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Over the course of the past week, I’ve received five emails regarding ‘Project Payday.’ Two were from I’ve Tried That readers, two were spam emails, and one was from someone named Patrick who claimed to have worked for Project Payday. I’ve figured I’ve put this review off long enough and it was time to bite the bullet and just do it already.

[Update 3/14/09: Click here to read our newer, more complete review of Project Payday.]

You Don’t Have What it Takes.

After submitting my email address and my name (Franklin McNugget!), I was taken to another page that told me I don’t have what it takes to make money online like he does. First off, who is he? There is stock photo of a guy with his pockets turned out next to the paragraph. Is he my competition? If so, I make more than pocket lint per day online.

I skimmed further down the page and saw beautiful yellow backgrounded text and plenty of PayPal screen shots. Frankly, I don’t get it. The previous page said there was no investment involved and I created an account, why am I looking at another presell page? Oh, that’s because…

Complete One (1) of the Free Sponsor Offers

In order to actually access the Project Payday member section, you need to complete a sponsor offer and we all know what that means. The creators of Project Payday are getting paid a ridiculous amount of money just so you can access their program. Not to mention, you WILL need to invest money to join. This means you will have to give out credit card information and potentially ruin your credit. I’m stopping my review right now because I’m not contributing a dime to these scam artists.

I’ve researched a few online forums and found that the way to make money is to rip companies off. You essentially ‘hire’ another user to complete an offer so that you make commission on whatever action needs to be taken. From there, you pay the person you hired with a part of the affiliate commission you make. This definitely breaks the rules of almost every affiliate program and you will be kicked out of whatever program you are in without a shadow of a doubt. Yes, this means that your “earned” commissions will be taken away. I also would not be surprised to hear that companies have pressed charges against Project Payday members. You are stealing money. That is illegal.

The Only Text Worth Reading on the Entire Site

“If you aren’t thrilled with Project Payday, let us know within 60 days for a ‘no questions asked’ refund.”

If you paid to join this program in the last 60 days, I highly suggest you do what the quote says and get your money back.

Project Payday is a Scam.

Stay away from this website. Far far away. This is easily the most diabolical program we’ve reviewed so far and there is nothing but trouble in it for it’s members. To quote Dave Ramsey, “Honest hard work is the best money-making scheme. The best place to go when you’re broke is to work.”

Always remember, there is no get rich quick scheme.

Update: We’ve decided to take another look at Project Payday. Click here for our latest review.

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    1. Hi,

      I was introduced to the incentivized freebie websites through Projest Payday. I have profitted nearly $3000 in seven monthusing the strategies outlined in Project Payday. I have never violated any affiliate program rule and have been paid every single time I earned a prize. I have used these programs to get paid to buy insurance, subscribe to Netflix, buy books, printer ink and other items. The only thing that wiffs of a scam on Project Payday is that you have to pay for their information, which many other people would gladly give you for free. Projest Payday is clear that this not a get rich quick scheme, but you can make relatively small amounts of money by working these sites. I used to have a part time job but was able to leave that after discovering this system.

    2. I would also like to comment on Project Payday. I stumbled across it this spring and started working the “incentivized marketing” business too. It is real, and there are a ton of people doing it. I have also made thousands of dollars trading in the freebie world.
      But is not a get-rich-quick scam. It is business, and like any business, if you want to make money at it, you have to put in lots of time and hard work. You have to have a credit or debit card, and people will pay you to go to a site and complete one or two offers there. Yes, there is a lot of fraud that goes on, but it is pretty well policed and fraudsters get taken down pretty quickly. However, there are lots of trial offers I did and ultimately decided I liked. I’m subscribed to Blockbuster, I got my wife some hydrating skin lotions that she loves (I never knew something like that could mean so much), and various other things.

      I pay people to complete offers at these sites. Typically, you pay 1/2 of the value of each referral. So, if I want to cash in $240 at a site and need, six referrals, I pay each of them $20-$22.

      Project Payday sucks. But it has really opened the floodgates into that industry, which apparently has been both a blessing and a curse. I quit fooling with their site after two days and now work 4 forum boards where I trade with lots of folks and have made quite a few friends. So, while Project Payday does hustle you for a referral, there is something legitimate beyond the website itself. Anybody interested in freebies should search it out. True, you don’t need Project Payday.

    3. Ok you dont have to pay andyou dont have to do the complete one of the following things.
      If you want it for “FREE” you have to do the complete one of the following but if you dont want to do that you can buy it for $34.95 and you can use paypal meaning you dont have to put your credit card up on the line.

    4. Since I started with Project payday and feverishly worked to get referrals for them I was actually paid $10. Now my account says $12 and they won’t pay me anymore. When I tried to bill them through PayPal, they cancelled it. Sounds like something stinking through the “Project”; almost reminds me of GreenZap.

    5. I came across PPD because I was looking for make money ideas on the internet and it was getting very good reviews. I opted to pay for it rather than do an offer and it was an awesome thing. I’ve made over 300 dollars with very little work and I’m currently taking it to the next level to generate a consistent income. No, it won’t make you rich quick and it doesn’t claim to. PPD just puts together all the information you can find across the internet into one place. Should you be charged for it? Well I suppose someone has to pay their marketing and bandwidth bills. I’ve been recommending it to friends and will continue to do so. This industry is expanding and I’m going to be a part of it.

    6. PPD gives users a bad outline of a potentially profitable venture. The video on the front page states this user does it at home and work which is against every TOS in the business. Double IP’s will get your account placed on hold in a heart beat.
      PPD and FLR both are operated in an unethical manner and seem to tell users the program is easy as cake. The facts, crediting on IFW sites leaves a lot to be desired. Most users find themselves doing 100% more offers than originally told and still never get credited for 75% of them.
      I wouldn’t recommend PPD or FLR as they are both proven time and time again unrealistic and unethical.

    7. I use FLR and am making a little money. FLR is just a place for everyone who is interested in IFWs to go and meet and interact. True, you don’t always get your credit. But it’s not FLR’s fault. They don’t pay you themselves. They come from the ADVERTISERS who are providing the offer, not the sites themselves. You would still be having problems with the crediting issues whether you use them or not. Users are encouraged to only try offers they are willing to honestly try. I have bought books, movies, ringtones, etc. Some of the freebie sites are willing to give you manual credit if an advertiser doesn’t give you the credit. You do have to keep a detailed log of the offers you’ve done and when to cancel trial memberships though. If you don’t keep accurate records, you will lose more money than what you make. PPD is not a scam.

    8. Interesting, when you take advantage of these large corporations and take them at their word for “free trial offers”, this is “unethical”. When these large corporations take advantage of us each day that is just “good business”. The fact is PPD only gives info on how to do freebie trading. I’ve completed one and have been paid. I’m sastified it is legit, although time consuming, and yes you can make money on it. So far every negative comment I’ve seen is either from people with a bias opinion and no experience, or failed because they didn’t study a bit and do their homework on how to do these trades. I looked over the material and read for a few weeks before I started. IT WORKS! Don’t forget, if these companies stopped this they would be losing millions of dollars each year because despite the large number of cancellations, the amount they make from people who don’t cancel is still tremendous. Thats the nature of business. Sometimes you lose too, and the big corporations still are raking it in.

    9. i am interested and looking into project payday to see if could get a little extra money for myself, i’m still worried if it is going to ruin my credit or something so i’m not sure yet but still i’m looking all over the internet for answers before i start to make any trades, based on the fact that we need our credit card to complete the offers soemtimes i feel that is a little not secure, i wonder if the gift visa cards also would work, i will try with that and i will let you guys know if someone is interested, just trying to help people not waste their money, and if i loose my money or something bad happens with project payday, i certainly will post on every blog online about that so people don’t get tricked, lets be honest, you don’t know what it is until you experienced it.

    10. John’s post on Jan 21st is very much on target

      The business of doing these “trades’ is real and can be profitable. People who make the choice to do so need to be disciplined in their actions.

      Corporations are well aware of what they are doing, any money they spend in advertising / advertisements is risk capitol. “Risk capitol with a profit” they are not REALLY giving you any thing for free.

      They would not be in this “venue of business” if it did not turn a nice profit for them. You need to understand they created this approach with full knowledge of the pro and cons

      They give the rules and parameters of what is required and either people / customers follow them or they don’t.

      Cross your T’s and dot your I’s keep good records stay disciplined and you will make a tidy sum,if you choose to do so-
      – Danzig

    11. Project Payday IS’s an ethically-challenged system, and I got paid immediately after I started…yes, most of the offers from the IFW sites do require a fee but you don’t really have to pay the fee at all. For instance – if I work out an arrangement with a guy on the forum and I sign up for an offer with a 14 day trial and the guy is paying me $25 to my PayPal instantly upon sign up, after day 10 of the 14 day trial I just cancel the trial and still keep my $25 payment! And the money just adds up. You can not call something a scam just because you refuse to get involved with it – You are correct, it’s not a scam, it’s a scheme! However we reserve the right to point out how sleazy it is to take the money, with every intention of canceling the contract.

      And, you have to do it again and again, seeking new opportunities to do the same thing, ripping of more and more people, knowing you’re never going to take the product. If they didn’t offer the $10 to $25, you wouldn’t take a second look.

      This forum seeks to promote legitimate business opportunities where by providing a service or product, you earn a profit. And, whether it is a one-time purchase or service, you can still find others who need, want it, and are willing to pay for it.

      With your scheme, you provide no service or product, nothing of value.

    12. I really don’t know if this is a scam or not. All I know is that I have lost money on free offers and been charged for products that I don’t want. This happened through slick email promotions by Project Payday itself. I can’t even find a support ticket area on the website to request my money back. Don’t get involved with this program.
      Gail Schriber

    13. Carol Robinson says:

      I joined Project Payday just a week ago. I didn’t mind paying to join….I have seen alot worse. PPD comes pretty well recommended so I thought I would give it a shot. I have made $75.00 so far. I admit I have ordered more than that right now, but I don’t order anything I don’t want or need. And I don’t go overboard on that. This is not something to get rich with. It takes patience and perserverence. You can’t come to the site desperate for money. This is something you have to take slow until you get the hang of it, or you will end up spending way too much money!! I have a mentor who is helping me. They are very patient and willing to help wherever I need it. You have to be willing to read EVERYTHING that Project Payday has to read in the member area and it is alot. They leave nothing out. If you have the patience you can make a good monthly income on this site. It is not a scam, it’s just that some people expect more from it than they should. Read everything about Project Payday that you can, then it is up to you.

    14. Carol Haskins says:

      Did anyone try this business with the visa gift card? I am interested in trying PPD but am very concerned about using my card info. Is there a way to get paid without using my account?

    15. If you are worried about using a credit card, use a prepaid debit card with a mastercard or visa logo. That way you can keep careful track of what you invest to receive your profits and set aside a specific amount to put into the program. They work just as well as a credit card and no charges can be placed on it that you do not authorize. This is money invested in a business and can be used to document business expenses on your taxes at the end of the year. And this method shields your credit.

    16. Carol Robinson says:

      I have to laugh at the statement, “this is the most “diabolical” scam you have ever seen.” You don’t have a clue!! This business works. And many of us DO NOT rip off the companies that participate!! They are making money too, hand over fist. But when we complete an offer, we are many times ordering things that we wanted or needed to begin with and don’t even plan on ripping off the company that is doing the offer!!! The companies have a set of ways to make sure that doesn’t happen. They have participated in these things long enough to know what is going on. I have made money. I have not become rich or wealthy. Most people that join PPD do not join with the thought that they are going to become wealthy. They just want to make some money to help out with the bills, supplement their income, etc. You join PPD and stick with it for a few months and do what you should….you will find out this isn’t “diabolical” at all!!

    17. Carol Robinson says:


      Unfortunately there are quite a few sponsors who will not accept a pre-paid card of any kind. But I have used my debit card and my Discover card with no worries. I did order “Lifelock” security as one of my offers. That is a fantastic program to have and you really don’t have to worry once you have that program helping you. But I understand why you are hesitant to use your cc.

    18. Kathleen M says:

      I thought project payday was a rebate processing certification/employment program that sets people up to do rebates for corporations. What else is it that I am not understanding ? Is there anyone out there that has joined ppd to do rebates ? Is it a scam, do you really get $ 15.00 aver.for one rebate. Please advise.

      Sincerely Kathleen the scott

    19. Kathleen, I don’t think ppd is a rebate processing company. I am not sure what it is yet but I am wanting to try it. I was led to PPD through google when I was inquiring about the rebate processor companies. I wanted to find out about these rebate processing companies and from what I understand, they are all a rip-off. Just go to google and search rebate processors and you will see. So far from what i have read, PPD is legit. You can also vivit this link … http://www.***.org/ and see the grading systems of some of these home-based businesses. Good Luck and if you find out anything about PPD, please let me know. Thanks , Diana

    20. Diana, I removed that link. As far as I can tell it looks like a long spammy list of affiliate URLs. I also couldn’t find a single actual review. Plus, what was with the list of news/web programs? There’s no way any reputable news source would consider mentioning that URL.

    21. Steve, i sincerely apologize about the link. I wasn’t trying to advertise anything. It didn’t even dawn on me what i was doing. I accidently stumbled upon the website and found the grading system helpful. Sorry for the misunderstanding. Still need any info on PPD if anyone can help.

      Ty Diana :)

    22. Diana,
      Project Payday is not a rebate processing company or a data entry company. The only way to fully understand what it is is to go to the website itself. I know you are not supposed to put links in here but just go to the website and read about it. I started PPD the first part of March. There is a Method #1 that you do for awhile. I have made only about $100.00 on that method but I am about ready to go to method #2, which is the one where you make alot of money. Not enough to get rich, but anywhere from $1000 to $3000 or more per month. I am very cautious by nature and I have tried ALOT of online businesses. I did some research on PPD before I joined. So far this is the ONLY online business where I have actually been able to put money in my Paypal account. That is a good feeling. Hope this answers some of your questions.

    23. I am seriously tired of people trying to scam me into giving them my money. The biggest problem is that I am looking for something to help pay all the bills, and there are so many things that just try to take your money.

      it really stinks!!! oh by the way.. Dave Ramsey is awesome.

    24. Brandon, I don’t blame you for being sick and tired of all the scams. I have been looking for a good way to make money online for the last 8 years and decided that is an oxymoron!! Can’t happen!!! But I do ok on PPD. I have more money in my PayPal account than I have EVER had. And it is pretty much just sitting there for now to help me pay bills, etc.

      Have you ever gone on Google and typed in Telecommuting? That is true legitimate jobs from home? Some require you to have training in special areas but they are worth looking into. My daughter just applied to and got a job with Alpine Access. It doesn’t pay as much as jobs that you drive back and forth to, but she loves it. She can stay home now and work. It is a customer service job. Anyway, best of luck to you in your search. Be very careful of any jobs online. If it sounds too good to be true, it is.

    25. PS to Brandon, who is Dave Ramsey???

    26. I went into Project PayDay . .worked very consisitantly for 4 weeks and made about $60

      My sponsers were very helpful yet I found the merchants who hosted the sites for the “free” stuff would not honor my joining the programs. . . with lots of delays in getting paid

      For the lack of an other words . .it is a rip – off you shoulder all responsiblility for puting charges on your credit / debit card. Go to the PayDay site and see how many members that are there who are inactive . .WHY ??

      Because it does not work . . . be kind to your self don’t join

      I found pre -paid cards did not work


    28. Danzig,
      First of all, did you read everything there was to read on the PPD site? It took me about a week just to read everything and then I went over everything again to make sure I knew all the rules. Then did you join FLR (Free Lunch Room). That is the best forum to go to. Then I read everything on there before I got myself a mentor. If you read, you would know that the offers you do on the various IFW sites DO NOT accept pre-paid debit or credit cards.
      You should NOT do any offers that you do not want. And you do have to keep an eye on the charges, that IS your responsibility. What do you mean by this?: <>

      The merchants who host the gift sites do exactly that, HOST the sites. They have no other responsiblity to you or the gift sites. They will try to help when they can but it is up to you to make sure that you apply correctly to each offer that you do. If you don’t READ the instructions given to you by the people you are trading with then it is very easy to make mistakes and NOT get your offers credited.

      You have to be persistent, and can’t give up after only 4 weeks!! I have been doing this now for almost six weeks. I have a little over one hundred dollars in my PayPal account. I am still on method one, but that is my decision. Many people advance much more quickly than I have. I have had my share of problems with the offer sites crediting for me, but I had to look back and think about what I might have done wrong. The offers did not credit. I didn’t like it, but I moved on. That is the only way you are going to be successful in this business. I am planning on doing my trade thread soon and moving on to method 2, where all the money is. I don’t plan on giving up. I am not going to “whimp” out on this. I will “see” you again in a couple of months send you an email with my Paypal balance.

      Also, you obviously did not go to the FLR forum. There are NO inactive people on that forum. You can’t just go to PPD and then stop!! What was your login name on the FLR forum? Did you do the method # 1? M #2? G4G? There are so many ways to make money on this forum. It is not hard. You just need to be patient and have perserverance.

    29. Hi Carol –

      There seems to be a few things that need to be more clear. My problem is not so much with PPD as they can only do so much.

      It was with the merchants/vendors who would not credit or recognize my confirmed orders /payments, even when I offered to and sent confirmation e-mails and copy of bank statement(s) showing that I REALLY did make a purchase(s).

      Yes I did join the FLR and like you I went thru the material carefully and for me it took about a week as well.

      If you read my first post carefully I never said I use pre-paid cards. I set up a account at my bank solely for THIS business venture

      Again I never said I completed any offers I was not willing to do . . .simply I did the ones I decided upon – not a problem

      Simply no mistakes were made . . .they would not give credit, even when proof was offered.

      It was not a matter of giving up, it was clearly a matter of not wanting to “ride a dead horse” and do business with companies who choose to be less than ethical. . . when the proof is in front of them

      If you feel working for six weeks and making a whopping $100 for your time is your idea of a healthy income -You Go Girl –

      Those kind of numbers work well if you are living in a third world country where average incomes are about $300-$500 a year!

      I hope you do contact me to show me your paypal account as well as others who read these posts. I’m waiting as you speak.

      Again I never said I went to the FLR forum . .I went to the list of other traders Where it shows when they started / joined and how many trades they have completed . . .which on the most part is less than 10.

      The reason why it is so low is that the money is simply not there for the money needed by most people. Try contacting those members . .the vast majority have moved on. The attrition rate is very high – due to the lack of viable pay

      Fortunately patience and perseverance as well as a good business sense I have.

      I fault the merchant / vendors for not being upfront and honest and honoring honest CONFIRMED orders I have no problem with PPD or FLR . . .I am willing to bet PPD is aware of it, yet choose to stay silent. . .they would be biting the hands that feeds them.

      Carol I hope you DO PROVE ME WRONG . .I am more than willing to eat a BIG slice of humble pie for you and every one else

      I await to see your paypal balance sheet as well as many others. Hopefully this system will notify me of any of your posts.

      The upside is that your success will create a major following of people willing to train and trade with you . . .me as well

      You Go Girl! I as well as others, are watching and waiting.

      We wish you well ->Danzig Panzer

    30. I found out that if you’re a member you can still make money from their referral program. I saw this video on youtube where a girl was making hundreds a week.

      this is the video

    31. Danzig,
      I understand your frustration. The PPD and FLR is not for everyone. I have made only $100, that is true. But I working on my trade thread. Once that is complete I will be able to go to method #2 and start paying for referrals. That is where I will make the money. On the “forever green” sites you can make $100 over and over and over. I have friends doing this who make $1,000 to $3,000 per month. I am not just saying this to “sell” you or anyone else on PPD. It is just the truth. I know my meazly $100.00 is not much. But I AM going to do better, I have every confidence.
      Of course this business is NOT for someone who is desperate for money. You need to be able to start doing this without worrying about where your next meal is coming from. I really feel for those folks that join PPD with this kind of desperation. Wish I could help them, somehow.

      There have been times when I did not get credit for an offer I did. I sent proof emails, called them, talked to the owners of the IFW. I just plain did not get the credit. I was upset, of course!! Anyone would be. But I moved on. Those are just some of the problems you have to deal with. There are problems in ANY kind of business, whether it be online or outside in the real world. How you deal with them helps in how successful or unsuccessful you become.

      If you were to go on the FLR forum, you would see iTrade numbers in the 20’s, 30′, 40’s and some even higher. I am just glad I joined the FLR forum. They have so much help and people who want to help, not just make money but actually help you be successful.

      Hopefully I will be able to show you some proof when I “get going”!! Take care and hope you find what you are looking for and need!!

    32. Shawnna,
      I just watched the video. I don’t know about this. I think you probably pay this person $2 just for the privilege of getting to the PPD site and paying their membership fee. What this person is saying she can teach you you can learn in the Free Lunch Room forum that you join for free once you have read all the info on the PPD site after you join it. Free Lunch Room is a forum to join and it is totally free. The FLR has Mentors in there that teach you all you need to know about doing this and they do not charge any money. Be careful about what you get into before you join PPD. Sometimes it is people like this that give real opportunites to make money a bad name. And did you notice that she had other “ways” to make money that she was promoting. Be careful!!

    33. She is not teaching people about free lunch room, she is showing people how to make money with the affiliate program in the members area of PPD. “Affiliate Program” not “IFW”

    34. I hate these sites. Including the survey sites. It basically does the same thing. At least the ones I’ve come a crossed so far. They all want you to sign up for offers. Give out my CC number on the web? I don’t think so, even if it’s a free trial. I’m getting sick of it. Are there survey sites you can make money with without having to sign up for offers and such?
      I don’t know.

    35. Mieke, I don’t do survey sites. I tried them and they are not easy to make money on. Usually you end up being put in a “pool” to perhaps win something, if you are lucky. I stopped doing those a couple of years ago. Project Payday and the forum I belong to, FreeLunchRoom, has nothing to do with surveys. I have Lifelock security so I don’t worry about using my CC on the web.

      PPD, for me, is a great way to make money. But doing method 1 is not easy. You have to be patient, persistent and NOT give up. Then when you go to method 2, that is where you make all your money. I have been a member of PPD and Free Lunch Room since March. So far I have made only $200.00. That is the money I am going to use in method 2. If a person can stick with it and give it a really good chance, then they will succeed. But they can’t go in it with the attitude of “this is a scam, this won’t work”, etc. You can’t expect to make hundreds of thousands of dollars. I want to make enough money to buy my gas, buy food, pay bills and have some extra left over. Something to take the burden off my husband so we can save some money. And if I work at it, I can make more than enough!! Alot of folks on PPD and FLR go into it with that same attitude of making some extra cash and having fun at the same time. But there are some really motivated folks that are making $2,000 to $5,000 or more per month. That is possible. So don’t put it down until you have looked into it more or gone in there and tried it yourself, please.

    36. Kathleen,

      See what frustrated people have to say about rebate processing jobsonline.

      This is not to say that PPD is a rebate processing job site, of course.

    37. You know it’s true the saying, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”. A person has to be so careful, because the data entry and rebate processors sounds so good. I would love to be able to do something like that.

      I am still doing PPD and although your have to work at it, especially in the first part, it has been worth it to me. Since I have gotten past the first part or “method 1″, I am starting to see some decent money coming into my Paypal. It isn’t going to make me wealthy at all, but it will make life a little easier.

      Anyone reading this, just be careful about anything and everything online. There are some good legit offers, but there many more scams that just want to take your money.

    38. Hey everyone.

      I found PPD looking at other site that are advertising work at home opp’s to see what everyone is offering.

      I too have been in and out again of more than 1/2 a dozen bus. Opp’s including a Leather Store in a shopping mall.

      I too am sick and tired of people in business taking advantage of other people’ desire to make money on their own.

      So I have taken the time(over 2 yrs) to research and use all of the experience and experiences that I have received over the yrs and instead of blaming and name throwing I am putting together a business that people can trust.

      I am also interested in finding 1 or more online ways to earn some money from home to help be here to run my business as well. I looks to me that most of the complaints and wrongful name calling(scammer-a Type of: beguiler, cheat, cheater, deceiver, slicker, trickster.) News flash everyone, you absolutely can not be taken by someone like this if you do your homework. I mean serious homework. If you want to work for yourself then be a business owner. Even if your only making 50 a month for the first couple of months.
      #1 you got your investment back, there you were not scammed.
      #2 turn your negative experience into a positive one by admitting to yourself that you now know that you needed more knowledge about the company you got involved with. But you were willing to make a choice to quit doing your homework until you were absolutely positive that company was for you.
      #3 If you go to the Small Business Administration online you can take FREE online courses to help become more knowledgeable on what it takes to start a business and what to expect for the 1st 2 years. They will advise you to have the running capitol for your new business venture to cover all expenditures for the first 2 years.

      So if you can’t wait 2 yrs then find a company off line who hires people to work from home. You may have to start work for them inside first. But at least you will be making a paycheck immediately.
      #4 THERE IS NEVER A GUARANTY OF FINANCIAL SUCCESS IN ANY BUSINESS THAT YOU START. But if you use the knowledge you have acquired each time you try a different company and quit blaming them for your ignorance(lack of knowledge) then you will eventually succeed financially.

      If you want to try a get rich quick scheme try the stock market. It can make you rich in day. And make you penniless the next.

      I don’t mean to be mean. But that is as honest as it gets.

      PS. Paying for knowledge is as old as time. PPD and everyone else out there deserves to be compensated for the time they have put in so that you don’t have to. Just don’t buy the extras.

      Mickey @ dollars and gifts

    39. re-write: It looks to me that most of the complaints and wrongful name calling(scammer-a Type of: beguiler, cheat, cheater, deceiver, slicker, trickster.)are from people who do not understand what it takes to build a bus.

      #1 You got your investment back, then you were not scammed.

      #2 Turn your negative experience into a positive one by admitting to yourself that you now know that you needed more knowledge about the company you got involved with. But you were willing to make a choice to quit doing your homework until you were absolutely positive that company was for you.
      And if it didn’t work out for you then you cut your losses and took a positive learning experience with you to use later.

    40. Amen, Mickey!!!

    41. hi everyone!

      i just got started with ppd and find the information very informative and am ready to take action with my mentor.i have the ambition to do 5 surveys a day with method 1 and just wanted to know from experienced ppd members,can i really do as many offers for method 1 as i want?i know about the individuals having to contact you to “seal the deal”but am i correct when i say the offers are never limited to a day?i am on the computer more than 20 hours a week and though i strongly believe i will n not get rich with ppd,i believe it can provide a substantial income for me.i am only interested in offers that will allow me to “go green”instantly.please get back to me through my email address on yahoo.i would really love to hear from someone who is well experienced with ppd.i will start in about 4 hours from now with my mentor…good luck and god bless in all you do!

      email you can reach me:

    42. Hi ruslyne alexis,
      Best of luck to you in the PPD business. Since you have a mentor, ask them all of your questions. They have the training to do this, that is what they are there for. Again, good luck to you!!

    43. Carol, I’ve read your posts from the past few months and wanted to get an update. You seem to me to be very optimistic and business minded. I don’t want to see a paypal account balance, but would like to know if you are still working the PPD. Thanks for your time!

    44. Hi Barb,
      Yes, I am still with PPD. I have NOT gotten rich, but I have been able to make about $200 per month, so far. I am just now getting into another phase of PPD and will be making more as time goes on. This isn’t a get rich quick scheme, that’s for sure. It takes alot of patience. You have to believe in yourself and in PPD. You can’t let others tell you what a scam it is. If I had done that I wouldn’t be making what I am now. It did take me some time, but to me it was well worth it. For someone like me who has been forced into retirement this is the perfect answer. Hope that answers your questions. Have a great day.

    45. Danzig Panzer says:

      Carol –
      Congrades for your stick to it tactics !!

      We have exchanged emails in the past about PPD. You are now making $200 plus a month good for you . . amount like that can make all the diffrence in the world to a person depending there needs.

      While my guess is that your $200 is a net profit as many readers may not know that people who work PPD need to “buy” product / services for a return of money, product prizes.

      What is your R.O.I. ?

      What you have not let the readers know is how many hours does it take for you to earn the $200 ??

      My experience with PPD is that the product vendors were and are on the most part unethical almost impossible to contact. An very covert in their shipping policy and credit / cancellation process.

      It would be fair to say that most people need and want a viable on line business that matches or exceeds their current rate of hourly pay.

      A person who works PPD is taking ALL THE FINANCAIL RISK not the product vendors certainly not FLR or any one else !!

      If a person is not making at least $25 -$30 net a hour with PPD. I would walk away fast

      Not all of your trades will be credited and not all vendors will be honest and a person will have negitive money losses.

      Carol, if you are running in the black. An PPD . . IS working for you then stay with it for now. Since you have been forced into retirement, perhaps your back is up against the wall.

      If you find you have “hit the wall” with PPD let me know.

      For every one who reads this I would not recommend PPD /FLR

      – Danzig

    46. Thanks for the invite. If I do hit a wall, so to speak, I will get in touch with you. I think it is admirable that you are trying to keep others from getting into online scams and possibly losing their money.

      In the beginning of my doing PPD I did spend money, no doubt about it. To my way of thinking it was an investment. But that was something I knew up front as I had spoken to some folks I knew who were doing this. I was willing to take that chance. But you also have to realize that any money you spend, you usually get back 40% to 50% of that money when you get paid for doing a site for someone.

      So far it has taken me approximately one month (June) to earn $200. But this amount will go up and the time to earn it will go down the longer I am with PPD. Today, for instance, I made $150. $50 of that goes to pay those folks that helped me get the money from the IFW. So I made $100 today. It has its risks, of course, just like any online business. I am aware of this also. To earn that money today, I spent about two hours online. That was it. I go back on the computer from time to time to make sure none of my referrals have questions or need help. I like to help in anyway I can. But today there was none of that. So, I guess I made perhaps $40-$50 per hour today. And I get to stay at home. :0)

      I have been forced into retirement, but we are by no means struggling. I don’t do this because I am desperate for money and I would tell anyone that is desperate not to do this. This is NOT something you will get rich at or even be able to depend on a steady income. It just won’t happen. I am doing this for a few bucks here and there and for gas money!! And for fun!! I am also meeting alot of people. If I have another couple of days this week like I did today, then I will be in the black. I have spent alot less than you think. If you would like approximate numbers….I think I have spent, in offers, $400 over a period of four months (one month of because of illness) But at the same time, whenever I did an offer I got back at least 40 to 50% of what the IFW was paying the person I was “working” for. I started out slow, to be sure, and I haven’t done this religously. I have been ill so wasn’t able to do it at all for about 1 month.

      As far as getting in touch with the vendors, no we don’t. The IFW gets in touch with the vendors (affiliates) for us. And most of the folks that own the IFW’s are good people who did exactly what we do now. I had the owner of one of the sites call me last week to make sure I was dealing with someone who was not scamming me. They investigated him and found him to be ok. He was ok and made me some money as well as money for himself!!

      You can bet, though, that some huge businesses are making mega amounts of money on the little guy. But that is all over the US.

      There are over 24,000 active people on PPD and FLR and some other forums. If you think they are all being scammed and don’t have a clue, I guess you are entitled to your opinion. That’s what makes America so great, don’t ya think, the freedom to think and write what you want!!

      If I told you some of the reasons for my joining PPD and FLR, you would hear a long, sad sob story. It didn’t have anything to do with money. If you would like to hear my story, let me know and send me your private email so I can tell you.

      Anyway, I love PPD and FLR. Call me stupid or whatever you wish. I am not greedy for money. I don’t need to be a millionaire or even make huge amounts per hour. I am very happy with what I am doing and with myself now. Are you?

    47. PS Something else I wanted to let folks know, you DO NOT have to join Project Payday to do this business. You can get in the Free Lunch forum free. It just helps to join the Project Payday as they have ALOT of help and tutorials. Once you go through alot of their training (free) you can become a Project Payday Mentor and make even more money. I haven’t dont that yet. Maybe I will, maybe not. Haven’t decided yet.

    48. Danzig Panzer says:

      Carol –
      Good imformative email to all that are possiably interested in what you do.

      As your success moves forward perhaps you can mentor others so they can enpower themselves as well.

      Interesting commentary on greed . . .greed is nothing more than deisre out of balance.

      Should your desire be great . . . as it should be. Greed does not exist as long as one empowers others as they move forward.

      As far as your question to my happiness relative to my bussiness / earnings? Yes I am happy.

      I stepped out of being a on-line employee ( thinking I was working for my self) such as working for companies like PPD.

      Created my own products and enjoy the success and the preceived failures.

      I am not beholden to others unfair policies.

      In time make the move . . .it is a nice place to be


    49. Thanks, Danzig. Will keep your biz in mind. What is the name of it? What type of products do you offer? Take care and best of luck to you also!! We can never have too many friends or too much happiness or luck!! :0)

      PS I like your comment about greed. Would you mind if I use it in some of my posts and in my signatures??

    50. Danzig Panzer says:

      Carol –
      Hello –
      Sorry for the delayed reply as it has been my “travel time”

      As for your request to use my commentary on the word “GREED”
      . . .yes. It is important for people to understand to be financially viable and healthy is one of the best thing a person can do for themselves and their fellow man.

      As far as recommending or promoting what I do. I feel would be too self serving and would dilute the message that I am trying to convey to others in this forum.

      What I will share in all earnest to others. Are a few honest on line teachers / mentors that have a heart of gold. Honest and successful. An have a true desire for your success.

      “They have walked the walk” – no B.S. How refreshing !!!

      Jeff Wellman – Lay Off Your Boss. com -> with Dixie Brown

      I cannot say enough of them both. Very Real people

      Keith Wellman – Jeff’s son . . .the real deal as well

      Subscribe to: Erics Tips – > Eric Holmlund’s on going tutorial of about 120 internet lesson’s for Zero Cost

      Yes you guessed it Erics Tip .com

      He is currently on lesson #19 or 20 . . .yes you can get prior back lessons.

      Block every one else out of your mind and email in box
      . . follow and study the above mentioned successful people.

      Follow the steps and FOCUS FOCUS

      An yes you will most likely need to at some time spend some c.ash. for their products

      However should you do ->YOUR PART<- you will succeed

      Keith Wellman currently has a very affordable DVD course

      Auto Pilot Sales Formula $ 20 to start for 6 DVD’s with a follow up monthly DVD for $29

      Should it still be available

      Add to that Jeff Wellman’s Personal & Live weekly coaching call with Dixie Brown . . .

      The internet world is no different then the street / brick and mortar world.

      Foundationaly it is very simple . . The world / people have a need . . . meet that need.

      No matter how seemingly small or big the need / problem present to the world the “fix”

      Create your own product or improve on a existing one. Stop being a -on line- employee as soon as possible.

      Never before in the history of man has the doors been so WIDELY OPEN for the every day person to do well . . .and very well at that!!!

      Will it be easy . .can it be easy? For some, what I can tell you this.

      What will be even harder guaranteed!!! is that you do nothing or even worse the same old same old.

      Stop being a wage slave !!!

      I went from living at a income of 12 -15K a year to now 150K a year.

      Net in my pocket 10K plus a month and it is growing

      I have a home paid for on the West Coast in Ca. A home in Australia . .which I love.

      An a home where I spend most of my time in New Zealand -North island.

      My business goes with me where ever there is a internet connection, I have no boundaries and I am blessed.

      It would be fair to say the world can and is my home.

      While what I make is small compared to what others make on line. I have no regrets other than I wished it could have come about 20 years ago. However I live in the moment as well I should and life is good.

      I now really can help others . . . life is much more interesting sharing with others.

      The best thing you can do is to be successful.

      So as you are reaching for the sky and beyond with one hand you can reach with the other to bring many up with you

      An they the same.

      Remember this –

      “Always bear in mind, that your resolve to succeed is more important than other thing” ~

    51. Well, it seems there’s a bit of confusion here that needs some straightening out – to be honest I stumbled upon this site during a web search, but I do have the definitive answer for you. Project Payday is if nothing else taking advantage of anyone who signs up for their site, and here’s how:
      You have the option to “complete an offer” instead of paying by CC to join. What is NOT being said is those “offers” are linked to a site named, which in turn is owned by the owner of FreeLunchRoom. So in essence, you are paying him for the access to his FREE site. FLR for those of you unfamiliar with this business, is really the scourge of these types of forums (albeit the largest). Less than 50% of its members are actually active due to the fact you must pay over and over again to get any significant exposure on the forum at all. How do I know this — simple — I too own a forum and do not stoop to these practices. That said the FORUM itself is comprised of real people who ARE making money completing offers and trading sites. Just dont throw away your cash to PPD to gain access!
      I would also suggest using a different forum to trade at where the forum owner does not charge you fees for things such as having your post at the top of the thread. There;s simply no need to do so – it only puts $$$ in his pocket and it doesnt work.
      IFW’s (the offer sites that people trade) ARE reputable sites that are offering real dollars for specific actions taken (signing up for a Netflix trial for example). It may cost you around $7-8 dollars to complete the trials needed in order to obtain a referral code you then trade with others, but if you do it, and you ORGANISE and keep good records — you WILL make significant money. Keep in mind however — if you do offers and do not in good faith try them, your credit will be revoked and youll no longer be able to trade the referral code. The whole key is that code – you can trade it (or pay someone to do the site for you) literally hundreds of times! Let’s say for example the IFW is offering you $40 for a completed referral — you in turn would make a post offering someone $20 to do it for you. In the end, you have made $20 once you pay the other trader. Now, multiply that by a conservative number of IFW’s you might have in your portfolio (25 is a VERY conservative number). Now lets say you trade any combination of them a total of 20 times in a week (certainly not out of the question — I’ve done it many many times). Thats a $1000 gross income less the $500 you had to pay out to people for completing the sites for you – leaving you a $500 profit for a week’s work. I HAVE made more than that in a single day — not every day mind you, but more times than I can count on two hands over the last 5 months.
      My only suggestion to everyone here is that they avoid ProjectPayDay (you simply dont need to pay $35 for free info) as well as avoiding FreeLunchRoom (in this writer’s opinion its run more like a serfdom where everyone pays the King as opposed to a place where people meet on equal terms and work honestly and openly. A couple of forums I would suggest: (more centered around prizes such as ipods than $$) (a new site, but well-constructed and it provides “Guides” to help a new user get up to speed as well as certifying all new Traders) (another reputable site)

      Above all, my best advice to you is to READ these forums before jumping in. You CAN make mistakes and cost yourself dollars. The saving grace to that is, you’ll find other members more than willing to share their experiences so you can learn from them and truly make a good income.

    52. Iww, what site do you go to then?

    53. I use (thats the forum address, the main portal is I’ve completed more than 30 trades there, and made somewhere in the area of $750. It actually would be higher except for the fact that time has been an issue lately.

      I suggest the forum however, you can register and post there asking to be paid for completing offers for others. That way you’ll generate a small amount of money ($20 or so) that will immediately re-imburse you for having spent that $5-8 for shipping fees for the offers you have done.

      If you’d like PM DancesWithDollars once youre there — he’s the Admin and he was very helpful to me when I started out. I’m sure he can set you up with a few sites to make money on.

    54. hey…thanks! That was really helpful. :)

    55. lww, first of all, you don’t have to join PPD to get into FLR.
      were you a member of PPD and FLR? If so, did you have a bad experience with them?

    56. PS) I did join PPD and then went to FLR. I had my choice of many IFW forums. I chose FLR. And by joining PPD I have gotten quite a few referrals through them, that is one of the perks of joining PPD.

    57. Hello Carol…..I was a member of FLR, but not of PPD – there’s no reason to be – I earn well above the numbers youre quoting without their so-called “perks” – so why would I spend $35 for something I can access for free? As for FLR, yes – I did have a bad experience, and so have many many others, which is why you see their membership at 151,000 but their ACTIVE membership about 70% less than that. All is well and good until such time as you no longer are doing offers, but are offering to pay people to do so. Then FLR wants you to PAY $50 to be “verified” so people will be more comfortable trading with you. Why is that — you’ve been “verified” by every last offer site you have ever completed! There’s NO need for FLR to do it other than to line their pockets. And let’s talk about having to BUY sticky thread so your post doesnt disappear off the board in under an hour. $25/ per day? Come on now, and oh yes – unless you pay to be verified, you arent allowed to purchase a sticky anyway! Let’s line the pockets again shall we??? The owner of that forum also was bounced out of another forum in 2006 for allegedly committing major fraud (allegedly mind you, I am not privy to the details)- not the kind of person I would do business with. In addition, an offer site he claims to have “just taken over” after it closed 4 months ago and left hundreds of people unpaid for their work — he has actually owned since 2006 when it originally opened (and THIS I can prove upon request).
      I dont have a major issue with PPD Carol — its internet marketing (at its worst) but not illegal. If people want to waste their $35 paying for something they can have for free with a bit of effort, that’s up to them. What I DO have an issue with is FLR and its “smoke and mirrors” approach to business – it gives this entire industry a black eye. If you want to know why people fear doing things like this, al you have to do is ask the thousands of people who got a bad taste left in their mouth by FLR. Technically not illegal, but certainly both immoral and predatory at best. I’d recommend IFW’s to anyone, I make my living at it (to the tune of $2000-3000 per month)- I just wouldnt send anyone I wanted to remain friends with to this particular one.

    58. lww, if you weren’t a scammer or spammer on FLR, you too would have earned lots from being a member on FLR. You must have forgotten that part of your rant.

    59. lww is a former member “lwwells” on FLR who was banned for mass spamming and fraud. He made afterward and he’s clearly venting more since he can’t get anyone to his site.

      He is a HUGE scammer. Anyone with any connection to him or his site, BEWARE!!!

    60. I found my way to the IFW world thru Project Payday. I’ve been doing fairly well, establishing myself on the forums and completing offers so that I can build a foundation to make even more money. I’m not getting rich but I’m earning extra income without having to leave my home. Yes, you have to work, be organized and treat it like a business.I feel that PPD is a gateway to the world of freebie sites and I never felt scammed.

    61. I definitely wouldn’t go for it. I signed up and fortunately only paid $9.00. I read the tutorials and researched before I decided to attempt to go green on the FLR. I signed up for a few offers on 2 IFW sites. Both of which I have yest to go green on. I have 1/2 a credit on both and am still waiting for the remaing credits which I have a feeling won’t be showing up anytimes soon. This has left me dissapointed and it’s one venture I won’t be continuing. I can’t imagine selling and referring this scam to anyone else. This kind of thing will encourage people to go nuts signing up for offers just to see if the credit shows up (I was tempted to do this but decided against it). It may work for some, but it’s just not worth it. I’d stay away!

    62. It’s not fair to say it is a scam, but I agree with you, it is not a good program.
      I found it is really not necessary to pay the membership fee.
      Moreover, there are too many problems that make you lose money.
      Finally, for new members, it is too hard to get referrals. I joined it several month ago and now I have given up.
      I wrote a detailed review article, maybe you would like to read it:

    63. A couple of comments to Angies post. You said you attempted to go green. May I ask what browser you were using at the time? I know I had problems when I first started also. But after making a few adjustments and following the instructions exactly, I have never failed to credit on any offer. Some offers say instant and are instant when it comes to crediting. Sometimes it may take 2-3 days. Some offers say 5-7 days. It may take 2 weeks. At one time I waited on an offer to credit for a month!! How long have you waited? Folks should know up front that this is not something to get rich quick on or even to make huge amounts of money before they jump into this.(I am not saying this is you, just that there are folks that do have this mindset.)

      Too many “newbies” go in without a clue of what to expect and wanting to make ALOT of money upfront. That is not what usually happens. Then they do a couple of offers on a few different sites, don’t green and give up. This business takes patience and perseverance. If the offers aren’t done in the proper way, you can lose money. I have, in the very early part of being in the freebie business, lost money. But I got good advice from my mentor, went on to do many more sites and made enough money to go on to method #2. I have now made back the money I lost plus any money I may have spent on offers plus much, much more. I have made enough doing this that I have been able to go into another online business and pay for alot of advertising from the money I have made with the freebie business. I can say that you won’t get rich doing the freebie business, but it sure does help buy some extras, (food, gas, etc) and fund your way into other onlline ventures. You just have to hang in there for more than a week or two to do any good. You cannot have a “give up” attitude. That holds true for any business you do online.

      Iceeyes, I agree with you, you do not need to pay anything to get into doing this. AND, did you know that you can get referrals on your own?? It isn’t that hard, really. Alot of people just don’t have the knowledge or know where to go to get those referrals. They will never make it if they don’t understand that you have to have an inate understanding of network marketing to be successful with any online business. You can’t just sit back and wait for the money to come to you. That being said, I totally understand why someone would not want to waste their time on this business if they don’t have the patience and understanding or time to do this. Each to their own. I wish you both the best in whatever you do online. Just keep trying, I am sure you will find something that suits you!!

    64. I joined up for the Project Payday and I am working on my refund. I kept hearing about it, so I thought I would review it and maybe promote it. The videos for the training are well-done and they seem to be helpful…but…and here is the but part…it would take a lot of time before you move to the top and get people to do your offers! I don’t like the concept of using a credit card for a bunch of offers either!

      I can see a bunch of college students making a killing at this, because you have a whole dorm working together! If your some average person who cannot get a lot of referrals or has access to good army of people…you will end up doing this for quite a while without seeing a large profit. Overall from what I have learned… it is not a good program. I would not recommend it to anyone!

      If you have thousands of MySpace friends, Facebook buddies and 100’s of college pals…sure it might be very profitable. It is a numbers game and you have to have the numbers to win!

      If you click my name you may get some good information you won’t easily find anywhere else! That’s your choice. It really is a sad fact, that if you’re a new person to the online marketing world, then you will be buying one scam after another. Your easy prey! The scammers who are #1 on the first pages of Google are waiting for you!

      What impressed me about “I Tried That” is the straight forward honesty about Project Payday…very rare on here! From my experience you will not be able to quit your day job doing surveys or the so-called Rebate-Processing…don’t fall for those! One woman online said she makes over $9,000 a month doing surveys…I don’t buy it!

      The people that make good money online run blogs that are on the first pages of Google with excellent and tested affilate products that covert. Then there are those who run websites selling other peoples products who have done their SEO!

      They have the back links through bookmarking, directories, blogs, Squidoo, MySpace, Facebook and article directories. This takes time…They show up in about 8 months to a year on the first pages of Google (if they have done their SEO correctly). That is some sweet free organic traffic!

      If you try Google Adwords you will lose your shirt fast! If you know what your doing and have it automated, you might make a killing selling other peoples products (Clickbank) with a landing page!

      Good luck out there!

      Misty :)

      PS: Being scammed sucks!

    65. I’ve tried this sort of thing hoping to make quick money for a trip. I made a total of $60 doing three offers in 2 weeks- and would have made more than $20 ea on subsequent offers but decided it wasn’t worth it. The guy I did it for was very thorough with his training of people on how to “green”, and actually communicates with his people by phone sometimes. You talk during the initial “interview”, and then normally via email, or you can call him with an “emergency”. He seemed honest and provided everything you needed to learn the ropes. Still, I found it tough to sift through all the offers, it’s like the same ones all over most of the sites, and they often cost outrageous amounts. It seemed I was running out of good offers and spending too much time sifting through their sites trying to figure out what was required. It was crazy! But once you get the hang of it, it can be done & can make you a lot of loot. The guy I worked for resells his freebies on eBay. I didn’t think the time and spam/scam potential (from the companies providing “offers”) was worth it!

    66. I’ve tried Project payday, and made $72 my first day. It took 4 hours, and it was hard yes, but after you get used to it. $72 can turn into $350 weekly and some.

    67. Just to let anyone know out there you need to be internet friendly and know how and why cookies/temporary files work on your computer. If not it is easy to misunderstand the information on FLR. I started on 11/12 and made $75 by spending only $20 in offers. ($55) And probably only was on the internet for 4 hours total. Today is 11/15…do the math ;)

    68. Carol Robinson says:

      Congrats affiliatechaser and tomas!! You are on your way. Hang in there!! I am on method #2. I completed my first “sticky” last week and so far have made $200 in just three days!! This works. Am I rich?? No. I am making enough in my Paypal now to buy groceries and lots of extras, pay my bills, have a nice Christmas for my family and many other things I didn’t have the money for before. I can now also help my daughter out when she needs it. So I am not getting filthy rich, but I am making money. So, I am happy, and isn’t that what counts??? Being happy and worry free?? I love it.

      PS There are a few individuals doing this that are making anywhere from $1000 to $5000 per month. It is all just a matter of how hard you want to work at it.

    69. Carol Robinson is a poser & full of sh*t. But surely you all recognize these “ads” when you see them??

    70. Trust me. I’m watching these comments. As long as the comments don’t contain any real links/ads, you guys can say whatever you want.

    71. Carol Robinson says:

      Just the truth, Wanderer, no ads. Sorry you are so upset. I don’t pose or advertise anywhere about this. You obviously had a bad experience doing this. You must not have had a good person to work with or been in the right place. You seem very angry and I am sorry for that, but that isn’t my fault. You don’t have to use bad language to get your point across, either. And I REALLY am happy for Affiliatechaser and tomas.

    72. “I also would not be surprised to hear that companies have pressed charges against Project Payday members. You are stealing money. That is illegal.”

      Not so, many of these companies work hand in hand with Project Payday/FLR. Some of the companies even have their own dedicated section/threads on the forum itself.

      Just a heads up.

    73. Well i am cunfused as hell i came to this site to make up my mind on weather i will do it or not, to see if its a scam or not well im just as lost as before i came to this site i read every bodys comment i didnt listen to those oppinions that didnt even try the system. But i want to that those that gave a honest oppinion and i think i will try it and tell you my opinion. an yes ive tried tons of differnt systems and nothing is free, nothing is easy, and nothing will get you rich. to tell you the truth the majority of this world is schemish from Bush to Bill Gates to pepole how file Bankrupcy to get rid of million dollar debts ok let me stop be for i get some one upset but you get my point, But if a scheme feeds my family, keeps my roof on are heads and grows to more and more income as you get good at it like an job you get raises, im all for it for personal info if any bodys got advise on a proven system contact me at

    74. Hey Maniac, my sentiments exactly. I just got involved yesterday and when I read thru the first few tutorials I thought maybe I’d hit the mother lode. I told my brother about this and he’s the brains of the family but always skeptical. He was more concerned that it was a fraud and my bank account will be wiped out. After reading the comments I actually feel better, but leary. I got involved w/ a company called XELR8 about 17months ago, I love it. contact me if you would like a link and explanation!

    75. I wouldn’t go near PP and FLR with a 10 foot pole. I tried it and did offers on 2 IFW sites for 2 sellers and have a half credit on each site left yet to be credited to go greem. The crediting issues are the worst! I even put in reports for both to be resolved but it’s been a couple of months and have yet to hear anything. I’m not holding my breath for the credits to show up either. I wouldn’t do or sell this idea to anyone. Even if it works for some who knows how many more people are wasting their time waiting for credits that never green and wasting time cancelling offers.

      It sounded like such a neat idea too. :(

    76. I am relatively new in the IFW arena. I did join PPD because the information to get started fast was worth the couple of bucks in shipping fees for freebies and my investment mentor said it was a good way to raise extra cash for my personal investments.

      I understand how frustrating it is not to get a credit you worked for, but if you don’t clear your cookies before going to the actual offer, that can happen. When in doubt, close your browser and reopen it, clear your cookies and go to the offer again.

      One thing that I believe frustrates a lot of newbies in this business is they see the high pay on some of the trades and they jump in before ever having figured out what it will cost in money and trades. There’s a lot to learn. And just because someone is a mentor, don’t think for a minute that they don’t also have a monetary agenda. And just because it pays high doesn’t mean it’s a trade you should do. You have to consider the trade off. Not easy when you are new.

      I happen to have an awesome mentor that told me not to do certain high paying trades as it would mess me up in the long run. And that was the wisest advice I’ve received.

      There are offers that do not require credit cards. There are free offers and $1 offers, so yes, my first $50 cost me a buck ninety seven, but that’s okay. Just be alert. One site can give you a full credit for what another site will only give you a tenth of a credit, so you would have to do more offers and since some of the companies have multiple offers but only allow you to participate in one this can become a catch 22. Depends on what you are trying to accomplish as to which way you should go.

      As for the viability of the business, there are people with hundreds of trades, people who earn thousands every month, some who earn hundreds daily, but you have to learn how and that is the painful part of any business.

      If you have the moxy to succeed in this, you will. I won’t debate whether a forum owner should charge for stickys or verified status. The cost of running a forum is a consideration, but if you look closely, those stickys pay off and isn’t that why you spend money to advertise?

      So if you get involved and don’t have a clue about IFW’s, hooking up with PPD is great. If you already know the arena, then just hook up with a forum where people advertise their trading. Make sure you check them out to see that they pay and that they pay on greens.

      Good Luck, see you on the top side of that mountain.

    77. Hey Maniac,
      what are you talking about the world is built on the Hard Working and the strong. Schemish lol your looking for a dream system that doesnt excist its all bull havnt you realized that yet your buying other peoples systems to make them money this is there business you think you will get a dime well you might only get a dime

    78. really Mook,
      well like you said was, was, was, This is now when the world was built it was a whole differnt format for 1 and the way the world is now. ok let me hit you with something my trade is a Folklift Opt. I can get paid between $12 to $16 depending on the job. Now i really dont do a thing on a forklift but drive. Now theres other workers in the warehouse that break there back out for $7.50 to $8.50 or are Temp worker. This is life, the jobs that are the back breaking jobs pay the worst. The jobs where you get paid the most, where you dont do crap, why? you get paid to use your mind. Thats what online is about brains. now about me buying there system. yeah im sure most systems are like that but there are systems out there that are real, you can make money with and make a career. ok i got something else for you, ok since you like working hard here let me ask you when your walking to your car or walking down the street have you ever cut a corner or walked across in the middle of the street? Im sure you have we all have in less your town doesnt have a road. I will walk across the minute i get an opening and thats what im looking for an opening in life to cut a corner so i dont have to walk all the way down to the end of the block. i want to get where i want to be in life asap not delay my life by walking block to block but to get there its about brains. why do you pay a laywer? you do really need a lawyer to be honest. you pay him for knowledge because he knows what you dont know. if you knew what he knew you wouldnt need him
      and if you cant follow me and what im saying you need to open your mind because you sound like you are 55 yrs old saying excactly what my old man would every thing you see and hear about is a scam or dream ” you must work hard ” working on building steel building for 40 yrs then after 40 years you use your retirement money lol then if you mess up on an investment your screwed lol think before you come and try to redirct me buddy. Ive made money an lost money online and half the time its not the system. like 1 yr ago i was doing dropshipping and i was doing ok i wasnt doing it on ebay i opened my own website and put lots of advertising on to it. i was making good money but my dumb a** got a offer from over seas i was trained not to do this but i tested it out i figured if id get beat i lose only alittle and never do it again will the money started rolling in deal after deal bigger and bigger profits. like a dream, well the day after christmas i was $17,400 below in my bank account for not following the system and 2) for leaving every $ i had in the bank. so before you say its a dream, like i said follow there system an you may find what you are looking for. somethings are hard and some are easy think wisly.

    79. ok
      i got a Q it may seem stupid but alot of terms im not familiar with but what the heck is a STICKY? i google everthing if i dont know it but i cant find my answer on this i beleive it has something to do with advertising

    80. I just found this site while searching for more information on Project Payday.

      I’ve been making money online for just about 2 years through a number of means (mainly Adsense, Affiliate sites & some BANS) and I can say that this is a legitimate way to start earning some quick cash. (for beginners)

      It takes money to make money online…unless you want to use free platforms forever. Maybe not that much at first, but still.

      This is a great way for a beginner to earn some money to invest in domains, training programs, hostings.

      This is not a scam…and calling it was is just ignorant.

    81. I do not know how you guys are operating. I started doing these things this week. In an hour and a half I had made $38. This is a legitimate business. If you read the terms of service for the offers before you take them (which you should always do), you will see that nothing that we are doing is against their terms. And as far as offers crediting, that has not been a problem as of yet. Most of the times when an offer does not credit it is because your web browser does not accept the cookie. There are a couple of annoyances with this business. The first is, the fact that you have to remember to cancel the memberships that you do not wish to continue. The second thing is, even though the companies do not charge you for the free trial, they will authorize your card for that amount. In a few days that charge will disappear off of your card. They do this to make sure the funds are there. And as far as this ripping off the companies, that is ridiculous. These companies are doing this for advertising. Every offer I sign up for I log into their web page and try out the service. If it is a service I really like I will either keep it, or go back and sign up later when I need it. Advertising is basically getting the word out. The more people that try the products the more that will buy them. It is as simple as that. So even if I cancel my service, I know what kind of a product it is, I have used it. If I am talking to someone I may mention one of these products to them in casual conversation. The more people that try the product, the more well known it becomes. If nothing else the companies will get enough word of mouth advertising to cover what they have paid for. And that is considering that everyone cancels. The fact of the matter is, some of the people doing this will keep some of the products. The companies know that it is only a numbers game. There is money to be made at this, it is a business, it does take work and attention to detail. It is not particular difficult, anyone can do it, but it does take time and effort. The last point is why people are not successful at this. People want money for nothing, that is not going to happen. This does take effort and persistence and time. It pays well for the time put in though. Any legitimate web opportunity has its naysayers because they did not enjoy it, or because they tried it for 15 minutes and did not make money. That is why there are inactive accounts at project payday. That is why their are traders who do 1 or 2 trades and quit. They want the easy money for nothing pie-in-the-sky. And that simply does not exist. I have rambled for long enough. Anyone interested in going further with this can email me and I will help them out on their first couple of trades.

    82. Roy,
      you didnt leave an email get back to me at

    83. Steve, are you watching?

    84. Watching what exactly?

    85. self-promotion…but perhaps I am thinking wrong here. You watch just for self-promoting links, correct? Never mind.

    86. I did not post that for self promotion. I posted the message because a lot of people were calling this a scam. It is not, I repeat, it is not a scam. I have made money quite easily with this, and so have many others. Some are making a really good living doing this same thing. Project payday is one of the best tutorial sites on this subject. Everything that it teaches you though, can be learned for free on the web. If I were going for self promotion I would have entered my trades page url on free lunch room. I just wanted to offer my assistance to anyone getting started into this, and if I happen to make a few bucks and so do they, then so be it.

    87. I totally understand, Roy. Sorry I made it sound like I did. I think what Steve looks for is when we put our own personal links in our posts here. I am just keeping him “on his toes” (as if he needs that). I agree with you 100% about PPD. I came to the freebie world via PPD. There is no scam there. I have made alot of $$ via FLR. If you will look above in the posts, I have already been slammed for “posing” and some other bad language by someone named “Wanderer”. I am only singing the praises of PPD & FLR. I have had some new refs I tried to mentor do one or two freebie sites and then said they “ran out of offers” which just doesn’t happen if you really want to make a go of this. I have been doing it since March of this year. Best of luck to you. With your good attitude you will do great!!

    88. Hello,
      Im back to post my review and i gotta say WOW this is No scam my first 1 hrs i made $40 and in 2 days im at method 2 im paying people to do them for me Yes its real. Real Cash I made Over $200 on my first referral site Profit for all those that think its bull or schemes contact me and ill send you to people that will pay you, help you or what ever you need or ill help you my self you can contact me very easy the only problem i would say with this is the offers but its a battle and you must win that battle dont give up, make it work to where you win dont panic dont get stressed laugh at it because its your world and you will win and i agree with you carol you must have a good attitude and you will do great. i can see now alot will become of this market and fast i just wish i would of found this info out a year ago i just wat to thank this site with out your thoughts i wouldnt have made a move

    89. Hi Maniac,
      I am glad you have found out what I have found out. It is great, isn’t it? It sounds like you have what it takes to do really good with this. Many people just aren’t made to do this. I guess we are a “special” breed?? I know it takes alot of patience and “want to”. I made over $400 last month because of my “sticky”. That doesn’t include other folks I have mentored in that month. Oh, I know that doesn’t sound like much at all to some people, but hey, how much are those people making right now?? I am happy with what I am making.

      I have also gotten a couple of pretty neat gifts. I guess I had better be careful here, I might get accused of “posing” again, :0). I am just really happy for you, Maniac. It is not all wonderful though and you have to be willing to take the bad with the good. Right now I am working on another freebie forum doing offers, so I am the “seller” and not the “buyer” on this forum. Anyway, I did a Netflix offer and although I did everything just right, it still has not credited!!! It has been a month. But, I am not letting this get me down. I am only looking onward and upward!! I will put you on my AIM and Yahoo. When I see you online, I will introduce myself!!

    90. Maniac and Carol, have you actually cashed out, or are you talking about money that has been credited to you?

    91. Like every other way to make money, there are down sides. Yes, it is true that not all of the offers credit. I have had all but 1 credit so far, and that one still may. It has been 2 weeks. I have made right at $300. And have been doing this off and on for 2 weeks or thereabouts. And regardless how many make it sound, this is work. You have to keep up with what offers you have done, and cancellation dates on the ones you no longer want to keep. As far as cashing out, so far that has not been a problem. The only problem with that is you have to verify your identification. They need a copy of your driver’s license. And there is a delay on the first payment because of that. Any of you that have, decided to take the plunge, feel free to PM me on Free Lunch Room. My id is rgrace. I will be glad to help you learn the business. Whether you decide to trade with me or not. Anyway, like many have said this IS NOT for everyone. It is not do nothing and get paid for it. But, anyone can make money at it. And for someone, who wants to put in the effort. You can turn it into a full time career. Most people do not do this full time. Whether you want to make an extra $100 a month. Or an extra $2000 a month it is possible. But, as project payday says, do not expect to get rich doing this.

    92. Sure you can make $2,000, but how much money would you have to spend in order to do so?

    93. That really depends on how you are doing it, If you are doing offers at first a lot of offers are free. So far I have not had to spend over $12 to make $40. If you are paying folks for referrals, you will spend $15-$25 for a $40 referral. There are people who make $8,000 a month and they probably clear around $4000-$5000 profit.

    94. But, like I said I am new at this. Only been going around 2 weeks. So these are more like educated guesses, based on what I have observed. I still have a lot to learn I will update you guys again in a month or so.

    95. Joe, yes, I have cashed out many times. I do have proof pics from Paypal. As far as someone said about making $2000 per month? I am sure it can be done. It depends on how much work you want to put in it. I have sites that pay me $50 per referral. I will pay my referral at least half of what I am paid. So if I made a total of $1000, then $500 of that is going to my referrals. But I enjoy paying folks and showing them that money can be made. And as I said before, it is $500 I didn’t have before. I call method #1 the “investment stage”. Method #2, that I am on now, is where you don’t invest anything just pay your referrals. You get your referrals and pay them 1/2 of what you were paid. As far as making $2000 or more, it can be done. You have to work hard and make a real commitment to it. Truthfully, I am just too lazy to work that hard at it!! :0)

    96. yes joe ive been at this for 3 days and i have cashed out 1 site and trust me i did my homework i didnt want to beleive that maybe i found some real because of my online experiences but trust me its realits not always easy but its real and yu can make real mone ven an career depending on your time invested and thats not even alot needed

    97. Oh Carol,
      It was Nice Talkin to you and hope you well and you way up to the top and i think we are a speical breed only because it takes alittle bit of patience, understanding and positivity. you cat just jump and expect money. It does take alittle work and job you first start you must learn how to do your job or how are you going to know what to do you ask people if you dont know and thats any job you must understand what your doing and if you miss up are you going to quit your job No you learn and move on. you have an opportunity to start your own business for real with real cash. your not chasing infomercials this isnt like that. you have a real opportunity in your hands but some people and to winny, negative, and just to fast they dont know how to let the dust settle before they start sweeping agian and some people when it doesnt go there way 100% they have a fit and give up and with any business there will be problems any biz you own a store you can get robbed but do you give up no you do it agian tomorrow every business has its bad and good but the fact of why im Like WOW is out of all the money i spent on systems, infomercials and online jobs and just tons of suff i didnt pay a thing and im making money and it was online thats what WOW’s me its crazy because my thing was why do i have to pay you if you guarantee me that im going to make money why cant i pay after i make money whats But i dont pay a think and i can make money online and i finally found something real something that was not fraud and i dont and to invest anything maybe some chump change but thats it. IT JUST WOW’S ME sorry but thats the only word i can use to say how i feel and thats not even enough

    98. sorry for the typo’s i was typing fast

    99. Hi Maniac,
      No problems with the typo’s. It sounds like you are just excited to get the word out. I know how you feel. It is exiciting and I am really happy for you. You saw the potential and went for it, and now whoever thinks PPD or FLR is a scam, oh well, we can just leave them in the dust!! Onwards and upwards for us. You have the right attitude. It is great. Hang in there and best of luck to you!!

    100. I understand what your saying Carol, But let me give you an example so you can see how i feel. Before i gave my life to the lord my mother inlaw always use to tell me and tell me but i would never listen i was to skeptical. Thats what i see today with this system, They have something great in front of them and you dont even know it so i cant just leave them in the dust we all have familys, kids and lifes where would i be if my mother inlaw left me in the dust, get where im going

    101. But I don’t want to go where you’re going, Maniac. :)

    102. Ok Joe, But where are you now

    103. I have arrived, baby! Anywhere that’s worth being, I’m already there!

    104. Then I wasnt speaking to you. because you found your way. im trying to help people that cant get there break from all the Bullsh** on the net like some one showed me. Im trying to show them there is something real because thats alway the Q on everyones mind is it real well there is something real with real money

    105. Ah, I’m just messin’ with you, man. I appreciate you being willing to help folks out.

    106. Its Kool and Thanx for your appreciation

    107. I also found Project Payday while looking online for ways to make money at home. I opted to join by completing one of the sponsor offers, joining a paperback book club for only $4. PPD led me to the Free Lunch Room forum and I can’t say enough good things about FLR. I started my first 2 months by doing offers on sites for people willing to pay me to do the offers and I won’t lie, it was a lot of hard work. But for me this is what any person would do when starting a business. I look at FLR as running your own business. You must use a debit or credit card to complete the offers and you must keep track of each offer’s terms and when/if the remainder of the trial product you ordered has to be returned to the company should you decide to cancel. I cleared several hundred dollars in my first couple of months on FLR and do plan to move to Method 2 that PPD mentions in the near future where I will be paying people to do offers for me. You stated that for people to send referrals to an IFW site to complete offers and then split your prize money with them is definitely against the rules and against the affiliate program putting you at risk to be kicked out. Nonsense!! The IFW sites are fully behind forum users sending referrals to the sites to do offers and paying the referrer for it knowing their referrals will be paid out of that money. This is how they operate. The only fraud is if you order a product or service with no intention of giving it a fair trial. This is very hard work and goes just like any business venture in that you may have slow going in money coming in at first, you may even loose some money, but with patience and persistence there is some very good money to be made on these trading forums. I know of people earning upwards of $50000.00 per year at it. Of course you have to invest money in this just as you would any business venture. You stated “Always remember, there is no get rich quick scheme.” Project Payday doesn’t claim that this is a get rich quick scheme at all in fact they tell you straight up that it isn’t and let you know that work is involved. Sorry you feel the way you do but I guess you aren’t cut out for something like this.

    108. Hi Linda,
      I am just curious…whom are you responding to with your message? I like what you wrote and everything you said is so true. You have a handle on doing this biz. Best of luck to you!! Yesterday I pointed someone I know to a post in the FLR forum of someone who has posted their proof of money made over the last year, over $50,000.00. They have made over $3,500 just in December. It is really awesome.

    109. Hi Carol,
      I was responding to the PPD review written by Steve. I see your previous post here:
      Carol on Jul 28th, 2008 at 11:24 am

      Hi Barb,
      Yes, I am still with PPD. I have NOT gotten rich, but I have been able to make about $200 per month, so far. I am just now getting into another phase of PPD and will be making more as time goes on. This isn’t a get rich quick scheme, that’s for sure. It takes alot of patience. You have to believe in yourself and in PPD. You can’t let others tell you what a scam it is. If I had done that I wouldn’t be making what I am now. It did take me some time, but to me it was well worth it. For someone like me who has been forced into retirement this is the perfect answer. Hope that answers your questions. Have a great day.
      I wanted to let others know that though this might not be for everyone it definitely does work. I also am getting ready to move to Method 2 in the near future and I have nothing but pure postive thoughts and faith that this is for me. Thanks for asking.

    110. A friend of mine told me if your having problems with offers to download firefox browser

    111. Firefox seems to be the best browser. You also need to clear your cookies before doing offers. There are still occasional offers that do not credit, or that take a couple of weeks to credit. But there are risks with everything you do. So far, I have received credit for everything I have done, except 1 offer. And it still may credit, I had to do a manual credit request. But, if it doesn’t it is no big deal. I can always do another offer.

    112. Steve, you started this review with an agenda. Try actually trying the program before reviewing it. Since you haven’t tried it your “review” is worthless.

      What people need to be aware of is self appointed web watchdogs who immediately shout “SCAM” like a bunch of parrots, any time they weigh in on an opportunity to make money online.

      First of all, people who buy referrals are not affiliates of the company providing the trial offer and the rewards are not commissions. You can choose a prize such as an xbox 360 or ipod or a laptop on some sites. Some sites also offer a cash reward alternative. Secondly, you are not ripping anyone off. The companies know full well what goes on. They pay the IFW’s and the IFW’s pay people to try their offers either in prizes or cash! Many trading forums are run by the IFW’s themselves. There’s nothing sleazy or dishonest about it unless you are trying the offers with intention to cancel them before you start, but we can’t police people’s thoughts now can we?

      There are patterns that will signal fraud and the companies and IFW’s look out for it. Many people do keep the offers that interest them. I joined project payday and signed up for doubleday book club because it was an amazing deal, 5 books for .20 a piece. Yes, I kept it and am enjoying the books, thank you.

    113. Hahahaha Get’em HAHAHAhahahahah

    114. Hahahaha Get’em HAHAHahahahaha

    115. Here’s the deal with project payday. You can def. make a lot of money. You just need to be really careful. In fact… the only useful thing I got out of it was being linked to a forum called Free Lunch. You can make a good bit of money there. You have to start slow and build up a high rating of coming through. Once you have a high rating though, you can pay after someone else comes through for you, meaning you don’t risk nearly as much.

      The danger is in not paying enough attention. If you are not organized, this is not for you. Until you build up cred, you will inevitably need to sign up for a few free trials. This isn’t terrible, as someone will be paying you to do it, but if you forget to cancel any of those trials, they will all charge you automatically. You can get really screwed. Be careful.

    116. Now i do agree with you on the organized part. you should write down every thing, phone #, trial end period, and date you want to cancel. Why right the date you want to cancel? because you want the trail to go on for 80% to 90% before you cancel. Basicly you cancel 1 or 2 days before the trial ends. Why so you dont put your self at risk at going red on your offers then if you got paid for a site you must refund that money.

      Ive made tons of errors and im still afloat only because im organized and i have came across alot of people the dont care about looking at the terms and conditions. Well if you dont like Writing crap down save it in a file on your pc
      go to File,
      Then Send,
      Then shortcut to desktop,

      how hard is that, if you are that lazy copy your offers to your desktop and then put them in a file so you cant lose them

    117. Hey hey. We’re finally doing a proper review.

    118. Cool, Steve. I read what you wrote. Is Cheryl going to go through the whole process of PPD? I hope she starts without any bias or prejudice. Not everyone can do PPD or FLR. It takes a certain kind of person.

      I am proud of you for at least “trying it again”. And never say never, Steve. I have been with Free Lunch Room now, via PPD since March of 2008 and I am happy there. I won’t say I haven’t had my problems, but I wanted it bad enough that I stuck it out. I am glad I did. Good luck to Cheryl!!

    119. Carol,

      I’m starting with an open mind – I’ve never tried anything like this before. If you’re available to answer some questions as to how it all works, would you mind e-mailing me? My e-mail address is my first name at cliopatra dot net.


    120. Hi Cheryl,

      I am not quite understanding your email address there. Could you type it out again? Is it

    121. Yes, that’s the right e-mail. Sorry, I’ve been deep in “going green” for the past few days.

    122. i have a few qs about this program that i would like to ask. i was referred to ppd by a program that i have purchased called e currency arbitrage. after buying this program on impulse, i did some more research on it and found tons of negative reports on it. i read through everything that was provided and the return policy informs me that if i would like to return this product i would need a receipt to send back with it in bold letters. the only problem is that there was no receipt with my package and therefore, i cannot return this product. so even with this big guarantee, i cannot get any money back because they apparently left the receipt out on purpose. i have decided to use this program anyways and it directed me to ppd. i am very skeptical about all this so if someone could email me and enlighten me on all this i would be very appreciative. my email is thanks everyone

    123. I’m about to get started with ppd, 1St I heard it is a good idea to get a seperate checking acount to make things easier? True or not? And has there been alot of promblems with money being taken out of acoounts for reason? If anyone thathad any success could e-mail me to give advice i wold be very much appreciated. My address is

    124. Bob, read the above link and yes, be very careful!!

    125. chkkrboardchick says:

      I’ve been thinking of joining PPD but I’m a little hesitant because of the cc information being out so much. Could I use a pre-pay debit card??

    126. chkkrboardchick,

      If you really do plan on joining PPD (and I don’t recommend that you do) please don’t use your debit card to complete offers. There is far too much room for error. I had a jewelry company tell me they wouldn’t charge me a monthly fee of $70 until 14 days after the intial “trial” transaction, but they charged me just 4 days later. It took me almost 2 months to get that money back from them. I’ve read stories on the forums about people getting charged double, triple, and losing their mortgage payment, their car payment, whatever. Unless you’ve got oodles of money in the bank, use a credit card. At least you can dispute the charges and it won’t put that much of a dent in your liquidity.

    127. Ok bottom line, YOU MUST HAVE A CREDIT CARD FOR ANY OFFER and you wanna know the sites that project payday offers, here is a list for free for all to use.

      Method 1 Sites:

      Method 2 and Method 3 are the same exact sites, but instead of buying trials and gifts, you are the one selling them.

      I can honestly say if someone would of gave me these links i could of gotten away from this scam along time ago. I payed for my membership and been looking on there everyday for that “FREE” promotion, or one that dont need a credit card and i still can’t find it.

      Dont take my word on it, go sign up using mywebsite link and just get information. THAT COST YOU NOTHING BUT LETS ME GET MY MONEY BACK FROM THEM.

      Or copy and paste these links and go check out the websites themself. You will then see what everyone is talking about. These are the same sites everyone uses for all work from home type of stuff.


    128. Bottom line –

      Project PayDay . . .is bullshit

      All the risk is on the person who submits there C.C.

      The vendors make it very hard to cancel there offers

      When offers are canceled they will often re-submit a debit to your card

      To be honest most of the “offers” are a rip off . . .highly over priced

      Ask the people who say they make make money with Project”RipOff” Payday for PROOF of their earning !!!

      I have several times asked and never have seen proof

      I worked with Project”RipOff Payday for 35 days. . . .sure made money very low return for hours spent

      The business model is riddled with flaws

      High Risk Low Return

      Let the idea go . . .better ways to make money go to Click Bank,

      Be affiliate for some one who has done the hard work

      You do not have to risk your credit / credit card or your bank account

      Project”RipOff Payday = Project No PayDay

    129. I don’t understand, Skye. You say you worked with Project Payday for 35 days. What is the name of the site you worked on for them? What forum did you go to withint the Project Payday site?

    130. It’s not Project Pay-Day that scams you, they Help you get started. It’s the Traders and the IFW”S administrators that scam you. I tried tradeing for exactly 3 month. I made money but I spent lots of money also. I was addicted but it was very nerve raking and I became very suspicious of some of the traders I dealt with or followed on the forums. I was right! I got Duped by the person I traded with and the site I greened on. It really wasn’t worth the money or the time I actually had to spend trying to make money. Project Pay Day is Ok but it is not free. It’s the rotten people fighting for the referrals and the greedy IFW’s that are B.S.

    131. Kris, I know exactly what you are talking about. You do have people fighting over referrals in most freebie trading forums. It is terrible and the very reason I quite those particular forums. The forum I am with now is completely different. We do “Paying For Referrals”. It does cost so much per month, but we get a steady supply of referrals, folks who have signed up with us and we are “assigned” to mentor these new folks. It makes it alot less “cutthroat”!! Sorry you had to go through that.

    132. I totally agree with anyone here who says that all these work from home scams are bogus. These scam artist are online daily with this make money from home gibberish, truth be told the only money that’s being made is through clicks yea that’s right every time you click on one of those bogus BS sites they get paid. I suggest we stop googling these clowns and let them go bale hay for a living and see what real hard work is all about. I’m sick of these lazy pawns who would rather sit at a computer and peck a keyboard using scams to prey on hard working men and women with some work from home pipe dream.Here is some grade A advice for everyone and that’s just because a man can scam a fool doesn’t make him a genius online of off line, so be careful what sites you follow around online and fall for. I promise you only 10 percent are legit sites with your best interest in mind.

    133. I take some offense to the bad review of PPD. I have been a member for over two years. The first year I made only 18000 and some change. The second full year was a bit over 24000 but in less time than the previous year. This year to date looks to be something a bit better than year two.
      Yeah it takes work it takes networking and you get back what you put in. I don’t know how anyone could label PPD a scam, it certainly is not.

    134. I agree with you, Don. I have been a member of PPD for a long time. I have made a good deal of money since I joined. I think people have been so “hard-hit” by so many scams online over the years that they will never see good in anything online. So it is impossible to change their thinking. It is too bad too. I have lost money online with other businesses and had almost given up until I found PPD. I am just very happy with the results. I don’t need to sell anyone on that point. Good luck to you!! :0)

    135. Maybe I’ve overlooked it, but I have yet to see an answer regarding what this “business” does to a participant’s credit score.

      I recently reviewed the information from PPD, as well as received a “training” e-mail promising me an instant $50 after completing enough offers to receive 100 credits. Four of the six “free” offers were for credit cards, and the other two were for clubs to buy children’s books and pantyhose. The other 37 offers ranged in costs from $4.95 to $15.95+ per month, or listed “deposit required” as their costs.

      Upon initial glance, it seems I would be spending much more than $50 to earn 100 credits for this “training session”. Plus, I can only imagine the havoc being wreaked to my credit report after repeatedly applying for credit cards, joining clubs, and completing surveys with credit card information attached.

      What’s the deal?

    136. Also, I’ve repeatedly attempted to access the FLR web site (through various links and using both Safari and Firefox). I have yet to connect, instead receiving error messages that the site is unavailable. Is this a common problem?

    137. Sorry, one more question. I’ve looked at several of these offer sites, and it seems that they advertise the same companies over and over. This message board (and PPD’s site, as well as others) suggests enrolling only for offers I may want or need. But once I sign up for, let’s say, a Blockbuster membership, I’m unable to use Blockbuster again.

      Eventually (by my estimation, sooner rather than later), I’d be left with offers I don’t want or need—nor want to pay for (Avon, online gambling sites, video professor, ringtones, etc.). Then what?

    138. Hi Kelly,
      As far as what this business does to your credit score….there should be no problems there. If you sign up for a credit card offer and use the credit card and then do not make your payments on time, that would have a negative affect on your credit score. I just used my debit card when I did all my offers and never had a problem. Many folks I worked with got their credit card as an offer. They did method 1 and then as soon as they started making the most money on method 2, they paid off that credit card and “cut it up”!! :0) But we tell our “referrals” to keep good records of everything, purchases, trial dates, etc.

      My bank, being the good bank it is, did call me to question all of the small amounts being debited to my account. Once I let them know that I knew about these debits, that I was well aware of them, then they understood. But most banks will alert account holders if this happens. This is a good thing, it does not impact your credit score.

      Method 1 is more of an investment and education, the $$$ you make merely helps you cover the offers. Once you get to Method 2, that is where the most money is made. You don’t have to do offers once you are on Method 2.

      Doing these offers on Project Payday and then on another forum is all about the experience you are gaining learning the process.

      The biggest value to completing a site is not the $50 you make per site; it’s having the site completed and being one step closer to VIP status. (This is only on the forum I am a member of, NOT FLR). The “profit” from Method 1 depends on how you look at it, and on which offers you select

      As far as your inability to access FLR, I don’t know about that. I used to be a member of FLR but it was very hard to make a consistent amount of income monthly.

      The site I am a member of now uses forums, but we primarily operate with a Mentor Assignment approach. The forums are probably best regarded as “Support Forums.”

      You’ll complete enough offers to be 100% complete. How many offers you’ll need to do depends on the offers you select. Different offers count for different amounts.

      You can be paid a total of $500 by completing all 10 sites using Method 1 on our forum. . If you come to our forum via your Project Payday membership, and have already completed, we will give you a “Free Green” on a sixth site of your choice on our site once you’ve completed 5 sites in our forum.

      The forum I am a member of functions much like a “stock exchange” – to facilitate Trading Partners getting together, to ensure no one gets scammed, and to provide a fair, level, and fun “playing field” for everyone. But this forum goes beyond that by providing additional, related income opportunities so you can build your own income and be completely in control of your own success by using tools provided here – without recreating the wheel, without having to make big investments of either time or money, and without having to learn specialized computer skills.

      It is expressly designed for those who are brand new to making money online. There are very few income opportunities available online (or offline for that matter) that require almost no investment, have almost no risk, and require almost no specialized computer skills. The more you look, the more you will find this to be true.

      At some point you may also want to look at other online income opportunities, but everything you learn on the forum I am a member of will not only help you make you money , but will also help you be more successful with any other online opportunities you run into that also look interesting to you.

      So don’t let the fact that you are leery of or short on offers stop you from doing this. While our total number of available offers has risen from around 70 to almost 200, the real limitation on the ability to use Method 1 to the exclusion of any other method is the limitation on offers available to this forum. We’re certainly headed in the right direction, however, and will continually be looking for more and better advertisers to come on board. I did alot of offers on FLR before joining this other forum. That was a year ago or more. I had to “start all over” doing offers again. There was not a huge selection, about 40 offers. But I managed to get all of my 10 sites and go on to VIP Member status in a few months. If you have never done offers before, then you are at a great advantage. The forum I am a member of now has 150-200 offers all the time.

      I have to be honest, I have done offers I didn’t want or need. I also did offers I used as gifts. That may sound like “oh, yeah, I have heard that before” but it is true. Most of my Christmas shopping last year was done by doing offers. But as I was doing these offers, my main goal was to get to “method 2″ where I am now and making the most money. You have to keep that goal in mind. As I have stated time and again, doing this is not for everyone.

      The nice thing for me, now that I am a VIP Member, I am making a profit of $200 for every two referrals who “go green” on my sites. You do have to have a Paypal account to do this. I have NEVER had so much money in my Paypal.

      I have purposely omitted the name of the forum I am on. I don’t think we are allowed to “advertise” like that on this review forum.


    139. Thanks for the information, Carol. My biggest concern was not with using a credit card but with the effect on my credit score when I apply for credit and/or many businesses repeatedly check my credit through these offers. (Last year, I applied for an credit card when making a purchase and was denied because of “too many inquiries to my credit report,” and I the only things I’d applied for last year were new insurance rates and a few retail store cards.)

      Also, can you e-mail the name of the site you use, so I can do some research? My e-mail is

      Thanks again for your willingness to mentor us skeptical newbies. :]

    140. I was introduced to IFW trading over a year ago through Project PayDay and at the time was very happy with the ability to earn extra funds online. At that time PPD didn’t have their own IFW sites and was referring to Free Lunch Room forum where I spent the next 6 months building up my Trader Rating score by greening sites for others and also doing some G4G trades. I also signed up for free greens on many IFW sites just to build up a nice portfolio of sites to offer to my traders. I made a fair amount of money but the record keeping on all the trial products I ordered was very time consuming, tedious work. Every item ordered needs a record kept of terms of service, how long is the trial for and when does it end, if you order something like vitamins and the trial is for 14 days for example and you’re sent a 60 day supply most likely than not the extras need to be sent back and received by the company by a specific date or you are charged full price. I made numerous trips to the Post Office and spent a good amount of money just sending back items in cases like these. Despite being good with records keeping there were still incidents where the product was not received back in time or I simply wasn’t able to get a hold of the company for a return authorization number and got charged full price. I had to dispute at least half a dozen or more charges at my bank to a tune of over $300, got all credited back but it was a huge hassle. Spent tons of money at FLR getting verified, gold donation, paying for a sticky, personal web site for trading, etc. When all was said and done PPD dropped FLR as it’s primary source to send traffic to and what was once a high traffic forum became nearly dead. Then spent the next several months waiting for the forum owner Leo to send in boat loads of traffic that never came. Next came a story on Leo as being a scammer himself to the freebie industry while a college student. After listening to him preach a “scammers aren’t tolerated here” for all the months I was pouring my money into building a freebie business and then finding out he had no room to talk and getting sick and tired of the traffic that never came I left freebie trading and am now building a legitimate, long term online business. The last I heard several weeks back on FLR is that they were changing servers or something, no doubt finally gone for good.

    141. I am sorry you had to go through all that. Been There. I have also “been there” on FLR. I had accumulated alot of great freebie sites but so many of them were banned from FLR after being unwilling to pay the exorbitant costs for the privilege of being listed on FLR.

      I also read about Leo, (Gladiator?? or was he listed at Admin??) Now that name invokes many images, but it certainly wasn’t what I saw when I saw who Leo was. lol

      It is people like him that give a bad name to folks that are trying to run a scam-free business in the freebie industry. No wonder so many folks are skeptical (and that’s putting it mildly). Sounds like you have done alot of offers. Too many to start on the other forum? Well, best of luck to you. Hope you find something where you can rebuild.

    142. Thanks Carol,

      Don’t be sorry for me though. I was simply stating my real experiences with IFW trading. I enjoyed it while it lasted and did make money but as I said I also spent quite a bit building up my trading business also. I made many friends on FLR too. What I went through with being charged for products that didn’t get received back by the companies in time or not being able to get in contact with some of these companies and being charged for products I didn’t want is something many, if not most will go through. Leo on FLR is, or was, the Admin. I also got fed up with having most of the sites in my portfolio which was well over 100 banned by FLR. Towards the end it seemed as if the only sites being allowed there were FLR owned sites, many of the offers being offered on their sites never credited at all. I spent numerous amounts of money and over 8 months just trying to green one of the FLR owned sites, doing at least 9 different offers and still never greened. Their sites were notorious for this. By the time I decided I’d had enough of the BS at FLR I had come to the point where all I wanted to do was Method 2 but even that wasn’t possible as even though I had built a decent Trade Rating, there were those on the forum with TRs in the 100s who got all the business. The last straw was spending $75 on a 3 day sticky with not one nibble. I even did extensive promoting on my own, got literally dozens of referrals who all signed up on sites but only one lady ever completed her site despite my extensive follow up with them all. Freebie trading is not for everybody. I refused to start all over on any new forum, though a member of a couple of others, as that would mean doing numerous offers once again and I put my time in I felt. Don’t worry about me, as I already said I moved on months ago to a great opportunity with multiple income streams and am on my way to building a great online business.

    143. Hi Been There,
      I am glad you are moving on and doing great!! I by no means worry about things!! Life is too short for that! :0) Oh, boy, do I know what you mean about the $75 stickies!!! Been there and done that. lol, lol

    144. Hi Carol,

      I gone through all of your discussion chain and stuck with one question. Where to start earning with ppd. Could you please guide me and there’s one point to mention about me… I’m not desperate to make money, but excited to test this out and may be a full time employment..


    145. Hi Sirish,
      I did join Project Payday about 2 1/2 years ago. Things have changed on PPD since I joined. I am still a member of PPD, but not active on there.

      The only thing I can suggest is to contact support, Kelly Martin and ask them where you can start. Most folks who join via PPD do the “Free Factor” site. Then from there they have their choice of which forum they want to work with. I, personally, am on Net Income Solutions. I like that forum because we get assigned referrals instead of having to “wait around” for someone to see our thread and contact us. So, if you choose NIS, you will be assigned a mentor who will help you through the process.

      I would like to leave my email address here so that you can contact me directly, but I don’t really want it to be a source that anyone can see.

      Let me know if this has helped you.

    146. After reading all these reviews it seems this will only go back and forth. It is a constant fight of the good and the bad. I feel if its not at least 90% positive, the company isn’t worth the hassle. People want to make money all the time & they are quick to throw there money at an opportunity.

      I own my own business and it is something I truly believe in. You actually get a product as well that is beneficial to you. I shared these products with others and now my business is starting to boom. I am living a healthier life and taking supplements that will save me TONS of money from medical bills presently and in the future. Also my business is the only one to have exclusive rights to the strongest antioxidant on the market. My products are all 100% healthy and support your body in so many ways. The energy shot alone provides mental concentration, alertness, fights depression, promotes weight loss, and so much more. If your losing your hair, fighting allergies, diabetes, have a weird growth, need energy, overweight, pain in the body, arthritis you name it, we have products for you.

      The amazing thing is this. I help others lives and have a healthy lifestyle like myself. I see older people with gray hair start growing black roots. Growths on peoples bodies going away. The ability to have a more sound sleep at night. The list truly goes on.

      I have a love for health and nutrition, as well as for people. If I can help I am going to. Especially when there is truly unique products in a class of all their own. What is even more amazing is I know if you try any of them you will want more. You can help others and grow a business at the same time and make money. Heart to heart….. You live healthy, you help other, and you make money. Start enjoying your life now in every aspect and help others.

      If your interested in this tremendous opportunity go to the site listed Not only that, google the ingredients in the products on this page. You will be blown away by what you find out. This will even further more back up everything be stated. God bless and I hope you all follow the path to financial freedom.

    147. I didn’t know you could list your personal website links in this forum. But you worked it in there very nicely, Mr. Yafari.

    148. I have herd about it by reading it from some outher website and it seems to be ok base on the reviews I read thus far .

      Carol you seem to be a real person not a paid worker wich is great for me becaus I have some questions on if I should join peoject payday.

    149. Hi Ri,
      Yes, I am a real person. It has been awhile since I have done anything with Project Payday. I am not sure what types of things they are offering right now. I am still a member of Net Income Solutions, which Project Payday promotes on their site. But I am not active on Net Income Solutions right now. As far as joining Project Payday, I can’t tell you one way or the other, that is up to you. You probably need to read up on it some more. Did someone send you their referral link for it? If so, ask them if they can send you some more information about what programs are contained within Project Payday, what exactly do they offer for the money? Also ask if there is a money-back guarantee. I would sure check it out alot before I did join. I am sure there are some ok programs they offer, but as I said, I haven’t been in contact with them for awhile. I will go to my area on PP and see what I can find out. Let me know what you decide. Just be careful.

    150. Hi,

      I’m a disabled survivor and it’s extremely hard for me to find or even work a full-time regular job. I’m very curious if PP is a 100% legit system that allows me to make some extra income to get by?

    151. I joined PPD on Tuesday. I will tell you to skip the fast fifty. It exhausts too many offers before you get into the real greening process on the prime networks. As it is I am having troubles finding offers I have not already done,still working or don’t have some sort of. Glitch. I am sweating bullets over a few of them getting here in time so I can cancel them. I cannot afford $$$ beauty creams to come out of my already tight bank account. My greening will be on hold for a few weeks until the sites get some new offers. I made $100 plus on 5 trades and they were relatively easy. I spent $50 on products,several were clubs I can cancel but book and movie clubs you usually cannot. You will go red. So plan them accordingly as well. Keeping meticulous records is a must! If you add in my club obligations I probably didn’t make much but with any business you have to spend some to make some. Realistically,the offers could be better for greening but I have hope this will eventually get me making money on many things I can use anyway.

    152. I wish you luck wityour PPD. I did “freebie trading” for about three years. I joined at a time when you didn’t have to the “fast fifty” with PPD. Then I went on to Free Lunchroom, which is no longer an then to Net Income Solutions. I have always been a supporter of this way to make some $$ online, even though there have been alot of naysayers. You don’t get rich doing this, but you can make some money. I agree with everything you say, new trader. There is also alot more competition for the referrals. And it does take time, you have to be ready for that. After getting all my greens I went on to do quite good. At one time I had over $5,000 in my Paypal. I don’t do freebie trading any longer because it seems as though there arore folks who are qualified to receive referrals of their own and they are just spread out too thin. It is hard to make any meaningful money now… least that is my thoughts.

    153. I am curious if this is still a current website with current comments. I am researching Project Payday. I am curious. I have questions. I’d like to try it, but want to see comments from today, not 3 years ago. PPD showed up in my local Craigslist, job listings.
      Thanks, Julie

    154. I looked at PPD earlier today and after just getting started found it wasnt worth it at all. You have to complete offers in order for them to possibly pay you. None of the offers are truly free if you read more of the fine print. For them to truly accept the offers you complete you have to pay for them. no start a free trail and then cancel before its done whether you like the product or not. So yes they may pay you for completing the offers provide but you will end up paying more money over time than they might pay you in return. so all in all its not worth the time unless you want to use the products offered then maybe.

    155. I definitely appreciate the honest review before I joined and made a mistake. I am desperately looking for legitimate work from home jobs but I am coming up with nothing but schemes. Any REAL LEGITIMATE companies anyone knows of that I can look into? I would seriously appreciate it. Thanks for any help in advance!

    156. I joined them at the end of August 2014. I am only doing the referral program. I have seen over 2 doaen youtube videos with people claiming they only do the referral program and are making 100.00’s of dollars per day. That, is a bit far-fetched in my opinion. I have been doing the posting, blogging and usisng forums and many many classified ad sites as told and in 4 weeks, I have made a whopping 1.50

      I find that the people bragging on youtube are being secretive and liars. I saw one video of a guy who claimed (using only the referral program) he made 65,000.00 in two days. Again, thats a lie.

    157. Thanks everyone, so much.

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