with gray hair start growing black roots. Growths on peoples bodies going away. The ability to have a more sound sleep at night. The list truly goes on.

    I have a love for health and nutrition, as well as for people. If I can help I am going to. Especially when there is truly unique products in a class of all their own. What is even more amazing is I know if you try any of them you will want more. You can help others and grow a business at the same time and make money. Heart to heart….. You live healthy, you help other, and you make money. Start enjoying your life now in every aspect and help others.

    If your interested in this tremendous opportunity go to the site listed Not only that, google the ingredients in the products on this page. You will be blown away by what you find out. This will even further more back up everything be stated. God bless and I hope you all follow the path to financial freedom.


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