Is InboxDollars a Scam? Can you get paid to read emails?


Before I start this review, let’s put the facts on the table.

  • We all read emails.
  • We all love money.
  • It would be really awesome to get paid to read emails.

InboxDollars promises just that and they even go as far as to make the claim that ‘Money really does grow on trees.’ But just how accurate are these claims? Can you really get paid to just read emails? We wouldn’t call ourselves professional product and program testers if we didn’t give you an answer to these questions.

You can make money, but that doesn’t mean you necessarily will make money.

Each email that you read will net you anywhere between 1 to 10 cents. But these aren’t emails you would normally want to read. They’re advertisements for various programs or products that would result in InboxDollars making hefty revenue if you followed through and signed up for the program. Aside from emails, you can also “get paid” to play games, sign up for surveys, sign up for programs, shop, and search the internet.

What you aren’t told is that you will need to start spending money first and you’ll receive a measly percentage back on your spendings. This is the hidden truth behind their “get paid to” claims.

My Results

I’ve been a member for about two weeks now and I have received 14 emails for a total of $0.40 cents. That’s a little less than 3 cents per email. If we take into account the $5.00 sign up bonus and the $1.00 introduction survey, I will need to read approximately 857 more emails.

At the current rate of 1 email per day, I’m looking at over 2 years of reading email just to receive my first $30 check. I don’t know about you, but I have better things to do than click on an advertisement once a day for the next 2 years just to receive $30.

The Real Source of Funds

At this point, you’re probably asking yourself how could they possibly make money by sending out emails. I decided to look into a few of the programs that are heavily promoted throughout the site. Take for example, eBay. InboxDollars will pay you $6.00 to sign up at eBay and place a bid. Not bad right? Wrong. They’re making anywhere between $25-$35 every time a new user signs up at eBay and places a bid. is also heavily promoted at a $10 bonus just for signing up for their free trial. However, in the event you forget to cancel the free trial after a couple of weeks, you will be billed $15.99 per month and InboxDollars makes $50. It sounds like users are getting the short end of the stick while InboxDollars laughs all the way to the bank.

I’ve tried that and I don’t like it.

If you have nothing better to do than to read emails (read: view advertisements) for the next few years, then by all means sign up and get started. I do feel that doing anything at InboxDollars aside from reading emails is a recipe for disaster. In an extreme case, suppose you sign up for the free trial and forget about your account. In a month you will be billed and in the event that you refuse to pay you can have your account forwarded to collections which could have a disastrous effect on your credit score. This result could yield hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in damages all for a measly $10.

Personally, I’m closing my account.

How Does Inbox Dollars Compare?

I did a review of a program called SwagBucks a few months back and just wanted to give you guys a little update on my progress, show you how much I’ve actually made with the program, and give some tips on how to quickly start making some money with them.

A quick overview: the concept behind SwagBucks is that they’d pay you for using their search page to browse the web. They make money through Google’s sponsored results and then pass some of their earnings on to you in the form of SwagBucks. You can also make money by filling out surveys, shopping online, watching videos, and many many more ways.

All you have to do is use their search page and every so often, you’ll be awarded SwagBucks which you can redeem for cash or gift cards.

The best part is the SwagBucks search bar uses Google, so you’ll get the same results you’re used to, but now you have a chance to make some extra money. It takes no extra effort on your part either. It’s a fun way to make some extra money each month.

And you can join today and see for yourself why I rate this program so highly, absolutely for free. Plus, you get a free $5 bonus just for signing up.

There are a lot more ways to earn, but searching is by far the easiest and the quickest. You’ll see the other ways in just a minute, but first…

Proof SwagBucks Actually Pays

Here’s an inside look at most of the orders that I’ve placed with SwagBucks since I’ve joined. This is a look inside my own personal account. I’ve cashed out and received $890.00 worth of gift cards so far.

Now, there are thousands of items you can spend your SwagBucks on or you can even redeem them for cash. I chose the giftcards because they’re a little bit cheaper than the cash redemption so you get more value for your SwagBuck, so to speak. Plus, I shop at Amazon often and this really helped cut down on costs.

Here’s a look at my total earnings so far:

1 SwagBuck roughly equals 1 penny. So I’ve made approximately $928.78 since joining!

And here’s a look at just some of my rewards so far!

Oh, and did I mention this was all free?

The Bottom Line

SwagBucks is a scam free way to make extra money online. It’s an excellent alternative to InboxDollars and you’ll make money much faster. I’ve been a member for about six months now and I’ve been paid over $890. It’s completely free to join and will help you bring in some extra cash by doing things you already do online. What more could you want from a program?!

SwagBucks is awesome and I highly recommend you click here an create an account right now. You get a $5 bonus offer just for signing up.


    1. I read emails for InboxDollars for about three days, after I figured the numbers like you just did, I quit and resigned from my account. I worked also with Hits4Pay which will usually give you a $10 bonus for signing up, read emails for them for over 6 months and didn’t even come close to their minimum, and I had over 100 referrals! I resigned that account as well. I’ve decided reading emails for any substantial amount of money is a pipe dream.

    2. I am with Inbox dollars. I made the money and yes I have gotten checks.They are not constant but I recieved a couple and i am on my 3rd. I do the surveys and they pay $1.You can do one a day and I am accepted to most of them. So I have had good luck with them.

    3. I think I’ve only been accepted for one survey in about 4 months of membership (though not in InboxDollars). For some reason, they just aren’t that interested in my opinion, the bastards. I could give them such an opinion!

    4. I use Inboxdollars too. I got $2 for signing up with some Xerox offer. However, I signed up with the free (30-day) trial more than a week ago and haven’t gotten the $10 credit yet in my Inboxdollars account. I will have to wait 30 days to see if I get credit or not before I can submit a trouble ticket. That’s quite an inconvenience. Other GPTs (e.g. FTT) requires only 7 days of no-credit, then submit trouble ticket.

    5. That stinks…gee I never had problems with them…Maybe they like me better.

    6. i’ve been with them since the latter part of 2005 and just got my first check this past june. now that being said all i was doing was promoting, reading emails and buying gold memberships with my earnings. Now i have built my referrals and they have gold memberships. Now it is up to where just reading the emails should get me a check every month. it takes awhile but i do believe that they are a reputable company and certainly pay more than most paid to read email companies. the emails are really easy to read also. especially with firefox. 3 clicks and your done four and it’s deleted from you inbox.i’ve done it for so long now that i save them up until i get a full page in the inbox go to the oldest one and start from to open, click to go to the site, click to prove i’ve read it back to the inbox and click to delete. once you get a rhythm you can go through them really fast. also once your referrals have gold memberships you make more with each click you do and each click they do.

    7. Ok, i got the $10 for the Key Club Save offer. phew! i just need to cancel next Monday. i’m still waiting for the $10 for my offer. denise: just curious, how many gold memberships do you have? i’m trying to figure out if it’s worth it. thanks!

    8. Julia I’m happy you recieved your $10 dollars.I’ve recommended this site many times and I never had a problem.

    9. Julia, I have 3 gold memberships and 85 referrals. I mostly just read emails now. if i find one that isn’t going to cost me anything in them then i do it. sometimes i go through the free stuff in the sidebar and sometimes i try for a survey but survey’s aren’t much interested in the opinion of a 53 year old divorced white woman with one grown child :-) so I tried surveys and after about a year of actively pursuing it figured out that this was the case. i was so happy to actually receive a check from a site like this after losing so much to autosurfing and hyip’s that i just felt i had to say something here. it is not a get rich quick thing and it takes awhile to get a rhythm going but they do pay and over the past two years they have gotten much more diverse in their offerings and i am glad about that. I got 50 last month, and will get 15 this month …not much but at least it’s something and believe me i have read so many emails trying to get paid that it is a welcome thing to see…that check in the mail. I also think that the internet being what it is…full of scammers and hackers just out there to take your money and run or collect your information to sell that it is a welcome relief to find a company that has been paying people for over 2 years. k, i’m off the soapbox now. :-)

    10. I’ve had great success with InboxDollars. Gotten a check for $125+, loads of gift cards to nationwide retailers, and no problems at all. Sure you have to remember to cancel free trials, but it’s really not that hard. (Reading e-mails is definitely not worth it though).

    11. I have just requested my first check and was irritated that they charge a $3.00 fee-todays date is Aug. 8 and they say my check will be processed on October 1st! Plus if I do not remain active between now and October 1st I will not get my check—I guess they are hoping I will get bored and quit and they can keep my money–I dont plan to quit, but I will definately not waste my time “trying” to reach payout quickly–I am angry they dont promote that they charge a $3.00 fee to cash your check as much as they promote their $5.00 sign up!

    12. Hi Donna. That’s one of those little details they neglected to mention, eh? Did they tell you about the $.25 per day service fee for every day you leave money in your account?

      Just kidding. They don’t do that. At least, I don’t think they do! :-O

    13. LOL Oh Joe I love your sense of humor.

    14. any one tried send me an e-mail (listed on my website). i’ve been active for less than a month on i like how they have MORE e-mails to read than inboxdollars (but maybe paid less each?) but i like how they have more choices/offers/trials/surveys in earning “points” (note: not dollar). i don’t think they pay out in cash/check though. maybe just gift card. AND they, so far, have sucky approval on offers. i’m just waiting for that 30 days so that i can submit a trouble ticket. i’m aiming for 1500 points for the $10 Target gift card. i only have 730 pts (including pending ones). so maybe one more month? (dunno about the fees/shipping stuff yet.) also, i don’t think is a referral-based program. it allows max. 5 referrals per month AND i don’t think i earn any partial point for each point my referral earn.

    15. oh, i mean send me an e-mail if you want to try i think i have to submit your e-mail through them in order to have you as my referral. or you can join directly. i just make 100 pts for a “successful” referral. =)

    16. I don’t like my points. I cut them out I do much better with creative rewards. You can get a gift card or check and they do not take anything out like Inbox dollars when they pay out.The first time I took a check and the 2nd an Old Navy card for my daughter and I am getting ready to cash out again. I’m with them 6 months maybe.

    17. janice: thank you! i’ll look into creative rewards. i’m still hoping to cash out on mypoints first. =)

    18. Julia: When you are ready I can send you a link

    19. Yes, please send me the link. I will check it out. [at] (can you tell that I use this e-mail for GPTs?)
      [Edited by Joe to dehyperlinkify the email address.]

    20. Okay, I requested payment for my ~$30 also. I did get the $10 credit after I submit trouble ticket. Kudo for They said I should receive my check by Oct 1. FYI, I also cashed out on FTT ($83). I am now doing/testing,, and (this is pretty fun.. fun way to update myself on news on finance and entertainment).

    21. Good work Julia. Let us know if you ever get your check and of any progress with the other sites.

    22. Hey. I came across your website and I think the best way to rake up some money on InboxDollars is to do a survey evereyday along with the emails. If you do this you will reach the minimum in about a month. SendEarnings is the same as InboxDollars so between the two of these websites you can earn about $60 a month. I have been paid by InboxDollars and I am waiting for a check from SendEarnings.

    23. Thats great , It doesn’t take much time each day to get through them. I just tend to get lazy though so it take me a little longer.

    24. Like you mentioned, PTC is not really worth the time. But just clicking here and there and make a few bucks is not too bad. I tried a few PTC. I think the one I like the most is hits4pay. They pay 2 cents per click. If you pick 25 categories as your “interest”, you get more ads to click. On average, I get 20 ads to click per week. 40 cents a week. $10 sign-up bonus. It will take 8 to 9 months of clicking before getting to the $25 min. payout. What I like about hits4pay is that I don’t have to do click everyday. I can probably do it once a week and just have it in the background and click on it every minute or so while I do my own stuff on the computer.
      Updates on other chump change stuff I’m working on: since I joined on 7/26, I earned 1988 points by reading e-mails, trying to do surveys, signing-up for a few stuff, and making 3 purchases (vistaprint , overstock, and baby books ). I can get my $10 Target gift card with 1500 points once the points turn from “pending” to “earn”. For, I got $8.74 (virtual; haven’t cash-out yet) for August. It was a LOT of clicking though and I felt like I was competing with all the other members to click more. Have been too busy to really work the Maybe more update later on.

    25. Thanks for the excellent update, Julia. Would you say all that clicking (and cookies and possible spyware/adware) is worth it?

    26. It’s definitely not worth it if some one is seriously hoping to make money. But it’s really not that bad that since I already have my computer running and doing stuff on the computer, I can make a few bucks here and there while doing homework, paying bills, or reading the news. I have similar concern with cookies and possible spyware/adware. Oh well, we will see. I also have concern about giving my personal info to these places (and hope to get check/gift card from them). hey, it’s all about trying it out and posting the comments on this site, right? this is how we can help contribute to the blog. =) also, i do recommend these chump-change-making “opportunities” to college students who don’t have a job already AND people who do stuff online that doesn’t make money.

    27. I am a stay at home mom and i just got started with inbox dollars and i am hoping its worth it it seems like a lot of work for 30 dollars. I mean is it worth sitting at my computer for most of the day looking at stupid emails just to earn 3 cents.

    28. Let’s get real here people – give yourselves some damn respect and stop wasting your time with these companies.
      They are making hundreds of thousands of dollars while you’re making a few cents! For the same time you are clicking to get your measly $25, you could have earned several hundred dollars or more, very easily, washing dishes in your local fast-food restaurant 2 days a week!

    29. I mean I am steamed about that I wished there was something we could do about these survey website. Believe me I tried a lot of survey site and Fusion is the one that I actually stayed in because it made me money in a few hours. But in the end I kept calling them out for being fakes and they kicked me out of the chat room.

    30. Inbox dollars tried that to not worth it. Lol waste of time. Every survey taking I have taking takes a long time. Not kidding.

    31. I agree. From many logical standpoints, these websites are not worth it. I guess for stay-at-home-moms (SAHM) who like to make a couple cents, possibly, a couple dollars, while their babies nap? I have to say those GPT sites help with the diaper money. GPT sites offer a option for people to make a little money and we all definitely have a choice to play that game or not. =)
      Okay, I received the InboxDollars and Fairy Tale Treasure (FTT) checks within the past 3 weeks. I just deposited them today. Hope they don’t bounce! I guess I have to wait a year to be sure. Also, I got my $10 Target gift card from Mypoints. I got the gift card in my mail approx. 5 days after I redeemed the points.

      We have a virus on our computer at home, so my girlfriend logged in for me at work.
      How convenient that now that we have enough points to redeem they’ve closed our accounts.
      They say that you can only have one account per person, so don’t sign up a spouse or share a computer with anyone else or they’ll rip you off too ..
      They totally suck.
      We’ve both been members for over 4 years, maybe they’re just tired of paying out and are saving some money.

    33. anyone know anything about Cash Lagoon?

    34. Hmmmm… no one talks abt bux to. It seems to be a more promising PTC of the lot so far. I have not received any payments from them though I have requested payout some 2 weeks ago.

    35. I was with Ad Bux. I didn’t have many referrals and I did the math… i think it would take me at least 3 months of daily clickings to get payout. So, I just stopped clicking. I stopped clicking on Inbox, Ad Buddy, Clixsense, hits4pay, guessnow, and fairytales. i’m still with MyPoints, survey spot, and my2cents.

    36. actually, i haven’t received any e-mails from hits4pay since Halloween 2007. hmm.. i wonder if it got closed down???

    37. you know I havnt gotten any e-mails from them either and I complained to them several times.They basically said it was because I needed to revise my profile(change the type of e-mails I recieve). Now I get less.I am so close to getting paid and it only took me 1 year.

    38. I know it’s nice to get a cheque in the post folks, but seriously, reading all these posts – you could earn as much in two hours working at McDonalds as you are with these rip off companies in a month!!

      I tried surveys and emails, and never received a damn thing! All that time wasted while they get your opinions and hard work and make millions of $$$ from it!

      My hope is that one day, these firms will be held accountable and MADE to pay out instantly to online processors such as PayPal, for every piece of work submitted.

      Or at the very least, they should be offering a higher rate of pay GUARANTEED by law!

      Don’t waste your time with this crap folks!

    39. Haven’t tried Inbox Dollars yet but one site that I am having great luck with is It has been very easy to use and keep up with. You can do a small amount a day to earn feathers which eventually translate into gift cards to tons of retailers (just as good as check IMHO). It’s been very successful for me so far and I would recommend people trying it.

      Let me know if you need more information.

    40. I’ve been reading the paid emails from InboxDollars for almost two years now–think I started in March of 06. I now have like $32.15 in my account now. Not much but it is better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick. I’m keeping it up as long as I can. Like Donna I was a bit perturbed at the $3 processing charge for the check, but I went into InboxDollars with the knowledge that it wasn’t the same as a job or a get rich quick thing. It’s just little extra money thing on the side and it feels great to check the “current earnings” section after you read the emails and see the amount go up. No, it’s not like a steady income, but it is a little something and I believe if you’re the kind of person like me who looks at email and the internet alot anyway, that this is definitely worth your time.

    41. Hey do they have that “reading the paid emails” thing in Malaysia as well..
      Need some extra income man!

    42. I have read most of your comments and I am a member of inboxdollars and very happy with my results.i have been a member for three months and have been paid twice you must spend the time to take a survey with there site to get paid $1 a day and if you are not excepted to take a survey you can take more and make it your goal to get that dollar.but I also play games for dollars.and fill out some of the 100% free offers.My referrals are getting larger but I am have not seen results there yet. but the real secret to making money with paid to read sites is to be signed up with several that pay like this one has for me and if you want proof .I would happy to send show you.

    43. Well Steve, I guess you have nothing better to do with your time than read emails for 3cents at a time and focus on that goal of getting $1!

      I’m sorry, NOT, but anyone who tries to justify this SCAM is an absolute idiot!

      You can make more money in one hour at a fast food restaurant than you will make with Inbox Dollars in a YEAR!! Do you REALLY think that’s okay?
      I know I don’t!

      Lift your life up people, focus higher and realise that you are being USED and ABUSED by this company!

      In other words: GET A LIFE! $30 in two years? Well WHOOPEEFRICKINDOODEE! I make that in an HOUR!

    44. Did you even read my review?

      Hell, just read the last line and you can get the overall gist of it all.

    45. Yes, I read your review, it was sent to me as an email by this website. And the fact that you are sitting there waiting for responses shows you obviously have NO LIFE! So, go ahead, keep clicking on those 3 cent clicks! The fact that you’re using several of these companies means you must be making all of 12cents an hour!

      Wake up and smell the html!

    46. I meant to add…the FACT that you wrote a reply within ONE MINUTE of my post going up shows that you are really really hoping to justify this program. The reality is though, that nothing you say can!

      It’s a SCAM – don’t be so gullible!!

    47. Wow. Just wow.

      For starters, I don’t have an account there and I haven’t even visited the site since I wrote this review, which ends NEGATIVELY. “I don’t know about you, but I have better things to do than click on an advertisement once a day for the next 2 years just to receive $30.” How can you possibly take this as me actively promoting Inboxdollars? There isn’t even a link to the website anywhere on this page! I ended the review by saying I’ve closed my account and won’t be going back! I take it you actually didn’t read past the first paragraph.

      Secondly, all comments are forwarded to my email address and I happened to be sending one as you posted your comment. What’s your excuse for the three minute reply from you?

    48. Bernie, didn’t your parents ever teach you the value of a dollar? NO, like I said before, you’re not going to sign up for an account with Inbox Dollars and, within hours, be making hundreds of dollars. And you DON’T HAVE TO BUY THE STUFF! You find me someone else who will offer you even 3 cents to read anything! And, yes Bernie, you can make more at a job. That’s why you must realize that Inbox Dollars is NOT like a job. But you must ask yourself, how hard is it? Working at a “fast food restaurant”, in most cases, requires you to take all sorts of crap from stupid customers and be worked to death for low wages. Inbox Dollars just requires you to click on their emails. Of course it doesn’t pay much but it DOES pay some and that’s my point! Of course $30 in two years is peanuts, but IT IS SOMETHING! It’s kind of like saving aluminum cans and cashing them in, don’t you see? Every little bit helps! And as for your comment about people who read the emails not having a life, that’s just plain not true. Even someone who is very busy has time to check and read their email. Go find something else to gripe about, Bernie. Inbox Dollars is only a scam if you let it be a scam.

    49. Bernie my my now aren’t we a little hostile. No one is promoting this site as if its going to be enough to retire on. Just a few extra bucks.Now on the other hand you are more than welcome to come home every night smelling like a taco, but lets gets real here, who in their right mind is going to go out to work and waste gas for less than $8 an hour. I’d rather sit home in jammies and click in my spare time.I’ve known Steve for a while now way before you came on board and if you come to this site looking for a fight dont. I’ve known Steve since the beginning and everyone here is a family here to help each other.If I want nasty I can call my father in Florida.

    50. just was sharing my results!! and thanks to those of you that have joined under me in inboxdollars from this site last nignt!!

    51. Damnit, Steve. I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a thousand times: don’t poke the caged monkeys! I turn my back for five minutes and here you are picking fights again.

    52. Okay, just realized that there is another user here going by the name of ‘steve’

      All replies by ‘Steve’ are by the owner, me. All replies by ‘steve’ are from some random guy who apparently is for InboxDollars.


    53. Bernie apparently has too much time on his hands and he accuses Steve of that. Bernie dear, you keep answering don’t you have anything beter too do? At least at this moment I can admit I have nothing better to do.

    54. Janice, yeah, I DO have a LOT of time on my hands, because I don’t have to go to a regular J.O.B. like the rest of you!
      I work from HOME!
      It seems that perhaps you are not capable of reading long sentences, but try and go back and read my last posts and recall how much money I make in a WEEK! Easily and effortlessly, from the internet for just three or four hours a DAY!
      Yeah, I have a LOT of spare time on my hands which means I get to spend a lot more time with my son instead of missing out on him growing up! AND he’s learning how to make money too instead of going through the usual drone channels, only to finish education, get a J.O.B. and make someone else rich!

      And there really is NO POINT in arguing with people like you if you’re going to keep deleting posts!
      If you can’t win an argument, then why bother wasting your own time trying to LOOK like you know what you’re doing!?

      Have fun, won’t be back this way again, but I WILL be checking my Clickbank account everyday to see how much I make! (Incidently, going to be a GREAT month this month, as I’m averaging $380+ PER DAY!!)

      Good luck with your Inbox Dollars SCAM!

    55. Bernie, if you’re really making big money working from home, why not tell everybody else how you’re doing it? No, seriously, I believe I speak for everyone when I say we’d all love to hear how it works? It sounds nice.

    56. You know Bernie you really do have a problem.Was your goal to come here to argue with people? Don’t bother trying to insult my intelligence thats useless. At this point I can assure everyone especially myself that I have a higher IQ than you.I hope you do not take your anger issues out on your son like you do here.
      As for what I do, I love where I am, love my job, and who I work with and for.
      As for lack of time thats because I run around with my daughter who is a trained dancer,has classes,rehearsals and auditions.When my daughter has a TV performance we go.I follow my daughters drive, passion, and gift.And its my pleasure.
      My JOB allows me to come and go as I need to.With pay.Any yes my daughter is going to college majoring in dance and journalism and will one day have the words to write about losers like you.
      I dont delete posts, and I’ve already won the argument, because doing what you are doing doesn’t deem happiness, and I am happy.If what you deem happiness also includes your nasty mouth and attitude,then you are not successful but then again I am.

      OK Steve…Joe what is this guy still doing here??????

    57. Janice, for the entertainment value, of course. :) I don’t know what the deleting posts reference is about. We only delete posts if you call people names or include affiliate links or other spam.

    58. His comments have been picked up by the spam filter as spam due to the link he sues with his name. I’m tired of editing it out, so they remain in the spam folder.

    59. Janice, unless you have an IQ of 158 or more, then you don’t have an IQ higher than mine. Average is 110 btw.

      “Don’t bother trying to insult my intelligence thats useless.” – you ain’t wrong!

      And for your obvious misguided judgement Janice, my goal of coming here was to let as many people as possible know what a complete waste of time and effort Inbox Dollars really is!!

      “My JOB allows me to come and go as I need to.With pay.Any yes my daughter is going to college majoring in dance and journalism and will one day have the words to write about losers like you.”

      point: *Any = And – and you have a high IQ huh?
      And as for your daughter writing about me, well, that may be possible in the future, but more likely about how I’ve been a complete SUCCESS in my last 20 years since losing my own daughter and turning my life around!

      I live in a beautiful country abroad, nice sunny weather almost everyday. I work from home, I employ college graduates for a year at a time in my Cultural Exchange program here, giving them free flights from and to their home country btw, so they can experience things in life at their young age that I couldn’t when I was their age!

      “I dont delete posts, and I’ve already won the argument, because doing what you are doing doesn’t deem happiness, and I am happy.If what you deem happiness also includes your nasty mouth and attitude,then you are not successful but then again I am.

      OK Steve…Joe what is this guy still doing here??????”

      I never said YOU deleted the posts, so don’t jump to conclusions. And if you really think you’ve ‘won’, that’s fine. I have dealt with people like you many times in my life and I guarantee one thing, you will always want to have the last word and feel that you have the upperhand.

      As for “what you are doing doesn’t deem happiness”…ummmm, okay, you’ve completely lost me there….I’m ECSTATIC that I make around $3000 a WEEK working from HOME! And let’s not forget the $75,000 plus a year I make from the Cultural Exchange business too! (which incidentally, the profits of which go to local charities!).
      You have a very strange idea about people Janice.

      The only one who seems to need anger management classes here would be yourself. As for suggesting I abuse my son…I think it’s you who has the nasty mouth, not me.

      Good luck with your little 3cent clicks, let me know when you make as much in a month as I do,by doing them and I’ll come groveling back begging for forgiveness for speaking freely and trying to keep decent people from wasting their time.

      Steve, I changed the website, I guarantee you it isn’t an affiliate link. ;-)

    60. Holly…I believe I already did tell you how you can make money, but the post was deleted.

      I have several ways online – Clickbank, Ebay and Egold are just three good earners for me.

      With a good friend in Hawaii (where he lives, not me) we help others set up their online communications systems for their businesses.

      My hosting site has been in operation for a year and I usually give free hosting accounts to low income earners trying to pull themselves up financially by starting some type of online web business. (Sorry Janice, I don’t give them to adult sites or those that have show gory content – just thought I should mention that before you jump over that next conclusion!)

      And I build content sites for niche businesses and startups.

      Those are just some of the things I do to make a great living. There’s no reason why anyone here can’t do the same – but believing that $30 for two year’s worth of clicks is justified??? Please, don’t make me laugh!

    61. Oh, and occasionally I buy and sell domain names. Sometimes I develop them into sites, sometimes I don’t.
      Buying a domain name for $9 and selling it for $100’s or $1000’s is an INDESCRIBABLE feeling! Yeah, yeah, I know you think I’m talking rubbish, but the domain name market is going to be huge by 2010. Most of the names I buy sell for $25~$50 or so, but when you’re selling 10 or more a month, it’s a nice little earner!

    62. Bernie: thank you for sharing your methods of making money online and the Cultural Exchange Program. I’ve heard people making money through clickbank and ebay also (it’s my first time hearing egold). i’m curious, did it take you long to get a hang of doing the clickbank and ebay (and egold)?

    63. Bernie, was it really that hard to just provide information instead of all the bitter name calling? You and I do very similar work and it sounds like you can provide a lot of insight into what you do. I know it’s extremely profitable and in high-demand right now and more power to you for taking the initiative to work for yourself.

      Also, don’t confuse me with ‘steve’ from above. He’s a random commenter. I’m the post author and I too am against InboxDollars.

    64. Julia – thanks for your question.

      Ebay is pretty easy once you get around it several times. Unless you have something unique to sell, or perhaps something you know someone else could use – like books, vehicles, software, etc, I don’t recommend selling just anything you can get your hands on. In the early days, I looked for anything and everything to sell – big mistake.

      On Ebay, you’ll notice that many sellers have unique items such an antique of some sort or a new technology that just recently came on the market. They are successful because they found their niche market to sell to. Ebay is a great business to have from home, but can be hard work, and it isn’t the great shop in the sky it once used to be.

      Egold is okay, and I have made thousands of dollars by using them, but again, it’s getting harder to earn money with them due to overflow of people using them. Also, they are heading for a law suit in April of this year. They were accused of being a Ponzi Scheme by a businessman who lost millions of dollars with them – although it was his own fault for not watching the markets close enough.

      With clickbank, you simply find products you want to market and they give you an affiliate ID. You can easily change your ID to look like a more professional webpage. You’ll need to go to a domain name seller and check if the name you want is available. For example, if my affiliate ID is something like:
      I can then buy a name from a seller (I use, so let’s say I buy, I can then redirect it through the name seller or where ever I decide to ‘park’ that name while I own it, to show the clickbank ad.

      Now I’ll grant you, to make any decent kind of money, you’ll need to have a lot of ads on a lot of pages, but this is no longer the tedious task it used to be, thanks to a new product called Clickbank Buddy. It changes and rotates ads for you automatically on every web page you have them!

      The best thing I like about Clickbank is, it’s FREE to join and you can be advertising in mere minutes. Yes, it does take time to start to see money coming in, but once you get into it, it is so easy to do.

      I hope this helps.

      STEVE – if I offended anyone I apologize – to you. ;-)

    65. Clickbank is, by far, the best affiliate program to join in terms of tracking and reporting. Their member center can easily run circles around Google, Commission Junction, or any other affiliate/PPC programs.

      The biggest (only?) downfall with Clickbank is that at any time, for any reason, a previous customer can request a refund (again for any reason, even ‘no reason’ is sufficient!) and instantly receive their money back and still retain the product in their possession. As an advertiser, Clickbank covers for this by keeping a percentage of your paycheck each month as ‘allowance,’ but as a publisher, if someone requests a refund your SOL. For me, this is the biggest problem plaguing Clickbank at this point in time.

    66. Bernie thank you very much for the information. I may check into clickbank as a result of your comment. I know you’re not worried about my opinion, which I understand that, but I’m beginning to think you’re a pretty nice guy!

    67. Thank you Holly – I am! I just wish someone would tell my wife that! lol

      The thing to remember with things like Clickbank et al, is that it does take time to see money flowing into your account. And as Steve said, if a customer wants a refund, you lose your commissions in the process. It’s only happened to me once, a few years ago, so it’s not a common occurrence.
      Use the tutorials on Clickbank – they make all the difference when choosing which products you want to promote!

      I also recommend ‘Insider Secrets To Marketing Your Business On The Internet’ by Corey Rudl (actually I think it’s now owned by his old friend as sadly, Corey was killed in a car crash shortly after I bought my copy of his guide in 2005). You can probably find a used or new copy of that on eBay for much less than it is sold for on the actual site at – just remember though, if you buy it from ebay, you won’t be covered by the guarantees that the original site gives you.

      It’s a GREAT publication, easy reading despite there being TWO folders to go through and they supply you with free DVDs to guide you too.

      As it says in a part of the guide: “The key here is NOT to be greedy and think one product or idea will make you rich. It’s to go after small markets with small profits – building each business and THEN automating it so it is almost completely handsfree.”

      I found this publication extremely helpful and saw just why I wasn’t making any money on the internet during the 1990’s!

      Have a great day and I apologize to you too for being a bit hasty with my prior burbling! ;-)

    68. Thank you! to both Bernie and Steve

    69. this is first time i been in here. i happened to stumble on this site somehow & started reading/scanning thru these posts. im with inbox, send earnings & mypoints right now.
      inbox i been with for about 3 months & already got $32 which i know i can ask for payout on but havent done it yet. i got this money mostly thru cash surveys & 100% free offers & of course clicking on emails.
      mypoints i been with for years have gotten merchandise from them with the points so they are very reputable.
      send earnings been with for 3 months but its a little slower getting money cause i think inbox & send are almost the same & have same advertisers etc so when you sign up for offers at one you cant sign up for the same offers at the other.
      hope you all dont mind a newbie giving opinion. have a good day everyone.

    70. Hi,
      i have been with inbox and sendearnings for over a year now, i have recieved a check for over 35 dollars and up every month alternating with inbox and sendearnings (one month from sendearnings, next month from inbox and so on). thats just with doing 1 survey a day with both (each one =$1.00). surveys can be from 5 to 20 min. long. if you join both you will get paid every month. you won’t make money just clicking on emails, you have to do the surveys, use the emails as extra change. i have no complaints with them (well…maybe the 3.00 processing fee).

    71. I’ve been with MyPoints for almost 5 years. I don’t do as much shopping online as I used to, so it takes a little longer to get points, but it’s still worth it to me. Two clicks and you get points, more for registering on sites, signing up for news letters, shopping, etc. I’ve probably earned AT LEAST one $50 gift card per month in the past 5 yrs, more before Christmas, graduation parties, etc., when I shop alot. In my house, that helps-I send them to the kids (all in college!!)and they get to eat out or buy themselves something.

    72. Let me start by explaining that I am writing this on a laptop whose space bar is wrecked by my kids playing games, hence any run-together words left that I missed, please excuse my lack of time to keep correcting the problem by editing every occurence.

      Having read all the post in this thread, I like a happy ending.

      The problem was with perception, both parties are correct, to someone like Bernie, it is a waste of time they can use to earn far more by doing other things.

      To someone like me (in the past) it might(seem to) be the only way we can easily derive some money for time spent on the Internet.

      I did PTC / GPT a few years ago, I also supplied a service (proofreading and revenue advice and a shoulder to cry on) to some of the webmasters running these in the past, but only those that did not seem like scams.

      Yet I stopped after a while as they ALL folded up after a while if they only relied on advertising to pay people to read the ads.

      Many, like the “Turner Clickbux family” sites ended up as scams, and even some like MayaPaid4Mails started out honourably but dissappeared due to insolvency (and the lovely webmistress dying of cancer).

      The conclusion, as one who WASTED too much time on GPT is, they are a waste of time IF you can spend that time doing a real physical job paid for by an employer, or as Bernie does, makes real money from a lucrative niche on the web. They can also so easily end up folding due to being planned badly from the start and folding up and vanishing from insolvency, so you spend all the time and at the end near payout, find they have gone and you do not get paid.

      However, InboxDollars seems to have been around for ages so must have something going for it. It is just I have made a decision that I do not want to spend time on this particular one, I already waste enough time on MutualPoints, and have no time to spare for any more of this kind of scheme.

      I agree that surveys are the better way to add to your income, both on INBOXDOLLARS and under your own control.

      There is nothing to stop you signing up to a site like the ones listed on my website, and get all of the money for doing a survey instead of only a fraction that may be paid from a GPTD (get paid to do) site.

      The best survey sites used to include Saros for the UK only, and YouGov, for UK, US only, but I no longer recruit for YouGov as they have done something to their site and I did not like the way the earnings from recruits just suddenly stopped as soon as they changed the referral code they supplied, and how there seemed to be so many problems with bugs in the surveys all of a sudden which stopped me earning much.

      Global Test Market is good as it gives you points (that exchange into money) for attempting a survey, even if you do not complete it because you do not fit the profile wanted for that survey, (obviously if you do complete it you get a lot more). This is rare enough amongst survey sites to make them worth joining just for that.

      HiPoints is another like that, funnily enough I do not have a link to them on my site, partly because they have stopped paying for recruiting new memebrs for them. I would join them as wellif I were you.

      What irritates me is those sites that you start a survey and plough through it for 5 minutes only to suddenly be told that you are not wanted and you will not get paid for the time you spent. I suspect that they stilluse the information you gave them for some purpose, and have got it for free!

      Ciao is one of those kinds of sites,I am STILL a member but usually delete their surveys as bordering on scam waste of my time for nothing. Having said that, I have been paid several times £5 when I finally accumulated enough for the rare times I decided to try a survey and was allowed to finish and not rejected, so they are not a scam as such, just very annoying! They were taken over by Greenfield Online, an organisation about which not a lot of good things have been said in the past, as you may find out if you Google them.

      I now cover my broadband expenses with my owne paid survey information sites, some affiliate earnings,and Google Ads revenue.

      Not any where near as successful as Bernie, but then I have a new full time job that I am having to learn so much for, that I could not spend the time yet to develop it into a full time self-employed job. Nor would I have the guts to, possibly as I have not got the talent for being self-employed, I need direction as my old boss said while kicking me out into the new job I now have.

      Any road up, as they say “oop ‘t North” of the country, I belong to MutualPoints, the bought-out UK version of My Points (which it was originally called in the UK) and have had a few payments from them just from reading their emails.

      It takes about 6 months or more to get £20 ($40) but if you are clearing mailboxes, why not get paid to flick through them before deleting them anyway?

      My philosophy is that if you have to wait 2 years for £50 (as YouGov used to be for me) and 6-9 months for £20 from MutualPoints, and a year for Global Test Market $50 or for HiPoints to send a $50 GloboGift voucher (converts to an Argos £25 if the exchange rate is right), and so on, then in the end, if you are just spending a few minutes a day extra, not having to leave the house (travel time to and from an external physical job is non paid and non productive) then why not?

      Think of it another way, if someone came up to you and said they wanted you to throw away £100 a year you would object.

      Not collecting the easy money from the right sort of scheme that can still be found amongst all the scams and time wasters on the Internet, is almost like refusing the offer of money, or throwing money away, nobody would normally do so.

      The problem comes from what is called Opportunity Cost in Economics, Bernie is right, if you have the time spare, and can get an activity that pays 10 or 100 times more than 3 cents a minute, then have a rethink about what you are doing. The cost of doing the email clicking is actually the loss of the larger amount of money you could potentially be earning doing something better for the same length of time.

      Well, I have rambled on enough, doubt anyone will bother to get to the bottom of this, so I might as well stop now.

    73. Philip: Thank you for the comment/reply. You provided detailed information and exactly explained why people (including myself) do GPT. I did finish reading your comment/reply. =)

    74. Johnny Walker says:

      Well Inbox dollars was decent until 2008. they removed one of the refferal bonuses (when your contacts click on paid emails you would recieve 10%)…They also decrease the 1.00 survey reward to .50 cents…while they themselves pocket I believe about 10-5 dollars from each survey taken by their customers.

      I have received a check from them, and I am close to a second..but after this one I will close my account. Simply not worth it anymore.

    75. I think that Inbox Dollars has gone to cheating people. I received an offer for Entertainment Book. If I purchased the book for $9.99 plus S&H, Inbox would credit my account with $8.
      That was over two weeks ago. Numerous E mails to Inbox, telephone calls and E mails to Entertainment, and all I have gotten is the runaround. I think that Inbox has gotten very bad in that they are not giving you any of the credit you have earned!

    76. Hi Pat, if you read my comments on Aug 2 and Aug 24, you will see that i have trouble getting my “” credit from InboxDollars as well. i finally did get credit through trouble ticket submission. as you can see… it took around 20 days! i already cash in on inboxdollars and no longer active with them. but be sure to get that $8!

    77. I am close to cashing out for my first check, suddenly my account comes up as inactive. I normally get four to five emails per day, and after two days of none, went to check on my account and found it marked inactive. Went through and updated profile, waited for the confirmation email, nothing. Whats going on? Anyone have any suggestions?

    78. I have been with indollars for 6 months now and have accumulated $26.01. Now they stopped sending me e-mails and they do not have any more surveys for me and today I can’t even get to there site. Maybe its because I am close to the $30.00 i need to get a check.

    79. I been with inbox dollars for about two months. I already reached the $30. I requested my check and they take off $3 for some fee. When i first joined i earned $5. After you request your first check, you’re automatically a gold star member. This gives you more emails, more referral points, more surveys, etc. The only reason why I earned money in so little time is because I ordered supplies for my company through the shopping feature. Inbox dollars isn’t a scam. The check does take a long time to process. If $30 isn’t enough money for you, just wait until you reach $100. I think $100 dollars is worth waiting for.

    80. Erm… Ive made almost 300.00 with Inbox Dollars, mostly by doing surveys, answering emails, getting referrals and signing up for programs and canceling before they charge. Its not that difficult to remember to cancel. You just keep a log of who and what you signed up with. And in the event you forget to write it down, inbox dollars keeps their own logs FOR you. Its not that difficult really. Its all about being responsible.

      Sounds like a case of sour grapes to me.

    81. I should have over $100 just in time to request it for extra christmas cash. I get about $100 a year just playing around with it whenever I feel like it and don’t have anything else to do. I do get my checks and I can cash them. that’s all I really care about. Ever since surfing took all my money I haven’t been playing at anything online to make money. Adsense is never going to pay out, surveys are a waste of time for a 54 year old white woman with a grown child, pay per blog post is not worth the effort. I’m thinking about doing product reviews. I have something supposed to be coming in the mail to review. Should be interesting if it pans out. that’s about it for me.

    82. I have some suggestions.

      Looking at your blog you should qualify for PayPerPost and Bloggerwave with less problems than I had.

      That should get you at least $20 from PPP and $10 from BloggerWave just for adding their recruiting post to your site.

      Even my poor site has had a couple of recruits as well. Depends if $30-$50 is worth your time spent on it from your point of view.

      Your BLOG has a rank 4! That should get you about 80% of the paid post opportunities, some are worth up to $135 an article!

      Wish I had a blog as good as yours, I am envious.

      If you reconsider paid posting opportunities, please feel free to join from my blog articleonthe 2 sites mentioned.

      Contact me for more ideas around Adsense for a start.


    83. Am currently with InboxDollars. The intial credits were prompt, but have mysteriously stopped as I started to get close to the magic $30 number!

      Haven’t yet received credit from several offers, including “”($5), “NetFlix”($10) and numerous other $1-$2 offers.

      Hard to believe it is coincidence, just as I am getting close to the $30 mark.

      I smell a scam.

    84. I have been with InboxDollars with years… I’d say that i’ve gotten about 6 checks… which, when I wasn’t working…. came in handy here and there.

      Right now I’ve got $42.00 in my account. I’ll admit that I haven’t been active on the program in about 4 months because I’ve had a very busy work schedule, but the first payout I ever received…. was for $82 within a couple months, that’s when I was about 18, and living with my parents… but you know what? It paid my cell phone bill and it put gas in the car. I wasn’t planning on doing it to be a millionaire.

      Their surveys initially used to net you $1 per survey… and you could do one paid survey per day. Beings I used to go on there everyday… i was netting $30/month just from surveys… they have since gone down to $0.50/survey… but still… one survey per day will net you $15/month then you throw in the emails… which bring in about another $5/month if you check them all… and i’ve done a few of the offers, when I decided to go back to Netflix, i signed up through inbox dollars and I think i got $15 for that… when my boyfriend wanted Gamefly… we signed up through my inboxdollars account… my account… also through them… so I got paid a bonus for all of those… those are EVERYDAY services that people sign up for anyway, everyday. I’m due for my next check in November. It’ll be another $40 something dollar check. This program is a great program if you give it some time and don’t expect it to pay your mortgage… is just a good little bonus for when you have time to kill…. if i’m going to go online anyway.

    85. I can’t believe anyone is making money at this. The first survey paid $5.00 and the 2nd paid .50. After that I was only getting .01 cent to look at the info. I took a survey and didn’t qualify. They are basically just trying to sell insurance, etc. It would take forever to get the $30.00 payout. Is is really worth the time and effort?

    86. I just got paid 30 dollars. You can -very easily- achieve the 30.00 Minimum for payout. Then once you get the Gold Membership, it becomes even easier to make the minimum again. Maybe take a look again. I personally wouldn’t trust him and his results ^_^

    87. is there anywhere on the big web where you can make money?
      I’ve been looking and all i see anymore is scams. can someone please help me???? !!!!!!!!

    88. friendly helper says:

      Look, it should be completely obvious. NOBODY will ever give out free money online unless they are making something out of it. All you are doing is helping scammers make more and more money. If you actually consider that it is possible to make big bucks online, then their scam is working on you.

      Just get a job, and make money.

    89. I’ve only been with Inbox for 2 mos and it took me 2 mos to reached $30. Those survey’s are lengthy and the paid emails, are like .02 cents each. Oh and when you finally reach your $30, Inbox will deduct $3 for processing fee. What a rip-off and the check will be processed according to their schedule. So I request mine today and I’m getting $27 back and I should get the check in Jan. 09!

    90. nick on Nov 1st, 2008 at 12:58 pm
      is there anywhere on the big web where you can make money?
      I’ve been looking and all i see anymore is scams. can someone please help me???? !!!!!!!!


      Get a domain cheap, make a simple site on something you know and like, text only will do. Use free webspace to host it.

      Nameroute offer 10MB for free. All my sites are based with them for this reason.

      Get an Adsense account. Join Matched and BTB. Put ads on your site. Submit to the search engines so they know you are there.

      Use safelists if no other way of advertising your site.

      Talk to people in forums and use your website address in your signature IF that is allowed by the forum rules(if not you may be deleted from the forum if you break their rules on this).

      Bear in mind I am from the UK, not everything I can do or suggest can be done my non-Brits.

    91. Yes, this company is running a scam. I spent over a year reading emails to get to the $30 minimum needed to request a check payment. When I finally earned $30 I requested my check, then stopped reading the emails that were coming to me. My account went inactive before they could send it out so they canceled payment. Now they are refusing to pay me. It’s not worth it to deal with this company.

    92. I was reading all the things everyone wrote,I have been with inbox for 4 months and now earned my first $30(I do not sign up for anything costing money), but I am waiting until the end of the year to request a check.One time I did not get any emails for a week.I contacted them and they started the next day.I was doing tiktik cash.It took me 2 years to get $70(you have to reach $100),and they would not send more emails,could not login,so after 3 months they take your money back.They are the biggest rip offs.To me doing this is just a little extra money.Every little bit helps in these hard time

    93. Don’t get scammed by inbox dollars few cents here and there with a $25 dollar payout! they are truly scammers

      i have been using a site that pays $50.00 a refferal and $100 per email! this is no scam take a look

    94. Donny, have you already received a payout with your bank of mail?

    95. Has anyone tried If so is this a scam or can u really make $25 per e-mail?

    96. I just signed up for InboxDollars, but after reading everyone’s experience and how long it takes to make some money, I’m going to cancel my account. I’m just going to stick to being a guide at ChaCha. At least they are a legitimate company. It’s a little faster in earning money than InboxDollar. Plus you don’t have to deal with a lot of bs. Good luck everyone!

    97. Donna Burgoon says:

      I have been a member of both MyPoints & Inbox Dollars since the late 1990’s. Both are legitimate as far as the rewards go, but both require work on your part in order to reap those rewards. If you have time to do the click-thru’s, then go for it, but if you lead a busy life-style, you may want to pass on these.

      Donna B.

    98. I’ve triedto keep an open mind about inboxdodlers!YES dodlers!Seems no matter how hard I try to do thier surveys? they promise more and give less!So i’ve decided 2 try other avenooz!They’re a scam as far as I have seen!Just be warned’It’s not worth them selling your e-mail address!!!!!
      2 anoying ads. that are not worth any amount of$!

    99. I’ve used both inboxdollars and mypoints for many years. I always check inbox for rebates & deals before I buy anything. If there’s nothing for what I want, I buy at mypoints. Every Christmas I get free gift cards for my kids from mypoints, and I’ve gotten over $500 back from inbox, so I’m a fan of them both.

    100. i apply for my check today jan 4,2009 i had gotten up to over 30.00 dollars they said they will mail the check march 2, question is why so long?then they want 3.00 dollars processing fee.for what i did the work not them.iam leaving this company after i get my money i think they are crooks.

    101. Just make sure you carry on with your account and do NOT become INACTIVE before you get that check (cheque to us Limey’s) through the letterbox, or else they WILL delete your account without paying, if you are inactive too long. Read the thread here on this forum for someone that happened to.

      It may be annoying, but writing checks costs money because of the time and bank charges, so some sites do charge for this method of payment. It is in the TERMS so you cannot complain it is a scam. It may seem unfair to you, but then you are not the one having to pay out, and spend 10 minutes of your time looking up data, writing out checks, checking things, putting stuff in envelopes, stamping them and taking them out to a collection point and mailing them. If you did, you would want to be paid for that activity I expect. So why not the webmaaster of Inbox$

      Did you get free $5 for joining?

      This bloke says you should have

      Then you are not really losing anything you earned, in fact they still have given you $2 for nothing once they take back $3 of the $5 they supposedly gave you for joining!

      I see a lot of people “throw the baby out with the bath water”, consider how hard you worked for the $25 you earned from your activities (other than the $5 for just joining up) and how much you can earn in the future, and rethink why you are resigning.

      Personally I would not even start with them, but that is because I wasted so much time with GPT (get paid to…) sites in the past (as webmaster of that I avoid them now (except MutualPoints, and Ipoints, the latter being so borderline waste of time that I will resign once I get my £30 from them).

      Resign by all means, but do so if the time you save not doing Inbox$ tasks, can be better spent with better paid survey sites.

      And there are better ones.

      My poorly designed site, and other better ones, will point you in the direction of some of the survey sites that pay well and fairly, and you do not have to pay to join either (avoid sites like Survey Scout for example).

      Best of luck

    102. Jake White says:

      Inboxdollars IS ABSOLUTELY A SCAM.
      There is a link below to prove it. A little poisonous dart called a BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU COMPLAINT..note they argued, but lost.
      Yes, the little guy, I’m actually in law school, WON. LOL My first case

    103. Wow Jake!!

      I’ve been thinking about trying to make some money online somehow, and your post leaves me thinking I could make more money panhandling!!

      Way to go thoguh, I applaud your efforts to gain what they promised through the BBB. I googled Inbox Dollars and found this site and am so glad I did. 15 minutes of reading has saved me from wasing a lot of my time.

    104. denise harris says:

      try (,it like inbox,but they don’t sent out e-mail’s.I’ve cashout twice with them,it faster if you have paypal account.

    105. Inbox dollars may be legitimate but the site refers you to so many non-legitimate companys that you will wish you had never got involved! Your phone rings, email hums and for every 20 surveys you do, you can complete only one. And you only get credited for about 1 in 20 of those, too ! You spend 20 minutes filling out the survey only to get to a question about your age or location that disqualifies you for the survey. Of course, no credit given.
      Dont waste your time.

    106. i FINALLY read enough emails to earn $30 to be able to request a check. it probably took about 2 years, like you said above. when i requested my check, they took out $3 for a “processing fee”. once i get my check and deposit it, i will be deleting my account.

    107. all of you that are deleting your account after you get your $30 dollars are scamming yourself, you get a gold membership free when you reach $30 dollars and you recieve a little bit out of what all the people who did not join via referrals money, if lets say 500 surveys, 1000 emails and 250 offers are done everyday by people who arent referred by people lets say each survey is worth 50 cents, each email is worth 2 cents and each offer is a dollar thats $250 worth of surveys, $20 worth of emails, and $250 worth of offers, so thats $520 dollars made by people not reffered, and since so many people leave after their 30$ is made or before and get deleted due to inactivity, their cant be too many people who actually have a gold membership, so you could probably get 1-5 cents free every day, may not sound like much but if you did 1 survey a week and got 8 paid emails a week, plus lets say 3 cents a day from people who arent referred, without any of your own referrals you could get a 30$ check in approximately 38 days not counting the time it will take them to actually send your check, inbox dollars might take forever to get your first payment, so if you want to make a fortune online dont bother with it, but for those of you that have already gotten or are close to getting your check, why back out now? the hard part is already done, or close to it but thats just my opinion

    108. Rose Rivera says:

      Thanks for doing the legwork and the heads-up. You’ve saved me a bunch of time!


    109. Rewards Central (used to be EmailCash) is pretty legitimate. I’ve been there 3 years and have made over $100. About to get a check…

      Lol, yeah it took me 3 years to make $100 but hey, it only takes 15 seconds a day to click a web ad, which you close straight away and answer a quick survey. Gets you 5 cents a day. It adds up.

      Plus theres the odd email which gets you 5 cents, and the odd survey which gives you 20 for opening it, and if you get accepted you can get quite a lot more. I got 2 bucks for my last one…

      Im only a kid, so that 100 bucks will do my good. Might not be worth your time if you’re an adult. But seriously, there are no sites which are gonna give you 5 bucks a day.

      Btw, I think it might only work for Aussies…

      My 2 cents.

    110. I signed up last summer with Inbox Dollars and have not had a problem. I find that doing a survey or two a day and reading emails can easily pay over $30 a month. It’s not meant to be a “get rich” endeavor nor is it a dependable income, but it is what I call, “pocket change” for a rainy day.

      Just my 2 cents.

    111. I religiously viewed every email I was sent, answered every survey I was eligible for (which weren’ many), andeven made some purchases. The minute I sent for a check, my account was cancelled and I received no check. I also have 3 referrals they did the same thing with. It’s a scam!!!

    112. Well, I tried the Inboxdollars site also. It does take a very long time to earn the cash, but I did end up getting a check from it. It was a waste of time though.

    113. My first check was to be processed today for $31+, I requested the check for these earnings in mid-February, since then I had accumulated another $40+ from playing cash games. Today, logged in to see if the first check was processed, my account has been terminated. IT’s a huge scam.

    114. Try I joined and have made $7 in 4 weeks. Not much but it is a well developed site. Oh! you get paid $1 for a new recruit. I sell on Ebay and find the you can do almost anything to make $. Love this site and am glad I found it!

    115. how long does it take to be approve?

    116. I have done the inbox dollars thing for a while and was thoroughly disappointed when I FINALLY got to $30 to get a check and they deducted $3.00 (10%) for a net of $27.00. I will quit after my next check. It’s something, not you sure won’t get rich doing it.

    117. I’ve been a member there for about six months, and just broke the $10 mark. That’s SAD. I figured I’d stay involved, though, until I could cash out (free money still, right?)

      I’ve had much better luck with true GPT and survey sites.

    118. Inboxdollars ruined my credit and put me in debt for $1500. I signed up for an AOL music trial for something like an $8 payment (which I never received). I never even bothered to download the software. I tried to cancel before my trial was over, but AOL music said I sadi to cancel through AOL. So I called AOL who said I wasn’t subscribed with AOL and I hadn’t even downloaded the software so there’s no reason AOL would be charging me for internet service I wasn’t using. I called AOL music again who told me to speak with a manager at AOL. I did so, and the person said my account had been canceled. Well, I still got charged $25 atthe end of the month which made my account overdraw because I was very,. very poor at the time. By the way, never use US Bank. they charge you an extra $7/day that your account is overdrawn. So I called AOL and told them about this and they told me there was no record of an agent canceling my account and that I should call and sopeak with an AOL music manager. I did so, and after the guy proceeded to come on to me for most of the call, he said all woild be taken care of. So I figure it had to be taken of, but wondered why my account was overdrawn so often. I figured it was just because I was 18 and didn’t understand budgeting and such yet. Also, strangely, no AOL charge was listed on my statement – and yet the money was gone, though it LOOKed like all charges were accounted for. Finally I called by bamk’s customer servvice and asked why this kept happening and they said AOL was charging me. I was very mad, and demanded to speak to a senior person at AOL, who convinced me to sigh uop for an AOL email account and keep my “service
      long enough to make a claim and hopefully get a refund. That didn’t work, and I was charged for yet anothe rmontyh (It;s been over a year by now). I finally called again and demanded that my membership be cancled and sure enough there was no record of my ever trying to cancel my membership. I decided all I could do was switch banks so they couldn’t charge me anymore. By this time I have a balance of negative $250 that I can’t pay off so I go to cloe my bank account before the debt grows any moe and am told I can’t because I have a “pending charge” which was – you guessed it – AOL! I said I do not authorize the charge, and they said that doesn’t matter, you can’t withdraw authorization ofr a charge or anything like that when you pay with a bank card. I tried to get this issue resolved through my bank. but that didn’t work and by the time they let me close my account it was negative $856. I moved on, because there was no way I could pay it. Then I started recieving paoper bills for AOL. I wrote on it “cancel service” and sent it in. I never heard back, but for all I know they’ve been charging me anyway for the last 4 years.

      I’m quite lucky I got a new bank account before my $856 dollar US Bank debt was sent to collection, because once that happened I (and my husband, because it was a joint account) were put in “check systems” which means we could not open a bank account for the next five years, even if we paid off the debt. Thank God they let us keep the account we had!

      Somehow the collection agency found me after I’d moved to PA and sent me a leter cheerfully informing me that I was being sured for $1500 for a US Bank debt plu “interest”. Great. Still no way to pay it.

      My advice is to stay clear of “free trials” for cash, or any reason if there is an alternative. Refunds are never as easy as they should be.

    119. That’s horrible, Julis! AOL has been a b!*#@$d ever since version 4.0, which is when I cancelled my account and never went back.

    120. I signed up for inbox. I did not know that you can’t get any check until you reach $30. I am 59 college educated and white. THEY DO NOT WANT MY OPINIONS. I’m going to cancel

    121. I hear some many of you complain about inboxdollars and cancel their accounts. Tell me this did cost you anything to set up a account with them!! Why cancel something that is free. You can not say it clogs your mailbox cause the only send a couple emails a day, and they are for a few cents each, there are no timers you to wait for for your earnings to be credited to your account. Yes!! I am a gold member and been several times from inbox dollars, I do surveys and play games. Even if you only made $30 in a year from this company, for very little effort,It’S still free money, I only view the ads once a week and I m through them in 2 1/2 minutes. If you do not have that kind of time to spend on something that was given to you for FREE. Here is one concept people over look and quite before they make in money online. There is no one website that is going to make you tons of cash with little effort. But what if I had 30 sites just like inboxdollars giving me $30 every couple months. Yes!! this is possible do with only spending a hour on my kitchen table every morning, of course, I have gotten good at flying through the ads. So, answer this question if you made a extra $1,800 to $2,000 dollars to spend on christmas every year make holidays a bit nicer!! Cotter web is the company that owns inbox dollars you might be shocked to learn that they have more than one paid to read emails site. Others I recommend are neobux ( pays instantly by by paypal and alertpay) Same day as requested,even for free members. also Hits4pay is high on the list, but remember getting referrals to that site is important, you will have there email address in your downline so keep in contact with them to keep them viewing ads, even help the get some referrals, cause this is one of the few sites that pay you for your referrals referral. 2 levels deep, anther is snapdollars, palmbux, and the list goes on. I have been making money online since 2004 and this is just one of the types of work I do online to give my kids Awesome christmas presents. What would you kid say if they woke up to a new top of the line bike, or computer ect. Just because you took a hour out of your day everyday to view some ads. This not the kind of work that will let you quit your day job, but my boss is not giving me a $2,000 dollar bonus every year.

    122. I’ve been in MyPoints since Feb 2002 and have earned 12105 points and have enjoyed many $10 gift certificates for the Red Lobster and Olive Garden Restaurants

    123. Geminimoon66 says:

      I joined 3 PTC sites the week of 6/13/09 and am making money from all 3 just by reading emails, no referrals. Now, I am hoping they will all pay also.
      Inboxdollars: $5 sign up bonus + $7.40 = $12.40
      Dealsncash: $8.65
      Hit$4pay: $13.28
      All in the past 40 some days. Like I said, as long as they pay, I can’t complain. I also signed up for Revbux and personally think it is a joke. The other sites I joined all pay $0.01 to $0.03 per email I read while Revbux pays $0.0025 per email/click. I would have to read 4X the emails from Revbux to make the same money from the other 3.
      I am also trying some online surveys and have joined It seems to have potential. Points for surveys vary and 1000 points = $10.00. I joined This past Monday and have 175 points already. I have not gotten any surveys from them since day 1 but I have a brother that belongs and he makes around 10,000 points per month from them. Hopefully I can get to that point soon and find other survey sites as trusted as

      I really enjoy reading this site, it has tons of good information on it. However I can’t say that I totally trust the programs they recommend. Of the ones I see they recommend cost $29.?? per month. I would love to make BIG $$$ online and realize it may take a lot of time and work, however when I began my “make $$$ online” quest, I vowed to spend NO MONEY. Through many hours of my time researching, it seems that all the information these companies “sell” you is out there for FREE! It just takes TIME to find it, and only working part-time, I have the time to do this. I don’t think the recommended programs here are scams, but I am just very leery of paying to make money. Aside from the cost of a bus pass each month, I pay NOTHING to keep my current job, other than time.

      Just my opinion on things though, and am sure there a lots of you reading this that would have no problem paying to make money online, especially if you can make $1,000.00 per month, and good luck to those of you that do! Maybe someday I will get there!!

      Thanks for reading and good luck in your quest to make money online!!

    124. inbox dollars is a huge waste of time! i have better things to do than read emails for 2 years just to make 30 bucks. do the math people. This guy is telling it like it is!

    125. I joined inboxdollars and was active for about two months and i was doing “great”* until i figured out i can earn more by referrals, so i created 3 more email accounts and i sent a referral to all three. I received points or rewards for the three referrals and i felt i have figured out a way to beat them. A few days later i realized my account was terminated due to violation of terms. Apparently a household cannot share a computer or have access to inbox via different accounts. I just wish i got to that first check :( but as many of you here have pointed out, it’s not worth it. Am looking to work on Ebay, at least that pays :(

    126. james e warren says:

      i can make more money walking around the mall picking up pennies that people drop than i can with inbox dollars. plus its a lot more fun than sitting on my ass all day trying to make a few pennies that i may never see and once i find it its mine it doesnt cost $3 to keep it. se ya at the mall

    127. i just signed up but i haven’t completed filling in my personal address info and stuff b/c i noticed it’s not a secure site. should i be worried about that, b/c i am?

    128. Have anyone ever tried project payday?
      Does anyone know a great paying Legit Mystery Shopper Site?

    129. to paiddoingsurveys: you are soooooo hott!!! I am in love with your avatar <3<3<3

    130. Inbox dollars has worked for me i am on my 3rd check, and they are cashable – you’re just clicking the links, seeing what the e-mail sasy, if you’re not interested delete and move on. So I can do that once or twice a week.

      Now hits 4 pay on the other hand is a bust, I joined in 2006, took me until May 2009 to reach $25.00, (and that is with the $10.00 enrollment fee), because they send you e-mails less often once they see you are getting close to a pay out, and on top of all that once I reached the $25.00 dollars they don’t even pay out, because they say my address doesn’t match. I ask them doesn’t match what, I know my address, and after about 10-15 e-mails going back and forth, and still not receiving my check, I finally canceled. Now Hits4pay that’s really a waste of one’s time

    131. I have been owed $50.00 from Inboxdollars for about a year & they have never paid, even after several requests for payment.

    132. I just started inbox dollars idk if im really going to get paid im up to 10 bucks though? anyone know how long it takes to get them to send ur check out?

    133. Look everyone this is how inbox dollars works ok! THEY DO PAY YOU! I have been paid twice by inbox dollars working on the third (i joined last year round this time). First rule once you get enough to cash out they charge a 3 buck processing fee so I recommend earning 3 bucks over whatever your cashout desire ie if you want 50 bucks earn 53 then cashout. THIS IS WHERE ALOT OF PEOPLE END UP LOSING THEIR EARNINGS. YOU HAVE TO KEEP ANSWERING THE EMAILS ETC. Once you cash out you cannot stop reading the emails in your inbox or whatever until your check reaches approved and sent status. Which means if you don’t continue to participate up until your check is processed which is about a month and some change after cashout request YOU WONT GET PAID IT IS IN THE RULES READ THE SMALL PRINT PEOPLE! Ok, after you get your first check and blow it :-) you earn enough to cashout again your check comes in a whole lot faster especially if you opted for gold member status with gold member status your check comes hella quick like a week! Now listen you are not gonna get money off the emails alone it takes about two years just reading the emails not doing offers to cashout. So I recommend for the noobies to the survey game to focus on a whole bunch of refferals and do ALL THE FREE OFFERS! Let me explain It used to be that the daily surveys were a dollar a whop then last year it went from a buck to fifty cents. Now if you are a virgin to Inbox smackers then let me talk you through this, a plan of attack mind you. Patience young butterflies! :-)

      Here we go:

      Do allllll the free offers first! DO NOT DO THE CREDIT CARD REQUIRED ONES YET! DO only strickly the free offers, read emails and do the daily surveys and you will have cashout in no time. Ok heres the catch, you will run out of free offers fairly quickly, thats why I said max them (free offers) out first. Now you have cashed out and your check is sent, DONOT SPEND IT! (unless you have to) take those earnings and invest in either a prepaid debit card, join paypal OR get a separate bank account strictly for survey taking and get a debit card and load your first inbox earnings on it probaly 30 bucks. Now you are ready for the REAL MONEY! BUT! it comes with a cost if you are not careful!

      The credit card offers are usually 2-5 bucks to 20 bucks a whop! This is where the paypal or pre-paid card or alternate bank account comes into play cause trust me you dont want to use your real life credit card or bank account for these ventures cause things can get hairy quick. When you do the credit card offers you usually have to use whatever services for free until the trial (usually 14 days to a month) is over then you CANCEL THE SERVICE and or trial before it starts to charge your account or credit card their fee. Sounds easy? well it is if you keep up with the offer expiration dates. So when you do em write em down and their end date cause who wants to be charged 50 bucks for a damn ebay toolkit anyways!

      Well in a nutshell thats how to get the big bucks you just gotta remember to cancel these credit card offers after the trial and before they start to charge you, be very very very careful cause it can turn ugly quickly. Well have fun folks. Hope this helped a lil bit.

    134. I have Inbox Dollars , My Points SendEarnings, I love all 3 sites, But there is One Site that I really do want ya to know about . The Site is Called QuickRewards Network, Ther is a No Mininum Payout . If you have 1 cent they will pay it to you in your paypal account. They have different things to do on the site to make money with . There is also another Site I would like to tell you about that is . They send emails and you click on them to earn points, After a certain amount of points you can trade them in for Gift Cards. These 2 sites are my Favorite , If you would like to be one of my referrals just email me and I will give you a link.

    135. just a note says:

      Just a note about inboxdollars. They do charge $3 check processing fee, they do tell you about it. It is in the Terms and Conditions section that you agreed to when you signed up. Take the time to read those things when you sign up for anything and you won’t be surprised later.

    136. HI
      All of you who are beating up on Inboxdollars, i am a member and i like them. I am 78 years old, and i click and delete, and get about 4 emails a day. I know it’s not a lot but i am haveing fun. It only takes me about 1 min and every once and awhile i get a check. I have included a copy of my earnings for your info. I also do some survey’s and also belong to over 50 other paid e mail sites. Which i also get a check every once and awhile, I
      spend about 45 minutes a day and it is my funtime. If you look at my earnings i posted and multiply by 50 it’s not to bad . so this old man is haveing a great time and getting checks every once and awhile.
      I like inboxdollars

      My Inboxdollar earning’s
      Payment HistoryAmount Type Status Date Requested Date Paid
      $30.03 Check Completed May 09, 2009 May 13, 2009
      $97.58 Check Completed Apr 28, 2008 May 07, 2008
      $33.20 Check Completed Mar 11, 2008 Mar 19, 2008
      $29.00 Check Completed Dec 14, 2007 Feb 01, 2008
      $57.16 Check Completed Feb 13, 2007 Apr 03, 2007

    137. I suspect some of these positive posts of being people working for the site seems like a lot of time to invest just to find out, thanks everyone.

    138. i was sure thinking of sigining up to inbox dollars, but after some research and a little math sure shows how this site is just a big scam. hell if you like wasting time then go ahead. there my 2 cents.


    139. Inbox Dollars is not a scam. I have been paid by them. I am a member of mostly survey sites however. Inbox dollars is more of a gpt site with a daily survey. It is not my favorite site but I have never spent any money on the site to get to the cash out level. I only participate in free offers and surveys. Someone above mentioned My points. I recently signed up for this program. I have not spent any money on this site either. I have already accumulated enough points for a gift card. It is really easy to rack up points. In my opinion survey sites and GPT sites are fine for some extra cash. I started doing surveys in September 2009 and started receiving checks in October, and every month thereafter. I only participate in about 25% of the surveys I am sent or I would make a lot more. There have been a couple of survey panels I was a member of that I cancelled. I knew people who made money with them. I just didn’t like the sites. I think the people here calling this program a scam just did not like the site, or it just wasn’t for them.

      Here are some survey sites that are all legitimate if anyone is interested in trying them out: Opinion Outpost, Valued Opinions, Surveyhead, Survey Spot, Daily Survey Panel, American Consumer Panel, NFO my survey, Synovate, and E-poll.

    140. I do Inbox Dollars. I agree that when you just confirm reading the emails and take the surveys, it does take quite a while to accumulate the min for a check. But I also shop on-line with some of their retailers, so I figure if I am going to spend my money anyway, I might as well get something in return. That part does work out nicely.

    141. Is there any way to find Paid To Click Sites that really pay? In particular, the ones that pay $10.00 per click. I belong to a few, but I do not know their pay records yet: Ten Dollar Click, Fine PTC, Wishmails to name a few. I am always interested in referrals, so if you’re interested, please let me know.

    142. I do Inbox Dollars and I like it. Yea it does take a little bit of time and your not going to rich from it but its money and it’s fun. I got paid twice now.
      I got a total of $70. No it is not a scam.

    143. That is really a scam. Why should I spent dollars then the return is just cents. Thanks for the review at least now I know what should I won’t enter.

    144. Try They send you emails daily where you get 5 points each, plus if you shop online like i do…you get so many points per dollar or sometimes if you order so much they’ll give you like a bonus. I’ve been a member with them since 2003 and I’ve received about $7,000 from them. Granted, the rewards are in the form of gift cards, but they have numerous retailers that offer rewards, such as Wal-Mart, Target, gas cards, etc. Usually a $50 gift card will cost about 7,000 points. Get the gist?

    145. david letterwoman says:

      Even on a fast speed connection I can maybe read and confirm 4 emails a minute. People your time is not worth 8 cants a minute.

    146. I read through many of the post and I have to disagree with many of you. I have not very good experiences with the pay for clicks sites. I and my wife and family and friends all participate and enjoy getting miles, money, and gift cards. I do shop at some of the sites and get a percentage back for my purchases, but I do not buy something that is overpriced compared to a local store deal, I use my credit card(s) to get points and miles and even make purchases for family and friends so I can get more points from the portal websites as well as more points or miles on my credit cards. The way I do it is like a triple play. This is a way that I supplement my income in retirement. If you want to know more about the sites I use you can email me and I will send you the info or a referral. Enjoy and have a great day.

    147. I want to say that inbox may just not be for you. It is great for people who well shop ebay, or some of there other online stores. I have gotten two checks. It does take a while but if you are a stay at home parent then it is great. The surveys are fun and informative. And for friendly helper, Maybe some people are not looking to get rich, and just want a little bit of pocket money. Plus don’t credit cards to the same thing, it pays to discover. Ya with high interest rates. Not ment toward TexasVet, you sound like you got the market cornered, good job.

    148. Texas Vet says:

      I’d like to make a clarification of my comments: “I read through many of the post and I have to disagree with many of you. I have not very good experiences with the pay for clicks sites.” This is a grammatical error on my part. I meant to say that I have had very good experiences with the pay for clicks sites. I just joined InBoxDollars a couple of weeks ago and I already have over $33 in my account. I did make a few purchases, but they were such outstanding deals that I could not have gotten otherwise that I was all over them. The $33 is a bonus for me.

      Have fun and remember if you want to know about some of the sites and methods I use just shot me an email and I’ll shoot you the info and a referral. The referral is good for you and pays me for my time to help you. Fair enough?

    149. Thank you so much for writing this great article. I’ve been a member of Inboxdollars for about 3 months (maybe more). I don’t know how new is this post but, I want to share some of my experiences: I signed up for Inboxdollars and complete the introduction survey so I made $6 dollars. I kept reading e-mails and completed a few more surveys, after three months I had earned $28 and as a result I can’t access to my account; it seems that the deleted my account because I was about to get my first check.

    150. I just happened across this site while surfing the net and want to make a quick response.

      First not everything is for everyone. We are all different so we can expect that some will like ice cream and cake and some will not. That is our choice.

      Personally I think that InBoxDollars is not a scam, unless by scam you mean I am disappointed I can’t get rich doing nothing.

      I am a member of InBoxDollars and am pleased with the results. I decided that I was sufficiently impressed with the results that I would become an affiliate this week. Although I am an affiliate my opinions are my own and I do not get paid for telling you what I think.

      I have found that InBoxDollars is like almost all the other similiar sites what you make of it. Same goes for anything you do in life.

      I just wrote an article on my blog at Penny-Pincher’s Pal about my “10 Top Favorite Things” and InBoxDollars is one of the sites I feature.

      You can’t expect to pay your rent with your earnings from InBoxDollars or any of the other similar sites, but it can provide a form of recreation and some additional spending money for very little effort. If you have the potential to make more money somewhere else and that is what you want to do than by all means do it, but there’s no need to trash a legitimate enterprise just because you didn’t get what you wanted.

      Good luck and have fun.


    151. Inbox Dollars is awful!!! They get you sucked in the with $5 sign up bonus and then only pay you pennies for the emails they send you. Then they come up with any excuse to not send you your check once you finally reach your $30 which seems to take forever!

    152. I just received Chrissy’s comments via email updates on this topic and wanted to make a comment.

      I have been with InBoxDollars for only a few months and have $73.88 in my account today. I am going to wait until I get $103 before I cash in my chips so I can get a nice round $100 pay out.

      I have never cashed out so I can’t say from experience if there are any issues with payment, but I will certainly let everyone know including the readers of my blog, if there is one.

      I just wrote an article on my blog at Penny-Pincher’s Pal about my “10 Top Favorite Things” and InBoxDollars is one of the sites I feature.

      Check it out and maybe you’ll find something else that you want to try that works better for you.


    153. Why would you leave that much money sitting in your account? Especially considering there have been numerous complaints of accounts getting closed for no reason.

    154. Hello Steve,

      Thanks for the follow-up.

      I do this stuff more as a sport or a challenge than for any type of renumeration in other words I don’t need the money and if they stiff me then I’ll have a great story for my blog. Kind of the same reason I run a couple of blogs and websites, more for the thrills. I enjoy the hunt more than catching my prey.

      Whenever I cash out of one of the many deals I’ve been involved in there is a feeling of “oh well now what?”. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about and hope that explains my motivation. $100 is just an arbitrary goal I set in the beginning and have just stuck to it.

      Have a great day.


    155. INBOX DOLLARS IS A TOTAL SCAM !!! Check out this interchange with a ‘customer support rep.’ Says it all.

      You are now chatting with ‘Fiona’
      Your Issue ID for this chat is LTK164028527154X
      Fiona: Welcome to our live chat service. Please make sure you have added the email address to your email address book and safe list while I read your query/question
      Fiona: Hi Maxine
      Maxine: Hi Fiona
      Fiona: Your account is credited for completing a Cash Offer as soon as the offer completion is reported.
      Fiona: For most Cash Offers, this process occurs within a few business days. Some cash offers with delayed reporting take up to 30 days to credit to your account.
      Fiona: I request that you please wait 30 days to receive credit. If you do not receive credit in that time, you can contact us again.
      Maxine: Is there a place where i can see what is pending? After completing the offer, survey or game, it’s quickly forgotten. Is Inbox Dollars relying on me to just forget what i did?
      Fiona: you can use the confirmation Email form the offer provider. or keep the date with you.
      Fiona: the offer you take is not from us, but form advertiser
      Fiona: they pay us to pay you
      Fiona: only when the offer is reported we can check it
      Fiona: how ever you can view your earning.
      Maxine: So when do i get paid. I am assuming that you dont deal with unscupulous advertisers… I cant complain to the advertiser, my communication is with you, so i am assuming that you have some responsibility in regards to me
      Fiona: yes, you cannot go to advertiser with 30 days offer offer completion
      Fiona: that is the agreement as mention in the term of member ship
      Maxine: Sorry i did not understand your response
      Fiona: we did you read the term of membership?
      Fiona: Within**
      Fiona: you cannot go to advertiser within** 30 days offer offer completion
      Maxine: Yes, but you still havent answered my question. If i cannot go to the advertiser, then my dealings are with Inbox Dollars. Therefore you are responsible for making sure i dont get scammed, and cannot blame it on the advertiser
      Fiona: did you read the term of membership?
      Maxine: YES
      Fiona: yes, you cannot got to them
      Maxine: Yes, but you still havent answered my question. If i cannot go to the advertiser, then my dealings are with Inbox Dollars. Therefore you are responsible for making sure i dont get scammed, and cannot blame it on the advertiser
      Fiona: as mention in the term of use
      Maxine: Yes, but you still havent answered my question. If i cannot go to the advertiser, then my dealings are with Inbox Dollars. Therefore you are responsible for making sure i dont get scammed, and cannot blame it on the advertiser
      Maxine: Yes, but you still havent answered my question. If i cannot go to the advertiser, then my dealings are with Inbox Dollars. Therefore you are responsible for making sure i dont get scammed, and cannot blame it on the advertiser
      Fiona: Thank you for chatting with me. Please make sure the email address is in your safe list.
      Chat session has been terminated by the site operator.

    156. I tried a site called Inboxdoallar123. Many of the emails they wanted you to follow through on a trial subscription, that means giving them your credit card #. I skipped over those and did not accrue over $10 for a payout. But shortly after i joined I was getting unsolicited calls from people promoting their business like Herbalife, Vacation offers, and financial services. Pain in the butt!

      It’s obvious they where selling my personal info. I have been leery about these pay per click sites ever since. and I always get 30 daily spam scams in my email spam IP site. Many show origins in Russia and the neighborhood.

      I sure envy Berni making $380 for 3 hours work off the Internet. It seem like too many make that by scamming people on get rich quick scams. Coast to Coast once had a show on these con artist and their methods for enticing people to buy their worthless ‘products.’ They work like politicians and promises.

    157. I’ve had very good success with Inbox dollars for nearly 11 years and never had problems with them. Stop bashing them! You get paid anywhere from 2 to 5 cents per email that you read from them. This goes for all paid to read email programs and most of them are scams except for Inbox Dollars and Send Earnings! I have been very, very pleased with them. You don’t need to sign up for the offers that you have to get money. It’s an option. Chill out people!

    158. Paid inbox is not a scam and send earings are own by the same company and yes you do earn money but it, is slow reading emails and takeing surverys but. you got meet their studies, you get faster with cash offers or games parts but i am in the games of the program. IT not a get rich fast thing you can’ty spam you can money telling friends you know real life about it. But it not a scam. Nick

    159. I have been doing inbox dollars for about 3 months. i have almost 36 dollars. they send me anywhere from 1 to 4 emails a day and i let them build up before reading them. i also watch a few videos every now and then. and only do offers if they are completely free. i got 3.50 just for signing up for turbo tax…which i use anyway. cashing in my money soon and hope i get it!

    160. I received a check today from InboxDollars for $97.04. You may recall me saying that I was going to wait until I had $103 in my account before I cashed out, but changed my mind and cashed out when it hit $100.04. InboxDollars withheld $3 for processing in accordance with the T&C which I was aware of so I expected the deduction. Then they immediately refunded me the $3 fee as a gesture of goodwill and in addition to that ….

      I wish I could show you a scan of my nice big fat check from InboxDollars here, but I can’t so you’ll just have to come on over to my web site Penny-Pincher’s Pal ( to see it and get the rest of the story on what InboxDollars did.


    161. I have been using inboxdollars for four years and have gotten a few checks. All have cashed without difficulty. I dont even wait for the emails to load before I delete them yet I still get credit. Playing games is my big money maker. You still wont be getting rich here but they are not a scam. Its all relevant to what you expect to get out of it for the time you put in.

    162. This is a conversation I had with the Live Chat personal from Send Earnings.

      I signed up for Send Earnings and Inbox Dollars in 2009. I have opened and read 830 emails from Send Earnings, equaling $23.70 including the $5.00 sign up bonus. I need $30.00 to request a payment. Send Earning and Inbox Dollars have both stopped sending me emails beginning around February. This is the conversation I had on 3/27/11

      Norwin: Hi Scott

      Norwin: You have not participated in our offers, and therefore we are unable to send these via paid email. You can still find our great offers/opportunities directly on the homepage if you are interested in participating.

      Scott: Hello Norwin

      Scott: I don’t understand, what offers?

      Scott: I was under the impression I just needed to read the paid emails sent to me.

      Norwin: CotterWeb business policy is to send emails to members who express interest in the advertising content of the emails by completing the advertising offer. We do not send advertising emails to members who do not complete advertising offers and other membership club features and services. If you are still interested in these opportunities, they are available on our Home page.

      Scott: Why was able to read so many without completing any offers?

      Norwin: If you are still interested in these opportunities , I would suggest you to visit our homepage they are still available on our Home page.

      I do not understand what he means by offers. I never had to complete any offers while I opened 800 some emails. This is bullshit on their part. They have stopped sending them because they know I’m getting closer to the payment. So now, if I don’t buy something, I won’t get paid, that is the reason I signed up in the first place. I recommend to anyone, DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM. IT TOOK ME 2 YEARS TO GET THAT MANY EMAILS AND NOW ALL IVE DONE IS WASTE MY TIME.

    163. I’ve been with inbox dollars for less than a year and my first check was 60 bucks. And it only took a few months. I’m working slowly on my second check due to tornado damage but I’m still making some change her and there. Do some surveys and you’ll get a check in no time.

    164. Joined inbox dollars the end of May, 2011 and I am at $42, my gf who joined a month earlier reached $50 today. After messing with facebook games and other sites with their survey for cash/points, I already knew surveys are NOT worth it! You got to go through qualification, which is narrow so it’s a waste of time. I play the cash game =P got $30 from it for signing up, depositing $10 to cash game (but I withdrew it right away as they didn’t say I can’t) and got $20(promo) + $15(sign up) = $35 cash game credit. Played a few games and now I have $30 cash game credit and $25 real money that I can withdraw from the cash game that Inbox dollar promotes. Inbox dollars also pay you for each day you play I think as my girlfriend got $20 dollars for the end of game for playing it.
      I also do free offers, but I think I’ll try the trail offers, just got to remember, not so hard. It’s not a make quick money, but when your online surfing and got nothing to do, why not. I also do swagbucks. They’re slower but pretty steady for me, about $5 amazon credit every two month.

    165. I did forget to mention that when you reach $50, you can skip the processing fee (I think, at least that’s what my gf told me).

    166. I have signed up for mysurvey. All you do is take surveys, they aren’t really boring either. It takes awhile to save up points. You don’t get cash but you can spend it on giftcards for places like amazon and walmart. So it’s about the same. Shit, it’s free why not? I have been doing surveys for about a month now me and my girlfriend and we have saved up enough to get an ipod nano on amazon. THANKS :D

    167. I just received my second 30.00 check from Inbox. I notice the emails have gotten really scarce now. It is like they don’t want me to collect any more.

    168. @Hunnee

      That’s not true. I received a $100 check and the emails are more plentiful than ever. You might want to check your profile to see if you need to make some changes to make you more appealing to them. Congrats on the payout!

    169. I have been a member of InboxDollars for awhile now. I think about 3 years. And you’re absolutely right, it took me 2 years to make my first $30. And it took me the last 10 months to make my second $30. And I see these things, I open them, I get my credit, and I close them out. It’s a nice little bonus to think that a few seconds a day, I can make a few cents. It’s certainly not a full-time work-at-home job.

      That’s what my wife does with Amy’s Winning Ways. She started out on doing virtual admin work making some small amounts of money, $50 for a project here, $100 for some research there, and before long she found a couple clients who now make her quite a bit of money. It’s not bonehead easy work, either. You have to make a name for yourself. My wife has done exactly that, made a lot of people happy on $50 and $100 projects so they gave her $500 and $1000 projects to do and one client made her a permanent fixture in his business and about 60% of our income comes from him alone.

      It took a couple years to build it up to where it is now. If we make another $50K between now and the end of 2011 (and we are damn close), we’ll be in that 35% tax bracket. You can figure out how much that is and then realize that working from home can be done and it can be done without multi-level marketing or pyramid schemes or envelope stuffing or whatever other scams you’ve tried.

      So anyhow, before you write off working at home, go sign up at elance. You’ll notice there’s no affiliate link here, just go sign up on your own, take some skills tests, and find out what you’re good at. Then go bid on some projects and do good work. You can be in a higher tax bracket in a year if you put your best effort into it. Or do like we did go from making a few hundred a week and struggling to keep afloat to clearing a thousand a day easy and not having to worry about paying a bill or having $300 for groceries for the month or being able to keep the car insurance current or be able to take a sick kid to the doctor without worrying about the bills that will come of it. It’s really nice to be in control of your finances. But you have to do it yourself, no one is going to just give you a couple hundred grand, you have to work for it.

    170. About 2 weeks ago I received a check from Inboxdollars for $52.50. It did take me almost 2 years to earn it. Seemingly endless clicks to earn very, very small amounts of cash daily is NOT for everyone but I did manage to earn this cash with a great deal of effort. I will probably continue trying to earn cash daily with Inboxdollars and some of the other similar sites I belong to. Most of these sites are not scams but please be advised that doing this is not for everyone though—- Dan L.

    171. Steve, thought I’d look you up and I see you are still out here helping people. I followed your advice and now number one on the first page of google.

      Like I told you before, you are a good writer and I am glad that you have the ability to look at things objectively and show this to people who need your help.

    172. Congratulations to Dal L. on your pay-out. I got paid $100 not long ago and have almost $30 built up again. I agree it takes a lot of time, particularly if all you do is click on emails. I belong to a number of sites similar to InBoxDollars and have made money from all of them. The only thing that I would suggest to anyone thinking about getting involved is to read the TOS and the FAQs so there are no surprises and you know what you have to do to get paid.

    173. Folks, I’m sure most of you know Well, find out about Amazon Mechanical Turk. Do the research and decide for yourselves. I’ve been looking around for other sites like Mturk and I just don’t think anything compares to it. Hope this helps some of you who are eking out a tiny amount after months of work.

    174. I have just recently started this on-line survey thing. My understanding is that no site pays out less than $50.00 so how dos one figure they make $60.00 a month? Is this gonna be worth it?

    175. I have tried some PTC sites and some of them are paying and some are not. You just have to know the site first before you buy the time clicking each of them. Thanks anyways for the tips.

    176. I’m working on my second $30 check in the past 8 months, I spend about 10 minutes once a week to do survey’s and free offers. I don’t do it every week, so if I were to kick it up a notch I’d make more and faster. I’m only 47 cents away from my second $30 check, and yeah I took a 5 month break, and would only sign in so my account wasn’t cancelled. The other site that pays a good amount, actually pays more and you can cash out at $1 increments into Paypal once you hit gold level.

    177. Steven Fitzgerald says:

      I got a little over $100 check from InBoxDollars once with very little effort aside from reading or opening emails and confirming, but since then they must have changed their TOS because now no matter how many emails I confirm that I have read they have limited me to earning $27+ dollars and in order to get paid I will need to take part in an offer they will cost me money. I suppose I can do that and pick one that allows me to cancel after signing up or do something that does not cost me much in order to qualify. I also belong to InBoxPays and I don’t think they have that requirement. I like Swagbucks these days. I also signed up for a new one call FusionCash and got a $5 sign on bonus and then applied for a Discover card and earned a $20 payment for that offer and that qualifies me to cash out but since I have the qualifying offer under my belt I will let it ride for awhile before I cash out. Try FusionCash cash out, but I warn you it takes a lot of effort just to earn a 2 cent payment for each email so you will have to do one of the offers like I did to get anywhere.

    178. I have been with Inbox Dollars for a good while now and I have been making money with them . ,It May not be a lot to many but it help put gas in my car. It may take a little time But the money is real. so for some that don’t have a little patience it may not be worth it yet for me I work that money into my budget. lmao . The following is what I have made with In Box Dollars

      $40.73 Check Completed Apr 21, 2012 Apr 25, 2012
      $43.47 Check Completed Dec 12, 2011 Dec 21, 2011
      $41.72 Check Completed Feb 21, 2011 Mar 02, 2011
      $30.00 Check Completed Jun 30, 2010 Jul 07, 2010
      $45.26 Check Completed Nov 21, 2009 Nov 24, 2009
      $35.00 Check Completed Sep 26, 2008 Nov 03, 2008
      $30.60 Check Completed Apr 28, 2007 Jun 01, 2007
      $85.93 Check Completed Jul 13, 2006 Sep 01, 2006

      I had just copy and paste from my inbox dollars account. trust and believe I have recieved all these check I’s not going to make me rich yet the money came in handy…….

    179. @Marion Flood – Excellent! Sure it takes time, but depending on how much you have to spend or the time invested it can be nice to get a little extra spending money. I have made about $105 over two years just by clicking on emails. I don’t remember ever having to buy anything, but I may have had to take part in a trial offer or something like that in order to qualify for payout. Did you have to spend any money or pay for something in order to get your payouts?

    180. Jessica Cain says:


    181. Jacob Weatherby says:

      I was a member of inbox dollars for about 5 weeks. I did some offers and a lot of surveys and got my earnings total up to $41.03. At this point I requested a check and they told me it would be mailed out in approximately two months. Meanwhile, I continued to earn money until I had reached around $39 additional dollars. One day I went to the site to do another survey and to my surprise, my account had been terminated with no explanation, other than I had “apparently” violated the “terms and conditions” of the site. I went to customer support and asked why my account had been terminated and they were able to tell me absolutely nothing, but that they would have someone send me an email. When I got the email, they said that my account had been terminated for “fraudulent use of the Cash Search feature”. I sent them a message back explaining that I had no idea what that meant and that I had just used the search box in the inbox dollars toolbar just as I would use any search engine and asked them to explain what happened. The following is what I received in response:

      “Unfortunately, this account cannot be reinstated. There is not further assistance we can provide to this account.” (Misspelling of the word “no” is their error, not mine)

      So, I lost $80 dollars that it had taken me approximately 5 weeks of hard work doing mostly surveys for about .50 cents an hour and they couldn’t give me any explanation for what had happened or what I had done that was “fraudulent”, nor did they try to explain anything.

      If you want to work your butt off doing surveys and offers for nothing, that’s your choice, but I learned my lesson. I learned inbox dollars is a scam, or at least, they sure scammed me.

    182. Am having a problem signing up with the three letters they want to to copy! Tried three different ones and nothing works. Any suggestions? I am interested in doing this program but this is frustrating to get started!

    183. Steven Fitzgerald says:


      I would like to help you Susan, but to be honest I am not at all sure what you are referring too. Can you give more details of the problem?

      @ Jacob

      I use InBoxDollars and have not had any issues, knock on wood and got paid over $100 the last time. I really hate hearing that you had a problem and wish that they would give you a more detailed explanation so everyone could learn what not to do. That is not to say that you did anything wrong, but rather that it doesn’t help anyone, other than IBD perhaps, not to provide more information. I have discerned from comments from the various sites that they are unwilling to disclose exact detailed particulars of an accused violation of their TOS because it would weaken their anti-fraud prevention methods. I used to be in law enforcement and can understand not wanting to let the criminals know all the techniques used to catch them. I hope that you will have better luck with your other ventures.

    184. This is beyond sad. : (
      I have been one of the unlucky ones that have been searching for a legitimate, no fee needed, worldwide, ( I included worldwide because I live in the caribbean ), work from home online websites and have always reached a dead end. I have been unemployed from 2011 and thought that working from home using my comptuer would be perfect for me.

      The only problem is, every website I have visited either charges me a fee for a product, usually a CD or DVD set, or does not accept nationalities from outside of America. I’m starting to lose faith in these so called ” work from home online ” websites. What is worse is that there is little to no contact information for these websites.

      No phone numbers nor e-mail address. I’m about to throw in the towel, as I’m so tired of the unsucessful progress.

    185. No it’s not a scam and if it were I would be the first whistle blower in line. The only thing I have a complaint about is them giving you the residuals for referrals. I think they may be ripping people off in that way. But I’ve made a few dollars with them and if your already shopping for things you can buy them through inbox and get reward money that you would not ordinarily get. For example I used turbo tax to do my taxes. After i did them I found out that I could have made $4 just by doing them on turbo tax through the inbox website. Don’t expect to get rich or you’ll be disappointed but if you just need to scrap up some chump change or get paid a few bucks for things you aready shop for its a pretty good deal.

    186. The Wicker Man says:

      I totally agree with this persons assessment of InboxDollars.

      Not only is it useless, if you have any issues accessing any of the items and the page locks up or freezes and you have to restart your browser or it auto-start and takes you back, the page tells you you can no longer access the survey, so you lose out on any money you MIGHT have made, although every survey I have tried to take, always returns back I am not qualified to take, wasting even more of your time filling in all the preliminary info and then be told, sorry you don’t qualify for this survey.

      This has happened on every survey I have attempted, wasted 5-10 minutes doing the prelims for EACH survey and get nothing for your time, you can waste many hours just trying to access or find a survey you do/will qualify for, and the one you WILL qualify for wants you to buy a product, join some trial service, or some other criteria, where it will cost YOU more money than you will make back. Totally not worth it.

      And if you want to register a complaint or leave a comment about an issue, InboxDollars DOES NOT have a support system in place. They have one, but it’s specifically you search and it gives an automated response of assorted criteria, and usually NOT A ONE HAVE ANYTHING DO WITH YOUR PROBLEM!

      They claim a live chat is available, I have never been able to access it, let alone see it and I’ve been on the site for quite some time. In the last few weeks I’ve been there, I’ve only made a measley $8.87¢ or just a little over $8.00, definitely not worth your time or anyone elses.

      So you have no real support at InboxDollars, there are no e-mail addresses, no physical address to send US Mail, nothing to make a comment or complaint if one has problems with ANY PART of their site or options.

      I don’t believe there is ANY legitimate way to make money on the internet like all these places claim, not a single one, every one I’ve tried or looked at either want money or want you to join other sites, which many have placed TROJANS on my system, fortunately my Anti-virus and Malware scanners and robot defenders put a stop to immediately and warn me.

      My advice is get a real job elsewhere where you drive to your job that gives you a paycheck, none of these internet businesses I have looked at have ever produced a steady paycheck, matter of fact, they have NEVER produced any real income whatsoever.

      So stay away from all the hype anyone puts out anout these so-called internet stay at home jobs, THERE IS ALWAYS A CATCH, even though they may claim to the contrary!

      If you work for a company and the company itself offers a work at home option you’re working at, then you’d be fine. But just taking the word of anyone posting these work at home critera on the net claiming you can make $80-$500 a day are usually nothing but lies, STAY AWAY, no, RUN AWAY FROM THEM AS FAST AS YOU CAN! None of them will pan out and not a one will ever give you the financial freedom they claim.

      Good Luck!

    187. The Wicker Man says:

      If you enjoy slow computers, trojans and other viral infections, just keep going to all these survey sites and clicking those idiotic sidebar ads. I now have all cookies blocked in my browser, have several anti-virus, malware scanners and robot detectors running on my system 24/7 due to I was being infected from every one of these sites!

      I have closed all my accounts at EVERY SINGLE ONE of them and now have any residual e-mails coming from them DELETED before they even hit my inbox or junk/spam folder.

      I will no longer go to any of these sites, they have proven to be more trouble than their worth and I am actually considering legal action against many of them because of the trojans and virii they have tried to place on my system. Fortunately I have good software that catches and informs me of this, and then BLOCKS the site permanently.

      I will not divulge what sites or anything else because I am currently speaking with an attorney to see what, if any legal recourse can be done on these sites that are sending out these infectious files to peoples systems.

      And if you don’t have anti-virus software installed, malware/spyware checkers or robot defense of some type for auto-bot crawlers, you could be in big trouble.

      And if you ALLOW these sites to be bypassed within these programs, you’re setting yourself up for a lot of problems because these sites may be putting a trojan or virii on your system that will allow a hacker to gain access to your account information, internet info and any personal info, such as Credit Card numbers or bank accounts you may have and use!

      So be very aware of what sites you visit and don’t put them in your virus scanner or malware/spyware checkers as allowed sites, or you could get infected.

      Fortunately I’ve been using these types of programs for years to protect my system, but occasionally one can slip by. I’ve had it happen once or twice, fortunately I have always been able to find and eradicate it, not everyone may be so lucky!

      And I just got hit with a trojan from INBOXDOLLARS the other day when I went there, so even though I may have a measley $8.00+ in the account, I closed it as it would cost the average person more than that to get their system repaired or cleaned if they don’t or aren’t using anti-virus software, malware/spyware checkers, etc.

      So be warned what can possibly happen from these sites! And these WERE the only NEW sites on and added to my browser history when I got warned about these infectious files and were blocked, although one made it through, but was eradicated quickly.

    188. i have got nothing but virus off this site…trojan and all….sucks but now i have to figure out how to clean their mess up..thanks inbox…but i did make so it says 11.04 in less then a week.

    189. What a scam! I spent a couple of years reading their paid emails only to be downgraded to weekly emails (because I was apparently not spending any money on their sponsors!) and then to no emails. At that point, I decided to cash out only to find out that in order to cash out you had to have an active account. That is an account where you are basically receiving the emails … which I no longer was. (Un)helpful links showed me other ways to remain active (1, spend money; 2. complete surveys, etc.) so I decided to do a survey just before the pay out so that my account would be active. Any guesses as to whether I received a check? Nope. So, third try, I contact customer service and find out EXACTLY what I need to do to have an active account so that I can receive a CHECK. I get the runaround with several responses to look at the (Un)helpful links, and finally referred on to some other department who is supposed to be helping me in 24-48 hours. I already know I’m not getting a check. I wasted my time. DON’T WASTE YOURS. This is a scam company, or as close to it as you can probably get without being sued.

    190. InboxDollars used to be great and fun, and now it’s almost impossible to deal with. A comment of mine above references the two checks I’ve received over the past few years, but without spending stupid amounts of time on surveys or spending money on offers, you can’t get over that threshold to get a check. It’s just not possible when they downgrade you to weekly emails. And I think that’s the biggest problem is they are no longer sending you several emails a day no matter how long you’ve been with them or how much you’ve actually spent on offers. Yeah when I lived in Dallas I got an Entertainment book, that’s worth $8.00 in credit, and it put me over the one time. But now I live out of the way, there’s no Entertainment book covering places I go anymore. I don’t do Netflix. And I certainly don’t want magazines. So while it worked for me 2-3 years ago, I’ll say that now, unless you want to spend a lot money to make a little money, it doesn’t work. eBates is probably a better way to make money when you’re buying stuff. My wife is good at that, me not so much, I always forget to go there first before shopping somewhere.

    191. This is a website that lures you in by promising to pay you for each advertizing link you review. They start by ‘paying’ you .02 for confirming and viewing the sponsored ad.

      Within a short time, they start introducing additional ads that are not paid, which you are ‘invited’ to review. Then they introduce surveys for you to take which offer on average .50 for taking 30 or more minutes of your time to complete.

      You then discover that they don’t pay you until/unless you accrue $30 or more dollars in credit.

      If you haven’t found an offer worth signing up for after some predetermined time frame (in my case, after earning around $12 with them), they then change your account so you are only receiving one weekly paid email, worth .02 – meaning it could take, quite literally, years before you ‘earn’ enough credit to receive single payment from this disreputible outfit. And to add insult to injury, your email box will start filling up with all sorts of spam as a result of them selling your email address to all kinds of marketers.

      It’s a scam – avoid them!

    192. I have had no problem with Inboxdollars. I reached gold membership with my account in no time, and am eligible to request my second check within less than a year. I also created an account for my boyfriend and have requested his check in less than 3 months. So I’ve managed to request three checks within one year. I don’t shop or buy anything or play games. I read emails, do surveys (not many), watch videos, but mostly take advantage of the offers and cancel my accounts as soon as i get the credit. I only did it out of boredom. If you’re expecting this to be a source of income, you’re with the wrong site.

      For the $3 charge I was upset too, but they give you a chance to earn a few more dollars by a certain date (and extend that date at least once more in my experience) and waive the fee. Besides, the $3 is added towards earning your next check anyway.

    193. I have been part of inbox for many years did earn 50 after 3 years, yes takes awhile to earn. But lately this past year they went down to 1 email instead of more then 10 emails a week and you can’t really earn anything when they do that, why I only check in once a week or so, 1/2 pennies is just not worth it(this is a new account, since the deleted my old account, because I didn’t sign in over a month, makes no sense to me), also did all the survey sites and only one paid was pinecone research(they even closed my account because I was having issues with their site and the emails they sent were once a month they use to pay 5 dollars, now it is 3(such a scam now))

    194. charles shaw says:

      Inbox Dollars….This is one of the worse companies I’ve ever dealt with…..iasked for payment at the $30 mark…..they “somehow” forgot about it….I requested again At $50……they say they sent a check a month ago……BS…..they never sent anything. Then….they cancelled my account because my daughter had an account……….nothing…..I hate that I wasted the time doing this for them……and I’ll keep reposting for as long as I would have been reading emails…….

    195. I everyone I dont think inboxdollers is a scam i have made a lot of money and never cast me a penny. I get two checks every month for over 50 dollers but it does take a little work and time but i think its easy to do And they got a lot of ways to make money if you look at the site.

    196. I have made money with this program mostly just with reading emails, using the search feature, watching videos, and joining clubs that I wanted to join in the first place like the Disney Movie club for my kids. It isn’t consistant money because I only have one referral and so most of the money I have earned has come from “reading” the emails. “Reading” emails consists of opening the email or confirming the email. I most certainly do not read all of the email if it doesn’t interest me. This only takes me a couple of minutes or less every day and although I don’t make much money, it doesn’t cost me anything. I know I am not going to get rich off of it or even make a living off of it but it does earn me about $100.00 per year that I wouldn’t have otherwise.

    197. Audry Payne says:

      I was reading the emails. Once I had earned about $27.00, I received a weekly email instead of daily ones. Then the emails stopped coming at all. Such a worthless use of my time. I regret ever signing up for the inbox acct. I feel like I really got ripped off.

    198. I simply don’t believe anyone who says they got paid by this bunch of spam scammers. I was an active member for over a year, and built up a balance of around $70. When I asked for a check, they sent me another email stating that my money would be held until they were confident they were paying someone who would continue to be active. Funny thing, that was the last email I got from them. No emails, no clicks, no activity. And no money.

      I held up my end of the deal. They don’t have the class to hold up their end of the deal.

      Don’t waste your time with these spam scammers.

    199. I wouldn’t say its a scam. This is my second day being signed up and I already have a little over $15 … I usually wake up to my account being credited. Just try. I don’t spend all day taking surveys. I usually stay on for a hour taking them

    200. I hate inbox dollars. And my computer always gets stuck on those surveys. So many times I’ve gotten to the end and didn’t qualify. As soon as I get my $27 check, I’m cancelling.

    201. @Sariah: I know that feeling.

      And sometimes the surveys lock up and if you have to refresh your browser, they are gone, when I was active with them, this happened ALL THE TIME!

      And there is NO E-MAIL or REAL SUPPORT SYSTEM in place where you can complain about these occurrences!

      Or like you, you have DONE the survey, get to the last page and then told “YOU DON’T QUALIFY!” WTH? Why did I get ALL THE WAY TO THE END of a SURVEY then be told that, after spending anywhere from 30 minutes to over an hour then get RIPPED OFF because all of a sudden I DON’T QUALIFY!??

      That’s nothing more than s scam and is FRAUD.

      I still currently have a lawyer looking into InboxDollars {more like InboxNOdollars} and she says that I may just have a legal lawsuit against them for these DECEPTIVE and FRAUDULENT PRACTICES!

      But it’s difficult because they HIDE their true info and no real support options are available from their site. But she is working on it.

    202. David Wilson says:

      Inbox Dollars sounds good and is a nice way to a make money. You can make small amounts of money but even that takes a long time. You are given emails and surveys, but depending on where you are, the surveys “fill up” or you become “uneligible” due to the survey guidelines. If you don’t get a survey, you are given a chance to spin the wheel for money–you will usually get 1 chance in a drawing, which you never hear about again. If you win money, you will be lucky to win a nickel.
      I have been with this survey company for half a year and it has taken til now to qualify for my first check. Unfortunately, Inbox reminds me of the other scams out there on the web.

    203. I just joined few minutes ago and just googled whether it’s a scam. Then i found your this article which proves it is not a scam but very much similar to a scam. So, I went back and removed the account. Thanks for the info. I should have seen this earlier before joining that site. anyways.. Thanks.. :)

    204. Has anyone used EarnCashEmails.Com, they say all you do is post emails that they send you, and you get $25 for each one. this has to be a scam. they want a one time fee of $25 for the start up materials they send you, by email.

    205. I’ve been a member of ‘inboxdollars’ for about a month and just requested a check. I believe with any of these “free” sites you’re not going get rich. I consider them all stress relievers and nothing more. When two cents will buy something than I’ll considered them an asset.

    206. this is a total rip off they take your answers on a survey and then after doing the survey for 90 – 100 percent they decide you do not qualify. I have spent hours doing surveys for them to say i do not qualify, how can they say that when i have completed the survey or almost completed it RIP OFF! When you tell them they say they cannot be responsible for the individual companies so I have cancelled my account as they have ripped me off too many times.

    207. The Wicker Man says:

      @Susen, You’re absolutely correct.

      I actually got to the very last question on a survey, answered it, and get this, this same question appeared several times throughout the survey, at least 1-4 times I had ALREADY answered it, and that answer was ALWAYS IDENTICAL to ALL of them.

      So I answered the very last question, instead of paying me the $20.00 the survey was supposed to pay, I’m sure by now you can guess what I got as soon as I clicked next or continue, right?

      If not, I got “We’re Sorry You Do Not Qualify for this Survey!” Now that is DEFINITELY BOGUS, and I’ve had it happen a few times, especially on high dollar amount surveys, I’m talking anywhere from $5.00 upward to that $20 I was cheated out on.

      And like you it either does no good to complain, or you can’t find any way to register a complaint, and it seems the company offering up the surveys like this are also just as shady by not having any real, viable or easily found {i.e. Out in the open} to contact them, no e-mail, no phone, no real company name and no physical address.

      Some offer a forum or area to give open feedback anyone can read, and sometimes they reply, most often, complaints like this just go ignored.

      So, you’re screwed and get taken for all the time you wasted taking a survey.

      Personally if you’ve completed even ONE FOURTH of a Survey and then get disqualified {which does not make sense by the way}, then YOU SHOULD BE COMPENSATED for what answers you did offer up, it wasn’t your or anyone else’s fault taking the survey they got disqualified{duped!} after starting and putting time into it.

      So if a Survey paid $5.00, you got through 1/4 of it, your should receive $1.25¢ for your time, 1/2 way, $2.50¢. 3/4 of the way: $3.75¢ and anything past the 3/4 mark should be paid the full amount of $5.00! Now THIS WOULD BE FAIR TO EVERYONE!

      Sadly, IT IS NOT just InBox Dollars doing this, I have tried several other survey sites and, I really hate to say this, THEY ARE ALL THE SAME! So no matter what site you use, eventually you’re going to have this happen to you, NOT at first, seems they hook you, reel you in and then you may get past a few surveys at first, but then they set the hook and you’re disqualified at every turn.

      Also the companies ARE making a fortune on those taking those surveys that you answer and get disqualified for, they still have the incompleted survey answers you submitted and I’m sure they STILL USE those surveys for their research.

      So by disqualify anyone at any stage of a survey after being 1/4 in to almost the end before they disqualify you is giving them FREE ANSWERS that they SHOULD BE PAYING FOR! Just like I stated above, these “Survey Sites” that send you to these companies NEED to set a contract that if a survey taker is disqualified even if only 1/4 of the way into it, the company offering up the survey SHOULD BE REQUIRED TO PAY ANY SURVEY TAKER for their time and effort in even attempting said survey!

      Again, THIS IS THE ONLY REAL AND FAIR, as well as viable way to also protect Survey takers from companies SCAMMING them out of the time spent{wasted} on a survey, just to be disqualified when they have gotten well into the survey.

      ~The Wicker Man~ has spoken.

    208. I used inbox dollars and its so pointless is there really a survey website that I can use& it works…

    209. i have used and am a gold member i have received a check for $30 twice. It does take a long time to get that much but it took me a month to get both checks thats why i participate in multiple sites. Also to earn money faster do the surveys and be general with your personal survey answers so you get more survey opportunities.

    210. Peter Lee says:

      I registered in about 1 month ago, and now I have finished the first $30 check, will be mail to me at July, 16,2014, now I earn about $19 for about a week, go to the second $30. I have not receive the first $30 check, but I think this website is good for me.

    211. I am with inbox dollar for about 3 months now so far I just have $10.87 same thing happened to me I purchased online using inbox dollar and till now I didn’t get anything yet from them. Thank you for sharing . I am now a member of other online business and loving it and I get addicted everyday. I earn money Every 20 minutes even when I am sleeping and going somewhere my money is making like a clock. Let me know if who is interested to join. I will be happy explain it to you.

    212. Inboxdollars is both legit and a scam. I say this because I had been taking surveys with them for almost a year but I’m not going to anymore. I sometimes earned about $25 a month BUT you don’t know until you finish a survey (sometimes up to 30 mins long) if you will get paid or not. If it’s an instant pay, awesome. But every time after taking the survey it says “credit may take up to 3 weeks”, I NEVER get the credit. And if you contact chat support they can’t help unless you give them the survey # and most of the time it never tells you a survey # so you’re then screwed and wasted your time. If you knew if it was an instant pay or not you could avoid this but it does not tell you until you finish and it has become too frustrating to waste my time with surveys and not know until I’ve invested the time rather I’ll actually get paid or not.

    213. I have get the payments from inboxdollars three times, altogether for more than $105.00 in three months, so I think you can trust this survey website. But this survey website only can give you some money for part time survey, you can not make large money for this way.

    214. Inboxdollars does not ONLY provide paid emails for you to earn money. In fact, that is only one of many ways. Signing up for free offers on other sites rewards you with an adverage of $5. Using the search engine pays you. Playing games pays you. Taking surveys pays you. Using the SPIN TO WIN pays you. And it all adds up faster than you think. If all you are doing on Inboxdollars is opening their paid emails, you are wasting your time on the website and not putting enough effort into it.

    215. I won a photo contest from their facebook, and never got the gift card I ”won”. I can’t seem to find any email for them, so I email them on facebook. they tell me I have to reply to the email they sent. (yes, the one I JUST told them I never got.) When I told them this, they, AGAIN, told me they sent 3, and I need to reply to one. Obviously, they have stupid people, or really bad customer service. Needless to say, I never got that gift card. Pretty shady when you can’t find contact info…..

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