Review of Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University


Dave Ramsey claims to teach people how to manage finances, get out of debt, save money, and make good investments. He is the author of a number of books on personal finances and has a syndicated prime-time radio show in which callers describe their financial situations and get free advice. The first website linked above is the home page of what is surely becoming an empire. I’ve tried just one little fiefdom in the Dave Ramsey financial advice empire: Financial Peace University (FPU).

It’s a 13-week course, complete with textbooks, homework, and class sessions. The class meets one night a week for two hours and teaches the basics of money management. FPU’s main claim is regarding the past success of its 300,000+ students:

On average these families have paid off over $5,300 in debt and saved $2,700 during this 91-day program!

I was skeptical. But my money management skills are those of a 12-yr-old (ooh, something shiny! Me buy now!) and I have the debt and saving rate to prove it. In short, I had little to lose. So if I could just meet the advertised averages of savings and debt reduction, that would help a lot. And I just might learn something. So I paid my $90 and enrolled in what is certainly the cheesiest-sounding university I have ever attended. The first class was last night (check back later for pictures of the materials and my first impressions). I’ll keep you posted.

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    1. Hello I am currently taking the Financial peace course. The factory I work at is sponsoring it for their employees. I have seen on the net that his “math is bad” or he is a “hypocrit” or he filed bankruptcy, just what ever. He might be off in some cases on some things, no one is perfect; But he gives hope to those who have messed up big time.I can see a light at the end of the tunnel from taking the classes and I am not going out in a bankruptcy in the end. I love the classes and think it is great work is sponsoring his course.

    2. I hadn’t heard those criticisms of him. I still think it’s a good class. In fact, I just paid for my brother and his fiance to take it. Let me know how it works out for you.

    3. Don’t get me wrong that is not what I believe, It is just something I read while searching the net. I think the class is great and I get to graduate next weekend from the course and it has really transformed how I think. I am handing out my kit to my younger brother and sister. As far as the critisisms, they were hacking on his debt snowball step, he says to start with the least amount and pay it off while some beleive firmly you should start with the one with the largest interest rate. To make a long story short he says to do that for the phsycological affect, hope I spelled that right, of nocking out some debt, and he knows about the interest rate thing, but like he says; if we were good at math we would’nt have credit card debt.

    4. Just the fact the man tells people to give 10 percent to the scammy churches , is enough to tell me that his program is a financial program that is the mask of religious zealotism.

    5. I’ve read many financial books and Dave’s is very logical. If your in debt, stop spending,pick up a part time job. He tells you have a plan stick with it and you’ll make it.
      oh by the way I also do not attend church for my own reasons but the 10 percent tithing can be to anything that feels right to you. your church, the youth, the homeless, animal welfare, the abused. The list goes on and on. It is our responsibilty to make sure that we take care of ones in need. We must give of ourselves and be thankful everyday that we live in a country with so many possibilities.

    6. I think anyone could benefit form taking this course. It is a simple math class yes !! It should not be complex to do the right things with our money. It is basically run like a business should be. If you were to follow this course to the letter I guarantee you would be better off. In the class I was in out of 30 people I would say 75% were in debit in a bad way. I was not in debit but I wanted to get better a planning for my future and this class made me way more accountable to that goal and now I have no reason not to be where I want when I retire. As for the 10% thing, for those of you who are faithless or do not like God you should not do it just keep it, that is for us who do. But if you do believe them is a no brainier.

    7. I’m going to my first class tonight. Wish me luck!

    8. I went to the class and I have finally have hope for my financial situation.

    9. I’m post a whole series about Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University right now because we’re taking the class as well.

      I think a lot of people take Dave to task for his “bad math” and because he is so brutally honest about some things. I think he is great at what he does, and that if people were to follow his program, they’d be better off.

    10. Dave’s material is good – simplistic and fundamental – sure he’s a hypocrit, sure he defaulted on all his debts and filed bankruptcy do to a bunch of bad real estate decision, sure he play the system to wipe the slate clean and start fresh.

      But hey, do what he says, not what he did.

      If he’s the catalyst to save money and pay off your bills do it – millions listen to Oprah!

      People fall into 2 categories… they need to be told or reminded. Dave is a great person to TELL you what to do.


    11. It always makes me laugh when people say things like, “oooh, he wants you to tithe to scammy churches…he must be a crook”. Man, I’m sorry your church was bad but don’t place Christianity under that blanket. For every bad church, there are many more good ones. Do you stop buying groceries because a grocery store ripped you off? No. You shop elsewhere. If you placed your entire foundation of faith based on one church (or two or three…) then that truly is a sad thing. To throw away God’s love because your church had issues is even sadder.

      For everyone who posts on this site, here’s a news flash. Dave’s ideas aren’t Dave’s ideas. Everything you hear him say comes straight from the bible. He’d be the first one to tell you that. God is using him to help me and you understand His word. Dave Ramsey went through his struggles so you and I wouldn’t have to. People who try to discredit him or call him a hypocrite should look again. Let me ask you a question. Would you seek auto repair advice from a guy who’s never worked on a car? I know I wouldn’t. The next time someone tells you bankruptcy is a good alternative, ask them when was the last time they filed. I’ll bet it’s never. The fact that Dave went through bankruptcy doesn’t make him a hypocrite. It only makes him knowledgeable enough to give us good advice.

      God bless you Dave!

    12. I just heard about this Financial Peace course. Excuse my ignorance but, what does this have to do with tithing? Is this a religious-based program? What is the concept of paying off large sums of debt? Help me understand! thanks to anyone who can help!

    13. Kitt, tithing was a big part of the course I attended because Dave Ramsey is a vocal Christian. He believes that tithing (giving 10 percent of your income) is a commandment from God. However, there are secular versions of Financial Peace University that don’t play so heavily on the Christian language.

      The concept of paying off large sums of debt? I don’t understand what you’re asking. The class shows you a system for gradually paying off all your debt and motivates you never to go in debt again.

    14. Hey look, I don’t need Dave Ramsey to tell me what I know I have to do… tithe, save, spend less, work more and pay of debt. The only difference – I guess – I didn’t default all my creditors on HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS. (Why not work harder, get two or three jobs and pay this debt?)

      It doesn’t bother me he’s a hypocrit… I completely agree, only someone who’s truly been through that can relate… It’s something he doesn’t talk about.

      Maybe it help his credibility (with some) if he would remind his ‘fans’ that he is not perfect.

    15. Mike, what do you mean? He talks a lot about his bankruptcy before starting to teach personal finance. Are you saying he’s been bankrupt again since then?

    16. No, he’s willing to default on HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of debt but doesn’t advocate anyone else doing the same.

      His initial solution was, “File bankruptcy and start over with a clean slate.” Today it’s work hard, starve, work extra jobs but don’t file bankrupcy, don’t take the easy way out (like I did).

      Look I like is message – several need to hear it, just not my flavor.

    17. I think what Mike is trying to say, is that bankruptcy is the best option for some people. I think What Dave is trying to curb is that many people file for bankruptcy when it’s not their best option or file for bankruptcy without really looking at their situation or the consequences of bankruptcy. But Dave’s stance that bankruptcy should never be an option is slightly flawed.

    18. Mike, I love you brother. I will continue to pray for you. I’m sure Dave will, too.

      For the record, tithing doesn’t have to take place in a church. Give 10% to your local food bank, or use 10% of your income and buy your local parks & playground some new equipment, or do some covert research and “adopt” a single mom who may need some help putting food on the table or help her buy school supplies for her kids…anything, man! When you start giving away your money for the benefit of others, you will see major changes in your life. And, no it doesn’t matter if your life is “perfect” now. It WILL get better.

      I was lucky enough to find a church who does exactly that. Give away their money (and an awful lot of time) for the benefit of others. But I can promise you, it took years of looking before I found them.

      Dave Ramsey is saving families, marriages and lives every single day. None of us posting here can say that. Not one. Whether we think he’s great or we think he’s “slightly flawed” doesn’t matter. I’m pretty sure there were people during his 20 years of teaching FPU that told him he was doing it the wrong way. But when you know in your heart what you’re teaching is THE best way, then comments like that just don’t matter.

    19. Dave is not saving families, families are saying themselves, Dave’s program is simply the road map to getting there.

      People fall typically into two categories in this financial world… some have to be TOLD and some have to be REMINDED.

      Dave does a phenomonial job of TELLING folks what they need to be TOLD to manager thier money, or use of it.

      Dave’s programs and books do an EXCELLENT job of REMINDING those who know what they sould be doing with thier money and given example after example for what works, is working and can work.

      The only thing that bugged me, still does, is that the foundation of Dave’s financial success is filing bankruptcy and wiping the slate clean – 100% opposite what he teaches today.

      It’s a classic, “do what I say, not what I have done” situation…

      He delivers an excellent message – reaches THOUSANDS of hurting people and educates them on a daily basis.

    20. Cool, we agree on one thing… DAVE IS THE MAN!

      I’d rather get advice from a person who’s actually been though it then one who hasn’t.

      “Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes.”

    21. I agree completely!

    22. Maybe Dave filed bankruptcy because FPU didn’t exist yet. :)

    23. I am about to sign up for FPU class and I agree with Dave on the Bankruptcy issue. I am 29 yrs old, currently have everything I own paid off and have only 6 years of 30yrs left on my mortgage. I have two businesses curently that are doing well and growing, but to get there wasn’t easy and I failed at my first one. I started a second business three months later and learned from my mistake of what caused me to fail the first time.

    24. I am much more effective that I have gone through this than if I hadn’t. Dave went through bankruptcy maybe because he thought at the time that it was the “easiest” or “smartest” way out. He found out for the next ten years that it wasn’t so smart. Should my son choose to take over my businesses I hope that it will be enough that he grow from my mistakes than to try out the same mistakes just to live by the “Do as I do not as I say” motto.

    25. He filed bankruptcy YEARS ago! How he rebuilt his life is what he teaches now. He does not say NEVER to file bankruptcy, he just tries to teach that there are other ways, other methods, not to file. It is silly to day he is a hypocrite because he filed long ago. The experience of his financial collapse and how he recovered is the REASON he has this knowledge. It is like saying do not listen to a recovering alcoholics advice because he drank at one time. The best teachers are the ones who lived the gloom and doom. That is how one learns… Far too many people file bankruptcy when there are other solutions that they do not know about. AND it is peoples responsibility to repay what they borrowed no matter what they have to do to repay it…He gives people hope and solutions! Solutions other than bankruptcy are much better than actually filing…Do you see anyone else with any solutions when yo need help? Try to find someone to help you when your finances are a mess and you lack knowledge on how to handle money. Unless you can afford a accountant or a financial advisor/planner, there is no one around to help you.

    26. I think Dave is really trying to help people and giving 10% to a worthy cause is the least we can do..

    27. Carly,

      Every one with a microphone or TV camera in there face has a strategy to help you out of debt (put on the financial channel any evening) – Dave is not that special, most of his material is rehash of others. I am not throwing the guy under the bus as much as you’d think.

      Some people will respond to Dave, others Suzy, others Oprah others Jim, others Dr. Phil, others Maria – the list goes on and on.

      We, as a society will ultimately win by being debt free… or debt reduced…

      It’s EASY to be debt free if you file bankruptcy (as Dave did back with the laws were EXTREMELY favorable to do so.). It’s harder to be debt free when you sell all your things, take 3 jobs, eat beans and rice, sell your car and move in with your folks.

      I can tell you this – if Dave advocated doing it ‘his way’ he would not have the books and radio show. This is the only thing that disconnects with me.

      At the end of the day it’s about changing the way you use money, for some it takes a financial nuclear bomb of bankruptcy, for others the processess of the Dave Ramsey way is the answer. Dave does an excellent job of educating AND motivating people to change the way they use money – I applaud him for this.

      The future will belong to those who use little to no debt and invest for their future!

    28. Mike,

      To whom are you referring when you say Dave gets his material from others?

    29. I signed up for Dave Ramsey’s FPU course to start Nov 9th. I knew he based his ideas on religion, but from these reviews I am afraid it’s going to be too religious. I know some of the basics of budgeting but not enough to make it efficient in my life. I am using this as a kick in the rear to make me sit down, figure all this out, and make a plan. Right now I just pay what’s due before the next pay check. I had a financial advisor with Ameriprise, and I would tell him how much debt I had, how much in savings etc. He never gave me any advice on how to pay my debt faster except to pay off debt first, then put money in my Roth IRA. He didn’t help me very much. But my plan is to use Dave’s course to set me on a path out of debt, then find a new financial advisor to help me once my money situation gets better. I’m just afraid that my husband will think the course is way too religious and want to quit when I wanted us to work on this together… We shall see, wish me luck!

    30. Em,

      I’m a religious person so my opinion may be bias but I don’t think it’s too religious. I’ve been around Dave and FPU for a long time now and I’ve seen more people find God while going through this course than not. Is that a bad thing? I don’t think it is, in fact I think it’s great. Dave himself wasn’t always a Christian so he knows where we’re coming from (yes, I said “we”). I’ve been there, too. Just don’t say anything to your husband about it being bible based and see what happens. I can guarantee you this…and it IS a guarantee. If you and your husband go through all 13 weeks of this course together, your relationship will improve as well as your finances. By the way, it is my belief that you don’t need a financial counselor. They are only in the business for their benefit, not yours. While you go through FPU, Dave mentions a LOT of various books to read. WRITE THESE DOWN!!! The more you read the more you’ll realize you and your husband can (and will) accomplish anything on your own.

      Good luck and God bless!

    31. It’s not constant religion. There’s not so much that you can’t tune it out if you want to. My wife and I took it together last year and have our emergency fund and are paying off debt. It is the reason we are on the same page financially.

    32. I am a loan processor for a mortgage co. in which I deal with many issues with credit, money, debt and trying to get into a home or refinancing with bad credit, etc. I try working with people all the time in helping with their credit – some will listen and change their ways of living, others don’t want to hear it and still want the moon.
      If you file for bankruptcy it stays on your credit it seen forever and even when the 7 years are up – it is still there. Many times in buying a home the lenders want the paperwork of your bankruptcy and they view it very heavy. With the new bankruptcy laws it isn’t as easy as it use to be to file for bankruptcy and get it granted. You still have creditors hound you and then there is the psychology aspect of failing.
      Take the bull by the horns and talk to creditors, ask to have a lower payment, interest rate anything to help you pay off the debt. Take one debt and day at a time and keep plugging a head. I know what I am talking about because we were so in debt with medical bills, it took years to pay off – but they received a few dollars each month and they worked with us.
      THERE IS NO FREE RIDES ESPECIALLY NOW WITH THE FINANCIAL WORLD MELT DOWN. It is just going to be more difficult in the future,so we have to change our ways, I even have to.
      Have a great day!!

    33. Thanks Dave fan and Joe for the info and comments! My husband and I are Christians, but he grew up in a Mormon household and had religion “shoved down his throat” until he was about 13. I mainly wanted us both to take the course so we can be on the same page with our finances. I’ve always been the one to pay the bills and keep up with everything paperwork related. But if anything happened, he wouldn’t know where to start, or even find the checkbook! Since this is such a huge aspect of life, we need to be a team like other things in our life. I am excited about taking the course, it’s starts this weekend already! My husband is in the National Guard, so he is going to have to miss some of the classes unfortunately.

    34. I am a FPU graduate. My wife and I completed the class in Nov. 2007. Thank God for Dave Ramsey and the FPU program. We have paid off $24k in 11 months. We will be debt free (besides our home) in 8 months!
      We approached the class wanting to learn how to take controll of our financial life. We put our pride aside along with all of the advise we recieved from broke people! Thanks be to God, we will never be the same again. We are living like no one else, so later we can LIVE like no one else.

    35. My husband and I will be attenting the FPU program through our church starting this month. Our only concern is will we have to sell off everything we own to get out of debt? Like our car that we are making payments on? Or does the program take that into consideration?


    36. It depends. If the car payments are reasonable considering your income and other obligations, it might not make sense to sell it. The class itself won’t look at your situation in that much detail. It will teach you how to evaluate whether your car makes financial sense. And it will strongly insist that you don’t go into any more debt, including for cars.

    37. Liz- If you’re worried about the cars already then chances are they need to go. I had to sell mine, too. It wasn’t easy but it was the right thing to do. Get gazelle intense about FPU and you’ll be driving another nice car in no time, AND it’ll be paid for. Good luck!

    38. I am signed up to begin the course this week. From everything I have read about it though I am really not looking forward to attending. The financial steps that Dave teaches is all VERY common sense! I am doing all of this already. I was hoping for a course that would actually help me in a practical way to save for retirement and teach me about money markets, IRA’s, Roth’s, etc… This course is Finance for Dummies. For those who have no clue about spending or basic money matters.

      I also REALLY have a problem with the fact that Dave Ramsey wants you to pay for a course on how to save money!! And buy all of the extras on his website. Aren’t we supposed to be saving and not buying things in order to get out of debt. I can go to the bank, open a savings account, and talk with the financial advisor there for FREE!!!!

    39. Mike, Ramsey has talked in detail about his bankruptcy. They didn’t just take the easy way out. They fought it for 2+ years and were forced to file because his creditors were suing him. If a creditor wins a judgment (and multiple in his case), they can garnishee wages making it impossible to do much of anything. He even tells people this on the radio…you might be forced into bankruptcy at some point, but fight to not go through it until you are forced to. Also, he went back later and repaid every one of his debts. He didn’t do it out of obligation, he just felt led to do so. I think he is just trying to get people to think and not look for a quick and easy solution. If you file and wipe out the debts, but don’t change the behaviors that got you into the mess to begin with, you’ll end up right back where you are. That is what he is trying to do…get people to deal with the underlying problem (which isn’t the debt).

    40. Dave has been doing this for over 20 years. I’ve been doing it for over 10. We’ve seen a lot of you rogue bankers and the like make comments like yours to try to steer people away from FPU. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but it never works. FPU is a solid class with Christian principles. Even if you think you know it all, you’ll learn something in FPU. Nice try though.

      BTW, Please give us the name of any banker who offers any services for “free”. I want to make sure you get full credit for the referral.

      I’ll continue to pray for you.

    41. Dave giving away FPU for free – who are you kidding?

      I may not love this guy – but I completely respect Dave’s marketing machine and ability to make money. His information works and he absolutely diserves to be paid.

      I just don’t understand the thought process of a person who wants a handout in this area? Is this the same thought process that leads one to think they diserve to have a $400K home on a $40K salary? I guess it does?

      Well, read this… time to stop whining and starting winning. The first steps are recognizing you are a grownup now and the ‘victim’ of your decisions – GOOD and BAD.

      In the ‘real world’ mistakes cost you MONEY, always will.

      Getting into debt is SO SO SO easy… and SO SO SO SO hard to get out of, becuase it calls for a LIFE CHANGE. Some are willing to make this, some are to stubborn.

      Honestly, debt is like an unwanted pregnancy… a split second decison can have life long consequences. It’s scary… but true.

      This should be THE YEAR to get out of debt – at all costs – due to the recession. For some, it’s going to happen, for others it’s not.

      I am not a FPU person, don’t need this map to find my path… but I can share with you that it took YEARS to change my habits and the way I used money. I am much less stressed today than I was years back when I was carrying debt and looking like I was living the life. I realized I really wasn’t doing anything but servicing debt.

      Make the sacrifices and live below your means, it’s the only way. Because as we all know, things can change in this economy faster than in your income – almost always will.

    42. ncsu95,

      Exactly… “get people to deal with the underlying problem (which isn’t the debt)”


      The patterns that drive us to debt will drive it to other distructive behaviors. I completely agree.


    43. Mike, are you referring to bankruptcy as a handout? If not, I must have missed something.

    44. No, I am referring to the previous blogger wanting the FPU for free… this information it too valuable to be given away.

    45. As Mike says, nothing that Ramsey says is new or unique. What I think he is great at is motivating people to believe they can win with money. He is an awesome motivational speaker. He also says things in a way that make them seem simple (which they often are). FPU is entertaining and enjoyable. It’s also an accountability thing….it’s 13 weeks of focusing on something on hoping that those 13 weeks are enough to change your behavior moving forward. The results are often fantastic for the people doing it. Do you need FPU to do this? No. Mike said he changed his behaviors, but it took him years to do so. FPU is often that “I’ve had it” moment for people. I will admit to being a bit biased. I’ve coordinated FPU 4 times. I’ve seen remarkable, life changing results. And I’ve seen people that it didn’t help a bit. It’s not a magic cure. It’s not even a financial course. It’s a behavioral modification course. Just today, I received an email from someone that went through it back in the fall of 07. Here is her email (and in my opinion, what FPU is about):
      Hi Dave,

      Good to hear back from you. I hope things are going well with you and your family. I really just wanted to check in and thank you once again. And if I can have a Drum roll, please….

      We finally did it! We are officially debt free as of January 1st 2009. (Well, except for the house…)

      We had a little help in the end, I was laid off from SonyEricsson at the beginning of Oct, but was one of the lucky ones who found a job before my severance ran out. (Hello Visa!)

      Because we were so close to paying everything off, I was able to make a job decision that I don’t think I would have made otherwise. I had 2 offers come in on the same day. One with a stable well known company doing some fairly boring stuff, and the other a risky position with a small company that does human factors work – a step up from my dream job that I just lost. And the people there are amazing. I took the risk and words can’t describe how glad I am that I did.

      Again, I have you (amd Mike and Scott) to thank. Changed our life! Oh and you should hear my daughter Chelsea when she sees credit card offers. Seeds are already planted for the legacy to continue.

      If you find my story useful for others, you have my permission to share it. If there is anything I can do to help you spread the Dave R word, please let me know.

      …..Snoopy dance !!!

      I have received plenty of emails with other stories like this as well. That’s why I believe in this program so much. Again, nothing new or earth shattering (although some information was priceless, such as the insurance lesson). But since my wife and I started following the program, we don’t ever fight about money. I never worry about what she will spend, because we both agree to spend only according to the budget we both had input on.

      But if you are concerned about the cost, you can check his book out from the library, or listen to his radio show and get the majority of the information for free. If you need the accountability and structure that a class offers, take FPU. It’s well worth the $100 in my not so humble opinion.

    46. Dan_Fan
      It not that I am worried about having to get rid of our truck. It is that our truck is the mode of transportation we have. I resently lost my job and started substitute teaching, because it fit better in our family life. I am happy I lost that ohter job it was in retail and the hours with having a child were not working. Nobody would watch our child during my night shifts and odd hours during the day. We are just scraping by with being able to pay our house payment and car. I just thought that everybody in the program had to sell off everything they own. My husband and I will have the truck paid off in 2 more years. We want to take the course to help us budget better and if it comes down to it we will sell off whatever we have to if it make financial since. Our major debt issues are what we did in our past when we were young and stupid and we have just left all those bill alone. We want to be able to clear all that debt to improve our credit.

    47. Liz, I wouldn’t sell off your truck unless you had to… getting out of debt is not about selling everything you own and starting over, it’s about changing the way you use money.

      When you were ‘young and stupid’ money likely meant different things to you – and you used it differently due to that meaning.

      You should have a reliable vehicle, and a safe home… your emergency fund (once you build it) will be for those emergencies that come up… everything else you budget for. That may mean you ‘accrue’ things during the year for when you need the money – like holiday gifs or clothing or ‘non-monthly’ expenses.

      All that being said, and regardless of what anyone says, your ability to EARN will always exceed your ability to save. Once you reel in your expenses seek out ways to increase your earnings… better job, more education (to get a better job).

      It’s not a quick fix, it will likely take YEARS to dig out of the decisions you made in a moment – but you will do it if you and your family stay focused and have the desire to do it.

      Sacrificing a few years for a better life for yourself and your family is worth it… it’s not fun, but it beats living in bondage to your creditors and not being able to see a realistic retirement.


    48. MM,

      Thanks for that…I know it is possible I just need to learn how and Financial Peace seems to be the way. I just finished school to become a teacher, but I have yet to pass the test. I am trying to budget the $120.00 it takes to take the test again. I missed it the first time by 2 points…so I could have been hired on this year, but I guess that was not God’s will. I am praying that I can take it in Feb. and pass…there are a few schools that want to hire me for the Fall of 2009, but I have to pass that test first. Passing and getting hired will be the difference of me bring in $1200 a to bring in about $3000 a month (after taxes, childcare, and monthly payment for school). Thanks for the support! Liz

    49. MM,
      What is your story with FPU? If you don’t mined me asking…


    50. Joe,
      We don’t want to buy anything else…we were not in debt until about 3 years ago. When we financed the truck and the house my husband and I were making good money. We had over $20,000 in saving at all times and money was not an issue. With my loosing my job, at the same time just had a baby, and economy we fell fast and it just kept on going down hill. We had to use saving just to pay our bills, keep our home, and our truck. I hope that is taken into concideration with FPU.


    51. Liz,

      No story… if FPU is your map that leads you to where you want to go then utilize it.


    52. Liz, FPU is more of a behavioral modification course than a financial course. You’ll get out of it what you put into it..and what you are willing to change about yourself. You aren’t forced to do anything.

    53. has anyone done it online? how does that work?

    54. I don’t know of anyone who’s gone through the online class. Sorry.

    55. You basically view the videos online.

    56. My wife and I are looking into starting this, but we live in a small town and I am on call 24 hours a day most of the time. I cannot leave town when I am on call.

      I was looking into the home kit, but I am not sure of everything we need to get started.

      Also, I would like to teach my kids, that way they dont start adulthood like I did….Broke!

      If someone could tell me what I need to buy to start, it would be appreciated

    57. Go to a local library and check out “The Total Money Makeover”. That will give you the step by step plan. FPU is wonderful, but you don’t have to do FPU to understand and work the program.

    58. My wife and I took the class last summer, and this winter we helped lead a FPU class.

      The class is invaluable in my opinion for a couple reasons:

      1. Information in the videos/reading: The information included in the class may be common sense to a lot of people, but unless you actually hear it and have to think about it, it may never occur to you. For example the lessons on insurance and investing were very good about the basics, and help you to think about topics that many people avoid.

      2. Group setting: Meeting in the groups helps to keep you accountable, and to help modify your behavior. Like Dave says getting out of debt is 20% head knowledge and 80% behavior modification. Meeting in the class really helps to change habits – especially since you’re doing it over 13 weeks – that’s quite a long time.

      As far as the class being $100, Dave actually talks about the fact that people who get the class for free, or don’t have to pay for it, often don’t get as much out of the class. If you’re not invested in it, then you don’t feel as much need to attend class, or to make the most of it. Plus over 13 weeks, that’s like 8 dollars per class, that’s a bargain, especially with everything you get in the packet. plus, you can take the class as many times as you want!

    59. Well said Pete. I agee 100%.

    60. That’s agRee 100%…sorry.

    61. I am a financial professsional and volunteer doing taxes for people at VITA sites. I recently did a woman’s taxes. She was having her home foreclosed on, but had reliably given 20% of her gross income to her church.
      I’m passionate about financial literacy and encourage people to spend wisely, but don’t do it via some church fundraising scam!

    62. I am not a financial professional. But the most admired and sought after one in the area I live personally refered me to this FPU “church fundraising scam” as it turns out the scamming church actually tried to rip us off by chipping in a large amount to divide up among those enrolled to pay the cost down and then had the nerve to divide up the remaineder of the cost so we could pay it weekly as we went…SHESH, those damn churches. I should stick “financial professionals” who talk w/ people about money out of the sheer kindness of their heart!

    63. Just wanted to leave one comment to Mike who claims he get’s the disconnect with Dave and bankruptcy.

      I listen to his show on my morning and evening commutes everyday (downloaded the shows to my ipod) and there have been situations where Dave does say that Bankruptcy might be an option, but he always advises doing whatever possible.

      I know it seems messed up that Dave filed Bankruptcy before and then teaches this beans and rice and work 3 jobs to people, but he does it because he went through a lot of emotional and stressful episodes while going through his bankruptcy and he feels anything else is worth going through that. Also, this was over 20 years ago when Dave wasn’t nearly as wise and he was making bad decisions in real estate.

      His experience, brilliance with numbers and the heart of a teacher is what makes him a really great guy and I look up to him in what he does.

      I will leave with this… I don’t always agree with Dave’s political views :-)

    64. Steve Greenwell says:

      I have not attended FPU yet. However, I am doing many of the things that D. Ramsey has been teaching. What he teaches is his only in the sense that he has repented of doing otherwise and returned to the wisdom that’s been around for ages, available to “whosover will….” His advocacy of paying the smallest debt first is not just good psychology; it’s also better for cash flow. As for tithing, benevolent giving, whaddever you wanna call it: it works. I don’t know why, but I have always done better on 90% as Jesus’ steward– even during my other financial follies– than on 100% as the “owner”.

    65. I’m not sure what “Mike’s” problem is. He says bankruptcy USED to be very easy and advantageous but it’s not anymore. Then he says Dave went the bankruptcy route many years ago (obviously when it was easy and advantageous to do so) but now doesn’t advise people to go that route if they can avoid it. Gee, “Mike”, do you think it might be because it’s usually NOT the best route to go nowdays? The only question that matters is this – IS DAVE GIVING GOOD FINANCIAL ADVICE? Period. End of discussion.

    66. I have watched the Dave Ramsey show for some time, but no longer. I am surprised that so many people will pay someone else to tell them what they already know. But the problem I have with his “empire” is that he most assuredly does not mind taking money from anyone who will pay him for his products, but he will not certify anyone as a Certified Counselor unless they are an “EVANGELICAL OR CATHOLIC CHRISTIAN”. But you can still take his $4,000 course. To me this is the epitome of religious hypocrisy. What about Ted Haggert in Colo. Springs, the gay meth abusing former head of the evangelical church, the predator Catholic priests and the BTK killer church deacon boy scout leader. Dave should become a “real” Christian and not the exclusionary salesman that he appears to be and his products should be cheaper. In Catholicism, the priests are asked to take a vow of poverty, but not this guy. I am a CPA and would be happy to give someone free financial counseling if I can keep that person from sending Dave Ramsey any more money. If you were either gay, non-religious, non-discriminatory or even just not an evangelical or catholic christian I don’t know why you would want to support his business. Go listen to Suzi Orman instead.

    67. “I have watched the Dave Ramsey show for some time, but no longer. I am surprised that so many people will pay someone else to tell them what they already know.”

      Hmm. Last I checked I didn’t have to pay Dave to listen to his radio show or pay him to watch his TV show.

      Comparing Dave to Haggert or BTK is beyond absurd. Whatever shred of credibilty you might have had was just blown into outer space. Get a grip.

      “I am a CPA and would be happy to give someone free financial counseling if I can keep that person from sending Dave Ramsey any more money.”

      Hmm. Interesting. Do you give “free financial counseling” to everyone? No? Just the people that might send money to Dave Ramsey? Wait, that would make you EXCLUSIONARY and HYPOCRITICAL; the very things you are whining about.

      Go listen to Suzi Orman? Is she giving her books, kits, and programs away for free? She’s not? Oh, dear. More hyprocicy from you.

      Fact is, they BOTH provide good, sound financial information, and a lot of it for FREE. You don’t have to pay the 4K to get his advice, only if you want to be a financial counselor. Everyone needs financial advice and that is available for free or next to nothing. Very few people want to be a financial counselor.

      If you can find a better deal to become a financial counselor, then by all means do it!

      You’ve just got a problem because Dave Ramsey is a Christian and wants people who USE HIS GOOD NAME to be a Christian as well. Good for him! It’s his business and it’s his name, so if someone is a “certified Dave Ramsey financial counselor”, you know what they have declared to be their values.

    68. Perhaps I shouldn’t but I always giggle when people like Monib, M and Adam try to discredit Dave and churches. Somewhere down the line a person in a church did a bad thing and all of a sudden all churches are scams and since Dave’s advice is Biblically driven, well his advice must be a scam, too. I guess they no longer buy groceries any more because I read once that a grocery store clerk raped and murdered an innocent girl. They no longer buy cars because a car dealer went nuts and shot one of his employees. They no longer attend school because one of the teachers was convicted of statutory rape. They no longer stop when a police officer is behind them with the blue light and sirens roaring because a cop maliciously beat an innocent man. C’mon…of course they do.

      So why on earth would you throw away God’s love because someone in a church did a bad thing? Let God deal with that person and please understand He loves you and misses you dearly. I believe the main difference between Christians and non-Christians is the nons would actually have to believe in something smarter than them. They would need to have faith in something they can’t feel with their hands. You see, Christians are strong and confident enough to say…I believe.

      Please don’t throw away God’s love. He loves you SO much. And as for Dave, he’s the only multi-millionaire I know that’s willing to practically give his advice away. There are more references in the Bible about money than any other topic. That’s because God knows the destruction money, or the lack thereof, can have in our lives. Why do you think our forefathers put “In God We Trust” on our money? We need to trust in God…not the money.

    69. To Jerry: What you didn’t understand in my wording, which is just a mistake in your perception, is that when you take his FPU you have to buy his books. If you look at the employment opportunities on his website it is primarily for SALES PERSONS. You have to pay to go to his live lectures. His whole website is set up to sell you something. You don’t have to be a christian to know the difference between good and evil. They stated you had to have letters of recommendation to be accepted into the course. My comment is that I feel they probably would have accepted letters of rec. from Ted Haggert three years ago, and wouldn’t have known the better and calling yourself a christian does not make you a christian. I would be very happy to give free advice to anyone who asks. I would not exclude anyone who needs or asks for my help, and I volunteer in a guardianship program to help keep the elderly from getting ripped off. Jesus was a Jew and not a christian, and as a result he would not have been accepted. Jesus’s message was do unto others as you would have them do unto you. We live in the top 3% of the world’s population and consume 25% of the world’s resources. Don’t we have enough, we need to let the rest of the world move up the latter of needs before we americans do any more whining like you. Our standard of living is a sin against the rest of the world. It’s no wonder they hate us. Do you really think they is a god up there giving one human being misery and another human being a miracle. You shouldn’t need a “carrot” of some supposed heaven for you to decide how you are going to treat other people.

    70. To M:

      I understand DR charges for some of his products and services. I also understand he offers 4 FREE hours a day to a national media audience, along with whatever FREE info is on his website.

      If you don’t think his paid materials are worth what he’s asking or not worth anything, I have a simple solution for you. DON’T BUY THEM.

      I still don’t understand what your problem is (other than Dave being a Christian). Evidently, you think that he shouldn’t charge for anything. You say you give free advice, yet I’m assuming you DO charge for something, don’t you? So what’s the difference between you and Dave? Unless you provide ALL of your services for FREE, you are quite hypocritical to criticize someone else who doesn’t work for free. Just how DO you make a living?

      And how is Dave Ramsey different than Suzi Orman that you recommended. She sells her products and services on her website. Isn’t she wealthy???? Oooooh, that makes her eeeeevil! Why aren’t you ripping her for not giving away everything she has??? OH, wait, now I remember…it’s because she doesn’t claim to be a Christian.

      Jesus was a Jew and not a Christian and would not have been accepted??? HUH? I would say that you lost all credibilty with such an obviously hysterical statement, but you lost all credibility with your last post in which you compared Dave to BTK.

      Jesus FOUNDED Christianity. A Christian is simply someone who believes that Christ was who He claimed to be (Son of God), repents of their sinful ways, and follows Him. Saying Jesus was not a Christian makes about as much sense as saying that God doesn’t believe in His own existence.

      Your rant about America is typical liberal guilt garbage. Yes, we consume a lot. We also produce a lot. We also give more than that back in public and private funds, help, aid, etc. Without us, the rest of the world would be an absolute bombed-out pile of garbage. Life on this planet would probably would have already ceased to exist. If you feel so guilty about living here, perhaps you should sell everything you own and move to the the Congo. Just do your best to avoid all of those EVIL Christian missionairies helping and ministering to the poor.

      We are “rich”, I won’t deny that; however, if you think making us poorer will somehow make others richer, you don’t have the slightest idea of how money and econimics work. Please tell us all that you were joking when you claimed to be a CPA.

      And what does this have to do with Dave Ramsey? As a Christian, Dave is a proponent of giving 10% of your earnings to churches (a lot of which goes to helping the hungry, homeless, addicted, etc., both here and abroad) and helping those less fortunate.

      You hate Christians and don’t believe there’s a God. WE GET IT. Fortunately, we still (at least for the moment) live in a free country where you and Dave Ramsey are free to believe what you want.

      If Dave only wants Christians to use his name as a “Dave Ramsey Financial Counselor”, so be it! It’s his gig! And, yes, someone like Haggert or someone else could probably lie and get in. It’s possible. Evidently, your reasoning seems to be if you can’t filter out every possible “bad apple”, you shouldn’t try to filter out anyone. Absolutely ridiculous!

      Your anti-Christian material is very, very weak.

      This post is about Dave Ramsey and his financial advice. Evidently, you don’t have anything negative to say about his actual ADVICE, because you are working so hard to turn the discussion into an anti-Chritian rant.

    71. You are the one that is ranting. I have not said anything against any religion, god, his advice or anything else than I feel his policy is exclusionary and unchristian. And of course I charge, just as he does and volunteer just as he does. I didn’t say we needed to be poorer , nor am I anti-christian. You just rail on about comments that I didn’t make. You simply can’t distinguish between free speech and your own I’m better than you because I a christian and believe in god attitude. If you were a so-called christian you wouldn’t say the things you have in the manner you have, and as a result proved me right. I’ll pray for you.

    72. I just wanted to say that I love this site

    73. I have to agree with Jerry. Just because a Christian stands strong in his beliefs and challenges anti-Christian rants only proves he loves God enough to take a stand. Our culture has become so politically correct we’ve actually gone backwards. Based on a recent study, Christianity is on the decline, and people have the audacity to wonder why we’re in such bad shape. The further we get from living as the bible teaches us to do, the worse our society will become.

    74. david lloyd says:

      To Jerry
      You so NAILED the issues re: M’s remarks!
      Thank you for taking the time to respond with that level of thoroughness.

    75. “I have not said anything against any religion, god, his advice or anything else than I feel his policy is exclusionary and unchristian.”

      Ok, great. We’ve established that you have NOTHING bad to say about Dave Ramsey’s advice, which is what this post was about. Chalk another one up for Dave!

      As for his policy being “exclusionary and unchristian”, are you serious? How many times do we have to go over it? Let’s say a Muslim ran a financial advice business and allowed people to become financial advisors themselves and use his name in their business. Let’s say he said he was putting Islamic financial principles to use and would only allow Muslims to be certified by him as a financial advisor and use his name. I don’t have a problem with that at all. Would you? If so, why? Dave Ramsey is a Christian and he’ll give advice to anyone, but those who want to take on the Dave Ramsey name as a financial advisor, he wants those people to share the same value system as he does. Again, why is this such a hard concept for you to grasp?

      If Dave Ramsey was as greedy as you have tried to make him out to be, wouldn’t he allow just anyone to become one of his financial advisors? He could probably make a lot more money that way. Maybe, just maybe, he is trying to God’s will and uphold a high standard. To suggest that he is being “unchristian” is absurd.

      “And of course I charge, just as he does and volunteer just as he does. I didn’t say we needed to be poorer , nor am I anti-christian. You just rail on about comments that I didn’t make.”

      I’ll let others review your previous comments to decide if I was addressing comments that you made, or if I just made them up out of thin air.

      “You simply can’t distinguish between free speech and your own I’m better than you because I a christian and believe in god attitude. If you were a so-called christian you wouldn’t say the things you have in the manner you have, and as a result proved me right. I’ll pray for you.”

      LOL. Believe me, friend, I’m all about “free spech” and freedom in general, like allowing Dave Ramsey the freedom to run his business as he sees fit. Did I ever say you don’t have the right or shouldn’t have the freedom to express your opinion? And you accuse me of making up comments? Good grief. You certainly have the right to express your opinion, but when you express your opinion be prepared for others to express theirs, even if that means disagreeing with yours.

      Nowhere did I say I was “better than you”, so please put the “victim” card back in your pocket. You’ll have to try playing that somewhere else. I DID point out your anti-Christian bias which is plain for everyone to see.

      I just love it when someone verbally attacks Christians and when a Christian stands up for Christianity, the attacker then plays possum and complains about the other person not being a “so-called Christian”.

      So, let’s sum up what we’ve learned from you:

      It’s ok to license anyone off the street as a financial advisor and not ask them to uphold any kind of standards, but it’s NOT ok for a Christian to license other Christians financial advisors, because asking them to uphold and live by Christian standards is “exclusionary”.

      It’s ok to exercise freedom of speech to bash Christians, but Christians should not exercise their freedom of speech or freedom of assembly.

      Got it.

      Now then, back on topic, this post was started by someone taking Dave’s FPU class. Remember? Reading the updates reveals a person who started out skeptical about FPU, but ended up saying it was worth it and that they would certainly do it again.

    76. Wow, things are getting quite heated in here, so I’d like to segway off of Jerry’s last comment on getting back to reviewing the course.

      My question to anyone that has taken the FPU courses at the church and/or online:

      My husband and I just finished reading The Total Money Makeover and have started our new marriage off with setting a budget and are on Baby Step 2 (Debt Snowballing). Although we are a couple of steps away from Steps 3 and 4, we would like to learn more about good investments with detail. We know that he highly recommends Mutual Funds, but I’ll be honest when I say that doesn’t mean much to me, except that it apparently has an average 12% growth rate when vested for a long time.

      Does the class help teach in detail what the different types of investments look like and how to decipher through all the technical aspects of investing? As the bookkeeper of our family, it makes me very nervous about how to invest our money and I want to make sure we do it wisely.

    77. I’m curious about money, in this instance how much Ramsey is making off of book sales and classes in churches around the country. Locally, the class is
      not free and you need materials to follow the class that also are not free.

      So he’s selling books and classes through churches. Are the “facilitators” at
      these churches paid? Do Dave’s Endorsed Local Providers aka ELPs pay
      for referrals? Any program run in churches should have full disclosure in
      my opinion. Are facilitators using the classes to get leads for their business?

      I agree with a lot of the philosophies, really don’t like how the debt
      snowball is “dumbed down” so you’re not working off the highest rate
      debt first. That’s not the most effective way but he doesn’t believe you
      have the fortitude to stick with it any other way. The overall concept is
      better than running up debt on stuff we don’t need.

      Again, my question is about the money. Are facilitators unpaid volunteers?
      Is Dave profiting from free labor? Does he have a financial relationship
      with his ELPs? In any organization it’s always good to know who’s
      benefiting financially throughout the whole network.

      I don’t begrudge anyone making a living or a profit. When it comes to my
      finances it’s nice to know who may be getting compensated for giving me
      advice at any time.

      It may not be politically correct to question, all I can say is Follow the
      Money and the truth will be known. In the meantime, do what you can
      to get out of debt.

    78. To JL,

      I do not know about ELPs but from what I have read, facilitators are not paid. Exact opposite, it cost more to be a facilitator than take the class. The material for the facilitator cost $299, while the material for those taking the course is $93.

      I would imagine that most churches pick-up the cost for the facilitators material. And, some churches might even pay a person to act as the facilitator. But, I have found no indication that Mr. Ramsey’s organization pays facilitators.

      I share all of this because my pastor and I are considering bringing Finacial Peace University to our church. I agree so strongly with Mr. Ramsey’s baby steps; especially step 7; that I am planning on paying the cost of the facilitator material out of my own pocket.

      For those who are unaware, the last baby step is that there are only three good things to do with money; have fun, invest, and give it away. Mr. Ramsey makes it very clear that all three of these things must happen to truely get financial peace. Now, could you imagine just how much good a church could do if every member of the church was on step 7? How many people we could feed? How many kids we could get clothes for? How many needs we could meet? It is for this reason that I am excited to try and help other members of my church find the peace my wife and I have.

    79. Dave Ramsey Myths-
      1. For those who like to call Dave a hypocrite, listen to his show to know his story before you use ignorant statements, your wrong and ignorant which means lack of knowledge. You do not know his full story so you can not make ignorant statements because he explains what he did, why he did it, why he does not want you to do it, and what he did to correct what he did. He was young, dumb and in debt and almost lost his marriage!
      His foundation on what not to do- filing bankruptcy- was his learning lesson telling you not to do it, because it is one of the most negative life changing events after death and divorce. He would not be the Dave Ramsey unless he did file bankruptcy to tell you not to do it with first hand experience!

      For those that like to spout facts that Dave abused the system of bankruptcy, and now does not want you to do it…When he started to get on his feet HE PAID BACK EVERY DIME he claimed on bankruptcy, there is no clean slate as some state morally.
      So no he is not a hypocrite, he is telling you from experience you don’t want to do it, and if you did it is your responsibility to still go back and clean up your mess!

      2. Giving 10% to charity or church is part of being a good human being- good things happen to good people. When you donate to charity you get nothing in return especially when you do it without press release unlike politicians!

      3. This is unlike the Government taking 30% out of your check and giving it to people who vote for them, or payback with fundraisers and contracts. This is stealing and immoral and if more liberal people like Joe Biden (gives average $400 per year from $300,000+ income), Al Gore (when records were public $300 per year on $200,000+ income) and others gave money to our own country and to non-voters or where there is no benefit from what they do in return, there would be no hunger or poverty! There was a study that conservatives give around $2200 a year and liberals $600 a year. Don’t steal it, give it!

    80. Sweet.Gril says:

      We need people like Dave to help us kick in to high gear. Some people do need someone outside of the family and friends to let you know you are not the only one and like others you can get out of debt. as for the 10% for church this is what the bible tells us to do. If you don’t believe in this that that’s up to you to do or not do. God gives you all and you only have to give about 10% of that. You will get so much more in return. Just know the church that you give to is doing good things for your community.

    81. Brian Michaels says:

      I’m convinced that some people try new things strictly so that they can complain about it later, to people they know and dont know.
      It somehow makes them feel better about themselves.
      Dave Ramsey is the real – deal, and he deserves all the success he has earned!
      I love the class I am taking.

    82. I did this class a few years ago and even though I considered myself financially literate I learned a great deal and reduced my expenses enough to pay for the course in less than a month. In addition, my wife and I can now talk about money (without fighting 99% of the time) and have long range goals.

    83. Jay Sherman says:

      DAVE IS THE DA BOMB! He helps people, but also runs a business. You do not get angry at the cable guy that fixes your cable box, right? I used his program (got his book free from the library-never paid Dave a dime) and paid off $26,000 in 15 months. It was the best thing I ever did financially. Now I have a robust IRA, ESA accounts for both my kids and a very nice savings account.


    84. I have been following Dave Ramsey’s plan for about 2 years and I will be 100% debt free in August of 2012. House and everything! The plan works–but only if you are focused and have self-control. I will have paid off a total of $100K in the four years. I talk about my path to debt freedom in my blog.

      Dollars Not Debt

    85. I thought the whole point of the FPU was to help those who think they need it. If you need to pay to be vested in the process, so be it. Not really worried about Dave, just about using the “System” to make my life easier

    86. I think the problem is that if he declared bankruptcy and is now a wealthy then did he go back and pay his creditors, interest et. al? Of course he didn’t. Just a general rule don’t take financial advice from someone who files bankruptcy and don’t trust a skinny chef. Same logic even if the food smells great. He didn’t eat his own cookin!

      The advice is simple…do without when you are mentally able to handle it and throw as much money at your debt as you can, stick a little on the side for emergencies and stop spending. There that about sums it up.

    87. Phil, Dave Ramsey in fact did go back and paid back the creditors that were included in his bankruptcy from years past. He has spoken about this in depth before on his radio program and has specifically stated that he considers that to be a personal decision on each persons part if they want to do it or not.

    88. He filed bankruptcy BEFORE he learned the strategies he teaches. That is exactly WHY he doesn’t like credit now.

    89. Kiwicutiety says:

      I am not a Christian, have read The Total Money Make Over and listened to many of Dave’s radio shows. I think he is brilliant. Well on my way to getting out of debt, probably would never have done it without finding his book. No one thing will ever work for all people, if you don’t like him stop listening.

    90. Why do people hate on others so much. If Financial Peace works for you then great. I know it worked for me. Dave has spoken on his bad choices and he does not want people to make the same mistakes. If you haven’t been through anything then how can you reach some people who have been through. I truly believe in the program and it works. DAVE KEEP SPREADING THE WORD FOR THOSE WHO WILL LISTEN. Some people have a defeated mentality so nothing will work for them till they choose to look at the resources that are available.

    91. Interesting comments from the people who say that this is a Christian based program. That is made clear from the beginning. If you don’t like it don’t sign up. There are always going to be the “haters”. Dave Ramsey is the first person that made sense to me and maybe that is elementary or basic to some but many of us were not taught the basic skills for financial peace and carry it on to our children. I am enjoying the class and learning many skills that I hope to transfer to future generations.

    92. The problem with FPU at some churches is that pastors offering the class tend to use the class as a way to beg for church donations. Often only a few churches in an area offer FPU so some FPU leaders want monetary donations and could not care less about you getting out of debt. Big time marketing tool. Greed prevails. Hard sell pitch at The Bridge Church in Berkeley California the pastor Phil Popineau is constantly begging attendees for money. Many attendees are not members of his church so he wants participants to tithe to two churches . Be wary of unscrupulous folks offering FPU for personal gain.

    93. L Matthews says:

      Dave is not a hypocrite, he tells you in his radio show and books,that he did in fact file bankruptcy, but also went back and paid all his debts after the bankruptcy. The class is for those of us who want control of our money. His math is not bad and his teachings come from experience. Love the class, love the radio show, and love the books. We will be debt free in February. The house will be paid off in 7 years instead of 20. What other program gives you such peace of mind if you just follow the simple steps? Some of you will just have to hate those of us who did it! But those of us who did it really don’t care what you think, as Dave says,if your broke friends aren’t making fun of you, then you are not on track. “Don’t take financial advice from broke people.”

    94. The 10% to the church should not be a put off for anyone. I do not attend church. Have in the past. Have no desire to return. Will not fund the oversaturated religion market. BUT….I am discouraged at your lack of ability to see the BIG PICTURE. Despite your personal beliefs, the Bible does offer us an insight into the bigger picture. It’s very simple: Love, give, help, be patient, be compassionate, be kind in word and deed. Can you imagine how the world we live in now would be different if everyone adhered to those ideas? The 10% is a paltry amount of anything. The point isn’t where you give it. The point is to GIVE. And, not just to give, but to give with an open, glad heart. It’s a symbol, this measly 10%. Give 10% of your dollars, 10% of your canned goods, 10% of your time, but get into the SPIRIT OF GIVING. When you do, it changes you from the inside out, and God (or the Universe, or whatever makes you comfortable) responds in kind, and GIVES sevenfold.

      The New Testament of the Bible truly is the BEST guide on how to live your BEST life RIGHT NOW. People like David Ramsey, and Joel Osteen, and countless others, take the lessons of the Bible and break them down for people like you and like me who want the parable spoken in today’s language, and they teach us how to apply these lessons to our lives TODAY. The better you are, the better YOU can make this world. A healthy you equals a healthy world!

      Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater because you have some issue with the church. Try not to get caught up in the hell and heaven, reward and punishment. Try not to get discouraged at man’s perversion of the Bible. The Bible says “Whatever is good, whatever is right, whatever is honorable, whatever has virtue, whatever is worth of praise, meditate on these things.”

      If you accomplished that one directive from the Bible for ONE hour a day, can you imagine how significantly your life would change?

      I do not know Phil, and have not read his story. But, I can tell you, I would trust a man who has filed bankruptcy and bounced back on top before I would trust a man who has never been in debt to advise me on how to get out of it.

    95. I think the advise is simple and commonsense as far as I am concerned. I think Ramsey is making a fortune from these classes. I think we all know what we need to do and just because you take his class does not mean you will be debt free. Stop spending money you do not have and pay off your credit cards is basically his advise. I disagree with him that a mortgage on a house you can afford is bad and should be paid off quickly. Mortgages are fixed rates so inflation brings your mortgage payment down yearly. After owning a house for 10 years you mortgage payment will seem like nothing. Money will never be worth more than it is today so use future money to pay for your house. I do not beleive in credit card debt but I use credit cards for 24 months same as cash. He implies everyone who uses same as cash deals default and end up paying all the back interest. I have never done that. I have a 2.9% auto loan and think his advise of paying for cars in cash and drive a $5,000 car is ridiculous unless you are 21 years old. His advise on tithing is also ridiculous since the new testament never mentions tithing. I give to charities, my church,and help out people in need. I do not need to be shamed into giving my chruch 10%.

    96. Tithing was a jewish requirement in the old testament. The new testament does not mention tithing one time. People should give what they want to give. Chruches seem to want to revert back to the legalism of the old testament when it is convinent for them to do so. I personally think you should give to charities and/or churches. If you attend church you should give them something but you are not required to give 10%. Give what your heart tells you to give not what you are told to give by a pastor or Dave Ramsey. I personally think Ramsey’s advice is sound advice but not worth the $100 or the time. I am good with finances so maybe for others this class would be well worth it.

    97. Here’s a tid-bit from the DICTIONARY:
      the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one’s own behavior does not conform; pretense.
      Why call him a hypocrite?! So one man falls, gets back up, and LEARNS from his mistakes?! Oh wait, then he SHARES what he learned so that others may not fall the same way he did!
      He is ONE person trying to help MILLIONS of DIFFERENT situations. Nothing is perfect in this world. There is always room for improvement. At the very least, we can try. If it doesn’t work, what harm has come?

    98. Has anyone used the program and has had ANY success? I’m more interested in whether the program works or not. i need real help!

    99. TJones,

      Yes. Dave Ramsey’s program is helping me, and has helped others. You can check out some stories on YouTube. These people are not millionaires, but they got out of debt and are learning self-control and financial responsibility.

      I will say, though, it is NOT easy. Interestingly enough, the hardest part is NOT being broke and putting all of your money into the debt you owe (which, let’s face it, if we had done that in the first place, we wouldn’t be in this position).

      The HARDEST part is facing the debt. It’s making the list. It’s coming home from a crappy day, to a house of fussing kids, or a moody spouse, when you’re just way down, and looking at that list on your fridge and thinking, “I’m a total failure.” (Isn’t it interesting that we feel like failures as individuals because we can’t pay our debts, when the United States Government can’t pay its debts?)

      It is not a quick fix. It is not easy. It is not pleasant. But, it does work.

    100. Is it just as effective to take the on-line course as it is to take a live classroom course? We want to get started right away and there is
      Nothing scheduled in our area.

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